January 29, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 3]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 24, 2012

Page 3 – Magic Time. Cover page: “I really like sleeping time. I’m very, very envious of Sleeping Beauty, whom my mother told me about when I was a child. Because, that way, I won’t be able to feel anything. Fundamentally, it should be like that.” Nino, together with Sensei, goes downstairs and she is surprised to see Kira eating breakfast with her parents. Her parents greet Nino a good morning. Kira tells Nino that she is too slow, and her hair is still messy. Sensei exclaims to Nino’s mother as to why she let that guy in. Happily donning her sailor uniform as cosplay, Nino’s mother tells him that she just went out to the gate and saw him by chance. “He said that he was waiting for you ♡ You guys have become good friends?! That really makes me happy, and I should inform Yuuji-kun’s father about it.” Nino just looks nervous. Narration: “Kira-kun, he had walked into my ‘daily life’.” During lunch break at the back of the building, Kira tells Nino that regarding the list of wanting to do, he is currently slowly thinking about it. Nino says is that so, then if he is finished, he can show it to her. Sensei exclaims that right now, the place where he really wants to go is the zoo. He says that he longs to go there, where many of his comrades are, and he wants to see the penguins. Then, Kira’s cellphone rings a message. He is surprised to read it. It is from someone named Shitara Mio [guesswork name from 設樂美櫻]. Kira stands up and tells Nino that he will be going to the clinic. Nino exclaims if he is feeling unwell. Kira looks surprised. He flicks her fringes and tells her no, he is only going to lazy around a bit since he is sleepy. Walking away, he tells her to quickly go [back to class/not wait for him]. Holding her fringes, Nino wonders what that is. Sensei says that Kira doesn’t look sleepy at all. Then, Nino wonders what Kira’s ailment is. Then, to her surprise, Yabe, who is standing at the side, calls out to her as Bird Girl. Nino freaks out for it is the ‘shit guy’. She asks what it is. With crossed arms, Yabe asks if she likes Kira. Surprised Nino asks, how can that be.

Yabe tells her, “Then, let me give you an advice first. You shouldn’t be only doing this plaything as a way of passing time, and I’ll tell you something first. That guy already has someone, whom he has always been chasing, to have.” Nino didn’t react and Yabe smiles over this. Yabe proudly asks if she is embarrassed, and it is her fault for being so cocky. Nino just says, ya, is that so. This surprises Yabe that he shouts, “Why don’t you look a bit shock! *embarrassed* Darn it!” Nino lamely says, ya, sorry. Sensei thinks that this guy is a B class. Narration: “Kira-kun, has someone he likes?” At the train, somewhat glum Nino is sitting with sleeping Kira. Then, she overhears a couple of girls saying that it is a handsome guy, and what’s up with the girl beside him, she has a bird on her shoulder. Nino glances at Kira and thinks, “So that’s how it is. I had never considered some of these things. I and Kira-kun are totally different. He is a ‘boy’.” Then, Kira wakes up from his nap. While he is still a bit drowsy, Nino asks him if it is really okay for him to be with her. Kira asks her why she is asking this question all of a sudden. To his surprise, she tells him that he ought to have a girl he likes. Kira looks at Nino who is looking down. He tells her that he admires Tetsuko Kuroyanagi [internationally famous Japanese actress, a talk show host, a best-selling author of children book, a World Wide Fund for Nature advisor, and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Source: wiki] and it seemed like there is candy sticking on the hair. Nino tells him that isn’t what she meant. Kira asks back, “How about you? Could it be that you don’t have one?” Kira looks at her, and Sensei seems thoughtful. Looking down again, Nino tells him that she totally has no chance in that kind of thing and not one bit, did she even have that kind of thinking. Kira looks at her and suddenly says that there is no school tomorrow, so she ought to be free. “How about accompanying me a bit?” Nino looks surprised and wonders where they will go.

The next day, they stand in front entrance of a zoo. Nino looks aghast. Sensei looks happy. Massaging his shoulder, Kira says that it has been a long time since he went there. Holding on to a boulder display, trembling Nino asks, what this is about, and what does he plan on doing there. Grabbing her arm, Kira tells her, “What am I going to do here? This is to have fun. You ought to like animals, right? Since you own a parrot. Okay, we are going.” Nino exclaims that she likes them but they hate her so she won’t go in. “Once I encounter a dog, and it chased after me and cats would always snarl at me..” She is surprised when Sensei excitedly calls out, “Curly, are you coming or not--!!” Kira tells Nino to quickly come. Nino wonders why things turn out like that. At a lamb pen where people can feed lambs, Kira is holding out a grass to a lamb. Standing on Kira’s head, Sensei exclaims to be gentle and, it is eating it. Kira tells Sensei to be quiet for there might cause a bad[/opposite] reaction from the lamb. Sensei relents and tells him that he’ll listen to him only for today. Standing at the side, Nino still looks aghast for in the end, she’s afraid. Then, she notices a lamb staring at her. While Sensei is playing with the lamb, Kira tells her to feed the lamb. Nino hesitates by saying no, she will be bitten. She is surprised when Kira grabs her hand and says that it is alright. He put the grass on her hand and made her hold it out to the lamb. To her delight, the lamb starts to eat the grass. Blushing, Nino looks up to him and exclaims, “Kira-kun, Kira-kun, it ate it. It’s so cute.” Kira smiles down to her and says, “Compared to it, you’re cuter.” Surprised Nino blushes over this. Then, they are at the penguin display, Sensei happily flies towards the penguins. While Kira is holding his cellphone to take pictures, Nino asks him, “Why did you go here with me?” Kira looks at her as she looks sideways. Continuing to take pictures, Kira says, “Ah yes, I should say that it is like ‘Magic Time’. That is looking at a beautiful scene, and saying some things as if casting magic. I think dating has this kind of feeling. *takes a picture of Sensei and the penguins, just like what Sensei wanted* It would be such a pity if you don’t know[/experience] that.” Nino looks surprised at him and quietly blushes. Sensei flies over and calls out, “Curly, did you take the picture.” Kira says yes. Then, at the elephant display, Nino and Sensei are puzzled at Kira who is crying because he feels sorry for the elephants. Then, at the souvenir shop, to Nino’s surprise, Kira wants to buy a couple of animal ears hairband. Narration: “Then, you intentionally take time out, just for me?”

