February 6, 2012

The One [Chapter 86]

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After three months, cropped haired Feidna is now famous again. The fire goddess had taken back throne of being a Devereaux girl, after Lele dropped out. The media is abuzz with Feidna’s success with the help of Devereaux. At Leo’s apartment, Leo is shock that Lele is moving out from Eros’ place. He asks if it is necessary when they are already living together, and isn’t that good. Lele says that Eros is already feeling well so there is no need for her to take care of him. Lele also says that she misses Leo. Flustered Leo asks if she is concerned about his feelings. He admits that is right, when he just learned of it, he is like shock = ‘Heavens, my best friend and the guy I really love, together!!’ But then, there is a voice in his heart that said ‘do you want it to become like Leo X Eros, how can one look at that kind of scene. Leo tearfully curses and cries that kind of scene can’t be looked at. In his heart, he imagined all sorts of possible [BL and other] Eros’ scenarios but they ended up no good ever since Lele appeared. “So, you are my really liked, best friend. With you by his side, I can be at ease.” Holding hands, Leo tells her that if she wants to live together with Eros, he [Leo] will definitely be happy so there’s no need for her to have any apprehensions. Shaking her head, Lele says no, she actually would really want to stay by Eros’ side but he didn’t tell her to stay so.. Leo is shock that Eros didn’t say it. Aghast, Leo says that isn’t right, after getting along for some months, Eros obviously enjoys her company so there is no reason.. With a sad smile, Lele says that she thinks Eros has not totally opened up his heart to her. She thinks that there are still some things about him that she doesn’t know. Leo then realizes something. He asks her could it be that Eros found out that she gave up her job for him [Eros] and that is why he is angry at her, because lately, Feidna has been in the news. Aghast, Lele says that Taylor did remove the outside disturbances like television and telephone during Eros’ recovery. Eros himself also closed his cellphone so that he won’t be disturbed so could it be that..
At the magazine stand, Eros has read in the magazine about Feidna working with Devereaux. He goes back to his apartment to find Feidna waiting for him outside. After Feidna stands up, they look at each other’s eyes and she hugs him. She tells him that she misses him so much. Without any reaction, Eros congratulates her for her success and asks if she is okay. Crying, Feidna says that he obviously knew that she isn’t okay and he is really bad for not answering her message and calls. She calls him a liar for saying that only she needs him, he will forever be at her side, and forever protect her. She tearfully tells him that while she is covered with bruises caused by that jerk, he [Eros] is dating [/going steady] with some other girl. Eros asks if she came to see him. She tells him that when she has nowhere else to go, the first thing that she’ll think of is him, but that hostess came out of his house and suddenly exerts some authority[/dominion]. She tells him that she sent him a lot of messages. “Could it be that you didn’t get to see it?” Eros is speechlessly tense. Somewhat smiling, Feidna says that it turns out to be true. Standing in front of them, Lele says that it is true, she was the one who deleted all of the messages. “Sorry about that. It seems that relationship between the two of you, isn’t that simple, like some ex-lovers..” Eros [and/or] Feidna looks surprised. Lele asks if she can go to his house and get the rest of her clothes. The two watch Lele go in. After 10 minutes, irked and flustered Lele goes out again with her huge bag. She glares at sweatdropping Eros as she passes by them. Then, Eros quickly grabs the handle of her bag. Lele shouts what’s his problem. Eros says that they have to talk. He tells Feidna to go inside his house first. While Eros is pulling Lele away, Lele is protesting and shouting for him to let her go. Feidna looks flustered. Soon, Eros is already carrying Lele on his shoulder. Lele is crying for him to let her go and where he is going. Eros exclaims that they are going to her house for he doesn’t want to lose control and beat her up in the streets. As they pass by Leo who is going to wash some clothes, Eros tells him to step aside for a moment. Lele is screaming for Leo to save her. Inside, Eros throws Lele on the sofa chair. The two glare at each other. Lele starts emoting what Feidna said ‘You liar! You said that only I need you, you’ll forever be at my side, you’ll forever protect me’. With folded arms, Lele sarcastically apologizes that she didn’t know that he made a promise to quickly run to Feidna.
Sweatdropping, Eros quietly looks at her. Lele thinks that the one who still stands in the most important place of his heart is still Feidna so he didn’t tell her to stay when she said that she is moving out of his house. Teary-eyed, Lele looks away from him. Eros tells her that about that thing, he’ll tell her about it later on but first, explain to him what this is about. He holds the magazine about Feidna. He asks her what this is about Feidna taking her throne as Devereaux girl. He had called up Nick and it was confirmed to him that she refused this big opportunity with Devereaux. Lele starts calling Nick a traitor. Chibi Nick says that he is also forced [to tell]. Eros shouts for her not to change the topic. Eros asks her if she gave up her work for him. Blushing Lele denies it by saying that she is tired from work so she wants to rest and has he forgotten how much she hated him before. Serious Eros tells her not to lie to him. “Answer me truthfully! Love or your [future] prospects [/career], which is more important?” Pouting Lele looks at him. Then, she shouts that his health is more important for there will still be work opportunities later on, and she won’t lose her job just because of that. Eros tells her that during that time even without her, he would be a bit hard up but he won’t die. But then, she might not be able to find someone like Devereaux who can push her up as a model. He asks her if her ambition is just that small and just because of love, she would give up on her dream. He also asks her if she actually didn’t think of the future, and she is just following her mother’s footsteps. He tells her if that is so, then she is truly mediocre that makes him lose appetite. Lele is surprised by that. Teary-eyed, she asks him why he said that. Clenching her fist and bowing down, Lele says, so..for him, her feelings has no meaning [/importance].
Eros grabs her hand and calls her an idiot. “Look at me! Right now, I really like you that I like you to death, but there is also a possibility that tomorrow, I’ll dump you! Understand? In this world, there is no one who can be more dependable, other than yourself! I am asking you to please take good care of yourself!” Lele thinks that Eros has seen through her weakness. The current her actually only thinks of attaching herself to his side, and it is alright even if there is no ‘herself’. But then, he is also right, what is her dream. Is it only to become a model just like her mother? And then, what.. Somewhat sober, Lele asks him what she ought to do right now. Eros tells her to get the quickest flight back to Paris and once again, get Devereaux to pay attention to her. Lele exclaims if he wants her to fight up front against Feidna. Eros flicks her forehead and tells her not to be petty. He exclaims if she thinks that in this whole fashion world, there are only her and Feidna. He starts to lecture her that on stage, they forever need very remarkable people to support them. Superior models have their own brilliance. “You only have to make Devereaux know your worth! That doesn’t necessarily [/definitely would] threaten Feidna’s existence. *points at her* If you don’t go, don’t come see me again, from here on!” Then, Eros slams the door on the way out. Leo asks Lele what happened, what they are quarreling about. He starts to pacify crying Lele who shouts that the silver-eyed monster is a scoundrel. Then, Eros looks thoughtful while standing outside the door. He returns to his apartment to find Feidna waiting for him inside. Gesturing to a vase filled with roses, Feidna tells Eros that Lele had left a mark in this house. “Did you really let her live together with you?” Emotionless Eros says yes. She asks, “And things about yourself that you won’t tell me.. you have also told her everything?” Eros says yes. Flustered and teary-eyed, Feidna asks, “So.. this time around, I really should let you go..?” Without any hesitation, Eros once again says, “Yes.” Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on March 5th. Blurb for the next chapter: “After struggling, Lele finally flew back to Paris to meet up with Devereaux! Glenn gave her a difficult problem that it is necessary for her to get through it, before he would consider collaborating with her again..”
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.

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