February 27, 2012

Kurobara Alice [Chapter 26]

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Flashback: Azusa’s friends are telling her that her taste in [/how she views] men is awful. One of them said that if it were her, she wouldn’t have rejected that guy because he is quite suitable for marriage. Azusa insisted that there is no ‘electricity’/love with that person so how could she even talk about marriage with that person. Her friends smiled and said that in the end, she is talking about love, and her way of probing is quite eccentric. End flashback. Alice wakes up and thinks that she dreamt of being Azusa. She laments that even if she has a different kind of life now, her incurable side is still the same. In the other room, Akari wakes Dimitri up and tells him that she wants a date to Tokyo’s famous spots. Sleepy Dimitri tells her that vampires turn into dust in the morning but Akari doesn’t believe him. Then, Alice goes down to the dining room. She asks Reiji about Dimitri and his bride. To her shock, Reiji tells her that those two slept together. Tense but trying to act normal, Alice says that it has nothing to do with her and she is just curious where they are. Preparing to eat, Alice also says that she understands that they are lovey-dovey in bed, so before bumping into them, she’ll eat breakfast first. Reiji tells her that the two had left for a date to visit Tokyo’s famous spots. Alice quietly looks tense and mentally calls herself stupid because for things to turn out like this, she would only have to choose between the twins. She wonders if she was mistaken in thinking that something had happened with the twins, because upon her return, Kai had become very quiet. Reiji teases Alice not to have that kind of expression for he only told her that they slept together, not, doing it together. Reiji says that maybe he said it wrong for if they did do it, then Dimitri would already be dead. Flustered Alice says that he is right. Alice wonders if he was like this before, and if he was like that early on, she would have chosen him. Then, remembering what her friends told her before, she thinks that they would have meant about choosing Leo. She thinks that it would be rude to the twins if she would just say, ‘Okay, I choose you’ to decide on it. She wonders why she is still staying in this place.

