January 22, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 61]

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Cover page: “The me who simply SMILES At YOUR side, it would be nice if I could only RETURN to that TIME when [I] don’t know anything at all.” In the living room, Misao is snuggling to Kyo. Then, Kensuke enters the room. Misao thinks that they are at the White Snake’s residence, a clan known for using poisons. Kensuke tells them that he was surprised by the visit, and it would be good if they called first..but then, if they did, they wouldn’t have come at this time [late at night]. Kensuke asks Kyo what happened that is so urgent, and surely, it has something to do with Misao. Kyo says that he thinks that Kensuke can sense that Misao is pregnant. Kensuke says is that what this different feeling emitting from Misao is. He congratulates Misao. To Kensuke’s surprise, Kyo says that congratulation is worthless because if Misao gives birth, she’ll die. Kyo tells him that they’ve read the ending of the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’, and to fear of the Kuzunoha ancestor, it is quite unexpected for the Immortal Fruit to suddenly die upon giving birth, so at that time, they weren’t able to adopt any countermeasures. Kyo corrects himself that no, until now, they do not know if there is a way of stopping that from happened. “Misao, can’t give birth to this child.” Kensuke nervously asks if he is asking him about aborticide. Irked, Kyo says that he knows that this is irrational and cowardly but for him, there is nothing that can replace Misao’s life. “You also don’t want her to die, without a concern, right..!” Kensuke looks flustered that Kyo apologizes. Then, Kensuke asks Misao what she thinks of this, does she think that this is okay. Misao looks flustered then she bends over to hug her belly and apologize. Kyo exclaims that he persuaded Misao, and she doesn’t agree to this. Kensuke exclaims what persuade, and is he unaware of the situation. Kyo shouts at Kensuke and slaps on the table. “..It doesn’t matter!” Kensuke keeps quiet and looks aside. He tells them that he’ll answer them honestly, he is afraid that it cannot be aborted using drugs. Kyo is surprised by this. Kensuke says that even if there is an aborticide, they don’t know if it has an effect on the Immortal Fruit, and the Immortal Fruit’s child. He also tells Kyo that if he makes new medicine, who would test it, and if it is tested on Misao, he won’t be able to predict what change it will cause on her. “I am not beating around the bush. *trembles while gripping his kimono* I really do not know because as anyone else would say, the Immortal Fruit is an unknown living creature!”

Kyo curses in frustration. Kensuke asks if there is any other method that he has thought of. Kyo says that what’s left is to surrender the child. With blank eyes, Misao wonders if they are now going to look for Raikoh. Kyo apologizes for intruding in the middle of the night. He prepares to leave with Misao. While following Kyo, Misao wonders if it is okay for her to continue following Kyo like this, and if she doesn’t do something, she’ll lose her life and Kyo. “But then, if we were to abandon this child, can we really go back to the life we used to live? The price to be paid, is it really only this child--..?” Kensuke suddenly blows a poison needle at the back of Kyo’s neck that he kneels down on the floor. While Misao asks Kyo if he is alright, Kensuke tells Kyo not to recklessly move. To Kyo’s frustration, Kensuke grabs Misao to him. While pinning her to the wall, he hugs her tight. Flustered Misao exclaims what he is doing, and to stop. Kensuke asks her if she doesn’t want to, and if it is someone other than Kyo, she doesn’t want to be treated that way. Misao is surprised by this. Blushing Kensuke lets her go and apologizes. He asks her once again, if this is okay with her. He advises her to think about it again as to what will happen if the child in her belly is no longer there, because what path to take afterwards is something only Misao can determine. “Can you do that!?” Misao looks surprised and flustered. Then, Kensuke gives Kyo that antidote and apologizes for what he did but, Kyo makes a lot of mistakes[/not careful]. Kyo just angrily grabs the antidote. Misao starts to think what will happen if the child is gone. Watching the couple leave, Kensuke says that he didn’t thought that he can still see Misao again..not wanting to see, and cannot see her again.. He seemed to cry as he mutters Misao’s name. In midair, Misao tries to tell Kyo to wait but Kyo tells her not to move around. Then, Kyo’s hand slip that Misao starts to fall down. Kyo immediately catches her and they land safely on the ground. He scolds her as to what she is doing. Suddenly, Sagami and others surround them. Sagami tells Kyo that they knew this is something that Kyo will do that all of them were watching them, though they weren’t able to follow him in the White Snake’s residence. Kyo shouts for them to go back but Sagami refuses. Kyo immediately takes Misao with him and tries to make a run for it. Sagami and others try to chase after them but to their surprise, Kyo attacks them. Even the kids are thrown back that Misao shouts for Kyo to stop, and does he know what he is doing. Kyo attacks Sagami who stands in front of him but Sagami didn’t dodge so his forehead is bleeding. Kyo feels guilty for doing that. Kyo is taken aback when Sagami tells him that even if he sacrifices his own life, he will still stop Kyo.
Kyo falls on his knees and asks Ryo/Sagami to treat it as if they haven’t seen them and surely Ryo knows that the only thing that he longed for, until now, is only one and the same. Misao hugs Kyo’s back. Sagami asks if he thinks that he will treat it as something he hasn’t seen, but rather, he will go together with them. Sagami says that he has no way of refusing if Kyo called him by that name [Ryo], and he had served him for more than 10 years. He tells Kyo that he is well-aware of his deep feelings for Misao, during all those years that he has accompanied him. “My-- My master is only Kyo-sama, I will go together with you.” Then, Houki says that he is the same with his brother, he’ll go with Kyo. The kids exclaim that it is the same with them, for they cannot serve any other person than Kyo. Kyo and Misao are touched by what they’ve said. Sagami says that they are still young, and their parents.. Tarou exclaims that their parents ignore them after their younger sister was born, and don’t treat them like burdens. Buzen says that he is going back to the village for he only works for the ‘main family’, and if Kyo isn’t up to task for this, then fire him as ‘Buzen’. Zenki says that it is the same with him, and in this situation, obeying a bit or more, he will treat it as something he hasn’t seen but, he won’t go together with them, he’ll go back to the village by foot. Then, Kyo slightly bows to his loyal followers. Misao looks at everyone’s expression and wonders why it is all the same expression, the ones who is leaving [home], and the ones going [home]. “They are pretty much looking at the same direction--” Misao remembers Kensuke asking her what will happen if the baby is gone, does she agree to this and being treated like that, other than Kyo. She also remembers Tarou and others shout about their parents ignoring their existence. She remembers Sagami saying before that he won’t let Kyo fall down from the seat as the head[of the clan], and Kyo shouting that it doesn’t matter. She remembers again Kensuke asking if that is okay with her. Misao thinks, “No[/Cannot be]”. After his head wound is bandaged, Sagami asks what Kensuke said. Kyo tells them that they cannot depend on the medicine and he’ll go see Raikoh. Just before they all prepare to depart, Misao tells them to wait. They all turn to Misao who is hugging her belly. Misao says, “I won’t go. I’ll give.. I’ll give birth to this child..!!” Everyone looks surprised. Blurb: “Misao has resolved to sacrifice herself and give birth to the child. After hearing this decision, Kyo and the eight daitengu will..!?”
Scans by 水银工作室.

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