February 27, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 35]

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It’s back to school. Friends are busy chatting with their friends. At the shoe lockers, Asako is changing her shoes. Then, she looks dark and tense. She drops her shoes in surprise when she overhears someone greeting Sasayan good morning. Blurb: “Second school term starts. The night during the summer festival, the two of them held hands as they went back-!?” Some guys are greeting Sasayan and the baseball team. Then, Sasayan notices Asako by the shoe lockers. He happily greets her a good morning and it has been a long time since the summer festival.. He didn’t finish what he is saying since Asako quickly turns to leave. Glasses friend asks Sasayan if something happened between them. With a deadpan expression, Sasayan says that he can say that. Blurb: “Second school term. What if there is a new romance that is going to sprout? What. Eh!!!??” Title: Sasayan-kun and Natsume-san [Thanks to mia_chwan, Mamuraa and shakanen for the help with the Japanese title ^^] After walking, Shizuku wonders what’s up with her that she forgot her self-study notebook. When it is about 9:28am, she goes out of her classroom to see Haru standing at the hallway. Haru happily waves at her and whispers that it is such a coincidence to meet each other while classes are still ongoing. She goes to him and asks him what he is doing. Haru whispers for her not to talk out loud because right now, he is being punished for reading a book in class. Shizuku asks what kind of book it is. Haru says that it is a long story, and because of changing seat assignments, he now sits near where Shitayanagi and others are. Flashback: Shitayanagi and others showed Haru a porn magazine and asked him which girl he likes. While building a tower with playing cards, Haru said the one in the left, the second girl. Terashima commented that Haru’s taste is good, and he also likes that one. Shitayanagi said that he likes this other one for if *beep* is a person, she would be like that. Haru said that she isn’t bad but he thinks that Shintayanagi’s way of thinking is kind of different. He also said that it seemed that Shitayanagi and others would look at this kind of extreme things, and it is such a difficult school life. Shitayanagi said that one of the baseball club members brought it, and does Haru want to see it. Surprised Haru asked if he can. While holding the porn magazine, Haru and Shitayanagi are happily laughing. Then, the displeased female teacher called out their names and asked what they are reading during class, and who brought it. To Haru’s shock, Shitayanagi said that it is Haru. End flashback.

Haru says how he can explain it, it felt as if there is a misunderstanding wherein he gave an impression that he has this interesting hobby, and it appears that in that kind of situation, the one responsible is the last one [who is holding it]. This is something he learned from Shitayanagi and others. Shizuku says okay, and what kind of book is it. Haru comments that since the start, she would bite into that topic and won’t let go of it. He tells her that it is a practical art/drawing, and don’t ask further about it. While Haru wonders if it will be confiscated, Shizuku quickly looks left and right. Then, Haru is surprised when she suddenly stands beside him. Blushing, Haru asks her what it is. Shizuku tells him not to be conscious for anyway, no one is around. Haru says is that so, but he felt like a deer that got caught in the headlights [/to be so frightened or surprised that you cannot move or think + heart beating fast]. Blushing, Shizuku says that it does make one feel a bit nervous and guilty since classes are still ongoing. Haru asks her if there is anything that has changed at Shizuku and the others’ class. Shizuku says that nothing special but Asako has been acting weird. Haru says that she always is, so what happened. Shizuku says, how she can say it, Asako suddenly said that there is a possibility that Sasayan likes her. Blurb: “Wishing everyone a happy new year. Hope that this year will also be a pleasant one.” During basketball PE class, Asako is looking away while telling Sasayan, “Let me clearly tell you first that it is a ‘no’. Deadpan Sasayan tells her that it isn’t only at the start of school, she has been snubbing him. “You have been ignoring my calls and messages during summer break. And, right now, what is this, all of a sudden? Calling me out here.” Asako says that it is about that night at the En-nichi[/temple fair]. Sasayan thinks that it turns out to be that, like what he thought. Asako tells him that she lost her head during that time, and no matter what is said, she did hold hands with him. “But, let me say it clearly first, I only think of you as a good friend so if you were to something like fall in love for me now, I will be quite troubled.” Sasayan looks surprised. Then, he looks dark and asks, “Ha? Are you saying that just by holding hands, I would come to like you, Asako?” Asako says that her carelessness is the cause of everything, and she had deeply reflected on it so he shouldn’t do that ‘lose your way’ thing again and it is okay to keep things the same as before. To Asako’s surprise, irked Sasayan asks if she is an IDIOT. Aghast Asako exclaims what he just said. Sasayan says that if it is like what Asako said, he has been directly [judged as] eliminated and could it be that he couldn’t even complain about it. Asako exclaims that he is still willful[/stubborn]. To her aghast and irritation, Sasayan tells her that it is because of this reason, her friends aren’t increasing. Asako says that before, she always felt that it seems that Sasayan is acting high and mighty while looking down on her and Haru <- same type. “Is that so? Because you are popular and despises other people’s behavior[/actions]. I really hope that you don’t do that again.” Preparing to leave while holding the basketball with his finger, Sasayan says who that is. “Ah, and also, ever since before, I still think that, aren’t you too self-conscious[/full of yourself]?” Asako is totally shock by that.

