January 29, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 34]

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Lying on the living room’s floor, Shizuku thinks that it can’t be helped if she can’t become friends with Yamaken. She looks at the side at laughing Haru who is watering the plants. She asks him why he is in her house everyday. Title: On the Next Summer Vacation, part 3, the last summer Blurb: “Everyone, life’s experience hurts a bit, and it makes one become mature a bit.. Although you still don’t know, but one day, you’ll definitely pass through, a beautiful [period of] time-” The cicadas are chirping. Asako is standing in front of the game center. She looks nervous. She thinks that she will do it as she practiced, just give Micchan the souvenir. She also thinks that she even wore the mature heeled sandals that she brought during the trip. She starts climbing up the stairs, and then she quickly goes down the stairs. She berates herself that it is meaningless if she just goes out. Then, Haru sees her and asks what she is doing there. Haru asks her if she wants to eat some takoyaki. He tells her that auntie [/woman owner] sold those to him even if she is researching on using ice cream during summer but it all melted. Turning to leave, Asako says that she will go home first. Haru notices the bag that she is carrying. Then, Haru asks Asako if she has finished her school work for summer. Later on, at Shizuku’s house, she asks why Haru and Asako are there. Then, she let it pass since they are studying. Reading from his notes, Haru says that they will start with mathematics, the first page’s first problem is θ = 30°+360° x n, and the answer is 150° + 360° x n. Copying what he said, Asako exclaims that she doesn’t know how to write θ. Shizuku sweatdrops and tells them that it is meaningless for them to do the schoolwork like this. Shizuku asks Haru if he has finished his homework. Haru tells her that he finished it at the start of summer vacation because it is no big deal for him. Shizuku says that his class progress is slow. He tells her that right now, he is doing the free homework of Oga-sensei’s decoration[/putting things in order]. Asako comments that Haru is more serious in that field [of beautifying the class]. It is already August, midway of a busy summer which has become a summer as it used to be [in the past]. Shizuku calls out to Takaya to help out since she is tidying up the garden. Takaya asks if it is okay, not to do it today. Fixing her hat, Shizuku tells him that it is a necessity to tidy up for Obon festival, and isn’t he going to grandma’s house. She also tells him that he should wear his hat since it is hot. After going downstairs, Takaya greets Natsume and Yoshida..then, changes it to Haru. Haru happily greets back and asks if the jam that he [Haru] got, was delicious. Asako happily tells Takaya that this will be the future, Haru will be a ‘brother’.

Putting on his cap, Takaya sits at the porch and thinks that this is super complicated. While watering the plants in her school PE uniform, Shizuku tells Takaya to take out the props from the water jar, and then tidy things up in the warehouse. Shizuku thinks that it is quite rare but she wants to plan some vegetables like cucumber and eggplants. Takaya asks her if she is ‘intensely passionate’ with Haru. This surprises Shizuku. Looking at the plants that she is watering, Shizuku says that theory-wise, it is indeed ‘intensely passionate’. Thinking that his sister is shy, Takaya says is that so, then that’s really good. Blushing Shizuku wonders where did Takaya learn about those words, and in the end, she still has no way of properly talking with Haru during the camping trip. “Until now, I still don’t quite understand the meaning of going steady.” Back in the living room, Asako apologizes to Haru. She admits that today, she planned on giving a souvenir to Micchan but just like before, she couldn’t naturally face him. She tells him that she still doesn’t what kind of face she should have in facing him. Haru assures her that she has nothing to worry about for Micchan is a very good guy. At the game center, Yuuzan is carrying to huge paper bags of food. He tells Micchan that these are souvenirs. While Yuuzan put all sorts of jams on the counter, Micchan asks if he really went. Opening the jam, Yuuzan says yes, and he bumped into Haru and Shizuku. Gloomily breaking the baguette, Yuuzan tells Micchan that those two’s relationship is harmonious and Mitsuyoshi couldn’t understand the feeling of an older brother whose younger brother got something first, and now, Haru has a girlfriend. Micchan tells him to quickly find a girlfriend and don’t do any unnecessary things. After putting some jam on half of the baguette, pouting Yuuzan complains over how everyone considers him as some bad guy, and for them to say that, makes him want to hinder them more, and he will definitely hinder them. Then, Micchan tells him to stop being like that and, asks him if he had seen the person whom he truly wants to see. Yuuzan sighs and says yes, forget it. He asks what Haru is doing. Micchan tells him that Haru is at Shizuku’s house everday, and he mentioned about planning vegetables at the courtyard. Yuuzan says that it really makes him feel envious. Back at Shizuku’s place, Haru comes in with a rake and tells Shizuku that he has finished throwing away the grass and stones. Shizuku says is that so, then come and rest for a while. Looking at a book, Shizuku asks him what he thinks. Haru says that they still need more soil, also some lime and fertilizer. He tells her that Oga-sensei makes them, so tomorrow, he’ll go and get some. The next day, they head to school to get some. They pass by Shitayanagi and others who were jogging. And, Haru waves at Sasayan who is playing at the baseball field.
