January 22, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 37]

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Cover page: “From today on, these three people, Hinata∙Sou∙Anna’s progress is..!? Thank you everyone for the support for these past three years!!” Soon, it is July 29th, and it is already the rewarding ceremony of the Photo Koshien. Hinata and his group won second place. Anna happily looks on as Hinata and others accept the prize. Narration: “After so many things that had happened, the Photo Koshien competition has smoothly ended after three days. At the end, Hinata and others got the runner-up’s prize, while we got the ‘dare to fight’ reward.” At the building, where the contestants are taking a break, Chiaki sighs and says that ‘dare to fight reward’ is basically the same with ‘participation’ reward’. Anna tries to say something about that but Chiaki continues to say that she wished everyone would concentrate in the competition, and even if she has a lot of complaints, but she felt that everyone did their best. Nanoka comments that just as anticipated, Chiaki tends to have a grudge. Hinata lightly knocks Anna’s head and tells her, ‘Good job’. Anna congratulates him for getting the runner-up prize. She exclaims that the pictures of Hinata and others are amazing as if they were taken by professionals. At the side, Chiaki acts like a man when she says that it is amazing to be able to fight in this [competition], and Mari happily says that she is right. Aya and Nanoka look shock by this. [Ah, the two sensei acts like a couple? ^^;] Hinata tells Anna that he isn’t amazing but rather his senpai-s.. Short haired senpai interrupts by saying that he has good insight with photos, and it seems Tokura-kun clearly knows about it [that they are good]. Then, she tells her friend that she doesn’t have enough drinks so they should go get some. The long haired senpai sheepishly look at her friend. Anna and Hinata look speechless at the two as they leave. Aghast, Anna points to his senpai-s, and asks Hinata if those senpai are like that in normal days. After a pause, Hinata tells her that last year, his senpai-s also joined the competition last year, and they also won the runner-up prize. Anna says that it is amazing. Hinata says that they planned on bringing back to Tokyo the first prize this year so, right now, they are extremely unhappy about it. While muttering that it is already amazing to get runner-up prize, Anna says is that so. Hinata says yes.

After a pause, Anna asks him if he is going back to Tokyo. Hinata says yes. Looking disappointed, Anna says is that so. Hinata is somewhat surprised that he asks her what’s with that reaction. Anna says that she thought that since it is summer break, he is going to fly back home with her. Hinata tells her that is impossible because unfortunately, this is a club excursion. Anna says that since it is like that, she realized something.. “Hinata and I are in a long distance relationship!! It is only now that I’ve realized it!” After a pause, Hinata says that is right, he also just realized it now. Anna laments that she thought that they’ll spend the summer vacation together. Sweatdropping, Hinata tells her no, he’ll be back around Obon festival, and upon return, he plans to stay at that side until the end of summer vacation. Anna happily asks if that is true. Hinata tells her that as a homework, she would think of the things they’ll do [for fun]. Anna happily smiles and thinks that is great. Back in her hometown, Anna, Nanoka and Aya are hanging out together. Aya exclaims that it’s finally summer vacation, and it must have been lonely for Anna to not be able to see Hinata when they’ve started to go steady. Nanoka asks Anna if she has already thought of what to do. Anna exclaims that she had thought of a lot of things. “In the end, we have to go see the fireworks. Aside from the fireworks display, I would want to play with some handheld fireworks. And then, we’ll go to the pool or to the beach!! But, I want to slide down to the pool- And if we go to the pool, I won’t get tired of it even after sliding down ten times!! But, it is very hard to give up the beach’s piled up sand- Let me say that I really like being buried in the sand ♪ *Surprised Aya and Nanoka look at her speechlessly* But, we can also play with the inflatable pool at home, that is also so much fun..” Nanoka interrupts by saying that it feels that Anna is a little kid who is excited over some family vacation trip. Anna asks, huh. Nanoka emotes, “‘During vacation trip at some place, papa will accompany you guys!!’ ‘Wee- that’s great!’ *normal deadpan* It’s like that- Let me tell you that your ideas totally doesn’t have any romantic feeling. Right now, you are going on a date with your boyfriend, right? You’re not thinking of wanting to go to some place together with Nagase-kun, are you?”
