February 13, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 38]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 10, 2012

Cover Page: “A girl in love always has a heart that beats endlessly♥” Perspiring in the heat, Anna uses her hand to shield her face from the sun. She says, “Hey.. Didn’t you say that it is a 5 minute walk and we’ll be able to reach Hinata’s school? I feel like we are already walking for 10 minutes..” Perspiring Sou looks at his cellphone and says, “Wait, in the end, that road a while ago, should we have turned right there? Nope, but just looking at the map, it says that the correct way is to go straight..” Looking aghast, Anna says, “So, didn’t I say that we should have gone to the right..” Sou angrily shouts, “Ha?! You fundamentally didn’t even say it, okay!!” Pointing at Sou, Anna shouts that he is the one in the wrong because he didn’t listen. Sou answers back, “Who would listen to the words of someone who can’t even read a map!! Anyway, you are also just basing it on your feeling to say which one is right!!” Soon, the two are bickering in the streets. Narration: “Hello everyone. I’m Koshiro Anna. In this scorching hot summer, we are currently lost in Tokyo.” Pulling his shirt’s collar a bit, Sou says that in the end, they shouldn’t have depended on vigor and run to an unfamiliar place.. “When obviously right now isn’t the time to get lost. And also, it is even hot, to death..” Aghast Anna exclaims that is right for Hinata going to be expelled. “And while we were lost, what if the worst case scenario happens, what are we to do!!” Sou asks her what she meant by worst case scenario. Anna tensely says that Hinata will go on some abandoned traveling all by himself. There is a chibi Hinata walking away with a huge backpack, and he left a note, ‘Please don’t come and look for me. Hinata’. Sou exclaims why. Anna exclaims that it is because Hinata didn’t have any messages for three days already. “He must have felt quite depressed!! And, Hinata.. *Anna remembers Hinata telling her and Mari before, that even if before he doesn’t always quite like school, but right now, he finds high school to be really fun.* Did he really quit school.. Because it is too sudden that I totally couldn’t believe it. Could it be that Mashiro just had some misunderstanding..?” Sou tells her that is why they came there today to confirm it. Sou sighs and says that quitting school thing is only Mashiro’s practical joke, and about Hinata not writing a message back, that is because he got fed up by that message Anna sent. Aghast, Anna tells him to quit talking about that message. While grabbing Anna’s bag, Sou says okay, quickly just let him see that message. Anna screams in shock and shouts for him let it go, pervert. “And speaking of that, I wasn’t the one who thought of it, it is Nanoka!” Sou says, “Ya, ya, I know.”

While Anna is protesting, there is suddenly a flash of light. Holding her bag, Anna freezes with Sou who is trying to grab the bag back. A short haired girl says, “Ah-- people passed through. *She is trying to take a picture of a cat behind the two.* Ah, forget it. This is also okay.” Anna apologizes for interrupting her. The girl says that it is okay, and she ought to apologize because she fundamentally wants to take a picture of that cat. [<- she took their picture so she is apologizing] While Anna thinks that it is a SLR camera, Sou asks her if she knows Touto* Arts High School which is nearby that place. [*guesswork name from 東都] The girl asks if they are going to check out the place upon enrollment. “If that is so, then I’ll accompany you there. Anyway, I’m also a student from that school.” Sou says is that so. “Thank you very much.” While the girl is leading the way, Anna looks surprised. She thinks, “That uniform, and carrying an SLR camera. Taking pictures of the surround area of the school. And, she is also a student of the school where Hinata goes to. This person, could it be that she..” Soon, the girl says that they are finally here at Touto Arts.. Anna interrupts her and asks if she is a part of the photography club. The puzzled girl says yes, and she [Anna] is quite sure of it. Thinking that she is right with her guess, Anna asks, “Is there a Tokura Hinata in your club?! Can I ask if you know!? These past few days, did something strange happen to Hinata!? Something like..qqqqqquuuiiitttiinnng school..type..” Sou comments that she stutters too much. The girl asks if they are Hinata’s friends from his hometown. “And, it is because of this that you guys came to Tokyo?” Sou/Anna says yes, for they weren’t able to contact him so.. The girl says, “It’s truly amazing- Tokura is truly loved.” Anna and Sou are speechless over this ‘love’ comment. Then, the girl says, “It seems that quitting school has already been decided.” Sou and Anna are surprised for it was true. Sou asks why. Then, he exclaims that he totally doesn’t understand what that meant, why did things turn out that way. Just when the girl is about to explain, someone says, “Sou? Ah, Anna is also here.” The three look at the side to see that it is Hinata. Hinata says that he heard familiar voice/s. “It is quite a shock. Why are you guys here? And, why are you together with Yuki*-senpai.?” [*guesswork name from 由季] While Yuki is explaining that these kids seems to be lost and she walked together with them to.., Hinata is surprised when Sou and Anna suddenly shouts, “Hinata!!”