Then, as it rains, Haru and Shizuku eat watermelons together at the porch. Then, Shizuku says that it has been too natural that she forgot about it. “Haru, why are you coming to my house everyday?” Haru asks if she only thought of it now, why, well, it is because they are going steady, and everyday, there is nothing for him to do anyway. Shizuku sighs and says that Haru hasn’t changed because at her side, she has been thinking of the meaning of ‘going steady’ like an idiot. Surprised, Haru asks if she is still thinking of that. Shizuku says that it is because even if they say that they are going steady, there hasn’t been any change and to put it bluntly, she thinks that she isn’t attaining something. Haru says how could she say that when he helped her a lot, although it is totally not about that. Shizuku says that the rain has stopped. She asks Haru to help him hang dry the finished laundry. Shizuku thinks that there is always no ‘two people in one world’, and does Haru think that way, too. While hanging the laundry to dry, Shizuku says that after studying, she’ll go out shopping so what Haru wants to eat for dinner. Haru declines for today is when he and Micchan eat out for ramen. Then, Haru stares at some panties. Embarrassed Shizuku quickly grabs them and exclaims that he doesn’t have to help her with it. Haru is shock over those kind of luxurious panties of hers. Shizuku asks him if he can’t accept it. They were interrupted by Sasayan who asks them what they are doing. He tells them that he heard from Micchan that Haru is there, and the pictures from camping had already been developed so he brought them. While they were looking at the pictures, Sasayan asks if they are going to the En-nichi [/temple fair] tomorrow. Since Haru doesn’t know about it, Sasayan tells him that a nearby temple is going to have a fair, and a lot of people from their school are going. Sasayan laughs and says that they plan to take pictures of section A. Haru comments that he’s jealous. Shizuku quietly looks at him. After a pause, she slightly blushes and asks him about going together to the En-nichi. Then, they were surprised when Takaya mentions loudly that is nice to have cotton candy and caramel apple. Shizuku says that he returned and how grandma is. Takaya says that her face is filled with wrinkles, and there is no other place he got to go during summer vacation, except for grandma’s house, whereas his sister gets to have lots of fun. Shizuku looks shock-guilty.
The next night at the temple, Sasayan, together with his friends, call out to Haru and others that they are there. Haru, Shizuku and Takaya are all wearing yukata. Takaya is already eating cotton candy. Shizuku greets Sasayan a good evening, and Haru says that he is envious of Sasayan who is surrounded by people, even today. Haru is surprised when Shitayanagi and his mouse, exclaims that he is wearing a yukata. Haru’s two classmates call out that they take pictures. While Haru with his section A classmates take pictures, Shizuku is introducing Takaya to the others, and Sasayan is greeting someone he knows. Then, Asako, who is wearing her new shoes, arrives. She happily goes to Shizuku and Takaya to tell them that they are cute. Shizuku tells her that she asked her mother about borrowing it. Asako notices that Sasayan is looking at her. He asks her if she went to see Micchan. Blushing, Asako looks away and timidly says that she is busy with her new blog so she wasn’t able to. Sasayan reprimands Asako as to what she is doing, because it has been a week since the camping trip. He tells her not to do other stuff, which is obviously her way of running away. Flustered Asako shouts what he is saying all of a sudden, shut up for she came here today to have fun. Trembling in awe, Haru is teary-eyed that after 17 years, it is the first time in his life that he was able to blend in with his classmates. After Shizuku says that they should go, Takaya asks if he can eat three kinds of food that he likes to eat. Shizuku tells him that he already ate a cotton candy, so it is now two kinds of food. Asako exclaims that tonight, she is going to defeat the En-nichi [/win games]. Haru wants to play some shooting games, and boasts that he is an expert in it. He asks Takaya what he wants to have. Takaya tells him the plasma television. Later on, Asako plans to buy a mask. Shizuku is angry that Haru gave Takaya another cotton candy. Soon, they are playing in a shooting gallery booth. Takaya watches his sister who doesn’t seem too happy over the human-squid-like doll Haru won for her because she wants the bunny one. Later on, Shizuku is sitting by herself. Haru approaches her and asks what the matter is. She comments that it is unexpected that he has a yukata. He tells her that it is the lady owner of the takoyaki store made him wear it. The owner said that Haru looked quite the same as her deceased grandfather, but they didn’t look alike after making her let him see the picture. Taking something from his pocket, Haru says that he almost forgot something. Then, there are a couple of flowers on Shizuku’s ear. Haru happily tells her that it is so cute. Haru says that he got the flowers from the niche of the statue, and it really suits her. Blushing Shizuku thanks him. Takaya is watching them.