After sightseeing and shopping, Dimitri and Akari are at Odaiba [large artificial island in Tokyo Bay Source: wiki] Akari is exclaiming that it is an Odaiba date, which is like a dream for her. Dimitri comments that for people from Tokyo, it is something ‘cliche’. Akari says that she knows but for her who is from the province, it is a dream. Dimitri starts to thank her for becoming an outstanding woman and it must have been very hard for her after he left her. Akari smiles and tells him that he has always been her light as she went through school and other things. She always have this hope that one day, the vampire will come and get her. With that thought, she strive to become someone who won’t disappoint him, and just like before, he currently gave light to her and he has proven to her that with intense feeling supporting oneself, one day, she’ll attain happiness. She tells him that from then till now, and now till later on, he is her most amazing prince. Just when Dimitri is going to explain something, Akari hugs him and apologizes to him for she can’t be his bride. This surprises Dimitri. Akari starts telling him that she is currently in the import groceries through mail business with a friend, and it is slowing picking up. She enjoys this kind of work and her world is opening up so she doesn’t want to stop doing it. Still surprised, Dimitri just says that is amazing but.. Then, Akari tells him that she is currently going steady with someone else, and he is a very nice and kind person. To Dimitri’s shock, Akari had told her boyfriend about this trip and he has given her permission. She assures Dimitri that she didn’t tell him that Dimitri is a vampire but she told him that Dimitri is someone who helped her when she was young. Her boyfriend told her to go and fulfill her dream, while he’ll wait for her to return. That dream is one day, the prince will come to take her to become his bride and bring her to his castle. She thanks Dimitri for fulfilling her dream but sorry, she did what he told her about striving hard to become what she’ll consider to be an outstanding woman but because of that, she can’t be his bride. Akari apologizes again and tells him that she’ll go ride a plane back. While Dimitri still look somewhat surprised, Akari tells him that she hopes he’ll find a more outstanding bride. Waving goodbye, she thanks him, and she’ll always like him so take care. Dimitri just keeps still with that frozen smile. =P
Soon, Dimitri returns home and Alice is having tea at the dining room. She welcomes him back. After he sits on the chair, Alice asks where his bride is, didn’t they go sightseeing. Looking away, Dimitri says that she went home, riding the last flight back. Alice says that she understands, Akari went to get her luggage before formally marrying off. Dimitri tells her that Akari won’t be coming back anymore. He won’t be breeding with her for she has a job and a boyfriend. After looking at him, Alice asks if he was dumped. Dimitri just looks tense and didn’t answer. Then, Alice exclaims if Akari said something like sorry, and the background is night scene of Odaiba..that is too cliche and too silly. Dimitri just looks tense while looking sideways. He tells her that he plans to reject her but then, Akari said it first so it is like ladies first. Alice doesn’t believe him and asks why he would reject that frank, cute and sunny girl. Dimitri seriously tells her that he plans on telling Akari that he has someone whom he likes. Alice says is that so. Then, she sips her tea. Dimitri asks why she is so calm. Alice asks why would she freak out for didn’t he brought that girl here to breed with him so how can he just let her go. Dimitri admits that Akari is a girl whom he prepared to breed with before, and it is true that he went to see how she was doing but, it is only that. It is because Akari was so happy and saying about going back to Tokyo with him that he couldn’t refuse. At that time, he planned to explain things clearly to her and then, send her back to Hokkaido, that’s it. He asks her about her and Kouya for didn’t he tell her to not think of anything and just go with him. Alice says that she went, made Kouya give up on her, and she returned here to wait for him [/Dimitri]. She planned to wait for his return and then, with resolve tell him clearly that ‘I’ve decided to choose you’. To Alice’s irritation, he asks her, ‘choose me [for] what’. After a pause, Dimitri exclaims could it be.. Standing up and embarrassed, Alice exclaims in disbelief as to what he thinks the reason is for her to keep staying there, and he really makes her speechless. Dimitri says that it is because she suddenly blurted it out that it seems unreal. Furious Alice exclaims for him to forget about that. Dimitri holds her wrist to prevent her from leaving and asks her if she really thought of it carefully, why him and not either of the twins. He tells her that he thought that she couldn’t feel his feelings for her. Alice says that until now, she couldn’t feel his feelings for her but then, it doesn’t matter. She couldn’t find the answer using common sense so she decided to choose a person with more common sense. And, Toko said before about a guy making one lose calmness is a bad guy and she agrees [<- not sure on this one ^^;] so, she chose someone who has the ability to make her lose her calmness, someone who can make her lose control of her common sense.
Dimitri lets her hand go and says that this is quite a complicated feeling for he couldn’t be happy from deep within his heart. Alice asks if it is because he doesn’t want to die. Dimitri denies it and says that for him, his feelings for her are very important and he didn’t seem to have properly conveyed it to her. He asks her how much of his true feelings did she felt. Alice said that didn’t she say that she doesn’t need his feelings because if it is about who likes her the most, then, she would have gone with Kouya, don’t he understand that. Dimitri exclaims that even if it is him, there is also love, and does she understand that. For him to stand in front of her like that, he is truly facing her [as Alice], and not Agnieska. Alice exclaims that she doesn’t need his explanation for even if she tries to understand, but whatever he truly feels and thinks, whatever the truth is, in the end, everyone still won’t be able to understand because this body is fundamentally Agnieska’s, and it is something that can’t be clearly distinguished so she had already decided not to be confused by it. She tells him that it is okay if he kept on insisting that, she won’t refute nor question him, and that ought to satisfy him. Dimitri sadly says that for her to refuse that way, then it will just be a one-sided love for her and he dies. For her to refuse that way, he is in pain that he couldn’t hug her nor touch a single hair of hers. Alice looks at him and says is that so. Turning to go upstairs, Alice says that he refused her twice already so okay, she knows already so forget it. He calls out to her but she says that she’ll choose Reiji. He calls out her name and exclaims that didn’t he say from the very start that she and Agnieska are totally different, and for her to keep on thinking about Agnieska-something, that is an insult for him since Agnieska fundamentally can’t speak Japanese, won’t eat food that can influence her shape [= become fat], nor suddenly become mad. He exclaims that Agnieska is more..more.. but because of Alice, he no longer thinks of Agnieska even when he decided not to forget her..still she slowly disappeared from his heart from the day Alice woke up. Flustered Alice sarcastically apologizes to him that his precious memories had been destroyed by someone vulgar like her. Then, Alice loses her footing and falls down. Dimitri manages to catches her. Alice apologizes and Dimitri hugs her tighter. She apologizes again that she said too much and she isn’t like that in front of others. Dimitri says that he knows because ever since from the start, he had been paying attention to her. Just when he points her face towards him to kiss her, he stops and stands up. He says that no matter what he does to that body, his feelings couldn’t be conveyed to her. As he goes upstairs, he stops and says that she wants proof, so does he. Alice just looks on as Dimitri continues to go upstairs. From the blurb, [I can only understand that] the next chapter will be the end of the first part [/arc of the story].
Scans by 動漫花園S組.

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