January 29, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 2]

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Page 2 – Rainbow. Blurb: “365 days, from morning to night, we’ll be together?!” Written in the diary: “September 16th - Although, I still don’t understand what this feeling is but, I want to be with him in passing through these 365 days. I want to keep on living together with him.” Narration: “-ah ah, right now, there is only one thought in my head. *it is raining outside and Nino who is lying on her bed, looks really gloomy* Regret. *looking at her diary* I don’t want to go to school, not one bit.. I’ve obviously do not want to have a relationship with anyone, then why would I write this stuff..? And at that time, I’ve impulsively cut my fringes and even said those words. *There is a scene of Nino holding out her hand to Kira and told him that she will be at his side, always until he dies* Speaking of that, *sighs* up to what degree would I be staying at his side..” Sensei flies over her and tells her that it is bad, go and look out the window. Carrying her school bag, Nino asks him what it is. Sensei tells her to look at that. Nino looks down the window. Nino and Sensei are dumbstruck to see Kira, who is holding an umbrella, sitting by the gate, outside the rain. Nino exclaims if he was waiting for her. Sensei exclaims that is the only possibility that he can think off. This made Nino hurry outside even if Sensei is a bit reluctant. In maid outfit, Nino’s mother, who is serving some coffee to her husband, says that it is rare for Nino to be so noisy. Nino hurriedly meets up with Kira. Blushing, she apologizes for making him wait for so long. To her and Sensei’s surprise, Kira angrily tells her that she’s too slow, and she could have made him catch a cold. Soon, Nino just quietly walks with Kira to school. Sensei exclaims for Curly, not to be too pleased with himself. Kira asks how come Sensei can talk and what’s up with that disgusting Kansai accent. Sensei exclaims what he is talking about, it is the influence of Komatsu [<- probably another comedian?]. Narration: “September 20th. In the end, it is messed up start.” In the classroom, everyone is shock that Kira is sitting in front of Nino’s seat. They wonder why those two are together. They also mention about being able to see Bird Girl’s eyes because her fringes are now short. Someone exclaims that she is unexpectedly cute. Another one says that it isn’t true for she still has that bird, and that is quite creepy. At the side, Kira’s friends are looking at them. One of them asks what airplane is Kira riding on, that it is really hard to believe. “Isn’t it so, Yabe?” Yabe just quietly looks at them. While they are all talking about her, Nino is too nervous that she wasn’t able to hear anything that they are saying.

While the rain has almost stop, the trio are sitting at the stairs behind the building. Sensei exclaims that he is very angry and it is all Kira’s fault that Nino’s complexion look pale [from being uneasy?] and why are they eating lunch together. Nino is wearing huge eyeglasses. Ignoring Sensei, Kira asks Nino why she is wearing those glasses, is it decorative, and is she Alicia[?]. Sensei shouts at him that Nino doesn’t like being stared at, and that is why she is wearing those. “Can’t you be at least aware of that?” Nino didn’t answer. Then, she asks Kira if it is okay for him to be always with her, and what about his friends at that side. Kira looks at her. After a pause, he says, “‘Friend’ huh? Ah, compared to that, can you tell me your email address. *Nino surprised* This way, it would be more relaxing. Nino tells him that she only exchange emails with her parents. Just when Kira is taking his cellphone out from his pocket, a paper falls down. Nino picks it up and is surprised that on that sheet of notebook paper, it is written, “Things I want to do before I die” There is an empty ‘bullet list’ below it. Nino says that nothing is written on it. Kira says that he forgot about that, he planned to write something during a boring class. Looking serious, Nino says that together, she will help him think about it, so that it would be meaningful[/sensible] for them to be together. Kira looks surprised by that, and then, he looks a bit thoughtful. Just as Kira turns away to look somewhere else, puzzled Nino asks if he doesn’t have anything that he wants to do. With his face turned away from her, Kira says that of course, he has. Then, Kira notices something and says that it is a rainbow. While Kira happily takes a picture of it on his cellphone, Nino stands up to see it but she couldn’t see it. To her surprise, Kira carries her up for her to see it. This made Nino blush really red. When she is asking him what he is doing, she stops upon seeing Kira’s smile. Kira says, “...everyday that is like a rainbow, gorgeous and colorful life, will or will I not be able to have it.. ..it’s a joke.” Nino seems moved by what he said. The two are interrupted when Sensei goes between them and exclaims, “N—o! You’re so arrogant. What is that ‘it’s a joke’, don’t always stick on to Nino!!” Kira exclaims that he is quite rude, and shut up, parrot. Narration: “—looking at Kira-kun’s eyes made my heart jump endlessly. My feelings are also in a mess.”