Anna exclaims that it is really great that Hinata had thoroughly think things through. Hinata asks think of what. Anna kept on saying that it is really great. Sou shouts at Hinata as to how come he doesn’t answer his cellphone. Hinata asks if he called him up. Sou shouts that he has called him a lot of times. “You better not tell me stuff like you had left your cellphone at home!?” Hinata says, how he can say it, it seems to have ran out of batteries since he is in helter-skelter [/chaotic and disorderly haste]. Sou is angry and aghast over that. Sou asks him what is the meaning of that quitting school and what had happened. Hinata looks surprised and realizes that they came because of that. With folded arms, Hinata says, “Is that so.. Where do I start explaining it?” Sou angrily asks, Ha. Yuki holds up pictures of Hinata with Mari, and says, “It is this. These photos has been spread around the school that people are calling it ‘teacher and student scandal’. And because of it, it stirred up a huge disturbance.” Hinata says that is right. Looking at the pictures, Sou mutters that he couldn’t believe it. He shouts what’s with these pictures and no matter how he looked at it, someone maliciously wants to cause trouble. “Before dealing with Hinata, they should first look for the people who took these pictures!!” Hinata tries to tell him that his voice is too loud. Anna is also shock over the pictures. She thinks that based on the clothes that Hinata and Mari are wearing and the background of the photos, the ones who took the pictures are.. Then, they hear a girl shouting, “I’ve said that it really hurts, Mona*. Don’t pull me!!” [*guesswork name from 萌奈] They look at the side to see the two senpai-s, who were with Hinata in the Photo Koshien. Mona, the long haired girl, has been pulling the arm of the short haired girl. Mona says that she heard that Hinata will be coming to school today, and today could be their last opportunity. Trying to free herself, the short haired girl shouts that she told her that she doesn’t intend to apologize. Mona exclaims that fundamentally, their intention is Kobayashi-sensei so they hatched up that plan. “But, it caused Tokura-kun to quit school-something when it has nothing to do with him..” The other girl exclaims, “Yes, it does!! If Tokura isn’t like a fool who would listen whatever that woman says, then things won’t turn out this way! The one who made that woman grow[/mature?] is also that guy!!” [<- I don’t understand the grow thing but maybe, made Mari overconfident.]

While Anna and Sou are surprised by what they are saying, Mona calls out to Shuri* in disbelief over what she is saying. [*guesswork name from 珠里] Shuri starts to say that it is because of that woman, Yuki she.. Then, she and Mona notice that Hinata and everyone else are watching and listening to them. They mutter that it is Yuki and Tokura. Yuki says so, they were the ones who did it, and what they did is over the top. “Didn’t I say that it is already alright that I wasn’t able to go to the Photo Koshien? Even if I’m very happy over your [two] feelings, but this kind of thing..” Shuri exclaims that they didn’t do it for her. “It is because I’ve lost my temper. That woman suddenly became an adviser and then changed the members at will. *Mari had put Hinata in the group for the Photo Koshien and took out Yuki.* She didn’t even know that the three of us would always work together as a group!! We fundamentally wanted to absolutely get the first prize this year. When this year is obviously the last year.. *pause* Anyway, I won’t apologize.” Shuri turns around and left. Mona quickly bows and apologizes to Hinata. She also apologizes Shuri’s part..even if an apology won’t resolve this issue. Turning to Hinata, Yuki says that even if Shuri isn’t fundamentally a bad person but she couldn’t see it as totally right. Hinata didn’t reply. Yuki continues to say, “In the meantime, I think that I’m also responsible so I’ll go talk with the teachers.” Hinata says, “But..” Flashback: A couple of male teachers told Hinata that as a scholar, he ought to have an impeccable clean and upright record. The school chairman doesn’t want to let a student, who had brought shame, to stay in the school. And, the other party is Kobayashi-sensei, the daughter of the school chairman. “How pitiful..” End flashback. Hinata says, “It’s already enough.. And just like what that senpai said, I think I was also at fault. *slight bow to two senpai-s* Sorry, today I have to go to the classroom to get my things so I’ll be going ahead.” The senpai-s didn’t say anything and Anna’s head is slightly bowed.