During lunch break, while banging her head in the bushes, Asako is shouting that she is so frustrated and what’s up with that kind of conversation when she fundamentally wanted to talk properly with him from today on. While eating and studying at the same time, Shizuku asks what, so in the end, it is Asako’s fault. Blurb: “Natsume: Because she is so angry, she forgot to change clothes.” Asako stops to think that she also wasn’t able to tell Sasayan, ‘thank you for worrying about me’. Shizuku asks her how about she apologizes since Sasayan is very nice and kind towards everyone. Angrily pointing at Shizuku, Asako tearfully says that is it, that Sasayan who’s strong point is being nice to everyone except her whom he is subtly strict with, no matter what. “Unexpectedly treating me, like a fool, the me who has few friends!!” Shizuku says that is what she is saying, Asako did something to provoke Sasayan into anger. Holding a tea pot, Iyo asks if Asako is really troubled about having few friends. While Iyo offers some Swedish sweets to her, Shizuku asks she [Iyo] would usually show up at this place. Iyo says that it is totally unnecessary for people of the same sex to like oneself and they couldn’t marry them anyway. Asako sweatdrops and thinks that Iyo is amazing. Iyo says that even if it isn’t a necessity to make them like oneself, but she [Iyo] likes and respects Asako. Asako is really happy to hear that. Then, Iyo happily serves some red tea to Haru. Haru apologizes for the trouble and accepts it. It’s September. While Haru goes to drink the hot tea, Iyo thinks that in the end, Haru-senpai is really amazing since he is more sparkling [now], upon seeing him again after summer break. Blushing, Iyo thinks that during the camping trip, she had met a perfect-type of guy [Yuzu] and he had made her heart beat but in the end, her brother won’t tell her who that guy is. “Compared to some unknown faraway guy whose name I don’t know, nearby Haru-senpai is..” Iyo asks Shizuku to please break up with Haru. Drinking her tea, Shizuku refuses. Happily standing up, Asako exclaims to look, regardless of what Sasayan said, right now, she already has super amazing companions who understand her. “Regarding friends, it is better to have quality than quantity!! *turns around* Isn’t that right, Haru.” Then, someone calls out to Haru. It is A group baseball team eating lunch on the roof. [Left to right = Yano. That is guesswork name from 野納. It is either that or Nonou, which is more of a surname. I think he is Shitayanagi. Then, Sako, and Terashima.] Terashima exclaims that they and Sasayan are going to practice hitting baseball range today. Yano asks how about they all go together. Haru tells them not to make him refuse them everyday. Terashima exclaims won’t he accommodate them. Haru apologizes and says that his family’s Mitsuyoshi is quite narrow-minded about liking Western things. Terashima exclaims if that ‘brother’ [Micchan] actually is.. [Ah, I think it is about treating them for free, or something.]