Later on, Nino returns to section 1-5. She wonders if it is alright since Kira said that he is going to the clinic. Then, as she passes through the door, someone exclaims, “She’s back, Yabe!” Suddenly, some juice is at thrown at Nino’s sweater. Holding a bottled drink, Yabe slyly apologizes to her for he thought that she is a trash can. Yabe’s other friends are smiling at her over this. Then, Kira returns to the callroom. He is puzzled why Nino is timidly sitting on her seat. He goes to her and asks why she isn’t moving. Then, he notices that there is a juice stain on her sweater. Kira overhears the other students saying that Yabe is a bit mean to do that, and fundamentally, the reason ought to be Kira, and why are they [K&N] together. Kira says, “Okamura, wear this.” To Nino and everyone else’s surprise, Kira takes off his own sweater. Kira calls out, “Hey, Yabe. You truly still like me very much. If you want me to pay attention to you, won’t it be good to just straightforwardly tell me. *casting a meaningful glance.* Brat.” Yabe is furious but before he can go towards Kira, the teacher has already arrived. The teacher tells everyone to sit down and asks what this bad mood is, in the class. Nino just quietly holds Kira’s sweater. Later on, by the sink, Nino is washing her sweater. She is wearing his sweater and Kira is standing beside her. Kira apologizes that it is his fault. Nino says, not at all, and just by washing it, it is clean, and he even lent his sweater to her. Nino is surprised when Kira asks if it made her remember that bad memory. Poking her eyeglasses, Kira says, “Let me say, you should remove these glasses. *Nino exclaims in surprise* ..no, the way I said it is wrong. I won’t want you to miss.. *looks at the other students having fun with their friends* --generally, in this world, ‘happy things’ will follow soon after, and that will far surpass what you can imagine. *removes her eyeglasses* Or, perhaps, I’m the only one who think that. *sad smile* And, this is what you, Okamura, had made me think of.” Blushing Nino looks at him, and thinks of ‘happy things’. Sensei quietly listens. Later that night, while reading in bed, Kira gets a message from someone on his cellphone. He looks surprised after reading it. Then, he looks serious.
Then, it is morning again, Nino hurriedly prepares to go out of the house. She exclaims how could she had overslept and Kira would definitely be angry. Sensei tells him that it is alright, he’ll help her attack him. To her surprise, Kira is not waiting for her. In class, she is sad to see Kira happily laughing together with Yabe and friends. Then, Kira notices her looking at him. After she tries to call his name, Kira says, “Ah- Okamura, even if it hasn’t been long, but I still would want to thank you. There’s no need for you to be with me anymore. In the end, it is quite fun to be with these guys.” Nino is shock and she remembers the hug he gave her at Tokyo Tower. During lunch break, Nino is in a daze. She tells Sensei that how could she say it, she felt disappointed but then, it is also good that they have reconciled. “And, I also kind of regret it.” Sensei looks thoughtful. Flying up, Sensei tells her that her next class is art class, then he’ll go sleep in her classroom. Nino says okay, and this is quite rare for him to say that. In the empty classroom, Sensei flexes his wings and exclaims that guy is quite suspicious, and he will help Nino in searching the truth. So, after some warm-up exercise, Sensei starts to quickly investigate by looking inside a school bag. He thinks that there is nothing out of the ordinary in Kira’s bag. Then, he notices a paper sticking out among the books. Sensei pulls it out, and he looks surprised upon reading it. He is surprised again when some students enter the classroom. It is Yabe and two guys. One of the guys exclaims who would happily go to art class, it is so boring. Another guy asks where Kira is. Yabe says that he is in the toilet. Yabe chuckles and says that he only have to threaten Kira about ‘harming the Bird Girl’ and he’d come back to them. He wonders out loud as to what Bird Girl got on Kira [to make him go with her]. Standing on the chair, Sensei has overheard everything. Later on, in art class, Nino is busying painting on the canvas. She looks out the window to see Sensei holding a piece of paper on its beak. After looking shock about this, Nino goes out of the art class while still holding her palette with some paint on it. At the stairs, Nino exclaims to Sensei as to what had happened. She tells him to hurry for she just told the teacher that she is going to the toilet. Sensei tells her that Kira is protecting her that is why he is doing that. “It is to protect you, Nino, that is why he went back.” Nino looks surprised.
Nino nervously tells him what he is saying, she doesn’t quite understand. Sensei gives her the piece of paper and tells her that guy did say that there are things that he wanted to do. “Then, why do you think that he didn’t simply write it on paper?” Nino opens the folded paper and looks surprised. The first one in Kira’s list of things that want to do before he dies is: ‘I want to become friends with Okamura Nino.’ Sensei says, “It is because being all alone, no matter how much he strived hard, there is no way for him to create happy memories.” Nino quietly looks at this, and then she tightly holds the paper. Sensei calls out to her and she says that she had found it. “I had found a happy thing.” In section 1-5, the other two friends leave Kira and Yabe, because they are going to buy something at the vending machine. Yabe happily tells Kira to look at something that is very popular in the internet, on his cellphone. Kira lamely just says, ya. Then, they were surprised that Nino comes in the classroom, and goes in front of them. Yabe asks Bird Girl, what’s up. Nino sternly tells him, “Give Kira-kun, please give back my friend.” Kira looks surprised. Yabe stands in front of Nino and asks, friend? “What foolish things are you talking about?” Yabe is surprised when Nino makes a pose with her brush and palette with paint. Then, in one quick stroke, Nino paints Yabe’s jacket with her brush. Grabbing Nino’s head, Yabe angrily shouts what she is doing, and to stop. Unfazed Nino keeps on painting. Kira is surprised by what she painted. Standing in front of Kira, Nino exclaims, “Do not be with those guys again!! Quickly come back [to me]! *crying* I..I can create rainbows, together with you.. Kira-kun.” Yabe is surprised over the rainbow painted on his jacket. Grabbing her, Yabe calls her stinky girl, and exclaims for her not to get carried away, and does she really want him to kill her. They were interrupted when they see Kira sobbing. While Yabe is in disbelief that Kira is sobbing, Nino wipes her tears and says that from today on, she’ll be under his care [/yoroshiku]. Narration: “September 22nd: Today, I got my first friend. He is a bit arrogant and he is a bit scary. Occasionally, he would say things that completely lack consideration and he would puts on airs. And actually, he is a crybaby. This person’s name is Kira Yuuji.” After a long pause, Kira sits up and tells Nino, “Hey, let me tell you clearly that just now, it isn’t tears, it’s perspiration.” Nino goes, ‘!?’ Narration: “He is an unfathomable person who can emotionally move me.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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