January 22, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 29]

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Still at the Spring Banquet, Reishou, together with the two Chancellors, listens to a minster who exclaims that the flowers this year is more beautiful than last year, the flowers in the garden seems to reflect the glory and splendor of His honorable Majesty and the flowers are praising his rule.. At the side, Houen is talking with his staff member. Looking at where Reishou is, Suigetsu asks if it isn’t cold there, when it obviously should be a joyful ‘bidding goodbye to winter and welcoming spring’ Spring Banquet. Shuttering, he says Reishou is like a Winter King who can freeze people which made the surrounding ministers unable to disperse away the dark mood that is enveloping them. Irked Houen tells him to quit talking nonsense, and is the wine offering scene already put in order. Suigetsu says yes, there is no problem. He sighs and comments that he hopes the ‘Queen delivering spring’ would go smoothly, and it is only when the ‘spring’ [/flower] has been put in the hands of the king, they could say that their ‘virtuous achievements had come to a successful conclusion’. Houen angrily shouts for him to quit talking. Elsewhere, Yuulin is all dressed up, and she is very nervous. With a twinkle in his eye, Jun tells her that the banquet is progressing smoothly, and right now, finally, it is time for the Queen Consort to make her appearance. Yuulin seriously exclaims, “Yes!” Jun says, “First of all, before the banquet ends, you’ll ride [the carriage] that represents the ‘Spring’s ‘Flower Palanquin’. From the En Pavillion, you’ll encircle the courtyard once before heading to the place where the banquet is held. Then, surrounded by the officials, you will get out of the flower palanquin, and walk several steps towards the king who is in front. After giving the flower, that you are holding, to His Majesty, you are to quickly depart. *rabbit dash* That’s all there is to it! It is so simple, that anyone can do it! The ‘Spring’s Visit’ ceremony symbolizes the end of this Spring Banquet. You should engrave that in your heart.” Yuulin exclaims, “Yes! I will walk properly as if my life depended on it!” Jun says that she answered very well, and it seems a bit different from the usual. Flustered Yuulin exclaims, “Yes! Even if I’m not a professional temporary bride, but I will still properly accomplish the task at hand! Regardless of how much luck I carry, I will still accomplish it!” Puzzle Jun is speechless, and wonders why he felt very uneasy even if Yuulin said that.

In the room, nervously smiling Dai tells Yuulin that it is only work, and just playing along with what’s required to do. Dark Yuulin says that is right, and the men’s work is that kind of job. Dai becomes tense over that. Nervous Dai tells her that it is very normal for a harem to have 200 consorts, and what His Majesty has are only two women surrounding him. There is a scene of two women laughing while clinging on to Reishou. Yuulin replies that in that situation, for the Wolf King, that is something inevitable and normal. “There’s no problem at all! I understand everything!” Dai still looks nervous. Trembling Yuulin angrily thinks that Reishou had made her stay at the harem. “And, he, himself, would go lovey-dovey with beautiful women. *Chibi Yuulin all alone appreciating the flowers* And then, after that, he would have a calm ‘nothing had happened’ expression and act by saying some sweet as honey words. *Reishou telling her that she is most important to him* Flirting with women is that man’s job! His Majesty is a big lewd wolf! *flustered and teary-eyed* Pervert! Lecher-- Too scary- His acting is already brought to the point of perfection- Thus, as a result, I’m moved by it! Darn iiittt..no matter what happens, I will definitely do my utmost best to satisfactory complete this!” Dai still looks nervous. At the banquet, Reishou looks at the two Chancellors and thinks that the cunning foxes are happily gathered under one roof, and this is nothing else but as always, a power struggle and being locked in constant strife. “Saying something like it is a Spring Banquet to praise the king’s flourishing rule.. *smiles* That really makes me want to laugh to death.. This is clearly those men’s playground. –I still, do not want to let her see this-- *remembers flustered Yuulin shouting that he is a big lewd wolf* --I wonder what happened, that she made her say that..? *troubled* ..later on, she shouldn’t be saying something like wanting to quit, and want to go home-type of stuff, right..” Somewhere else in the banquet, Keitaku mutters that the Spring’s Visit is very important and no one is looking forward to that unlucky Queen Consort comes on spring day.
