February 13, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 56]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 6, 2012

The two Kaji-s look at the note on the door. Natsume had wrote that she is going out for a while so they go take their time. Blushing Kotori wonders if ‘go take your time’ is referring to.. Blushing Yukito thinks that Natsume did well *thumbs up* and she’s really such a good person. The two look at each other. Kotori felt that the mood is very subtle. Kotori nervously smiles and asks where Natsume could have gone, and she ought to quickly come back soon. Yukito didn’t answer. Just when Kotori turns to change her clothes, Yukito grabs her wrist. She turns to look at him. Somewhat blushing, Yukito asks her if she really thinks that Natsume would come back soon. He tells her that actually, he thinks that Natsume wants the two of them to stay there. “Don’t you think so, too?” This made Kotori blush and she says, “But, but..” Yukito asks, “..But?” Kotori couldn’t answer and just thinks that it is because she didn’t think that things would progress like this. Blushing Yukito looks at her, and then he suddenly hugs her really tight. Blushing Kotori calls out his name. He suddenly pushes her down on the floor. Kotori becomes nervous upon seeing Yukito looking so serious. Kotori couldn’t believe that this is for real. She pushes Yukito’s head sideways and starts shouting, “Cul..cultural festival.. cultural festival! After, after cultural festival-!” While Kotori’s eyes are closed and bracing for what will happen next, Yukito tells her that he knows. This made Kotori open her eyes and see Yukito leaning close to her face. Then, Yukito kisses her on the forehead. Sitting up, Yukito tells her that this is Natsume’s house so how could he do it at ease there. “And speaking of that, I’ve already promised you that it will be after the cultural festival..”

Kotori blushes and says that is right. She nervously laughs it off and says that is true, for doing it a friend’s house would make one always feel uneasy. Yukito also laughs it off and says that is true, it is ‘that Ibuki’s house. Looking away, Yukito sadly thinks that actually, it doesn’t bother him a bit and it seems that it is still ‘no good’. Blushing Kotori is touched that Yukito is still keeping his promise. Yukito teases Kotori that she is always saying cultural festival, cultural festival, and always being anxious, but she really thinks of doing it here. “How cunning! You very lewd girl.” Kotori exclaims that it isn’t so for he was the one who fell down on her. She pouts and looks away. She is quite relieved and thinks that this is very good for things didn’t turn very awkward. Then, Yukito freaks out upon seeing Kotori’s cleavage peeking out from her yukata. Kotori asks him why he is looking so stiff. Yukito thinks that in the end, he is expecting it. To Kotori’s surprise, Yukito had once again hugged her very tightly. While Kotori is asking what happened, Yukito’s thoughts are, “This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad.” After Kotori calls out his name again, Yukito lets her go a bit and says that he still wants to hug like that for a while. Kotori says okay. Then, he says that he also wants to touch a little bit. While hugging her again, Kotori asks touch what. Then, she felt his hand on her chest. Kotori suddenly holds his hand and the two sheepishly look at each other. She nervously smiles and says, “About that..” Yukito keeps on smiling as if to tell her that he wants to touch. He mutters that it is just for a little bit. Kotori says no. Yukito asks why. Kotori says why..because.. Hooking her around his arm, Yukito asks again, why. Kotori exclaims that it is because her chest is very, very small and her underwear is also very strange.
