January 22, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Beni and Mashiro's Side Stories]

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Beni’s Side Story: Beni is walking with her two friends. They tell her that her cellphone strap is cute. Beni says that it’s quite good and it is.. She notices Sou walking in the same street that she quickly waves at him, and calls his name. Sou doesn’t look happy to see Beni. Beni happily tells him that it must be fate that she coincidentally met up with him. She asks him if he is going home, and does he want to walk together. Sou refuses. Beni says that it is alright, anyway, they live in the same apartment. Sou says that he is going to meet with someone, and kids should go home together with kids. Then, his phone rings so Sou answers it. Sou bids goodbye to pouting Beni. While Sou walking away, he tells the other party that he will be there soon. Beni’s friend asks her if that is the guy she likes, and what does she like about him. The other friend says that he is indeed handsome but he has a cold-hearted attitude, that he seems scary. Beni looks at Sou’s cellphone and it has the cellphone strap that she gave him before on his birthday. [<- Chapter 5] Beni tells them that what she likes about Sou..is a secret♥♥♥ because if she tells them, everyone would like him♪ This puzzles the others. The end. From the present chapter 37, Sou no longer has that cellphone strap on his cellphone. I wonder if Beni still has a one-sided crush on him.

Mashiro’s Side Story: This one is from what happened in chapter 14, when Mashiro accompanies Sou and Anna to go see Hinata in Tokyo. At the highway, Anna asks about Mashiro not meeting up with Rin, Sou’s sister. Mashiro looks nervous. Sou says that is right, compared to them, Rin ought to be his childhood friend, and they are born in the same year. There is a chart showing that Rin and Mashiro are born in the same year. Then, it is Sou, Anna and Hinata. Then, last, is Beni. Mashiro nervously says, “Rin..she..” Flashback: Mashiro is hanging out in his room with his friends. One of his friends held a letter and exclaimed that it is amazing, that someone still writes a love letter at this age. He liked it because it is more feminine rather than just sending a text message. Mashiro took the letter and told him not to read it for it will betray the girl’s striving hard to get courage [to give this]. Another friend said that he is pretending. The other friend said that Mashiro would once again pretend to understand the feelings of the other party, and make that girl be filled with anticipation, even if he doesn’t want to go steady with anyone. Folding the letter, Mashiro said, ‘even so ♪’ Mashiro is 15 years old then. He likes girls especially girls who like him but he hates being hold down that he doesn’t want to have a girlfriend. Lying down on his bed, Mashiro said that another way of saying it is, he admires girls that he couldn’t refuse them, and all girls are valuable and cute darlings. One of his friends said that it isn’t so. They talked about two beautiful girls who can be their girlfriends but they like Mashiro. One of the guys exclaims that there is still Nagase Rin, who is very beautiful. This surprises Mashiro. They asked him if Rin has not confessed to him. Thinking that even if they are childhood friends [she has not], Mashiro said ya. One of his friends said that Rin isn’t the type of girl who likes Mashiro. Rin gives an aura of ‘guys are all stupid and boring’, and she must have equated ‘Mashiro’ as an arrogant guy. In short, she isn’t like those other girls. Mashiro admitted that he doesn’t like that kind of girl who is not cute at all. His three friends exclaimed that they aren’t forcing him, Rin is just different. Then, they joked around about making a bet of making Rin confess to Mashiro. If Mashiro is able to do it, one of his friends will run around the school in his underwear. The other one will wear a bra, and the other one will run naked.