While eating something, Takaya calls out to his sister and says that he had bumped into Sasayan and others. They had told him about lighting up fireworks so can he go. Shizuku says that social interaction is a necessity so she’ll walk him to that place. Haru wants to go, too, but Shizuku tells him to stay and wait for Asako. While walking, Shizuku asks Takaya if he doesn’t like Haru. Takaya says not really, for he doesn’t really specially like nor hate him. “Sis.. you’re not the same when you are with Haru..” This surprises Shizuku and she wonders in what way. While Takaya runs off to join the others, crying Asako calls out to Shizuku and says that her feet hurt that she can’t walk anymore. While clinging on to Shizuku to help her walk, Asako exclaims that she was able to walk for a short while and she is already worn out. Shizuku angrily says why she wore those shoes. Asako says that it is because she just bought them. They arrive to where Haru is. Haru asks them what they are doing. Then, Chizuru and Yuu meet up with them. They exchange greetings and apology for not able to go to the camping trip even if they were invited. Haru tells Chizuru that the others are taking pictures. Chizuru says that they had also met up with Shitayanagi. Asako says that they went to see Yuu’s boyfriend, Tokita, so how is Okinawa. Yuu says that it is so much fun, and she got to see Tokita for real [/live] after a year of separation. Chizuru tells them that they went to the beach, and at times, eat Okinawa ramen but after passing through such happy days, it became difficult to go back. Flashback: While lighting up fireworks, Yuu said that they would be leaving tomorrow, and time passed by really fast. Tokita said that he had lots of fun, and he anticipates that next year, she can come and hang out with him again. Then, Yuu started to cry. She apologized for she had thought that they won’t be able to meet until next year’s summer. She told him that she had wanted to say goodbye while smiling. Tokita grabbed her shoulder and exclaimed that he will properly study so that he can be in the same university where Yuu will go. He told her that he will definitely get in so that they will be together forever after graduation. While the two hugged each other, Chizuru smiled and is happy for them. End flashback. Yuu says that is how it is but right now, every night, they had been passionately studying together through video chatting[/chatrooms] because Tokita is stupid so he has to work hard. Blushing Asako exclaims in praise over that kind of romance. Shizuku asks if it is okay if one’s college aspiration is decided like that. Haru asks if Tokita is Yuu’s uncle. ^^;
Chizuru tells him that it is Yuu’s boyfriend. Yuu tells Shizuku to forget that, and there is always a way. She mentions to Shizuku about praying at the shrine regarding their studies. Shizuku seems to like the idea, and Haru is laughing that Tokita is stupid. Then, Chizuru asks him what made him think that Tokita is an uncle. Slightly blushing, Asako quietly looks at them. While Yuu congratulates Shizuku and Haru for going steady, Chizuru goes to Asako to give her some adhesive bandage [band aid] for her feet. Asako thanks her and says that it seems Chizuru and Haru’s relationship is quite good. Chizuru says that it is not only her, for right now, Haru can also chat a bit with his other classmates. Asako tells her that isn’t what she meant. Asako becomes embarrassed when Chizuru tells her that she was rejected after Valentine’s day, and he said that he likes someone else, but actually, it is quite good that he told her that because if he didn’t definitely refuse her, for sure, it is impossible for them to be like this right now. After Chizuru and Yuu wave goodbye to the others, Chizuru notices that Yuu is looking at her. Yuu says that it is nothing, and Chizuru has really been striving hard. Slightly pushing Yuu’s head, blushing Chizuru says that Yuu’s nature is very bad. Yuu laughs and tells her to quickly find a boyfriend, and she will help introduce her to some since she knows a lot of guys. Just then, Takaya bumps on to Chizuru and fell. While Yuu says that it is Shizuku’s younger brother, Chizuru holds the caramel apple that Takaya dropped, to him. Giving him back the apple, Chizuru apologizes and asks if he is alright. Takaya looks awed by her and he thanks her. While walking away, Yuu asks Chizuru when she is free, but Chizuru tells her that she told her before that she doesn’t have to do that. Back to the trio, Haru asks what’s next. Shizuku says that according to Yuu’s information, this is a rare opportunity to go visit [shrine/pray]. Haru says that he doesn’t have objections even if he isn’t interested in that. Shizuku asks if Asako can now walk. Asako tells them that she’ll just wait there for them, and it is also meaningless for her to do that [/pray at the shrine]. Just as the two are leaving, Asako happily looks at the two, then she calls out to Shizuku. She tells Shizuku that by liking someone, one ought to want to stay with the other person for a long time, as much as one possibly can. Shizuku looks surprised by this, and Asako smiles back at her.
