February 19, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 5]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 15, 2012

Page 5 – Song that Can’t [/unable to] End. Narration: “Why do people strive so hard?” The teacher asks the students that he wants a last confirmation regarding their class won’t be opening up a store for the school festival. Someone raises up his hand and says that if they are enthusiastic about doing it, they would have put up a proposal early on. “Old Timer*, at this time, why are you still saying things about considering it?” [* I can’t find the exact word but it is pretty much calling him an ‘old man’ in a rude way.] The homeroom teacher sweatdrops over that. Someone else says that there are only two weeks left so who would do this kind of thing. The teacher angrily says that this class really does as they please, and don’t call him Old Timer, but rather, homeroom teacher. While the others are laughing, Nino is midway her knitting. She just sheepishly smiles and thinks that school festival has nothing to do with her at all. Sensei looks out the window and thinks that the weather is very nice. Then, someone raises his hand and says, “Old Timer.” Nino turns to look and is surprised that it is Kira. To everyone’s shock, Kira says that he actually wants to do something [for the festival]. At the hallway, during PE class, Nino asks Kira what’s up with him to suddenly say that. Sensei shouts that is right, and he hates those yakitori [roast chicken kebabs] type of stores for bird-type animals ought to be protected. Kira tells Nino that he already thought of something that he wants to do. He also tells the cuckold parrot to keep his voice down. Kira holds up a piece of paper to Nino. On it: Things I want to do before I die. 1. School [below it is 1 of the things he wants to do in school] -> 1. Seriously participate in school activities. Kira tells her that he has no way of participating in the running in the next PE class. During sports events, he got through it by cheating and pretense, so that means sports festival is out of the question. “So for me, the only one thing that I can put out all of my best effort is the school festival.” Nino hesitantly protests that they don’t have enough time and everyone doesn’t want to participate. Kira tells her that we have time during the fifth period class to consult the others about the division of work. Nino asks, ‘we’? Kira tells her that didn’t she say that she will help him with whatever is written on the paper. Pointing at Nino, smiling Kira says, “You and I are going to be school festival committee members so let’s get along [/yoroshiku]. While Nino is stunned, Sensei shouts that they can’t do a yakitori stand.
In class, everyone is also stunned when Kira is standing in front to tell everyone that he hopes that everyone will prepare together with them for the school festival. Nino is hiding behind Kira for she is scared of standing in front of the class. Someone says that it turns out that Kira isn’t joking around. Another says that it is like before, he is doing this together with that Bird girl. “What kind of relationship do those two have? By the way, she looked like a spirit behind his back.” A couple of girls say that they will join if Kira is going to take part. Surprised, Kira breaks into a smile and thanks them. “I’m super happy [to hear that]--” Everyone is surprised by Kira’s smile. Soon, others say that they will join. Someone says that they don’t have that much time but would they be able to do a cafe well since it needs a lot of casual labor. Another one says that if the girls are going to wear sexy maid outfits, then he’ll join. Nino peeks out from Kira’s back. She is surprised that everyone is acting into this. Yabe looks glum over this. Nino and Kira are surprised when Yabe calls out to the others if they really think that this is quite good. “Everyday after school, we have homework, right? And there are also club activities, right? And aren’t you guys very good friends? There might be some disputes in doing something together so properly think about it, you wanna-help fools.” The girl beside Yabe is smiling over this. Everyone look tense then they look at each other and agrees that what Yabe said is true and in the end, it is just too frivolous/foolish. Kira is surprised by that. The homeroom teacher says that is enough, and they can just think about a bit. He also tells them that later on, those who want to participate can just stay behind. Yabe smiles as he hears the other classmates saying that they do not want to do it anymore. Nino just looks down and thinks that she is really a fool for she obviously knew that it can’t be that easy. After school, the only ones left are the two girls who told Kira earlier that they will join. Nino thinks that it would be better if more people had stayed. One of the girls asks Kira says that they can’t do it with this number of people so perhaps, it can’t be done. Kira looks downcast but he says no, for Old Timer already extended the deadline for 2-3 days and he wants to participate in this. Nino just look sadly at Kira.
