February 13, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapters 4-7]

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[Free Talk:  I’ve skipped chapter 3 since it is already out in English scanlation.]

During the field trip, Iriya is showing his charming self which made Makoto and others fall for him more. Makoto couldn’t chop veggies and of course, Shiroyuki is amazing at it. [By the way, Shiroyuki literally means Snow White =P] Then, Iriya even made a special request from Makoto = not to give him carrots. When Makoto gushes that he is cute because of that, he flicks her forehead and says that she is cuter than him. While washing the dishes, Shiroyuki warns her of ‘falling in the trap’. When Makoto is asking if she meant Iriya, Shiroyuki decides to show her what she meant. They spy on a girl with her friend confessing to Iriya. Iriya admits that he always doesn’t have a girlfriend and up to now, he doesn’t plan on wanting to go steady. The girls are persistent about it being better to have a girlfriend. Iriya apologizes and says that he hates it when others decide things for him. He thanks them for their feelings and apologizes for not returning them. Shiroyuki tells Makoto that Iriya is like that ever since their junior high. Soon, everyone else is gathered around, and it is starting to rain. Makoto realizes that she left her cellphone at the sink so she went to get it. Iriya tries to help her about it but Makoto couldn’t face him and runs off. Then, after retrieving her cellphone, she looks at her and Iriya’s picture on the cellphone. She is relieved that no one saw that. She thinks that she can still turn back from really falling for him. She plans to delete the picture when there is a loud thunder which frightens her. Then, the prince has arrived to help her. Iriya towels her dry and tells her that he came because she looks as if she is afraid of thunder. She wonders why he is being kind to her, and why he doesn’t want a girlfriend. She fears that she is going to bite the prince’s apple and there will be no turning back.

