February 13, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 4]

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Page 4 – U&I. Cover Page: “The Kira-kun that I know is a bit arrogant and also a bit of a romanticist[/sentimental]. It is a fact though that he is a crybaby. And also, it seems that he is currently in love.” Narration: “September 26th – Today is not the same as the usual.” Nino looks at her cellphone where there is an email from Kira. Kira wrote that he has something to do today so he might not be able to go to school. Nino thinks that it is the first time that someone emailed her, aside from her family. “What could be that something be? Mama also made his bento[/lunch], together with mine..” Then, her thoughts are interrupted by some laughter from her classmates. A guy is telling a girl to lend him the notes to copy since it is generally correct, and the girl tells him that after class, she’ll let him see it a bit. Nino looks sad and thinks that if it is the usual times, Kira would help her study. Flashback: Pointing to her notes, Kira told her that the answer is X=5. Nino is surprised and thought that Kira is unexpectedly very intelligent. End flashback. While the others are busy talking with their friends, Nino just quietly sits by herself, all alone. She thinks that she should go do some knitting. Narration: “Today, Kira-kun is not around [/beside me].” During lunch break, Nino asks Sensei where he thinks Kira went. After eating himself full, Sensei tells her not to worry because before, that guy has been skipping class. “But this time around, he ought to be acting like an ‘infatuated guy’. *Nino puzzled* According to my prediction, *smiles* that guy ought to have went to see the person that he likes. Nino, can you rub my shoulders a bit.” Nino looks at him in surprise. Then, she continues to eat and says, ah, is that so, maybe it is that. Flying, Sensei seems to shout about wanting to fool around with Kira. Nino thinks, “‘Someone he likes’..huh..”

After school dismissal, Nino is taking her shoes from the shoe lockers. She thinks that it is rare for her to be all by herself so she plans to go to a nearby store by the train station to buy some knitting materials. Suddenly, someone closes her shoe locker and says, “Hey, Bird Girl, I got something to tell you.” Nino looks surprised for it is Yabe, the shit guy, again. She asks him what’s up. Yabe asks her what airplane is Kira on today. “I thought that he is resting[/absent] today but just now, I saw him coming out from the office and then, coming back.” There is a scene of Yabe standing at the corner when he saw Kira coming out of the school office. Nino asks Yabe if Kira came. Irked Yabe asks if she didn’t know. Nino wonders why she has to know that. Yabe says, “Forget it, compared to that. *blushes and scratches head* Lately, did Kira mention something about me?” With a blank expression, Nino says that if it is about shit guy, none, totally nothing. Embarrassed, Yabe shouts that she isn’t allowed to call him that. Puzzled, Nino asks could it be that he wants to patch things up with Kira. Embarrassed and tense, Yabe [imaginarily] picks up little Nino and exclaims, “Ha!? Are you joking? It is totally the opposite. I only wanted to extend a helping hand to him. Stu-pid” Nino didn’t believe him and thinks that she is right. Looking serious, Yabe says that anyway, he fundamentally doesn’t understand why Kira wants to stay away from them. Surprised, Nino says that she also doesn’t know. Yabe tells Nino that she is quite useless. “Then, in the end, it is still because of THAT WOMAN. *Nino is surprised* Regarding this part, I’m also not quite sure so you go and investigate it for me.” Sweatdropping, Nino tells him to go investigate it on his own, and it just so happen that today Kira is going to meet with someone. Yabe exclaims, “What!? You should have said it earlier. Let’s go quickly. *grabs Nino’s hand* If we chase after him now, we might be able to ride on the same train [coach]. There is a possibility that he is going to see that woman. We’re going to follow him. *Nino is shock* I think that you seem to be very concerned so I’ll accompany you, and it is okay for us to go together. It can’t be helped that I have to hold your hand.”