Looking shock, Anna denies that she is thinking of that. Nanoka asks why she is getting tongue twisted over it. Anna insists that it is true, and swears by it. Nanoka looks at her in suspicion that Anna finally admits that she did thought that it would be nice if the three of them can be together during the fireworks display, just like before. “Hinata said, ‘The two of us will go this year’, but I still think that isn’t what he truly thinks.. Ah, but I know that it is impossible. First of all, I still have not made up with Sou..” Nanoka says that of course, this isn’t about her making up with Sou. Aya says that even if it is Sou who helped them in going steady, she feels that Anna should clearly differentiate that if her feelings with Sou is too good, Hinata would also get jealous. Anna asks about Hinata being jealous..she couldn’t imagine it. Aya happily says that of course, since Hinata is the boyfriend, and the times for the two of them to be alone is comparatively more important than anything else, so she ought to properly cherish it. “First, we have to set the mood. I think that you should write a message to the other party that you eagerly anticipate the time when you’ll go out together. This will lift up the spirits.” Anna looks surprised and says, is that so. Nanoka suggests that Anna tries it out. Showing them what she has written, Anna asks if it is like this. Anna’s message: “I’ve already thought of the places where I want to go. (panda bear; light bulb) Thinking of the dates, in the end, we should go to the fireworks display first (sparkles) I eagerly anticipate it. (star; heart avatar)” Nanoka exclaims, “That won’t do!! Give your cellphone to Nanoka!! *takes Anna’s cellphone* Haven’t you been listening to Aya-chan!?” Nanoka’s message: “On the first date, I hope to be alone with you, Hinata, in watching the fireworks together. At one side, looking up the sky filled with fireworks. *insert imagination scene of Hinata and Anna looking at the fireworks* And, at the other side, deepening my love for you, more than before.. That is what I’m thinking, our love’s flower bud is blooming.” Looking aghast at her cellphone, Anna exclaims, “No no no, this won’t do at all!! I’ll definitely be laughed at. What’s with this love’s flower bud!! Even more than being laughed at, this is very scary[/shocking]!!” To Anna’s horror, Nanoka tells her that she had already sent that message to Hinata-kun. “I’m sorry ☆ =P but couples that started to go steady would send this kind of message, right!?”
Nanoka shows it to Aya who just mutters ya, and she really sent the message. Aya sweatdrops as crying Anna hits Nanoka’s head and shouts, “Stupid stupid stupid, Nanoka you’re stupid- (cries)!!! If you, Nanoka go steady with Kazami-kun, I’ll also make you send a message like that!!” Flustered Nanoka exclaims in surprise and asks what kind of analogy is that, for it is impossible for her and Hinata [to become a couple]. Anna cries and asks what she should do now. Nanoka tells her to relax, for Hinata will immediately reply back. Meanwhile, in Hinata’s school, Hinata is in his art class. He is talking on the phone. The other party on the line says, “Even if it is very good that you are having fun at school but how come you are coming back, only when it’s Obon Festival. I want to see you earlier~~~~” Hinata says that he told her before that he has to finish his school work, and there are a lot of [art] instruments in school so it is more convenient. The other party says, “Poo--” Hinata says that it is useless even if she [says] ‘poo--’. “I’ll go home if I finish earlier than the Obon Festival, and that’s how it is.” After hanging up, Hinata’s classmate asks if it is his girlfriend. Hinata says no, it is his mother. Then, the classmate looks aghast-surprised. Then, the PA [public announcement] system calls out for first year, art section Tokura Hinata, to quickly please go to the faculty room.” His classmate says that it is calling for him, what did Hinata do. Puzzled, Hinata wonders what’s going on. Later on, Anna is sitting in the living room. She is watching the television on today’s horoscopes, and the last one to be mentioned is Pisces. “Be careful of a small [text] message for it will develop into a crisis! The other party’s heart might go far away from you. You can still remedy it by resolving the misunderstanding beforehand. Your lucky item is chewing gum ☆” The news program shows that it is 7:59am. The male reporter says that Pisces people should definitely go buy a chewing gum. The female reporter agrees with him. “Then, hope everyone have a beautiful day.”
