March 12, 2012

Bara to Juudan [Chapter 2]

Originally posted @ on March 10, 2012

Blurb: “With her body changing, Mitsuki feels uneasy--!?” Mitsuki wonders what happened to her body yesterday. At school, the students are talking about the news wherein someone got attacked by what seems to be a vampire or perhaps, it is a real vampire. Mitsuki looks tense for there was a mention of a shoe being left behind at the attack, and it could have a relation to her missing shoe. Then, she is startled when her friend calls out to her if she is listening. Mitsuki apologizes. They ask her if she isn’t feeling well. She tells them that she is fine. Mitsuki acts normal and thinks that this is something that she can’t consult with anyone. Near the door, Ren is looking at her. During PE basketball class, Mitsuki suddenly feels dizzy. The basketball was accidentally hit towards her, Ren blocks it with his hand. After muttering his name, Mitsuki faints. She thinks that in the end, something is wrong and, the times when her body is normal are becoming shorter. She is starting to feel scared for she is becoming more and more unlike herself. Mitsuki wakes up and finds herself at the clinic. Watching over her, Ren tells her that the doctor says that she is anemic. Mitsuki sits up and laughs over it. She stops when Ren mentions that something seems wrong with her today. He tells her that she is always lost in thought so is something troubling her. He says that if she doesn’t mind, she can tell him. Mitsuki looks tense as she remembers the news report. She pats his chest and tells him that she is alright and he is so kind to her, and this feels quite awkward. Ren angrily pinches her cheek and tells her that he is worried about her and she is such an uncute girl. This made Mitsuki blush. Standing up, Ren says that it is good to see her energetic so things ought to be okay.

Just when Ren is about to leave, Mitsuki grabs his shirt and thinks that she is really scared. Flustered, Mitsuki asks Ren if he can always be at her side. This surprises Ren. Mitsuki is surprised by what she said that she quickly let go of him and wonder what nonsense she is talking about. She quickly apologizes to him and tells him not to mind it. To her surprise, Ren holds her hand and says that he will. This made Mitsuki blush. Ren smiles and tells her that this is something obvious so there’s no need for her to ask. This made her blush even more and she is teary-eyed over it. While the two are walking at the hallway, Mitsuki holds her rose necklace and thinks that perhaps she can talk with Ren about it. She calls out to him and tells him that there is something that she has to say. She says that he might find it weird but the incident that happened yesterday might have something to do with.. Then, at the PA, someone calls out to first year section 2 Mitsuki to go to the AV classroom. Mitsuki wonders why. Ren says that maybe because she didn’t go to class so she will be made to practice [/extra lessons]. Mitsuki exclaims that he also didn’t go to class. Ren tells her to hurry. In the classroom, Mitsuki is puzzled that there is no one there. Suddenly a couple of guys grab her from behind and covers her mouth. One of the guys asks if she is Mitsuki, and she is actually quite cute but unfortunately, she doesn’t know as to whom she just committed an offense to. A couple of girls are standing by the door and tells the guy to shut up. Mitsuki recognizes them as the girls in front of Ren’s house yesterday. The girls say that stinky girl is really detestable, and they want her to become someone who would no longer have the face to go near Ren. One of the guy says okay. Tense Mitsuki can only think of Ren. Later on, Ren arrives at the AV classroom and is puzzled that Mitsuki isn’t there.

At some abandoned yard surrounded by empty buildings, the two guys start to undress Mitsuki to rape her. Mitsuki tries to resist and shouts for them to stop and let her go. She kicks one of the guys in the stomach but they slap her hard. While they start groping on her, Mitsuki kept on thinking, ‘no’. Then, something snapped within her that she stops resisting. The guy wonders if she is going to be nice now and has she given up on resisting. The guy is surprised when Mitsuki pushes him down. She starts to remove his necktie and loosen up his collar. He asks what’s up with this girl for just now, she was resisting as if her life depended on it. Then, Mitsuki opens her mouth to bite him with her sharp fangs. There is a loud scream. Mitsuki snaps out of it and is puzzled when the other guy looks scared and shouts for her not to come near him. She wonders what happened and sees the guy lying on the floor with bleeding bite marks on the neck. Mitsuki wipes her mouth and sees blood on her hands. She is shock that she just suck someone’s blood. She remembers her classmates talking about an attack by a vampire. This frightens Mitsuki that she quickly grabs her cellphone and wonders what to do. Crying, Mitsuki mutters for someone to save her. Then, she decides to call Ren. Ren answers. Mitsuki quickly shouts for him to save her for she has become quite strange. Ren tells her to calm down for what she is talking about. He also tells her that he is coming. Somewhat relieved, Mitsuki says okay. She is surprised when Ren says on the phone that he will quickly liberate her. Suddenly, Mitsuki was shot at the back at her shoulder. This made her drop her cellphone. She fell down on the ground. While holding her bleeding shoulder, she looks up to see that it was Ren who just shot her. Holding his gun, Ren says that it seems that he hit her. Trembling Mitsuki is in disbelief. She is surprised when Ren says, “Rose Queen, I’ve always anticipate the day to come when I’ll eliminate you.”

Scans by 17kkmh.

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