February 19, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 6]

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Nino peeks in the slightly open door and overhears someone saying, “Mio-sensei, I like you.” While Nino looks surprised, Sensei peeks in the door because he recognizes that voice. He also looks surprised as he sees Mio and Kira lovingly looking at each other. Then, Mio turns to look at the door. This surprises Nino that she quickly turns around to leave. Narration: “Before, there was someone who said, ‘The sky is going to fall down’. This can also be used to express that one GOT A MAJOR SHOCK.” While holding her notebook, trembling Nino quickly walks at the hallway and returns to her classroom. Blushing Nino thinks that if she sorts out her train of thoughts, Kira was confessing [his love at that time], and the other party is the clinic teacher, wearing a long white coat. “And, it was quite likely that I had exchanged glances with that teacher. *Sensei knowingly looks at Nino as the teacher in the classroom tells them to turn over the page of the book* --In short, *blushes and looks sad* that woman is the person whom Kira-kun likes.” During class break, while everyone is chatting, Nino holds the notebook and thinks that in the end, she wasn’t able to show it to Kira but then, it’s okay if she couldn’t. She is surprised to see Kira coming in and asking again the two girls who joined them before, if they want to prepare for the school festival with him[/them]. The girl apologizes and says that even if she would want to be with him, she has work. Kira just says, is that so. Nino thinks that Kira-kun came back and he was rejected again. Just when Kira is going to sit down, he notices Nino, looking at his direction. He calls out to her and greets her a good morning. Then, Nino quickly looks away. This surprises Kira. Holding her notebook, Nino thinks that is strange, what is she doing..

Yabe laughs and puts his arm around Kira. Yabe says, “Hey, Kira, finally even that Bird Girl wants to abandon you, right? You were just snubbed a while ago.” Tense Nino quickly turns around to Kira and thinks that it is Shit Guy. Yabe continues to tell Kira that lately, he had become quite pitiful in his [Yabe] sight. “It’s already enough. Just go back to your cool self before, and once again, hang out with me and go all out.” Somewhat in thinking pose, Kira says that actually, the former him was said to be quite arrogant by others. “[I’m] Great in fighting, well-off and popular with girls, even if right now, I still am. *pushes Yabe to the wall* But, this is quite a coincidence, Yabe. Don’t you know that I also quite LIKE YOU BEFORE. ‘Go back to your cool self before, and once again, hang out with me and go all out.’” Yabe blushes and mutters, ‘li..like?’ ^^; Nino and others wonder what happened. Nino thinks that Kira is just like in the past [/same as always]. Later on, the teacher tells the students if they got the data sheets. The student sitting in front of Nino calls out to the teacher that the sheets are not enough, for the three people behind him. The teacher tells Nino to go and get some of the sheets. While walking at the hallway, Nino thinks that she wasn’t able to talk with Kira because classes had already started, and he definitely thinks that she was weird a while ago. While holding her hair that is flown by the strong wind, Nino sees Mio walking towards her. Looking tense, Nino timidly passes by her. She wonders if Mio didn’t notice her earlier because they had already passed each other. Nino freezes when Mio turns around and asks if she is the girl [outside the clinic] this morning. Nino turns around to face Mio and thinks that it turns out that she has already been found out. Mio says that she caught a glance of the long hair, and since she [Nino] has a bird with her all day, she must be Okamura Nino. “Kira had mentioned about you. He said that he found a friend whom he can share [his] secret/s with.”

Surprised, Nino asks her if she knew about Kira’s illness. Mio says that she does because she and the homeroom teacher had been informed about it, just in case, something happens. After a pause, Mio says that at the clinic, Nino has seen everything so can she keep quiet about it. “But for the time being, I don’t have plans to go steady with him.” This surprises Nino. She exclaims why, is it because their status isn’t the same. “Kira is quite [a] remarkable [guy].” Mio laughs and says, “Not only that, he also looks handsome. But, you ought to know why, right? *Nino looks surprised and tense as she thinks ‘what?’* Because it can be said that that person is someone who doesn’t have a future. How can I possibly be together with that kind of person. *Nino is shock* Okay, class is still going on so you should quickly go back.” As Mio walks away, Nino looks dark as the strong wind blows her hair. In section 1-5, Kira goes to Nino and asks her why she snubbed him. “And besides that, there is still the school festival stuff. I also want to properly discuss with you about what else we should prepare.” Still looking dark, Nino didn’t react. Kira angrily holds her chin to make her face him. He asks her if she is listening. Kira is surprised when she suddenly slaps his hand away and seriously looks at him. Looking surprised, Kira mutters, “Okamura..?” Then, Nino snaps out of it and looks tense. She looks down and quickly stands up from her chair. Nino runs out of the classroom and wonders, ‘why’. Going out the door, Kira calls out to her and asks, why.. Then, he suddenly felt an increasing pain. Outside by the stairs, Nino catches her breath and asks Sensei what’s going on with her. Sensei tells her that he knows that she is very angry at that clinic oneesan. Nino says, but Kira-kun also didn’t do anything wrong. Sensei tells her that it is alright, she just go back and act normal like before. Flustered, Nino says okay. Sensei just looks knowingly at Nino.