Anna looks really aghast and speechless. <- [she is] Pisces. It has been three days since she sent that message to Hinata and there has been no answer. “And, until now, there is still no reply.. Wah—(cries)!!! He has definitely been scared off by that message. *Imagines aghast Hinata saying that message is too much* In the end, I should have immediately sent a message to correct it!! It is now already too late. *takes cellphone* There’s no way for me to keep on waiting for his reply. Even if I’m very afraid, but I should straightforwardly call and talk with Hinata. *the other line rings for a long time* No answer. *hangs up phone* What am I to do, should I send another message? But if this time around, he still doesn’t reply.. *aghast and teary-eyed* I have no way of surviving [it]..” Anna suddenly rushes out of the house. Her mother asks her where she is going. Anna exclaims that she is going to buy chewing gum. Anna thinks that today’s lucky item is chewing gum. “After buying the chewing gum, I’ll hold on to it as a good sign and then, send that text message to Hinata!!” At the hallway, Sou is startled when Anna suddenly came out of her apartment. Sou says that she frightened him to death and what’s going on that she’s so energetic in the morning. To Sou’s surprise, Anna says, “Sou.. *crying* Wah..what am I to do, I had scared off Hinata-!!!” Sou sweatdrops and asks her what happened. Anna tells him that she has sent a joke-type of message to Hinata three days ago, but there has been no answer. “He also doesn’t answer my calls (cries)” Sou asks her what message she sent, and let him see it. Flustered Anna exclaims, “No way! I absolutely cannot show it to you!! If I were to let you see it, I’ll be too embarrassed to death!!” Sou takes out his cellphone and tells Anna that it takes a very serious[/grave] thing to scare off[/shock] Hinata, and it ought to be pretty tremendous. While Sou calls Hinata, Anna is surprised that she can talk with Sou normally, and is this okay. Anna blushes a bit. Sou tells Anna that Hinata isn’t answering the phone. He sighs and says that since it is early in the morning, maybe Hinata is still sleeping, so sending a message is out of the question. Sou takes out a pack of chewing gum from his pocket, and chews a stick. Anna looks surprised over this that Sou asks what is it. Anna says that it is nothing,[but] about that..
Sou asks her if she wants some chewing gum. Anna says yes. When Sou holds out a stick, Anna thanks him. To her surprise, Sou suddenly holds it up, away from her. While Anna is gloomily irritated by that, mischievous Sou tells her that they have already agreed on it, so don’t get angry anymore, he’ll give it to her. While Sou is smiling over that, Anna holds the chewing gum and thinks, “What is this. Why is it that Sou is acting quite normal. *smiles* And it is a bit way too normal.” Then, Sou says, “By the way.. Yesterday, when I called Hinata, he also wasn’t answering it. *Anna looks surprised* Usually, if he didn’t answer it, he will call me back later in the day..” Then, it seems that Sou has realized something that he starts calling someone on the phone again. Anna asks him if he is calling Hinata again. Sou says no, he is calling Mashiro. Mashiro answers the phone and asks what’s up for the sudden call. Sou asks him if Hinata went to his house. Sou darkly smacks his lips [tsk] when Mashiro says that Hinata didn’t come. Sou looks surprised when Mashiro continues to say, “I should say, right now is a very disastrous [serious] time, so how could Hinata come and hang out in my house.” Sou asks him what he meant by disastrous time. “What had happened to Hinata?” Anna starts to look worried. Mashiro says, “Could it be that you haven’t heard about it?” Anna asks Sou what happened and what did Mashiro say. Mashiro says, “Ah, I’m also not quite clear on the details of the situation.. [but] it seems that Hinata has quit [expel/drop out of] school.” Anna looks nervous when tense Sou repeats, “Quit school..!?” At Hinata’s school, some students ask if they had seen that picture. Another student says that they did. A girl says that she really likes Hinata but this is truly too much. A boy says that before, he thought that Hinata’s relationship with that teacher [Mari] is abnormally good, and he didn’t think that they had a relationship. Someone says, ‘gross-’. At the faculty room, the teachers are looking at the computer of what seems to be 4 pictures of Mari going to Hinata. One picture is that night when she went to see Hinata (and Anna), and the other picture is when Mari cried on Hinata when he (and Anna) looked for her during the Photo Koshien. One teacher says that the pictures seem to be uploaded in the school’s computer, and right now, it is quite chaotic. “And it seems that the other party is Kobayashi-sensei, right?” [<- This page notes that it is 2pm so this timeline is off, but it is page 30 of the chapter, before Sou learns about Hinata quitting school.]
Scans by all★wink汉化组.


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