While Haru is laughing with the others, Asako looks aghast and sad. She asks what this is, how come Haru can talk normally with his classmates. Surprised Haru exclaims if that is normal, just now is normal. Sweatdropping, Asako says that it is because before, he would have a ‘wanna kill you’ stare. Blushing Haru says how can he say it..lately, their feelings[/thoughts] connected, and possibly, it is because he no longer has that strange attitude. Covering her face, Asako laments that by himself, he had become like an adult. Embarrassed Haru tells her not to ask anymore. While serving tea to Shizuku, Iyo mutters about the practice hitting baseball place. Then, she suddenly sits beside Haru and asks him why he lives in that kind of place. Surprised Haru asks her what it is, don’t sit too close to him. Just when Iyo is saying something, Chizuru calls out to Haru to quickly give to the teacher the course questionnaire. She stops talking upon noticing that Shizuku, Haru and Iyo looking at her. Blurb: “It’s the first time that they’ve met.” Looking away, aghast Chizuru apologizes that she came at a strange time. Haru asks Chizuru what’s up that she is looking away. Iyo asks who that girl is. Shizuku says that it is Ooshima-chan. While looking down to Haru and others, Terashima says that Asako is running away and it’s bad for it seems that they had an argument. Yano asks if it is because they will go together [to the game center] and Asako hates that. Sitting down behind the wall, Sasayan tells them to forget about Asako for anyway, it is because she said something that no one could understand. Glasses friend says that is quite rare, and is he angry at her again. He also tells Sasayan that he always sees him quarreling with Asako and mutually, not minding the other. Sasayan is surprised by that that he asks if he gives off that kind of feeling. While the others are teasing Yano, Sasayan slithers down to the floor and says that it is because Asako always single-handedly make things a mess, and she always has this strange inferiority complex. One-on-one, he can’t cope up with her. Blurb: “Shitayanagi-kun..always felt that he is easily teased.” Glasses guy tells Sasayan that actually, he thinks that Shizuku, Haru and Asako are not easily approachable [/get near to]. Terashima says that like Haru, at the start is really something, because he is very scared of Haru. Sako says that’s right for upon entering the classroom, Haru exclaimed ‘is there’s any objections!’. Yano says that upon talking with him, he turns out to be quite interesting, and he knows a lot of detailed stuff regarding mice. Other friend says that right now, only Sasayan is inseparably close with those guys. Sasayan admits that he also think that way but in the end, even if he did his best, for Asako, he is only an outsider and honestly, he doesn’t have self-confidence. Then, Sasayan thinks that Asako is similar like that person. [<- probably Haru].

Blurb: “Cleaning period..always doing ‘Otaku girl’s delivery service” [<- probably meant blogging and other internet stuff] While holding a dustpan, Asako’s expression sours upon seeing Sasayan holding a broom. Sasayan quietly sweeps the leaves to Asako’s dustpan. To Asako’s surprise, Sasayan asks her if she is going to Tencho’s place today, and if she isn’t, then forget about it. Looking away, Asako tells him not to trouble himself about that, for she and EVERYONE else will be going to see Micchan, and even without Sasayan, it is TOTALLY ALRIGHT!! Sasayan frowns about that. Turning to leave, Sasayan says okay, she should strive to do her best. Asako thinks that for Sasayan, she is only a useless, ‘can’t do anything right’ person. Sasayan thinks that for Asako, he is only a ‘boy’, and most probably, one of the enemies. Later on, walking towards the game center, Iyo is holding tight on to Shizuku’s bag. Iyo says that this seems to be a shady place and she is a bit afraid, is Haru really here. Shizuku tells her not to pull, and Haru went to leave the luggage. Iyo asks if Haru really lives in this kind of place, and isn’t he someone from the Yoshida family. Then, she says that there is a chicken-like guy over there. [<- punk hair; there are also a person with tattoo there] Puzzled Shizuku tells her not to look [at that person], and who knows..for Haru said that he severed relationship with his father but she doesn’t know the details of the situation. “Haru didn’t tell me anything [about that]..” This surprises Iyo. She laughs and asks if Shizuku wasn’t able to get Haru’s trust yet. After telling her to leave the luggage[/bags] there, Shizuku asks her if Yamaken is doing well. Iyo says that his brother is quite lively because he got angry at their mother because there are his hated carrots in his breakfast this morning. Shizuku says is that so. Then, the baseball team members enter the game center. They greet Shizuku and Iyo who were sitting by the lounge. It is already dark outside. Iyo asks how come Asako didn’t come with them. Shizuku says that it is because Asako got a low grade at the end of vacation quiz. Blurb: “Natsume-chan..of course, didn’t finish the summer homework.” Standing outside the game center, Asako thinks that in the end, she has been totally dumped by Micchan. She tells herself not to think that, for right now, she is all by herself and this is the first for her to go in, and she feels embarrassed as if she is going to get an injection. Her plan is just to say ‘hi’, and then the situation ought to be happy again. Then, she goes in. Upon climbing the stairs, she sees Micchan talking on the phone outside his store. She thinks that it will be one-on-one, what to do, it seems that he is on the phone. While troubled to the max, Asako thinks that she is already came, so she should just greet him and act normal. While Asako is still contemplating on this, Sasayan, who was standing behind her, exclaims, “Hello! Tencho-” Noticing them, Sasayan greets both Sasayan and Asako. He tells Sasayan that his classmates are already inside. He also tells Asako that she is late for Shizuku and others are also inside. Asako says that it can’t be helped for the questions in the make-up exam are quite thorny. Flustered Asako looks at Sasayan’s back.