She wants to confess but fears a lot of things. She got scared over the thunder again. Iriya covers her ears with the towel so that she won’t hear the thunder. Then, she starts raving about the great and cute things about Iriya. She cries that she can’t help but fall for him. On cue, she faints and it turns out that she is already feverish. Iriya starts to carry her on his back and notices her cellphone on the floor. He sees their picture together, and Makoto mutters his name. He says that he doesn’t want to stain[/dirty] her like this. Then, together with Ameki, Iriya brought Makoto to her house. They meet Erika at the door and mention that Makoto had a fever. Looking at Iriya, Erika asks if he is Makoto’s boyfriend. Iriya says that he isn’t. Ameki apologies but she has to leave for club activity. Since Makoto won’t wake up, Iriya will be putting her in her room. After doing that, Iriya prepares to leave when Erika stops him by saying that his clothes are wet. She offers to dry them or else, he’ll catch a cold. Then, she offers him some tea. The next day, Makoto is worried over whatever rude thing she must have done to Iriya. Unfortunately, she totally forgot about it. She apologizes to Iriya and asks if she said anything strange. Iriya says there is, then passes it as a joke. To Makoto’s relief, Iriya says that she didn’t. She doesn’t want to end the conversation that way so she asks him how she can thank him. Iriya suggests that she treat him to ice cream tomorrow for he is busy today. On the way home, Makoto decides to walk around the station to survey the area for tomorrow. To her surprise, she sees Iriya, waiting for someone. And when that person arrives, it turns out to be her sister, Erika.
Makoto decides to stalk them. Sitting at the other table of a cafe, she watches them as they have a snack. Makoto is shock that her sister is already calling him, Shun-kun. Erika is interviewing Makoto if he is afraid of high places [he isn’t] and if he likes sweets [he says as long as it’s not sweet veggies like carrot cake]. Makoto is disappointed for she thought that carrot thing is a secret between the two of them. Then, Erika asks if she can feed him with her dessert. Iriya obliges. Makoto is freaking out. Then, she overhears a couple of girls talking about Iriya and Erika being a match. It made her think that they are like prince and princess. Makoto decides that she has seen enough so she left. Erika has seen her but Iriya didn’t. At home, Makoto has already taken a bath when Erika returns home. Erika tells Makoto that she is with Iriya today. She also tells Makoto that he is handsome and her type. She asks Makoto if she isn’t going to ask why they met. Makoto just says that it has nothing to do with her. To Makoto’s shock, Erika tells her that they will also meet up tomorrow, but then, it has nothing to do with her. Then, Makoto starts to have another bout of inferiority complex..wondering why she isn’t her sister. At school, Makoto is horrified when Shiroyuki points out to her that she is wearing her coat inside out. When she tries to remove it quickly, the button fell off. Shiroyuki helps her sew it back on. Makoto asks her if Iriya would give that apple to someone who is beautiful and cute, and had confessed to him. Shiroyuki asks if she is giving up. She says that isn’t it to rude to the person who will like her in the future if she keeps referring to herself as ‘this kind of person’. Makoto remembers the guy who liked her before in junior high. Shiroyuki tells her that she didn’t tell her to give up, but rather she told her the truth. And, if she truly likes him, she must fight for it. Makoto asks how she can fight when there is no way she can win. Shiroyuki corrects her that what she is fighting is her heart that will soon surrender. Teary-eyed Makoto is touched by what she said and asks if this is also how Shiroyuki fight for the kingdom. Shiroyuki says yes. Makoto realizes that she has always been giving up because that is her best way in avoiding to get hurt.
After school dismissal, to Makoto’s surprise, Iriya says that he’ll wait for her at the school gate. Later on, Iriya is happily eating his ice cream. Makoto laments that she didn’t fix her hair because she thought that there is no hope for her to be with him today. She wonders if she ought to ask if he is going out with her sister. On cue, Iriya’s phone rings. Just when Iriya bids her goodbye, Makoto grabs his shirt and tells him not to leave. While Makoto is telling him that she heard about him meeting with her sister, Makoto had a flashback of someone calling out ‘do not leave’. That someone seems to be lying on the floor and looking up the door. He snaps out of it when Makoto calls out his name again. To Makoto’s surprise, Iriya says that he won’t go, and he thought that it would be better not to go. While Makoto is freaking out if that is okay, Iriya starts to write a message on his cellphone. Then, Erika arrives. Just when Iriya is going to apologize to her that he isn’t going, Makoto is motioning for him that it is okay to go. ^^; After watching them, Erika holds on to Iriya’s arm and tells Makoto to join them. Iriya has no objections. Makoto couldn’t believe that she will tag along during their date. It is already her limit to tell him ‘don’t go’. Then, when Makoto is about to decline, Erika puts all of her shopping bags to Makoto for her to carry them. Erika points to a car that is waiting and says that they are going. Makoto is shock that Erika brought them to a photo shoot. While the staff are looking over Iriya, Erika tells her that they want to do a date project but there is few new faces playing the boyfriend so when she saw Iriya, she thought ‘he is it!’. She had asked Iriya about it and he agreed. She kept it a secret because she wants to give Makoto a pleasant surprise. Makoto asks about going steady with Iriya. To Makoto’s shock again, Erika says that anyone who doesn’t have a car is out of the selection process. Soon, Makoto felt like melting into a puddle.
A female staff gives Makoto a drink and starts to talk about Iriya being popular. She laments that Iriya only agreed to do it once for he isn’t interested with showbiz/modeling. She is confident that the magazine will be popular if it comes out. Makoto thinks that even if it is a misunderstanding, it might come true if she kept on not doing anything. She uneasily wonders if she ought to confess. She remembers Iriya agreeing not to leave because he said so..so maybe there is a chance. After the photo shoot, the editor suggests to Makoto that she takes a picture with Iriya as if they are lovers. She tries to decline and says that Iriya won’t want to. Iriya says that he doesn’t object to it. The woman tells her that it won’t be published..just one picture. When Makoto keeps on declining, Erika scolds her about this chance is given to her and don’t tell her that she [Makoto] totally doesn’t want to. Makoto says that it is because she has no make-up and doesn’t look good (from crying yesterday). Erika says that is no problem for they have a make-up artist and there’s no problem with her basic face. A note says that Erika is encouraging her. Soon, after a little make-up, Erika pushes Makoto out to Iriya. Makoto is totally stiff. They tell her to act like lovers. Iriya holds her shoulder and says something. Soon, they held hands. Then, they had their picture taken by with the sunset and bridge as backdrop. Looking at the picture from the camera, Makoto is amazed by it. Erika nudges Makoto’s head and tells her to go ahead for she has to go to the editorial division first. She flicks Makoto’s forehead and says that they look like lovers. Erika also says that Makoto looks really worried but relax, for she won’t steal the person her cute younger sister is interested in..but then, Shun-kun has.. They were interrupted by a staff member calling for Erika that they should leave. Iriya tells Makoto that they should go home. She thanks him for today. While Iriya walks ahead, Makoto remembers Iriya telling her a while ago during the photo shoot to treat him as her boyfriend, only for now. Makoto thinks that even if that lover photo is fake but she believes that for a day, it had become real. Even if for a moment, her imagination allows it.
Scans by all★wink汉化组 and 離境漢化組.

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