Blushing Yukito exclaims that it isn’t small at all, and it is quite big. “I saw it! With my own eyes! More so, I don’t care about the underwear! Whatever it is, I can accept it!” Kotori exclaims what he is talking about, and why is he talking about her chest, so he did saw it, after all. Yukito tells her that he only saw it at a glance. Kotori says that since he already saw it, that is enough. Yukito tells her that seeing and touching are two different things. Kotori exclaims that he likes huge chest, and that’s very good, so there’s no need to touch hers. Flustered Yukito exclaims that he wants to touch, hers. He stops midway then, he looks at the side. After calming down a bit, Yukito tells her, “That.. didn’t I tell you before.. it is because, it’s you, so I wanted to do it with you, want to touch you..” Kotori says that is true. He looks at her and admits that he wants to wait for the cultural festival, but he has these thoughts of wanting to specially touch her. “Honestly speaking, I also have that kind of lewd thoughts.. *looks at her* Don’t you have it?” Yukito looks at her and Kotori seems to realize something. She admits to him that she does, frequently. Yukito says that it is because he likes her, that he wants to understand her more. Kotori also admits that even if it is her, she also has that.. She has thought of it numerous times - wanting to touch Yukito, wanting to hug him tight, and wanting to kiss him. They look at each other. Yukito reaches his hand to her and touches her chest. Kotori is shock when Yukito says that it’s quite firm. While Yukito looks at his hand, Kotori exclaims about it being firm, and then she says that it must be her bra. Yukito says is that so, then, one more time. Covering her chest, Kotori exclaims in disbelief that he wants to do it again. Then, Yukito holds her and touches her chest again. Kotori just looks stiff and nervously thinks that his hand is going straight for.. “Hand~~~~~~”
In her bedroom, Kotori jumps into the bed. She thinks that she felt quite tired and exhausted. “It’s the first time I’m being touched.. I’m a bit shock, a bit anxious, that I don’t know what’s going on.. but then, Yukito seems to be quite satisfied, this is okay, right?” Someone says that it is no good at all. She turns around to see human Kenken. He touches her face and says that she looks exhausted, does she want to eat a candy, and he has her favorite flavor. Just when Kotori is about to say something, he hush her by touching her nose and tells her that if she isn’t good at something, she shouldn’t force herself to accept it. “If you can’t do it, then you can’t do it, there’s no need to feel anxious about it.. Don’t think anymore about today, and properly rest up..” Kotori is touched by what he said, and she hugs him. She thinks that with only that, she is already this afraid.. “What about the other stuff.. Can I really do this!?” Back at school, Kotori busy herself in finishing up their horror cafe by fixing the curtains, painting the signboard, and making a small poster. Showing the poster to Abe, Kotori tells him that it is a menu poster to be placed outside. She asks him what he thinks of it. Abe approves of it and comments that it gives a ‘strange’ feeling. Abe says that it seems that she is giving all of her energy for today’s preparation. Laughing Kotori just says is that so, and it is because this is her first cultural festival since entering the school. Abe says that Kotori and Natsume are quite diligent that they would learn from them. Still with a smiling face, Kotori is surprised that Abe mentioned that she is ‘giving her all’ but rather, if she ease up a bit, she would start thinking of what happened yesterday. Then, Yukito enters and tells Abe to help carry the table. The two Kaji-s look at each other, and blush really red. Abe exclaims why their faces are that red. “Did something happen between the two of you?” Yukito quickly denies that something happened. Abe tells Yukito what’s going on, tell him. Pushing Abe away, blushing Yukito tells him that is enough, and quickly help, and don’t think of foolish things. Kotori looks a bit tense.
Then to her surprise, Yukito comes back. He tells her that they go walk around together during the cultural festival tomorrow. Kotori smiles and says yes. Yukito just blushes. Then, he quickly gives her a kiss on the cheek. While Kotori exclaims his name in surprise, Yukito says, see you later. Holding her blushing face, Kotori exclaims, “Ge..geez!” She thinks, “Everyone is still here..! I feel that Yukito is becoming more and more daring~~ *pause and looks slightly aghast* In any case, there is a way! In any case, there’s a way! In any case, there’s a way! In any case.. there’s a way..right?” And finally, it is the opening day of the cultural festival. Standing outside the gate, a guy asks, “Is this Kaji’s school--” By the way, in one of the signboards in the cultural festival, there is ‘Real Kiss’ drama that will be performed by the drama club. ‘Real Kiss’ is author’s series where Haruna and Mitsuki are leads. Hope they appear in the cultural festival ^^ Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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