While walking together with Haru, Shizuku eats a roasted cuttlefish. Blushing, and heart beating loudly, she thinks that it is because Asako said those strange things that she always has been thinking of that aspect. Haru says that he had fun today, and he even met a lot of people. Shizuku looks at him, and blushes really red. She freaks out when Haru suddenly turns around to her and asks if the roasted cuttlefish is delicious, and speaking of that, she always eat cuttlefish. Haru laughs and says that it seems he had to guarantee that there will be cuttlefish. Shizuku tells him that she thinks that as long as they don’t go to an uninhabited island, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Haru says that an uninhabited island isn’t bad, and it seems interesting. “With you around, if I can see you everyday, whatever the place is, it is very nice.” Shizuku looks at him as he happily whistles. Shizuku asks could it be that it is because he likes her, that is why he goes to her house everyday. Puzzled Haru says yes. Shizuku blushes and wonders why Haru’s answers are always very clear. Haru is surprised when blushing Shizuku holds out her hand to him and exclaims, “Give me your hand! Just like before, let’s hold hands. I also like you, Haru.” As they held hands while walking, blushing Haru giggles and says that he felt very shy. Shizuku says ya, even if before they also held hands. Haru tells her that he felt very happy. Shizuku thinks that the premise of ‘mutually liking each other’ is being able to be together. “..it’s very good. This so-called going steady felt really good.” Then, they pass by a goldfish scoop booth. Shizuku says, “..Haru, I want a goldfish.” Elsewhere, Sasayan is calling on the phone as he seems to remember asking Asako if she still likes Micchan. After a pause, Asako seemed to have answered, what about it. Then, Sasayan notices something. He sweatdrops and asks Asako what she is doing. Asako is sitting with the mask on her face. Removing the mask, Asako says that it is to prevent guys from hitting on her. Sasayan asks where Shizuku and the others are. Asako says that it is quite rare so she let those two to be in ‘two people’s world’ and Shizuku still seem to quite understand things but then, she is the same. Feeling guilty, Sasayan admits to her that he talked with Micchan and he told her that he rejected her. Pulling his cap to cover his face, Sasayan says that at that time, he didn’t think that she will be this dejected up to this degree. “..I’ve obviously said that I will support you. I’m sorry.”
Asako says that it is alright, and it has nothing to do with him, for anyway, no matter what she does, the outcome is the same. She tells him that has always been wondering why Micchan bluntly rejected her. Maybe she caused him to say that, or perhaps, because she is still a kid. She says that even if that is so, then, in the end, Micchan is such a kind person for he didn’t vaguely treat what she was feeling [/didn’t beat around the bush]. Later on, Asako writes a message to Shizuku to apologize that she went home to change her shoes because her feet hurt. She wrote that Shizuku just spend time with Haru and while it is convenient, she’ll pass by at Micchan’s place. Wearing flat shoes on her feet that are covered with adhesive bandages, Asako peeks in from the corner. She calls out to Micchan. After he called out her name, Asako goes out to tell him that even if it is late, but she brought him a souvenir from the camping trip. Micchan smiles and thanks her. He asks if she had cheered up a bit. Asako smiles a bit and says yes. Preparing to bid him goodbye, Asako tells him that she is midway on her way back to the En-nichi and she apologizes that the food is going to expire tomorrow. Micchan tells her to come back again next time. Asako looks at him and smiles. While walking downstairs, Asako thinks that she ought to have done well, and she was able to smile. She tells herself that it is alright, and this is really good. Then, she notices that Sasayan has been waiting for her downstairs. She asks why he specially came there. Sasayan says that it is because he is very concerned[/worried]. Asako says, geez, it is already totally fixed, and Micchan also told her to come back again, and she can already act natural. She starts crying and says that for her, she felt that what she did is already quite good. After looking a bit uneasy, Sasayan takes of his cap and puts it on Asako’s head. He tells her that they should go. While pulling Asako’s hand as they walk, Sasayan tells crying Asako that it is alright, for he, and also Haru and Shizuku are by her side, and it is quite good that they can be together during second term. The next day, Shizuku’s water jar is now filled with goldfishes. Takaya asks what that is about. Looking at the fishes, Shizuku tells him that it is goldfishes that Haru helped her win. Shizuku happily thinks that when Haru comes today, they will buy water plants together. While there are some how to take care of goldfish books scattered around, Shizuku asks Takaya if he is finished with his homework for next week, it is back to school. Takaya says that he is going to do it now. Shizuku thinks that yes, days like this are very good and it would be better if it would always continue on like this. Blurb: “So summer vacation of all sorts of interweaved emotions has ended. ..And soon, it will be the incoming new school term!!”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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