In the empty classroom, while putting his things in the bag, Hinata asks Sou if they are going to go back today or are they going to stay for the night at Mashiro’s place. “I still have to prepare things as I move out so, I have no way of quickly going back, and that’s it..” While Anna just stands beside him, Sou calls out to ask what was that a while ago. Puzzled Hinata looks at him and asks, huh.. Sou shouts, “What do you mean that you are also at fault. You didn’t do anything wrong!! Why don’t you get a bit angry!! Just now that girl with a vicious look said something like you’ll listen to whatever that teacher said, why didn’t you refute it? It is that teacher who kept on wrapping herself up around you, okay! It’s because you’re too nice that you got yourself in neutral gear[/in this predicament]!! Why is it that you have to be expelled!!” Hinata looks surprised by Sou’s outburst. Raring to go, Sou shouts, “Beat them up badly!! First, I’m going to beat up that girl with a vicious look. And then, I’m going to beat up that infuriating sensei!! Then, that school chairman will be up next!!” Aghast Hinata grabs Sou’s shirt and exclaims what he is saying for if he really did that, it will cause even more trouble. “I beg you to stop.” Anna says that she also wants to beat them all up. Tense Hinata says, “Wait, even you, Anna, is saying that..” Anna is already crying. She says, “I want to use my fists and viciously hit them.. This is too mean.. *the two boys look at her* It wasn’t easy for Hinata to strive his best to get qualified and get in this school.. and.. and for Hinata who always do not have friends and don’t like school, to say that school is very fun--!! Waaaahh” Surprised, Sou shouts to Anna, “Ah, stupid, don’t say that Hinata doesn’t have friends!! Even if his friends are very few, but it shouldn’t be none. *turns to Hinata* Right?!” Aghast Hinata just quietly smiles and says, uh.. Holding out a pack of tissues to Anna, Hinata tells her that she cried excessively, so here are some tissues. Anna blows her nose and asks, why. Hinata is puzzled. Teary-eyed Anna asks, “Why do you seem quite calm, Hinata?” After looking surprised, Hinata smiles and asks if Yuki-senpai also seemed to be quite calm. Puzzled, Anna says that is true, it seems so.
Hinata says, “Compared to those other senpai-s, she is more calm and collected... I and Yuki-senpai are generally alike. Even if in one’s heart, it is like a thick swamp of rumbling darkness, no matter where one turns, I also do not know how to express out these feelings but I also couldn’t just always stare and not move at all. But there are people, who exists, who would get angry and cry over my matters, I always think that this felt much better..” Sou sighs and says that he still thinks Hinata is too easygoing. Hinata asks is that so, but then if it is drawing, whatever it is, he can draw it. Sou sweatdrops and asks if that is the issue. Hinata smiles and says, “Anna, Sou, thank you for coming.” Soon, it is sunset. While the three head out of the school, Anna exclaims that Sou has work today, and will he be able to reach it on time? Sou says that it would be good if he hurries then he would pretty much be able to catch up and arrive in time- kind of type.. Hinata says that in short, it is wishful thinking. Anna asks how come he never mentioned it. Then, Anna is surprised when someone shouts, “Tokura-kun!!” It is Mari. Somewhat flustered, Mari says, “About that.. I didn’t think that things will turn out like this.. *cries* I’m sorry..” Hinata says that he heard that Mari had also resigned. Mari says that it isn’t good that only she gets to stay in the school. “But compared to me, afterwards, what will happen to you, Tokura-kun..” Picking his ear, Sou says, “No need to worry, sensei-- Hinata will quickly totally forget about the stuff regarding you, and happily live on afterwards. How can I say this, he currently has this cute girlfriend that he is so happy to the extreme. *the two are surprised by what he said* And, when he returns back to his home’s apartment, I’m also there. *twinkle in the eye* The one whom Hinata has the best [/closest] relationship with.” Mari says that it is this kind of thing again. “A year ago in summer, Nagase-kun and Koshiro-chan had also chase after Tokura-kun and came to Tokyo. Throughout life, the relationship between the three of you won’t change.” The three look surprised. Then, the three best of childhood friends smile back in agreement.
Scans by all★wink汉化组.