Then, in the class, Nino looks at Kira’s empty seat and thinks that fundamentally she ought to have concentrated all her energy in preparing for the school festival. At the gate of Kira’s house, Tiara meets up with Nino who informs her that Kira is in the hospital. Carrying a small bag of Kira’s things, Tiara tells her not to worry for it is just a minor flare-up, but to be sure, Kira would have to rest up for 2-3 days for a check-up[/observation]. Nino looks worried. At the hospital, Kira is dreaming of the past. Flashback: While everyone is busy preparing for the school festival, a glasses guy told him that the whole class is going to prepare for the school festival, and won’t Kira and the others join them. One of Kira’s buddies said that he is annoying. Yabe[?/someone else] said how is it possible that they’ll join them in doing such a troublesome thing so quickly get lost. Holding a pack of paper flowers, the glasses guy tensely told them not to say it that way, and why don’t everyone get along well..so let’s make some flowers. Kira kicked glasses guy who fell over. While everyone else screams, Kira stepped on glasses guy’s back. Kira told the guy, “Get along well? Don’t say such disgusting words, okay.” End flashback. Then, Kira wakes up and he is surprised to see Nino looking down on him. Nino calls out his name and says that he is awake. While Kira is puzzled why she is there, Nino worriedly asks how he is feeling and is he alright. Kira tells her that he is totally fine and everyone else is just exaggerating, and he was just sleeping. Relieved, Nino says is that so, then that’s good. Nino is puzzled why Kira is quietly looking at her. Then, she realizes something. She quickly apologizes to him and tells him that actually, nothing is going on. Kira just looks surprised. Standing up to leave, Nino tells him that she’ll call his father at the hallway where his father is talking with the doctor. Kira sits up and pats the bed beside him as if telling her to sit down. Puzzled Nino obediently sits beside him.

Just when Sensei asks Curly Hair what he is doing, he and Nino look shock when Kira takes off his shirt. Partly covering her face, blushing Nino exclaims in surprise. Flustered Sensei angrily shouts why he is taking his clothes off. Calm Kira tells her to look at his back. Nino and Sensei see two wing-like tattoos on his back. Kira tells them that he got it while he was in junior high. “Even if I want to erase it, there is no way of removing it. It’s just like the things that I have done before.” Nino looks somewhat flustered and puzzled. To her surprise, Kira says that fundamentally, she also doesn’t want to do it. “Then, let’s give up on the school festival. *rests his head on tense Nino’s shoulder* Ever since I was a child, I’m already weak and sickly so in order for people not to notice it, I would show off [my ability] to the extent of totally going astray. And, I also did a lot of things to hurt you. I’m truly awful. So when I truly became aware of it. *crying* It is already too late. For things to reach up to this point, it is fundamentally impossible to want to keep [/have] a relationship with everyone.” Nino looks flustered and wonders if it is truly too late. That night, Nino is sadly lying down on her bed. Sensei looks at her and asks if she is really bothered by what Curly Hair said. Flustered Nino says that she doesn’t know for even if she is already used to giving up but she felt quite depressed. Sensei looks serious and flies over to the table. After some flipping sound, Nino is surprised when Sensei starts to say, “‘Kira Yuuji is a strange person who can move[/waver] me’ *Nino looks surprised and turns to see that Sensei is reading her diary* Ah ah, so that’s how it is.” Blushing, Nino tries to grab the diary and exclaims to Sensei what he is doing. “Please stop, Sensei. It’s too embarrassing.” Flying with the diary, Sensei asks her what reason is she talking [/confused] about. “Isn’t it already written in the diary. Ever since you met that guy, you had started to change! You look here. Didn’t you made a firm resolution from the very start!?”

Nino looks at her September 16th entry. ‘Although, I still don’t understand what this feeling is but, I want to be with him in passing through these 365 days. I want to keep on living together with him.’ She looks intently on the ‘with him in passing through these 365 days’, and she remembers Mio telling her that Kira doesn’t have a future and how can she possibly be together with that kind of person. Then, there are two stickers on the page of the diary. One is a circle sticker with a heart with words ‘What you did is very amazing’ <- Sticker that Kira-kun gave me. And, there is a photo sticker of the three of them. <- My first purikura. Then, she remembers Kira happily telling her ‘that [scar] also represents that you had fought with that kind of thing before, right? Then, you are truly amazing.’ Teary-eyed and blushing, Nino smiles and thinks, “Ah yes, I’m already have ‘hope’[/wish].” There is a scene of Kira letting Nino listen to music from his phone[?]. He told her that this song is quite good. Wearing headphones, Nino happily listened and said that this song was broadcast in the advertisement yesterday. End flashback. Sensei quietly looks at Nino. Narration: “It is Kira-kun who made me, have hope.’ The next day, at the hospital, Kira’s cellphone rings. He is surprised to read a message from Nino saying, “This time, leave it to me to go and prove[/convince] ^∇^” Narration: “September 30th. I’ve already understand as to why I’m moved by him.” Standing in front of the classroom’s door, Nino exhales. She mutters, “Okay, I’ll go in.” She goes in the classroom where her classmates are busy chatting. She then says, “Ah..about that.” Everyone stops talking and looks at Nino. Narration: “This is really a feeling as if the sky is going to fall down. Kira-kun, I..” Looking determined, Nino looks up to everyone and says, “Everyone, let us prepare for the school festival together!” Narration: “..had fallen in love.”

Scans by 離境漢化組.

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