January 29, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 118]

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Flashback: Xiang stood amidst of fire and smoke. He thinks, “..that, fundamentally is punishment. Within my heart, the desire to ‘monopolize’. Making the goddess, mother planet, to get angry.. So.. *scene of Rishu dead* but, this time, it isn’t.. *looks seriously at Mei who is shielding herself from the explosion. He took off his coat and put it over Mei.* This time, definitely.. I’ll absolutely protect her well..” While Xiang pulled Mei to him to protect her, Mei is surprised when he muttered, ‘Rishu..’ Mei wondered who that is. The ship exploded and the two fell into the water. While sinking in the water, Mei remembered a lecture before. Flashback 2: A nun told Mei and others that the butler’s clothes aren’t ordinary ones, rather, it is a high precision defensive cloth. It can withstand any attacks. Whether the scorching hot fire, or extremely cold water, it can still protect the body very well. So, by just wearing it, one will be completely safe. Miruku exclaimed then they should all wear it. Rika doesn’t want to wear that bad/crude kind of clothes. Fujiko wanted people to see more of her skin. Izumi told Miruku that it would be a bit heavy for her. Miruku sighed that it is quite cunning that only butlers have that kind of clothes. Mei told her that is enough, for butlers have a lot of problems to deal with. Later on, Rihito told Mei that the clothes’ real use isn’t to protect the butler. For at the crucial moment, it is to protect the very important ojousama. Or, one should say that it is their very important doppelganger/replacement. Rihito put his coat on Mei and said that it is like this, and one won’t do this kind of thing to anyone. “It is not limited that, one can even sacrifice oneself, to protect that person.” End flashback 2.

Mei woke up and saw that Xiang has lost consciousness. Just when he let her go, Mei quickly grabbed his hand. She pulled open the float within Xiang’s butler coat. Tightly holding on to Xiang, Mei rose to the surface. Then, something hits her head. She looks to the side to see that it is Shiori’s wheelchair. She quickly put unconscious Xiang on the wheelchair and starts kicking the water to swim ashore. End flashback. Scene: Sleeping Mei is lying on Xiang’s lap. Xiang thinks that finally, he[/they] did their best in attain the goal of [getting the] world’s number one ojousama, Mei-ojousama. To Xiang’s surprise, Mei opens her eyes and asks, “Mei? Who is that?” Then, Mei becomes Rishu. End scene. Xiang wakes up after hearing Mei shouting that finally, it caught a bit of fire. It turned out to be just a dream. Naked down to his underwear and covered with his coat, Xiang sits up and sees Mei trying to make fire by rubbing a stick on a piece of wood. Mei is wearing only her undergarments. Mei happily says that he is awake. Mei urges him to hurry for there is a bit of fire there, and it can help him warm up. Xiang tries to decline but Mei just tells him that their clothes are all wet. She apologizes for helping him strip off his clothes. “The weather is quite good so I think they ought to quickly dry up. Ah, it would be much better, if you keep wearing that coat!” Soon, the two quietly sit by the bonfire that Mei made to warm themselves. She tells him that this place has a small island, and she can still see dry land so she thinks that it shouldn’t be far away. She wonders out loud if Kento and Rihito are okay.

Xiang asks her why she saved him. Mei tells him that about that..there is someone who is drowning in front of her, of course, she ought to save him, and does she need to explain that. Xiang tells her that for making him live, he will still go and get rid of the Shibata brothers. “They are only a burden to you, as long as those two are at your side.. You’ll [only] pass through this life confused. Mei-ojousama, I wish that you’ll possess a bigger dream.” After thinking for a while, Mei calls out to him and asks who Rishu is. Xiang looks surprised and asks how come she knew of that name. Mei says that while he was unconscious, he would keep on calling that name. Looking away, Xiang tells her that it has been such a long time ago..a childhood friend. Mei asks, “Could it be that I’m the substitute of that person?” Looking slightly flustered, Xiang denies that it is so..and it is absolutely not that. To his surprise, Mei smiles and tells him that it is alright, even if it is so. She asks him what’s up about what he said about true happiness. “I don’t quite understand, but.. to be living like this, it ought to be considered as ‘very happy[/lucky]’, right? *smiles* Thank you for protecting me.” Xiang blushes a bit. Then, Mei hears some sounds of a helicopter flying overhead. Mei exclaims that it is a helicopter and it might be Rihito and the others. Mei excitedly calls out ‘here, here’. Then, to her surprise, Xiang covers her mouth. Mei noticed that the fire had been put out. He tells her, “Mei-ojousama, have you forgotten? There are still five days before your birthday, and on that day, whoever [man] you brought in front of Kintarou-sama, will become your husband.. I have already decided, Mei-ojousama, that I will absolutely not give you away to any other man.” Flustered Mei is surprised by this.

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