February 19, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 62]

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Everyone is stunned by what Misao just said. Kyo says that she would even say ‘giving birth’, could it be that she has forgotten what will happen if she gives birth. Misao says that she’ll die. Just when Kyo is telling her that since she knows.., Misao tells him that she became aware of something much worst that will happen. Everyone just look glum and serious. Misao tells them that they actually know about it. Her brain has gone blank and this is quite silly but it is too cunning for Kyo to decide everything by himself at this time. This surprises Kyo. Just when he is about to protest, Misao says that the moment that she is with child, they can no longer return to their original lives. She asks if the saying about ‘the clan that will take the Immortal Fruit as a bride, will become prosperous’ is because the child will become very powerful. “If the child is killed, then Kyo can no longer continue on being the head of the clan. The worst case scenario is-- he will be chased after and killed. Of course, currently, no one can kill Kyo so Kyo can abandon the clansmen, and he will be able to successfully run away with me. That way, it would be necessary for me to abandon my mother and all of the other humans in this world. *trembling as she grips her hands together* But then, that is alright. Even if Sagami, Houki and the three kids say that they would go together with us, but then, how many will be our enemies? Not only the chasing soldiers of Tengu but all of the people around us can become our enemies. It is impossible for Kensuke and Tadanobu to hide us and we will have no place to go. Won’t it put Sagami and others into more danger!? Buzen and Zenki would also be in the same unfavorable situation. Even if they won’t go together with Kyo, actually they are returning back to the village to suppress those who oppose Kyo. Wrong, they will be put in more danger. Fundamentally, this is a situation wherein nine people dying for one. It is impossible to keep running to live and it will take a long time-! Then, one day we will be caught and I’ll be forced to separate from Kyo. (Kensuke made me conscious of this) In the end, I will be violated by whoever is going to replace Kyo as the new head. And, I’ll be pregnant and in the end, I’ll still die. (The only thing that I can choose is ‘how I’ll die’.) Family, Hachidai [/Eightdai Tengu] and the child in my belly and even Kyo! *Kyo looks tense and flustered* If I were to lose all of the people that I love then dying afterwards, I would rather die giving birth for my most beloved person. *crying* (The only thing that I don’t want to lose is the Kyo’s love for me.) *prostrating down to Kyo* I beg of you to please let me give birth to this child. I beg of you..!!”

Kyo grinds his teeth in frustration while the others are either crying or trying to stop themselves from crying. Buzen helps Misao up and tells her to stand up for being like that might harm the baby. Sagami tells Kyo that this is the limit since the Princess is already aware of everything. “It doesn’t matter to us if we die as long as you and the Princess.. will perhaps be able to attain happiness. But, just like what she said, it will end one day. If it is that kind of situation, what would be left? The Princess felt that it would be better to just give birth. There is no ‘best’ but only ‘better’ [way].” Kyo mutters, ‘better’ and is he saying that he gives up on Misao. Sagami tells him that no matter how, he will lose her but at least, leave behind the baby. Looking at his trembling hands, Kyo asks if he is just going to lose her upon attaining her. “Just for this goal, I’ve used up 10 years--..” He remembers the time when he is beaten up, he will go to the small pool to look at Misao when she was young till she grew up. And, whenever he tries to touch her, she ends up disappearing because it is only water he is grabbing. He imagines hugging Misao and she turns into water. “Just for this goal..” Teary-eyed Misao tells Kyo to live on if she dies. With a cold look in his eyes, Kyo says, “Ha?” Misao repeats that he live on if she dies for he can’t die with her. After a pause, Kyo asks her what this ‘can’t’ is. “Fundamentally, it is impossible for me to live on. After taking away your life, the world without you! How can I possibly live on. *laughs* You’ve said before that if I were to die, you’ll die with me. And right now, you are saying this kind of things to me.” Misao says that it is because before, they don’t have a baby. Kyo asks what the difference with having a baby, is. Misao asks him if he doesn’t want to live on for the baby. “This child is--..” Kyo shouts that it is impossible for him to love the baby because for him to be born, the mother will be sacrificed. “If he were to perhaps have some similarities with me..I can’t accept it. I don’t want to see him..!” Misao and the others are surprised and flustered by Kyo’s outburst. Misao tells him that it is his duty to bring up the child. Kyo casually says that if she is talking about father’s responsibility, then he, who was left on his own, had just inherited it [/copying from his father]. Touching her belly, Misao tells him that it isn’t only that for this child is currently very powerful and violent that he needs someone to guide him and help him in controlling this enormous strength. “If that isn’t done, it will gradually lead to disaster.”

Starting to walk away, Kyo says that he doesn’t know, because after she dies, he doesn’t care whatever happens to the world. Misao asks him if he can say that in front of the Hachidai. This surprises Kyo that he turns around to face Misao and the others. Misao continues to ask him if he can say that in front [face-to-face] to the people who used their very lives to protect them [M&K] and he doesn’t care what will happen to them. Kyo looks really flustered and tense. Holding Kyo’s arms, Misao ask him if what he told her before about there are others who are important is a lie. “Kyo, you must live on. *Kyo trembling and tense* Live on.” Kyo mutters, “No..” Misao repeats for him to live on. Kyo says that she can’t die. Then, Misao suddenly starts hitting Kyo with her closed fists and shouts that she herself doesn’t want to die. “I also want to live on. *crying* I also want to see the face of the child! I also want to be with you forever! *grips his kimono* Why.. *Kyo hugs her tight* Why must I die.. Why..!!” Then, for a moment, Kyo looks surprised for he thought Misao turned into water while he was hugging her..but she is still in his embrace. After looking startled, Kyo says, “As long as you won’t die then you can let you give birth to the child. It is okay as long as there is a way!” Misao mutters, ‘..that kind of way..’ Kyo asks if she is saying that he can’t possibly find it. “I will find it. I’ll definitely find it, a way for your life to continue-- *serious* It is absolutely impossible for me to give up on you..!!” Misao is surprised by this as her heart is beating excitedly. While the others call out to him, Kyo starts to carry Misao. They ask him where he is going for she needs rest. Kyo says that they’ll go back home. While Kyo walks away with her, Misao thinks that expression is the same when Kyo was young and told her that right now, he won’t do [for her] but he will make becoming the clan’s head as his goal. “Without concealing his intense anger.. that fierce beastlike expression.. Loudly shouting that you want me.. So cool.. [I] really like you.. At this time, I have thought of those things.. *holding tightly to Kyo* but I’m so happy that there are no words to express it.” At the village, someone says that it is the clan head’s orders to mobilize the whole clan and start flipping those antique books regarding any records about the Immortal Fruit and they are not to let go of any smallest clues.

At the hallway, Houki runs and calls out to his brother. While Houki is catching is breath, Sagami asks him what it is. He tells him that there is something that always bothered him so he went to confirm it. He was thinking if Shou had left some things behind. “Since it seems that he had finished reading the ‘Immortal Fruit Records’ and immediately dealt with it but I think that it is possible that he doesn’t have enough time to deal with [/dispose of] the things that he has..” Sagami tells him that the residence where Shou-sama lived has been thoroughly investigated. Taking out a piece of paper, Houki tells him that he found this hidden in the book cabinet, insert within a book. Opening the folded paper, Sagami wonders if it is a note. Then, he looks surprised. Houki tells his brother that it is Shou’s handwriting. “It is a portion of Shou-sama’s Immortal Fruit research that he had left behind..!” Blurb: “A ray of line shines on Kyo and Misao. The contents of Shou’s research is..!?” Scans by 水银工作室.

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