Inside, while Iyo is holding a hand gripper and is curious about it, Asako is happily showing her the things inside like some water plants, towel handle, etc. At the counter, Micchan gives Shizuku some germs/bacteria that can be used to sterilize the water [to make it safe to drink]. While Haru looks on, Shizuku thanks him. Micchan smiles at Shizuku and tells her that [he’ll] give Haru to her. Shizuku is puzzled by what he said. Haru is distracted by someone coming in. It is Yuuzan who greets them a good evening. He angrily complains if Micchan has heard, and he would really want them to let go of him already for that stinky father of his would, one thing after another.. Then, he sees Haru quickly running off. And then, Haru quickly returns. =P Shizuku comments that he came back. Micchan nervously tells ‘prepared to fight’ Haru that is very good, he did well to come back, so they should get along with each other. Ready to pounce/attack, Haru asks Yuuzan what he is doing there. “Quickly go back, you natural perm. If you dare take one more step, I’m going to kill you.” Micchan tells Haru not to say that for he is also [curly] like Yuuzan. Pulling up his hair and not moving, Yuuzan says that he didn’t go there for him. While Micchan is telling him to stop even if he knows that he [Yuuzan] is very fed up, Yuuzan says that Haru is still without worries, and only has a girlfriend, that’s all. The others look aghast over that. They were interrupted when they hear something drops on the floor. It is Iyo. She had dropped that hand gripper and calls out that it is Möbius-sama. Blushing, Iyo asks what Yuuzan’s name is. Yuuzan asks if she is Haru’s friend, he is Yoshida Yuuzan, and his younger brother must have given her trouble. While Yuuzan looks puzzled and Haru looks serious, Iyo felt troubled for he is Haru’s brother. Just when Yuuzan is telling Micchan to go out for a while because he wants to talk with him, Micchan exclaims for him to wait for a while. To Yuuzan’s surprise, Iyo asks him, “Can I ask, do you have a girlfriend?” Blushing and puzzled, Yuuzan says he doesn’t have one. Blushing Iyo asks if he has taken a fancy on someone. Looking tense, Yuuzan says none..and he is quite troubled if she’s too close to him. Blushing really red and looking tense, Yuuzan exclaims to Micchan that he’ll come back next time. Iyo calls out to him, “Möbi..Haru-senpai’s brother!!” As Yuuzan quickly leaves, Micchan covers his face as he tries to suppress his laughter. Haru quietly watches them and realizes something. While Micchan is laughing, Haru puts his arm around Iyo and happily says that she unexpectedly did it. This made Iyo blush. Then, Shizuku looks surprised over this scene. Haru kept on laughing and asks Micchan if he saw Yuuzan’s face. Laughing Micchan exclaims that he [Yuuzan] is such a useless guy. Then, Micchan stops to tell Haru to let go because Shizuku is looking at him. Noticing that Shizuku is frowning with arms crossed, Haru quickly lets go of Iyo and tells her that it isn’t like that, this is a ‘jumping for joy in celebration of one’s victory’-type of feeling. Blurb: “This year, everyone please look after [/support] ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’ even more.”

