February 3, 2012

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 94]

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Flashback: Young Miju pouted and told young Yuuga that she wants to return to their old house. Miju whined that she hates this small loft, small and dirty, and the next door is also disgusting. The station and the school are both far away, and their old house had a courtyard. Yuuga told her that it can’t be helped because their parents divorced, and she better not mention those things to their mother. Miju said that she knows that it is because their system of values isn’t the same anymore. Yuuga didn’t reply. He wondered what they told her. Teary-eyed, Miju said, “..but, even if it is like this, why should we have to live separately? Why..can’t everyone just live together?” End flashback. Yuuga wakes up from his dream. He hears some noise in the kitchen. Reading a cookbook, Towako is cooking. Yuuga suddenly grabs her from behind and asks what she is doing. Towako says that she is making hamburgers for the bento box. Yuuga looks at the unidentified censored thing that Towako is cooking on the pan. Putting on his glasses, Yuuga pushes Towako aside. He tells her that he’ll do it, and he really can’t be at ease without Tsubaki around. When Towako tries to protest that this is the job of a wife, Yuuga gives her a kiss and tells her that her job is ‘this’. He smiles and says, “Understand?” Blushing, Towako just mutters in agreement, and she can’t believe he did that when they are in the public[/shared] kitchen. She can’t help but be frustrated for she felt that she had lost against Yuuga, but then, at least, she helped prepare the ingredients. Soon, Yuuga has finished cooking a Japanese-style breakfast of rice, fish, miso soup and pickles. Towako exclaims that he is amazing and how did he do it. Yuuga says that he is already used to it, since he has been doing it, even before they got married. He would do it either at work or at the kitchen. Towako looks thoughtful and thinks that this is giving her the feeling of reality. She comments that before, Yuuga would cook, clean, do the laundry.. passing his everyday life in such a small narrow house without any company..it’s so amazing. Yuuga angrily asks if she is praising him[/exaggerating].

Then, Yuuga remembers crying young Miju. He tells her that if she finds it hard, then they should go back to the Kanmitsuki residence. This surprises Towako. She exclaims what he is saying and this is no big deal. “What’s more important is to live a quiet life together with you, Yuuga! *turning around* Okay- let’s quickly get ready or else, we will be late for school!” Yuuga smiles over what Towako said. After getting ready for school, Towako and Yuuga peek out to see the coast is clear before hurriedly going out. While going to school, Yuuga asks why they are doing this sneakily. Towako says that she doesn’t want Setsuna to find them for if he did, Setsuna might make them go back. Yuuga tells her that he thinks that Setsuna already knows where they live. The two exclaims in shock when Setsuna suddenly appears and says that is right. While Towako is exclaiming his name, Setsuna happily tells them to please don’t be like that, as if they had seen a ghost. He also tells them not to sneakily do that for he already knew where they live and work. “But, relax, I understand sis’ feelings.. I won’t ask you guys to come back. *Towako is touched by what he said.* So in exchange, don’t be reckless, and if there is anything up, you can still come and look for me. *shining* On the side of economy, don’t be shy and just ask. I have money.” Towako sweatdrops and thinks that he’s sparkling. Towako says that compared to them, she would ask him to take care of their parents. She apologizes for the trouble. Setsuna says that it is okay, he won’t let Ritsuki lay his hands on them [/parents]. He informs them that it seems that Ritsuki is absent today, but still, it would be better if they be careful a bit. Towako says ya. Towako blushes when Setsuna tells Yuuga that he’ll leave his sister to him. Yuuga tells him that without him saying that, he will also do that. Setsuna angrily smiles and says that in the end, he infuriates him. Yuuga angrily says that it is more so, for him. Towako smiles and mentally thanks Setsuna.
After the couple leaves, Setsuna calls out if Tsubaki is there. Tsubaki comes out from behind some bushes and asks him what it is. Setsuna says that he knows that she cannot leave his sister’s side. He tells her that there has been no news of any activity from Ritsuki’s side, and it really worries him. “I don’t know what they will do next, so continue on protecting sister.” After a pause, Tsubaki tells him that even if he doesn’t say it, she will do it. Then, she quickly departs. Setsuna laments over receiving that same kind of reply. In the classroom, Towako has been thinking that after growing up, guys can be quite dependable, and why does it feel that she is abandoned by Setsuna. Then, she is surprised that the teacher has been calling her, ‘Gokurakuin-chan’. Snapping out of it, Towako exclaims, “Yes! Ah! No! That’s not right! *stands up* I’m Takatou Towako!” Yuuga and the others are shock. They all ask, Takatou..not Gokurakuin, did they get married. Towako couldn’t answer back because Yuuga wants to keep this a secret from everyone, and he will be angry. When the others are asking Yuuga to say something, he hits his fist on the table and says, “What’s strange about that!?” Everyone shuts up and mutters, nothing, totally nothing [strange about it]. Towako blushes and smiles because before, Yuuga obviously was nervous about this being exposed, and he would have a bad temper about it. “If there is something that Yuuga needs[/wants], whatever it is, I would do it.” Soon, Towako volunteers to do something in class and Reimi grudgingly gives her the forms. At work, a co-worker asks why they have the same surname, is she a relative of Yuuga. Towako says that she is his wife. Another co-worker says that it is hard to distinguish between Tokura-kun and Tokura-chan, so can’t she just call her Towako. Towako says no, it has to be Tokura. Overhearing this, Yuuga quietly blushes. Then, she is busy with her waitress job.
Later at night, Yuuga is waiting outside a public bathhouse. Towako goes out and apologizes for the wait. He tells her that she didn’t blow dry her hair, she might catch a cold. She tells him that it took her a bit long to take a bath and it isn’t good to make him wait. Yuuga says that it is nothing. Towako says that he’ll catch a cold. Then, they see a boy with his parents. The boy is pulling his mother and shouting for her to quickly go. Yuuga notices that Towako is looking at them. Towako says that it is just a harmonious family. She tells him that when she is young, her parents are rarely at home because of work, and she always felt lonely. “But, mama said, ‘If you are lonely, look at the moon. Even if you are in a far away place, papa and mama are also looking at the same moon.’ From then on, whenever I’m lonely, I would look at the moon. *looks up* Today is the first day of the [lunar] month, so the moon can’t be seen.. *holding Yuuga’s arm* but it is alright! *smiles* The most important person is at my side! (the most important, and irreplaceable person)” Yuuga tells her that he’ll help her blow dry her hair when they return home. Towako says okay. Then, when Yuuga is blow drying her hair, there is suddenly a brownout. Then, Towako happily hug Yuuga. Narration: “For only the two of us to live together, it felt that our hearts are close to each other. I’m really very happy, really! Really.. But..” Yuuga wakes up at night. He sits up to find Towako missing from his side. Then, he sees her looking out from the curtain window. He is surprised to see her crying for she misses her family, and the others. And below the starry night, Yuuga hugs Towako from behind to comfort her.
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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