March 3, 2012

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 55]

Originally posted @ on February 28, 2012

Cover page: “Getting married with Nozomu--!? Sumi’s fate is!?” Everyone is shock after smiling Nozomu told them that he is going to marry Sumi. Sumi tries to protest by saying that didn’t he say that unless he hasn’t divorced with Miu.. Nozomu tells her that the issue between him and Miu has already been resolved. While Sumi is surprised by that, Nozomu tells his father that his health hasn’t recovered so he should rest. As his wife puts him to bed, Nozomu’s father worriedly watches on as Nozomu leads Sumi out and tells her that they should go home. Sumi can only mentally think of Soichiroh. Meanwhile, Soichiroh’s boss is telling him to go to England with him. He also says that it is necessary for Soichiroh to go with him as his attendant for he plans to expand his business. And, of course, the salary will be fair for him. Looking thoughtful, Soichiroh tells him to let him think about it a bit. Later on, Soichiroh goes to the old shack where the kids welcome him and ask if he brought something back. To the kids’ delight, he brought home some eel and stuffed buns. They ask him when Sumi is coming back for they want to live together with her soon. Soichiroh looks surprised. Then, he sadly says that one day, she will.. At Ijuin residence, Nozomu’s father has been looking at old photo albums. He somewhat looks fondly at young Nozomu, his wife and daughter. Then, his wife enters to say that it is strange that he isn’t at the hospital. She is surprised that he is looking at the old pictures. She tries to grab the photos and angrily tells him that she told him before to throw those old photos away. Nozomu’s father shouts back for her to shut up and this has nothing to do with her. His wife is taken aback as Nozomu’s father goes out of the room with the album.

At the pier, Eisuke is still working as a stevedore when his boss calls out to him that he has a guest, calling for him. Just when Eisuke is trying to make an excuse about paying his debt, he is surprised when Nozomu’s father asks if he is Eisuke, and there is something he wants to ask him. Nozomu’s father is holding a photo album. In Ashida residence, Sumi is banging on the door and shouting that she has been locked up for three days already. She shouts that it is okay if they go out on a stroll or visit the hospital, just let her out. To her surprise, the door opens. The butlers and maids bring in some wedding dresses and tell her to try out the gowns that she will wear for the wedding. Sumi did as told. The maids exclaim that she is beautiful, no matter what kind of clothes she wear. Sumi thinks that if she got married to Nozomu, she really won’t be able to escape from Nozomu, and she won’t be able to see Soichiroh again. While putting a cross pendant necklace on Sumi, Keiko says that dress is a match with the necklace. Keiko says that Sumi brought it with her, a pure platinum cross. It has been refitted on to a new necklace chain. Sumi says that it isn’t hers, and it probably belongs to her brother. Keiko says is that so. She tells Sumi that Nozomu asked her to go down for a while. Sumi did as told. At the living room[?], Sumi is shock to see so many baskets/bouquets of roses are placed all over the place. Sumi looks shock and aghast. Nozomu comes in and tells her that everyone heard of their marriage and has sent those flowers to congratulate them. He hasn’t finished taking when Sumi suddenly exclaims, “No!!” Nozomu is shock when Sumi quickly turns around and runs off. Nozomu chases after her.

Outside the house, Sumi is teary-eyed and coughing. Nozomu bends down to her and asks her what the matter is. Sumi says that she can’t stand those roses. While puzzled Nozomu tries to help her, he notices that his father arriving. Carrying the photo album, Nozomu’s flustered father suddenly calls out, “Aiko..” Nozomu asks what he is talking about. Upon arriving, Eisuke shouts that they can’t marry. Just when Nozomu is asking what nonsense they are talking about, Nozomu’s father tells him that this girl is Aiko. While Sumi and Nozomu look surprised, Nozomu’s father says that she is Nozomu’s long-time missing, blood-related younger sister, Aiko. Scans by 深雪汉化.

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