Back at the pavilion, Jun is giving Yuulin last minute instructions about her face being covered that it might affect her eyesight. Yuulin assures him that she’ll be careful. Suddenly they heard a loud sound. Jun, together with Yuulin, goes out and asks what that sound is. One of the men exclaims that it is bad, for the Flower Palanquin that the Queen Consort is going to ride on has toppled over. “Even if no one is hurt, but the palanquin’s poles had been broken!” Jun exclaims what’s going on. The men say that they don’t know for they only left for a while, and suddenly, there is a loud thud. They think that it is either the wind or someone had.. Two shadowed men are watching them. Someone exclaims that they have to hurry and go, or they might not be able to reach the ceremony in time. Yuulin looks surprised as she remembers the mysterious document spreading around about her being unlucky, that she’ll incur disaster thus making the banquet fail. Back at the banquet, Keitaku talks [to himself/subordinates?] that this is the first ‘Spring Banquet’ since the king has ascended the throne, and now the symbolic Flower Planquin has been damaged. “Serving as the ending ceremony, the Queen Consort also didn’t appear. This way, that woman will be thoroughly disgraced. I fundamentally do not want to do this, but it is all the fault of that stupid woman who has no insight at all. If at that time, she made me the one who is in-charge of all this, that mysterious document would merely just a nonsense slander and nothing more. That is until now..” Then, Houen is quite frantic because they don’t know when it will be repaired. Houen shouts that he will adjust the program so that they can buy some time. Then, Keitaku and subordinates approach him. He tells Houen that it seems he is very busy and did something happen at the side of the Queen Consort. Houen snubs him that Keitaku shouts for him not to ignore him. =P While Houen glares at his brother, Keitaku tells him to listen up, if he wants the banquet to end satisfactorily, he has a good proposal. “..It isn’t necessary for you to wait for the Queen Consort. Among the waiting singing ladies, there is a girl whose family is closely related to the Ryu family. So, just use your authority as the person in charge to make that girl as the substitute for the Queen Consort. Then, the closing ceremony can be done. *Houen looks surprised* She’s a very beautiful young lady! If it went smoothly, His Majesty might perhaps had also taken a fancy on her. And during the banquet, she is also standing near His Majesty.”
Realizing that it was his brother who made those girls stay beside Reishou, Houen angrily shouts that Keitaku is doing senseless things again. Keitaku asks what does he mean senseless, rather than waiting for the Flower Palaquin of the lowly Queen Consort, this is a very good way to end the banquet. He thinks that he’ll get rid of that eyesore Queen Consort, and turn this bad situation in a favorable one for the Ryu family’s power[/influence] to go up a notch higher. “This is a perfect stragegy! Even if the ones who thought of it are my subordinates!” Keitaku tells Houen that for their family, the Queen Consort is not that useful. “For things to reach up to this point, you should know yourself as to what you should do.” Houen grinds his teeth and scowls. Suddenly one of Houen’s staff calls out to him that right now, he has a report. “Her Highness, the Queen Consort has already departed from En Pavillion and right now, she is making her round, around the courtyard. She is moving in accordance to the route that you have arranged.” Houen is surprised. Keitaku exclaimed if the Flower Palanquin has been fixed. The staff says no, but rather, she is walking the route which the palanquin should have gone through. Keitaku is shock that the consort is going to walk to that place. Houen tells the others that if Yuulin and others arrive, they are to guide them where to go. Then, Houen glares at his brother and says, “I’m currently working, so those who have nothing to do here, please leave.” Aghast Keitaku is shock for being told to go away. Soon, cloaked Yuulin has arrived. Suigetsu asks her if she is alright, for the courtyard is big, and for a woman, that route isn’t short. Holding a small branch of flower, Yuulin tells him that she is okay for obviously, this is a very important ceremony and it would be very bad if it wasn’t successfully done now. “Even if in accordance to the ceremony that I should be riding on the Flower Palanquin, but what’s really important is for me to pass on to the king’s hand this spring [symbol]..” Houen and Suigetsu are surprised by what she said.