While taking a bath with Sensei, Nino says that in the end, it seems that Yabe has not reconciled with Kira. Sensei agrees with her and says that what Yabe said is quite correct though he doesn’t like it. Nino starts blowing bubbles in the water. She thinks that is true, and she wonders if it will go smoothly. Afterwards, Nino is wearing rabbit-hood pajamas. She is toweling her hair to dry. Then, she overhears a noise at the balcony. She opens the glass door to see Kira holding a small pack of paper flowers. He asks her to help him make some paper flowers. Nino asks him if he had already started making the decorations. Kira asks where the cuckold parrot is. Nino says that he is blow drying because he just got out of the bath. Looking at her, Kira asks if she is going to do that too because she is dripping wet. He tells her that he’ll wait for a while, before coming back. Puzzled, Nino says that she doesn’t blow dry and just let it dry naturally in the air. Kira looks surprised and sees a small puddle of water by Nino’s feet. The water is from her dripping wet hair. Kira angrily asks her if she didn’t notice that dripping by her feet. Soon, Kira is blow drying Nino’s hair. Kira scolds her that no wonder, her hair is a complete mess everyday and didn’t he say that he’ll make her[/she ought to be] a bit girly. “You’re treating yourself like some barbarian[/wild person]!! Towards strange things.. I really can’t help it [but help her].” Then, Nino glances at him to see him combing her hair with his fingers. She blushes and turns away. She wonders why she felt a bit hot. She tells him that is enough for she is this kind of strange person. Kira sighs and tells her that she is saying ‘this kind’ again and she hasn’t even put a lot of effort yet, and she dares to say that. Surprised, Nino looks at Kira and pouts. Looking away again, Nino says that ‘this’ is ‘this’, what about it. “I’ve always think that it isn’t that easy to change. I also didn’t think about it nor did I think of wanting to become some other person!!” Then, Kira gazes at her open nape. He holds her face and kisses her nape. [Amusing thing: According to wiki, the nape of a woman's neck held a strong attraction/highly erotic area for many Japanese men.] Nino looks surprised. Kira says, “It’s truly regretful that even if there is only a bit of desire[/hope], I would do it--” While he still holds her face, Nino starts to blush and shouts that is because he is very fickle [/like a playboy]. Kira says that he won’t deny it for men ‘really like girls’ by Girolamo. [Girolamo seems to refer to Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian Renaissance mathematician, physician, astrologer and gambler. Source: wiki. But the Chinese translator doesn’t know the connection of what Kira said and this person].
Then, Kira’s cellphone starts ringing-vibrating. Blushing Nino had put on her rabbit hood because her heart is beating fast. Kira looks surprised over the message. He stands up to leave and apologizes to her that they’ll do the flowers tomorrow for there is something he has to do first. Nino asks what that thing is. Somewhat smiling, Kira says, “Next time, we’ll properly talk about it..regarding the person whom I like.” Nino looks shock as Kira goes out and closes the door. Pulling down her hood, Nino sadly thinks is that so, since that ‘woman’ before is actually Kira’s father. “It turns out that there is someone whom he seriously likes.” In section 1-5, Kira and Nino look at some of the paper flowers on the table. Kira asks how many paper flowers they need to decorate the classroom since they already made 30. Nino says who knows, for it ought to be a lot more. Then, they were interrupted by the two classmates, the ones who volunteered to help. Nino thinks that they are from yesterday, could it be that they came to help. One of the girls apologizes to them for they can’t stay after school to help them since studying needs a lot of energy. The two [K&N] are surprised and Nino thinks that it turns out to be that. Kira asks if they won’t come again afterwards. The girls say that they won’t. They apologize and left. While wondering why it became like that, she overhears the other students saying that it seems that those girls have to study and they are afraid of trouble/inconvenience so they’ve said that. Someone sarcastically tells the other not to say it out loud for they [K&N] are quite pitiful. Nino looks tense over that because even if they persevere, later on.. Kira just kept quiet and serious. Then, a female teacher comes in and tells the students to go back to their seats for it is already the start of class. Kira suddenly slams his hands on the table and stands up. He goes up front to talk with the teacher. He asks her to give him 2 minutes. While everyone is puzzled, the equally puzzled teacher says that it is okay if it is only 2 minutes. Kira takes a chalk and draws a huge smiling emoticon on the blackboard. Lightly knocking on the board, Kira says, “Let me say, how about using this ‘smiley’ as the name of the cafe? *everyone looks surprise and Yabe just quietly looks on* What I’m saying might be annoying to you guys. Actually, I also think the same way as you all. I feel that preparing for the school festival is quite tiring. Everyone might be thinking that it is enough that only those who want to participate ought to be the ones to go and do it. But, I hope that everyone can be together and laugh happily[/have fun] as much as one wants. I want to cherish this current class more.” Nino is touched by what he said. The others seem to look surprise-touched by what he said.
