February 13, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 37]

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At a meeting room, Azhar tells everyone that tonight, they are leaving the royal capital. “A ship will be prepared and temporarily, we will first leave the country.” Ahkil notices that Nakaba looks totally depressed and disturbed that he approached her and asks what the matter is. Clenching her dress, Nakaba says that there is something that she wants to say. Soon, it is night. Nakaba and the others are already travelling in the desert with their camels. Someone says that after passing through this road, they will be staying in that town for the night to rest. Loki offers to go ahead to scout out the situation. Nakaba calls out to him. He stops and asks Nakaba if she is alright for she looks pale. Nakaba wonders if she ought to ask Loki to protect those two since this kind of future is going to happen. “But then, what if the consequence is Loki was the one who got hurt? *Loki tells her that he will quickly come back* What if by chance, Loki got killed? *remembers Cain’s death* What if that is the so-called ‘price’..?” Azhar quietly looks at troubled Nakaba. In the town, Loki has returned to inform them that nearby, there is nothing peculiarly strange. Azhar says that he had already booked them in this inn in advance so they should go there first.. While on the way to the inn, Nakaba starts to recognize the street where they are going. She becomes more scared for it is the same one in the dream. Nakaba immediately suggests that they keep on travelling ahead, a bit. She tells them that it is dangerous if they are found out, and how about they sleep outdoors. Ahkil informs her that the desert is more dangerous at night, so on the contrary, it is a worse option for them. Nakaba looks aghast for this is the road where either of the two princes will get killed. As Azhar tells her that they should move on, Nakaba thinks, “No. I don’t want to... Help me..! Who’ll come and help me!”

At the ship’s deck, Caesar is looking out the sea. Emilia joins him and asks him what the matter is. He says it is nothing but she tells him that he definitely ought to be worried about Nakaba and the others. Caesar didn’t reply. Emilia corrects herself and says that rather than worried about ‘Nakaba and others’, he is only worried about Nakaba. Caesar didn’t react for Emilia is right on the mark. Emilia thinks that Nakaba is always bearing something on her back, and generally, it is because of those stained red pupils, the cause is the Arcana. Caesar worriedly mutters Nakaba’s name. Back in the town, while everyone is walking forward, Loki notices that Nakaba is trembling. He suddenly grabs Nakaba’s shoulder and tells the others that he heard a lot of footsteps, coming from many armed men whom he thinks are soldiers. This made Nakaba become tenser than she already was. Ahkil tells his brother that it is Baatar’s private soldiers. Azhar says that the soldiers chasing after them have already chased them up to there. Ahkil urges Azhar to quickly depart from this place. Loki tells them that the sounds of the footsteps are coming from there so, they should go this way. While Loki is ushering her, Nakaba suddenly sees/remembers the two doors she saw in the dream. One is when Ahkil went to save Azhar and he ended up killed. The other is she grabbed Ahkil’s arm and Azhar gets killed. Nakaba wonders if there are really only two futures. “How about other roads? Other futures?” Then, a soldier shouts, “There, chase after them!!” Nakaba is startled by that. She sees soldiers in front of them. Pointing to some rocky place, Nakaba shouts for Ahkil to go hide those boulders. Azhar says that their goal is him so he is going to use himself as bait so they should go ahead. Flustered Nakaba thinks no, no, that way.. Ahkil shouts for his brother. Nakaba continues to look tense for it is like what the Arcana had shown her. Reaching out to Ahkil’s arm, Nakaba thinks that she only has to grab his arm and Prince Azhar will die. Nakaba hesitates and thinks that if she doesn’t grab Ahkil’s arm, Ahkil will die.
Perspiring and crying, Nakaba grabs Ahkil’s arm. Azahar looks back and says that this way is very good. Then, he gets slain by the soldiers. Ahkil shouts for his brother and tries to go to him but Nakaba grabs his arm tight and tries to pull him away. While Ahkil tries to call out for Nakaba to let him go, Loki hits the back of Ahkil’s neck and made him unconscious. A bit tense, Loki calls out to Nakaba. Looking totally awful, Nakaba can only say to quickly [get] Ahkil [away]. Loki carries Ahkil on his shoulder and starts to run off with Nakaba. The soldiers shout that the Fifth prince is escaping, they have to chase after them. Flashback: At the meeting room, Nakaba told the princes that she has something to say. She asked if Ahkil can go out for a while. Puzzled, Ahkil did as told. After Ahkil left, Azhar asked Nakaba what it is. Looking aghast, Nakaba admitted to him that she has seen the future. “It is either you’ll die or Ahkil will die. There is only either of the two futures. If one chose one side, the other one will die.. I.. I will definitely choose to save Ahkil. So.. so..” To her surprise, sadly smiling Azhar told her that that way is very good. “I have lost to Baatar. Every since before, I have not lost[/risk] my life. Every since from the start, what intimidates Baatar isn’t me, but rather, it is Ahkil’s ability and wisdom. In the future.. the person who will become your strength isn’t me but, it is Ahkil.” Nakaba is aghast-surprise by what Azhar said. He told her, “I’ll leave.. Ahkil to you.” Nakaba felt like crying. End flashback. While running, Nakaba thinks, “I definitely will save Ahkil so I only can ask for your forgiveness, and also, I can only pray, pray that confessing it beforehand, I will be able to excuse from any wrongdoing. This kind of ending. How can it be very good? I have unexpectedly placed lives in the balance and choose by weighting them out. For [my] goal, I had exploited a life. *Remembers Baatar hold Irasifu’s head* What’s the difference between me and that man?” As they run, tears are falling from Nakaba’s eyes. While Azhar lies dead on the ground, Nakaba just kept on saying, “..sor..ry.. Sor..ry.. Sorry..”
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