Soon, it is night. They were walking at the street. Kira asks if the parrot is sleeping. Nino says that it seems for Sensei played too much that he is tired from always had been flying around. Then, Kira asks her how come it can talk. Nino notices a couple giggling and telling each other that it is cute. She wonders why they are looking at her, and then she realizes that she is still wearing the bunny ears. She quickly removes it and tries to quickly tell Kira about it. Kira keeps on walking and mutters about buying something. Then, Nino decides not to tell Kira about it [probably because it is so cute/she wants to tease him]. Kira mentions about people staring at him, and could it be because that he’s quite handsome. He turns around to look at Nino who had let out a laugh. Kira realizes that he is still wearing the cat ears. Really embarrassed, Kira takes it off and shouts that Nino is a scoundrel for not quickly telling him about it when she realized it. Nino has happily run off ahead. Narration: “Why is it that everything I see felt so gentle.” In front of a photo sticker booth, Sensei, who is already awake, asks if that is the so-called purikura. Nino asks if they are really going to take pictures. Paying the booth, Kira says yes, and this will be a remembrance. Somewhat smiling, Kira says “Didn’t you have lots of fun today?” Nino looks surprised by that question. Sensei exclaims for Kira to quickly push the button. And, there is a count down before the picture is taken. Later on, Sensei is holding the photo and looks really grumpy. Kira tells him to quickly let him see it, the photo sticker. Sensei exclaims no way, for he isn’t happy with it. Nino says that Sensei always look handsome. Sensei exclaims that if he says no, then it is no, and he totally couldn’t accept it. Then, Nino notices a window display of hearts and gifts. The poster says, “‘Come, fall in love’ Competition[/Fighting]”. Sensei asks Nino what’s up. Nino recalls that Yabe told her that there is a girl whom Kira wants to have, and has been chasing after. She calls out to Kira and says, “Kira-kun, in the end, you still have someone you like, right? You still shouldn’t have gone out together with me, right?” Kira looks surprised and says that there is no such person. Nino says that if it is okay, she can help him, and if it is him, it will definitely be no problem. Kira just looks at her when a lover girl exclaims, “Ah, is that true--?” They look at the side to see a couple. The lover boy tells the lover girl that on her next birthday, he will give it to her. The lover girl points out that she wants that color, and it is very beautiful. Kira watches the couple who were lovey-dovey. Then, Kira says, “—by the way, it seems that I have not told you about my ailment. *clenching his t-shirt* It’s a problem with the chest[/heart?]. It is very painful every time it acts up that it makes me wonder if I will quickly die. You have to understand, Okamura, I cannot do that. *lover guy happily told lover girl that as a condition, she will be with him forever, and the girl happily says yes* Even if [I] fallen in love, it will only increase the sadness.” Nino immediately apologizes to him. Kira tells her that it is alright, for she didn’t have any malice in it. “—but, can you let me [alone to] calm down for a while?”

In her room, Nino is lying in bed. Sensei tells her not to be depressed. After a pause, Nino says that she isn’t [depressed], she is reflecting on her impulsive action. “But, I don’t know if this kind of end [of going out together] is really good.” Looking serious, Sensei says that in the end, it is still that guy’s fault for making Nino have that kind of praying expression and she wouldn’t have said those kind of words. To her surprise, Sensei exclaims that he is going to poop on the photo sticker. Quickly grabbing the photo, Nino exclaims that he cannot do that kind of thing. Sensei exclaims that it is because he is quite frustrated for he had never seen Nino have that kind of expression before. Nino looks at the photo sticker, and she looks surprised. While walking home, Kira looks at the sent message from Shitara Mio on his cellphone. He is surprised to see Nino running towards him. Then, Nino trips. ^^; Bending down to help her out, Kira asks what happened that she has to run. She tells him that she wants to see him because she still hasn’t told him. “Today, I really had fun. You had made me quite hyper and excited. I also kind of understand what you were telling me, meeting with a stranger like me. Look. *Kira looks surprised over the photo sticker and they are all happily posing in it* I think that it isn’t definite that it will only increase sadness. Because if you have fallen in love with someone, your heart will definitely be filled up, right?” Kira looks surprised and he sits down. He asks her if she came to look for him just to say these things. Nino exclaims yes. Then, Kira’s tears starts to fall down. Covering his face, he says that she is too pure, and it is troublesome. Nino apologizes to him. Leaning his head on her, Kira says, “Ya, but you can really talk.” He cries and happily hugs her. Nino hugs him back. Sensei angrily breaks up the two and says that is enough, and what’s with that ‘lean’ stuff. Kira says that he is annoying, and he better be careful else he’ll roast him. Sensei angrily shouts what he just said. Kira’s cellphone is peeking out of his pocket. Shitara Mio’s message to Kira was ‘Quickly come and see me’. Narration: “September 23rd. From that day on, I no longer look forward to [becoming] Sleeping Beauty. My heart [/innermost being] has already awakened. Generally, it is like I had been reborn because compared to the Little Mermaid, I felt that [romantic] love is more beautiful.”

 Scans by 離境漢化組.

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