Inside the train, Kira is listening to some music from his cellphone. Also inside, Nino and Yabe are breathing hard from running. Yabe says that they were barely able to reach it. Looking at the side, Yabe smiles and says that they were able to even catch up with Kira. He looks at Kira standing at the opposite door at the side. Nino tells him that she doesn’t want to do this kind of thing. While spying on Kira, Yabe asks, “Ha? Could it be that you aren’t curious about the woman that Kira likes?” This surprises Nino, and she slightly blushes. Sensei whispers to Nino that with a guy like that, it is okay for her to deal with him as she pleases [/go with the flow]. Yabe tells her to quickly look at that side of Kira. There are a couple of lovestruck girls who gush over how super handsome Kira is. Yabe says that for those pigs who are [love] obsessed with Kira, he is someone who is totally unparalleled. “Because Kira’s existence has already surpassed gods. That’s right, and the only one who can be together with him is me. *points to self with an arrogant look* You are only but trash.” Sweatdropping, Nino wonders what’s up with those flowers around him. Nino says that it seems that he really likes Kira, and unexpectedly, up to this degree. Irked Yabe tells her not to say such disgusting things. “I only know Kira more than anyone else does. The food he likes, books, music, I know everything. *drool with blushing crazed look* Also, he is actually [naturally] curly haired but he would firmly say that it is a perm. And every week, he would wear his kitty-pattern underwear once. Aside from that, there is also..” Nino looks aghast, and thinks that Yabe is annoying. Nino asks him as to why they are that close. Yabe looks serious. He says, “I cannot tell you about that. It is my precious memory.” Nino looks surprised about it. Then, Yabe exclaims that Kira unexpectedly talked with those pigs. The two girls are pleasantly surprised when Kira tells them to come to his side so that they can talk. The girls are more than happy to stand up to talk with him. While Yabe is furious as to why Kira did that, Nino notices a pregnant woman standing nearby. The pregnant woman notices that there is some vacant seat, so she goes to the seat where the two girls were sitting earlier. While sitting, she is relieved that she could sit. While the two girls are chatting at him, Kira glances at the pregnant woman and looks happy about it. Nino has noticed all of this and she is moved by what Kira did. Nino tells Yabe, “About that, if you truly know Kira-kun, then please, look carefully at the current Kira-kun.” After looking surprised, Yabe points at her and exclaims that she is a weirdo so don’t instruct him what to do for he is already exercising patience just being with her.
Then, at some park, Kira is listening to music while waiting. At the corner, Yabe says that in the end, no matter how he looks at it, Kira is waiting for a girl. “Then, later on, I’ll know the reason for the change in Kira. What kind of girl is she?” Nino just quietly looks on. She wonders what is going on for she suddenly feels nervous. Just when she is trying to say something to Yabe, Yabe looks surprised and says, “She’s here.” Surprised Nino looks up to see a very beautiful woman greeting Kira. As her heart is beating loudly, the woman takes off her sunglasses and hugs Kira. She happily says that she made him wait a long time♡ Nino still looks surprised [and a bit jealous]. Yabe says what’s up with that gorgeously dressed woman.. “Is it her? Ah, they are leaving. Let’s follow them.” While the woman tightly clings on Kira’s arm, they start to walk and the other two followed Kira. After Kira and the woman enter a building, the two stare up the signboard, and look shock. It is a kyabakura[/cabaret club] called Love. The signboard has pictures of beautiful bargirls. Nino couldn’t believe that Kira... Yabe also couldn’t believe it. Nino tensely says that there has to be some reason for it. Angrily kicking the wall, Yabe exclaims that Kira unexpectedly lose himself at a bar and fell for some red light district’s bar girl. “How could there be a reason. That’s so low. I had it. I’m going home.” Nino watches glum Yabe leaves. Sensei tells her that B class guy is quite troublesome. Suddenly kneeling down on the floor, Nino wonders if she ought to go home, too..and she couldn’t accept it a bit. Seeing her in that kneeling position, Sensei asks her what happened, is she going to poop. ^^; She is surprised when someone grabs her hands from behind. She looks up to see that it is Kira. Kira calls her stupid, for how could she just stay there and not leave. “If you’re not careful, some pervert might come and take you away.” While helping her to stand up, Nino exclaims in shock as to why. Kira asks her why she is following him [with Yabe] and he already discovered them earlier. Then, the woman comes from behind Kira and exclaims, “Gosh- If it isn’t the living Nino!!” Nino is surprise for it is that woman. Nino is puzzled when the woman exclaims that she finally gets to see Nino, and there is really a parrot on her shoulder. Kira tells Nino that he noticed them halfway on the trip, and because it is too embarrassing, he pretended not to know. “But, I’ve always wanted to introduce you, for you to know [her].” After looking puzzled, Nino realizes something. Nino somewhat laughs it off and says, is that so. “So, she’s your mother.” The woman giggles and says, “Too bad[,you’re wrong].” Sweatdropping, Kira points to the woman and says, “No, this person is my dad.” Blushing, the ‘woman’ winks and sticks out her tongue. She says, “Please call me Tiara ♡” Nino and Sensei are shock.
