January 22, 2012

Vampire Knight [Chapter 79]

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Title: Crack/Crevice. Yuuki’s eyes met with Kaname and she thinks, “Kaname.., my Kaname is there-- *starts walking towards him* If I didn’t quickly go with him..” To her surprise, Zero grabs her arm to stop her. She looks back at Kaname and realizes that it is just Kaname’s double with the use of bats. While Zero tightly grabs her arm, Yuuki says that it isn’t like before when he takes her away with him. She asks him what’s up this time. Kaname then says, “..My pitiful and cute Yuuki..you have become my hindrance.” This surprises Yuuki. Kaname says that he already did things up to this point and she is still unaware that his way of thinking has already changed. He tells her that it doesn’t matter if Zero tells her, for he [Zero] is the one who understands his existence the most. Zero says that somewhere in his heart, he always believed that he [Kaname] will go away together with Yuuki. Yuuki thinks that Zero had prayed for her happiness because unlike Kaname, she knows/understands Zero. Yuuki asks Zero to tell her. Then, she shouts for him to tell her, before, backtracking to say that if he doesn’t want to tell her it is okay. Zero asks Kaname why he let Shizuka out of prison to wreck havoc on the couple vampire hunter. To Yuuki’s surprise, Kaname says that in order for the twins of the family to have a grudge towards purebloods that they can’t break free from. Zero asks why. Kaname says it is to make the twins into living weapons who cannot rest until they thoroughly kill the purebloods. Pointing his gun at Kaname, Zero exclaims why is it them or at least, do not involve Ichijou in it. Just when Bloody Rose seems to get out of control, Yuuki touches Zero’s head to calm him. Kaname’s double already left. Seeing Yuuki teary-eyed, Zero hugs her tight.

In the dorm, Kain and Ruka had appeared in front of Maria who is carrying Hanadagi’s servant. Maria asks what’s up and she heard that they went away with Kaname. As some birds are flying around, Kain says that they are just passing through so please drive those birds of hers away. Ruka asks if that person is Hanadagi’s servant. Maria thinks that if those two are enemies, then it is necessary for her to protect Hanadagi’s servant. Maria exclaims that she’ll do whatever Zero asks her to so she won’t let them harm this person. Suddenly, Hanabusa appears and asks what’s up. Kain says that they are just passing through, together with Kaname. Hanabusa tells them that without their dorm head’s permission, they cannot do as they please even if it is Kaname-sama, or even if it is him. Hanabusa prepares to attack using his ice which made Kain bring out his fire. After the ice surrounds Kain, Kain apologizes to Hanabusa that he didn’t come there to fight him. Kain pulls Ruka to him and uses his fire to retreat. Hanabusa can only shout for Kain to wait/stop. Meanwhile at the Day dorm, Yori is walking outside and wonders about those birds flying around. She is startled when the dorm head also mentions about the birds. The dorm head says that it is too quiet and wonders what had happened. The girls were surprised when class president Kageyama [glasses guy] says that those birds are flying towards the Night dorm. He tells them his observations that the students from the night class are acting strange when they talked with them. Dorm head asks what happened and are those birds that had gathered are allies. Yori says yes.
Then, Yori and Kageyama heard some sort of voice/sound coming from the Night dorm but, the dorm head wasn’t able to hear it. Yori is worried because at this time, actually, they and vampires had barely able to maintain this co-existence thing. In Sara’s room, she exclaims over the disgusting smell, and he ‘ate’ a pureblood on his way there. While Kaname stands behind her, Sara says that even if it is so, it is also not such a big deal for him who had committed a ‘big sin’ which is ‘one cannot turn a human into a vampire when that person doesn’t want to’ and that is greatest crime that the first ancestor had ordered them to never to commit. Even if it wasn’t for them [/thinking of them vampires] but they still respected that rule so right now, they were able to co-exist with humans in this same ground above, even if it is only temporarily. “But, not repeating the war’s disastrous policy before is also a good thing, right..?” Kaname closes his eyes and says that even if it is a bit late than he predicted, it is her turn..even if he hope that she could swallow a bit more purebloods. Then, Takuma appears and tells Kaname that he is really foolish, for it would be okay to just leave the rest to Sara. Takuma also tells him that Yuuki said that she believes in him and because it is him, there is a reason. “If that is so, it is also okay if from today on, you can take her with you and just disappear in some far away place..” Kaname looks at Takuma and mutters his name. Outside, Yuuki is surprised that Zero has hugged her tightly. Then, Zero pulls her away from him. Yuuki[?] thinks that it seems that she understands. “--no, if it is to get to the heart of the matter, it is definitely because of me. For this reason, I will definitely stop Kaname" Zero is thinking, "It isn’t your fault. so do not cry for me--”
Scans by玖玖爱枢♀汉化.

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