Looking away, Houen says that since it is like that, then there is no problem. “We’ll set up the lanterns used during the day on the pathway, straight towards the king. Please wait a moment.” Suigetsu smiles and says for her walk to be relaxing and pleasant, he’ll make the musicians play some lively music. Yuulin is somewhat moved by their gesture and also by the concern of the other government affairs staff when they ask her if she is alright, and does she want to rest. Looking at the venue from the tree, Dai thinks that is one determined Queen Consort. There is a flashback of Jun shouting that it is unrealistic for her to walk, but Yuulin exclaimed that it is no problem [for her]. Dai thinks that since she is here, what’s left is to give that flower to the king. “But, the moment for His Majesty to take the flower is very crucial. From start to finish, I’m always worried in suspense! Hahaha--” With all the officials gathered at both sides, Yuulin walks in the small pathway lit with lanterns. The musicians are playing some music. Reishou waits for her to arrive in front of him. Reishou thinks that he got the simple report about the Flower Palanquin has been damaged and Yuulin walked all the way there. “But, what could have happened? Are you alright? Yuulin--” Holding a small flower branch, Yuulin smiles and says, “Your Majesty, I’m very sorry that I’m tremendously late. Right now, I’ll present Spring to you. (No matter how many enemies there are, no matter if there are many troubles in the journey [/future outlook], and no matter how many hindrances, I’ve finally arrived!)” Reishou says, “Yes, ..it is truly a long wait! My cute flower, the time when I wasn’t able to see you had been truly long!” After looking surprised, Yuulin smiles and answers, “If I’m a beautiful flower, then wouldn’t I have already blossomed early on in that place? *snapped* Even without me, this banquet is quite enjoyable, right? You big lewd wolf!” Reishou looks surprised. Watching the two, Suigetsu thinks that it is a bit strange, for Yuulin has just arrived and there is some sort of chillness between them even if he couldn’t hear what they are talking about. Sweetly smiling, Yuulin thinks that even if she is quite angry, she can still distinguish between [proper] situations, and she will also maintain her smile. “Ah! As a professional Queen Consort, I only have to think of doing it, and I’m be able to do it! *bows and offers the flower* After giving him the flower, I’ll quickly depart!”
Reishou says, “How beautiful! Compared to the reason why you are angry, I very much prefer to stare at this fresh flower! *Yuulin goes !!?* I think that if I were to just take it, it is quite boring.” Flustered Yuulin thinks, “!? Just quickly take it already! Or else, the banquet cannot end! It is already up to this point, why do side issues keep on popping out!? And, unexpectedly, the hindrance that came towards me is this man! No, I cannot recklessly stumble..” Still with a smile plastered on her face, Yuulin says, “Hahaha, Your Majesty is joking. ..everyone is looking here! Quickly take it already!” Reishou smiles and says yes, for this branch of flower wants the two of them to be alone in properly appreciating it. “Even if it is so, I’ll accept it. *takes the flower branch* Afterwards, you can let out your anger as much as you want.” Yuulin is doing her best to control herself. While Reishou looks at her, she continues to smile quietly. She thinks, “Don’t use such a happy expression *blushing really red* in saying those lines!!” Then, Yuulin leaves. Reishou tells the people there, including Jun, that right now, the flower is already at his hand, and the Queen Consort has already gone her way at the side. “Towards my subjects, this is how the flowers brought spring’s happiness[/luck]. This has been a beautiful day, and the new spring has arrived. Let us all celebrate it together--” The officials including Houen and Suigetsu bow to him. Yuulin takes one last glance at them and thinks that for a second there, it seems that spring has really arrived. Then, she notices the thin mysterious official. She is surprised that the prophecy guy is also there. Narration: “And like that, the crisis has passed, and the Spring Banquet has finally smoothly ended.” Back in the pavilion, Yuulin sighs and says that she is really tired today. She asks her two waiting ladies if they aren’t going to go back to the harem to rest. One of her waiting ladies tells her no, because what happens next is the Flower Banquet with His Majesty and the Queen Consort, only the two of you. “We wish you’ll have a beautiful night.” Looking surprised, Yuulin thinks, “Beautiful night?” Narration: “But, nevertheless, it seems that this emerging Flower Banquet situation still continues.”
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