In denial and still thinking father.., Nino continues to laugh and says, “-ah, it’s your mother, right?” Kira tells her, “No, it’s true.” Then, a drunk man put his hand on Tiara’s shoulder, and says if this miss is a bar girl. “So, do you want to have fun together with me?” Tiara immediately slams him on the floor and pulls up the man’s leg from behind, while sitting on him. [I think that is a wrestling move, single leg boston crab] Tiara angrily shouts, “Huh? Miss? I’m a guy, you baldie!” The man screams that it hurts. While Nino is sweatdropping, Kira says, “See--?” Tiara shouts for the man to properly remember his face for he is the leader in this district. Nino asks if it is the kyabakura. Kira says that it isn’t the kyabakura. Pointing to the signboard at the side of the building, he tells her to look up. It isn’t that kyabakura, but Club Tiara above the kyabakura’s signboard. [<- I think Tiara’s club is just an ordinary bar in contrast to kyabakura where there are hostesses/bargirls serving drinks.] Kira tells her that today is a regular check-up day, and he came to see his father to tell him that everything is normal. “I’ve made you worry. I fundamentally wanted to explain it to you later on.” Nino says is that so but then, he went to school first. They were interrupted by Tiara who calls out to Nino. “Tiara wants to be all alone with Nino so that we can have a private word, just the two of us ♪ Yuuji, you’re such a hindrance. Go buy some flowers for the store.” While Nino looks surprised, Kira exclaims, “Ha!?” Nino wonders what Tiara wants to talk with her about. At a pedestrian overpass, Nino and Tiara are alone. Sensei has fallen asleep. Tiara says that he didn’t expect that there will be a day when he gets to talk with her like this. “I’m very happy. We are obviously neighbors but we’ve never seen each other.” Nino timidly asks if he felt boring to come and chat with her. To Nino’s shock, Tiara says that it certainly is for when he goes to her house, she would hide and would not come out, and even if right now, he doesn’t go there a lot. “But, you are the person who decided to stay together with Yuuji. Just with only that, it is something that quite appealing [for him]. *Nino looks surprised* Lately, Yuuji’s expression has also become gentle.” Nino tries to protest that it isn’t because of her. Bowing to Nino, Tiara says, “Nino, from today on, I beg you to please take care of[/keep an eye on] Yuuji more. That child is [this] uncle’s treasure.” This made Nino look flustered. As Tiara turn to leave, Nino realizes that this person is truly Kira-kun’s father.
Later on, Kira joins Nino at the pedestrian overpass. He asks her if his father said anything strange to her. Nino says that it is just some idle chat. Kira says that is good. He then comments that the parrot is sleeping. Nino notices this and wonders when Sensei did. Then, looking at the traffic, Nino says, “Kira-kun, I’ve discovered something important. The classroom is particularly noisy today. *Kira puzzled* That is one way of saying that it seems without Kira-kun around, I felt very lonely.” Kira looks surprised at somewhat flustered Nino. Nino felt strange and this is embarrassing. Kira holds out his hand and lifts Nino’s face up to his. He bends close that Nino looks surprised [because it seems as if he is going to kiss her]. Then, to her surprise, Kira lightly slaps her cheeks with both hands. He tells her, “If you easily say those kinds of words in front of guy, you will be kissed.” Nino looks surprised, and it seems Kira is also surprised. He looks away and says that it is already dark. “This is bad. What time is it? I still have things to do.” Nino says that it seems to be 7 o’ clock. Kira tells her to go home first. Nino says okay. Then, Nino quietly looks at the busy street below. Sensei has already awakened and asks if he has fallen asleep without knowing it. Nino says yes. Sensei asks what happened to her. “How come your face is so red?” Nino didn’t answer. At the clinic, Kira is kissing a woman. Then, he smiles at her. While the woman is lying on the bed, Kira looks down on her and smiles. He says, “I’ve come to see you, sensei.” Narration: “Actually, I also realize something. Hey, Kira-kun. Whenever I’m with you, my body temperature apparently goes up some degrees higher.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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