March 18, 2012

Skip Beat! [Chapter 186]

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Flashback: Some staff members were asking Cain if he wants to drink with them after work as a way of welcoming him. Cain just looked at him and walked away. Murasame told him what kind of act he is playing when he ought to have understood what other people say to him and yet, he pretend not to know because his younger sister isn’t around. Cain just walked past him. The director and others are becoming tense when Murasame called Cain a bastard, and told him to wait. Hitting Cain’s shoulder, Murasame started to lecture Cain about the importance of cooperation and professionalism. Cain looked at him and answered in Japanese that if he means ‘striving hard to cooperate’ is ‘deepening friendly relationships’, then he refuses to do that. He is only asked to act in this movie, not to get along with them. He just has to completely carry out the work that is tasked to him, and it is his job to make them deeply afraid of him. Cain then asked him what he will benefit from getting along with small local actor/s and staff. Since there isn’t much benefit, he would prefer that they don’t talk to him except if it is about work or other necessary stuff. And, for him to keep on warning them, their brains must be made of [swiss] cheese. Trembling in anger, Murasame shouted as to who was the one who said that Englishmen are gentlemen. End flashback. The director tells Setsuka that is how it started and Cain got violent after Murasame called him, ‘mixed blood’ and ‘you are cold blooded killer’. And just like how she saw it, the staff was also involved when they tried to stop the two from fighting. It turns out that it was also Murasame who threw away the staff on to another guy so that other guy got a bleeding nose. ^^; And, when trying to run away, the strangling incident happened. The director is in disbelief if that Cain Heel is really Ren. He cannot understand the reaction for even if Murasame was to trigger something in Cain, Cain isn’t really a Japanese-British. He asks Kyouko if Ren told her about Cain’s inferiority complex being a mixed blood and using acting to perform this role.

Kyouko says that it is possible for Ren told her that acting is about unearthing the storyline that has not been depicted in the background/context. The director says is that so, so that is something Ren originally created as a nature of Cain. Kyouko says that it ought to be and she thinks that is what Ren would say that, too. The director asks why Kyouko didn’t ask Ren about the cause of the ruckus. Kyouko smiles and says that it is because she is acting as ‘Setsuka’. Standing up, Kyouko says that no matter what the reason is, it also doesn’t matter to her if she asks other people about it and will just be told that it is ‘brother’s’ fault. “..Anyway..I from start to end, will stand at brother’s side..” The director is surprised for Kyouko has gone into Setsuka mode. Setsuka says that whatever the reason, asking and not asking is the same, because for her, the only thing that is important is that her brother is safe, and she doesn’t care about the other things. The director thinks that no wonder, Setsuka is oblivious of the surroundings during the shooting. The director blushes when Setsuka wants to check on her brother who is taking such a long time inside the bathroom. The director thinks that Ren ought to be completely naked right now..and she is going straight inside while calling out to Cain. Inside, Setsuka sees some soap bubbles overflowing out the shower curtains. She thinks that this ought to be the situation if one doesn’t go out the bathroom after more than 40 minutes. Though at first, she thought it is a rose bath but it turns out to be a bubble bath. She thinks that he is setting up a role of being fond of baths. Pulling away the curtains, Setsuka asks if he is playing again. She is surprised for Cain is making soap bubble men [like snowmen with bubbles]. Trying to control her surprise, Kyouko wonders what he is doing and he even lined them all up like nesting dolls. Cain asks how long has it been. Setsuka says that it is almost an hour. Sitting straight, Cain says that he’ll quickly come out. As he takes the shower head, Setsuka informs him that the director came to see him to talk about what happened yesterday. Cain says okay.

Meanwhile, at 2am, Yashiro is busy working. Even if he is hungry, Yashiro stops himself from wanting to eat as a way of rewarding himself with food. He is conscious that even if he is only a manager, as a person who is always beside a ‘gorgeous guy’ like Ren, how he looks might affect Ren’s image. And, tomorrow, is two day’s break before once again starting of a new work. His cellphone is also ready. And, even if Kyouko didn’t call him again after that time, but he doesn’t know if he’ll know the details of the situation tomorrow. Also, tomorrow, Kyouko will.. Meanwhile, Kyouko is informing the director that she will start acting in a television drama soon called Box “R”. The director is shock that Kyouko is actually the one who played Mio in Dark Moon. Kyouko says that two days from now, she will be acting in that drama. Because Cain will go back to filming on location after three days, it will not delay the shooting. So, she hopes that it can be guaranteed that she can also join them during the shooting. The director says that he won’t act uneasy again for the Heel siblings are just far from how he predicted. Ren says that if he does that, won’t it expose their trick. Since the director can’t quite act that way, Ren says how about he make a more scary Cain Heel. The director says that if it is like what happened yesterday, he will be in trouble. Smiling Ren apologizes and says that he is joking. He says that he reflected on what he did if it was over the top, and he did a mean thing to Murasame, thankfully, he is alright. The director says that Murasame realized that he stepped on Cain’s landmine so he won’t say such things again. While the director and Ren talk about not being easily provoked by the things Murasame would say and Ren would improve on the character of his ‘Cain’, Kyouko is quietly listening and thinking that she is 100% really sure that ‘mixed blood’ isn’t the ‘landmine’ for ‘Setsuka’ like ‘Cain’ won’t have an inferiority complex because of that. Remembering Ren thanking her bringing him to his senses, Kyouko thinks that the landmine isn’t ‘mixed blood’ but rather, ‘you are actually a cold-hearted killer’. Next chapter will be out on April 5th in Japan

Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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