Walking at the hallway with an empty garbage bin, Nino thinks that there was a line in throwing away the garbage and she unexpectedly was the last one [in line]. She also thinks that there ought to be some people who have gathered. Sensei tells Nino that what Kira said earlier is quite cool. Nino agrees with him. It gave her a bit of anticipation. She opens the classroom door and peeks in. She is surprised for no one is there except for Kira sitting and looking out the window. Nino can’t believe it, and Sensei looks a bit tense. She approaches Kira and calls out his name. They see him crying. Looking tense, Nino sprouts imaginary rabbit ears for it turns out that he is crying so what is she to do. Wiping his tears and pulling up his hair, Kira says, “Okumura, let us continue working on the preparations.” Nino looks surprised. As he looks at some papers, Kira says that they still have 10 days to go. Nino just looks at him and wonders, “Why?” She remembers the time when some kids had beaten her up. She asks, “Why do you have to give this much effort up to this extent? Right now, you[/we] are seriously preparing for this but in the end, isn’t it scary if there is no payback[/reciprocation]. *Kira quietly looks at her* Even if it is me, I couldn’t act without a care [about all this] so..” Kira suddenly grabs her wrist and made her hand touch his chest. He tells her, “It is because I’m still alive. So, even a little, I also don’t want to give up. It wasn’t easy for us to strive hard up and arrive at this point. [And,] because it is impossible to be scared and just be stuck at a standstill.” Nino blushes as she felt Kira’s heartbeat. Then, she bends down on the floor while supporting herself by hold the table. She says that she doesn’t feel good. Sensei flies up and scolds Kira that the things he say makes people embarrassed. Kira asks if that is so. That night, in her room, Sensei flies over to Nino and asks what she is doing. Writing on a notebook, she tells him that even if the people are few, she still wants to write down the division of work because who knows, maybe someone will come [and help them] tomorrow. This surprises Sensei and he knowingly glances at Nino. Narration: “September 28th. Lately, I’ve always have this feeling as if I had become an outsider[/bystander].” Before going to school, Nino gets an email from Kira telling her to go ahead to school because he decided to skip the first class. He wrote to her that he will be staying at the clinic but it isn’t because he is feeling ill.
Narration: “Kira-kun. There is always this unseen tenderness, not knowing what’s going on.” In the classroom, Nino looks at her cellphone again and wonders why Kira is staying at the clinic. Then, she sadly looks at the notebook which contains her notes for the preparation of the school festival. She wonders if she ought to show it to him. At the clinic, a short haired woman looks at Kira and giggles. She says that lately, Kira has been coming to the clinic. Kira says that didn’t she call him there and luckily, she is the [school] clinic teacher. “You are still worthy of your reputation [/not only in name but in reality] of being a devil.” Holding the notebook, Nino, together with Sensei, quickly walks at the hallway. Narration: “Kira-kun. Even if I won’t dare believe it but I also want to become someone who is capable of obtaining other people’s payback.” [<- getting something from what she did.] Blushing, Nino happily skips and wonders if Kira will be happy when he knows about it. Then, she arrives at the clinic to find the door ajar. She peeks in to see Kira sitting down on the foor in front of the teacher who is sitting on the table. While the teacher is smiling, Kira is holding her foot and seems to lean to kiss her shin. Kira says, “Mio-sensei, I like you.” Narration: “Because, I want to be at the closest place to you, and see your smile.” Judging from the kind of pose of Kira and Mio, it doesn’t seem like ‘romantic love’ in a way but more like Mio is manipulating/taking advantage of him or something. And, he did mention she is like a devil. Unless, of course that is the kind of S&M love Kira is into. ^^; He is really at her beck-and-call for he would drop everything whenever Mio calls for him to come. Since they are keeping the relationship a secret and Mio is the one beside Kira during this important time instead of Nino, it makes me wonder if Mio is already married or attached with someone else..so if she is lonely or something, she calls up Kira? I do wonder if Mio knows of Kira’s health condition. It makes me wonder if just like the author of Stardust Wink who also previously had a manga about teacher-student, this time around, they are showing the bad side of having such a relationship wherein it isn’t pure love.
Scans by 離境漢化組.