Soon, he bade goodbye to his friends. Mashiro thought that he doesn’t want to gamble using girls, but the other party is Rin, his childhood friend, and he just wants to pass time so there is no harm in going steady with her a bit. That is right, he always felt empty. He likes girls or logically saying, girls’ love and admiration for him makes him feel satisfied. Young Beni called out to him and told him to chase after Rin, only if he seriously likes her or else, their mother would scold him. Mashiro is irritated that Beni eavesdropped on their conversation. Mashiro told Beni to shut up, and a long tongued brat should just go to sleep. So, Beni whined to their mother that Mashiro is bullying her. The next day, Mashiro waited for Rin to come out of the apartment building, and said that they go to school together. Mashiro wondered why Rin looked surprised when they used to go to school together..when they were kids. Pointing at Rin, Mashiro asked if it has been a long time since they talked to each other. Mashiro laughed it off that it is true, they haven’t been talking to each other. “How long has it been?” Rin replied that ever since girls had been praising him to high heavens that he lost his senses. Mashiro froze as Rin walked away. Mashiro wonders if this is how it is, when they used to be close before, so she has changed. Mashiro told her that he is just being praised, and she is also quite popular with guys. Rin said that she isn’t interested in guys, and it is meaningless if it isn’t someone whom she likes. Mashiro asked her if she likes someone. Rin blushed and exclaimed that it doesn’t concern him, and that thing fundamentally doesn’t matter. As Rin turned around and walked ahead again, Mashiro thought that it is surprising that Rin actually likes someone. Later on, Mashiro would always walk to school together with Rin, and this is noticed by everyone. They also noticed that he would always talk with her that they wonder if their relationship has always been this good. Mashiro would ask Rin to lend her notes, and he would wave at her when she has PE class. The girls wondered if Rin is his true love because Mashiro won’t go steady with other girls who like him. While working in the library, Rin looked a bit irritated at Mashiro who happily asked if he can’t talk with her. He then told her about a ‘tuna belly’ he found, and they look out the window which made Rin laugh. Mashiro thought that he has always been with Rin these past few days, and she hasn’t changed at all, acting cold but suddenly she laughed. He didn’t imagine that Rin had changed and become.. To Mashiro’s surprise, he is reaching out his hand to her. Mashiro laughed it off and pats her head to say that there is dust on her head. After looking a bit serious, Rin thanked him and walked away by saying that she still has things to finish. Mashiro wondered what he was doing when there is no dust on her head. Rin is blushing as she hold her hair where Mashiro touched it.

One day, Mashiro happily greeted her a good morning but Rin didn’t react and just lamely greeted him back. Mashiro wonder why she looked dispirited and she looked pale. While climbing upstairs in school, he is about to call her when Rin lost her footing and fell. At the clinic, Mashiro helped Rin treat her bump on the forehead. She had fell on top of Mashiro but her head somewhat still hit the floor. After apologizing, Mashiro lightly lifted her hair and mentioned that she is acting strange today, and it seems that she is listless. Rin said that it isn’t so, but rather, lately, she is quite spirited because he finally talked with her. This surprises Mashiro. Rin told him that when they were in the elementary, he suddenly stopped talking to her and going to school with her. So that day when he waited for her downstairs, she was quite shock and happy about it. “Because, I like you..” Then, upon seeing his reflection in Rin’s eyes, Mashiro had a sudden urge to touch her. He touches her face and kisses her. He is surprised when Rin asked, “Are you satisfied now? Beni had specially come to tell me that you and your friends had a bet, whether I will confess to you. What did you bet? Is it money? You think that you’re really something, who can kiss any girl who likes you, right?” Mashiro exclaimed that it isn’t so. “No, it’s true that I made a bet with my friends. *Rin took her bag to leave* But, my feelings for you..” He grabbed Rin’s arm to stop her from leaving. Rin coldly tell him not to touch her, and do not talk with her ever again. “I really hate you!” After Rin left, Mashiro fell face down on the bed in the clinic. He gloomily thought that it was bad, for Rin knew. “When did she know about it? Does she ‘like me’ or ‘hate me’? At that time [kiss], why didn’t she avoid it?” Standing outside the clinic, Rin is crying. End flashback. Mashiro gloomily thinks that it is very painful upon remembering his dark past. Anna happily asks him what it is but Mashiro says that it is a secret but what he can reveal is ‘it is darkest beneath the lighthouse’. [<- Out in the open, under the proverbial lighthouse, there is always the risk of missing the obvious in close and plain view. Source: Freelibrary.com] Sou sweatdrops when Anna asks him what that meant. Mashiro smiles at them and says, “It means for you three, Sou, Anna and Hinata, to get along with each other.” Anna looks surprised. Mashiro says, “And one other thing, Beni, that girl, is really annoying. And really, there’s no need to be that nice to her.” Speechless Sou and Anna sweatdropped over that.

Scans by ifilove1314 for baidu

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