At the baseball hitting range, Yano asks Sasayan if he isn’t going to play anymore. Wiping his perspiration, Sasayan says that he is going to rest for a while and get something to drink. While drinking, Sasayan sits by the wall where there is a window. Sasayan is surprised when Asako whispers out to him from the window and says that he is finally alone. After saying that he was surprised, Sasayan asks her what the matter is since she is talking to him normally. Asako thanks him for what he did a while ago, and also about that day at the festival. She admits that she always wanted to become like him even if it totally can’t be as she wished. Sasayan tells her that it is possible that she has misunderstood him and just like what she said, he isn’t a guy who can see everything clearly. “Right now, I was snubbed, and what can I say but I’m angry and dejected.” Asako says, “..I’m truly sorry. I’m very happy talking with you. It is very rare to have a guy like you, Sasayan-kun, who won’t be polite [/unrestrained] and got angry at me. Because Sasayan is a guy, I certainly was able to quarrel with you without any misgivings. *lowering head to the window sill* ..what I want to say is I want to be always be your friend.” Blushing Sasayan somewhat pouts. Rubbing his face, Sasayan tells her that towards her, when he sees her, he feels very jittery. Aghast and teary-eyed, Asako tells him to wait, is he criticizing her, and she is already in that difficult situation of coming [to make peace with him]. Sasayan says that he is saying that she wasted her enthusiasm and bravery in coming forward, and saying that she always loses the long winding road. [<-Either fall for someone who doesn’t like her or dumping a guy immediately?] “So, I’m thinking whether or not, you got hurt. No matter what, you also shouldn’t run away.” Asako looks at him in surprised. Moved by what he said, blushing Asako asks if they have made up. Sasayan looks at her and smiles. Standing up to face her, smiling Sasayan apologizes to her. Smiling Asako happily says that it is mutual. Holding out her hand for a hand shake, Asako tells him, “I’m really sorry about that strange misunderstanding that happened between us today. Friendship revived! Okay!” Smiling Sasayan says, “Yup. Ah, but you weren’t mistaken. I pretty much like you, Natsume. *Asako’s smile freezes then she goes into shock* It’s because you are always saying [/jumping into] the wrong conclusion[/assumption]. *irritated* I was so angry that I answered back at you. For me to like you just because we held hands, it’s like I’m an idiot, okay? *smiling* Even if it is me, I also won’t hold hands with someone whom I don’t like!” Aghast Asako is freaking out. =P

Buying a can of red tea from the vending machine, Haru happily says that Iyo did great, and let’s drink together, treat it as a small thank you gift. Iyo thanks him. Haru says that it is really interesting, and next time, when that guy comes, he’ll leave it up to her. Iyo happily says okay, she’ll do her best. At the hitting range, Yano and others are surprised that Shizuku wants to play the practice hitting baseball and someone asks if she is a bit reckless. Back inside, Iyo is holding the can of red tea. She says that for her, he [Haru] is also okay. Haru laughs and says that them siblings [Yamaken and Iyo] really have no ethics [/morals]. Iyo says that it turns out that Haru has an older brother, and in the end, will his brother inherit [/succeed] the main family [/estate]. Haru looks at her in surprise. While Haru buys some more drinks, Iyo says that he is from the Yoshida family, right. She heard this from the conversations between her brother and those ruffians. After a pause, Iyo says that the family ought to be succeeded by the eldest brother and how to say it, is the side of the main family alright because it looks very serious when she saw it on the television. A bit tense and serious, Haru tells her not to talk about that thing in front of Shizuku. Iyo asks why. Haru says that it is because he doesn’t want her to know about it. Iyo remembers Shizuku telling her that Haru didn’t tell him anything. As Haru walks back with the drinks, Iyo tells Haru, is that so, although she feels that it would be better to tell Shizuku. At this time, Asako exclaims that this and what he said before is totally different. Sasayan lamely says that’s right, and he is saying that it is okay for it to be like this today, since he is already tired, and anyway, they are friends right now. At the hitting range, someone shouts for Shizuku that she got it wrong, look at the ball, look at the ball. Shizuku exclaims why she has to look away before swinging the bat. Blurb: “Second school term starts. A new season..a premonition of something is starting to slowly change--”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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