January 8, 2012

Skip Beat! [Chapter 184]

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Flashback: The American[?] taunted that God is perplexed by Kuon’s life. Is he an American, a Russian, or a Japanese? A greedy God’s mixture to bring forth something that doesn’t seem like human. –no, he can no longer be called human, since his existence makes them, humans, feel unhappy. “You are an ugly oddity.” Kuon stared back at him. End flashback. Murasame is already at the edge of the building structure as he struggles from BJ’s suffocating strangle. A woman exclaims that they will really fall down. One of the staff shouts for Cain to calm down and let Murasame go. Someone is already shouting to get the safety net. While they are fussing about that, the director is freaking out that Ren is doing things up to this extent, and what is he thinking. The others are scared when another woman exclaims that they should first stop that violent foreigner. Murasame thinks that it is bad for he can’t keep this up, and if he wants to die, then he’ll use Cain as a fallguy[/he'll get him to die with him]. Murasame grabs Cain’s cloak and throws both of them down. Everyone freaks out because the safety net/canvas can’t carry two people. Setsuka shouts something and Cain snaps out of it. He finds himself falling down and there are freaking out onlookers below. Murasame falls down on the safety net. While the others seem to want to catch Cain, Cain has already smoothly landed with both feet on the ground. While Cain still looks stunned, the others are amazed at how Cain was able to do that after falling down from a high place, as if it is in some anime, but then, it is because he used Murasame for the [opposite] force. The others are attending to Murasame who is coughing. They tell him to breathe deeply.

Then, Setsuka calls out to Cain if he is alright. He looks up to Setsuka. He is surprised when Setsuka pats his head. She smiles and tells him that pose is quite good/he's amazingly cool. She starts saying that she actually didn’t anticipate much, over this special make-up since Japanese skill/technology for it isn’t that good. But, she is quite surprised that it looks real. Pointing to his face, Setsuka says that the peeling of the skin there is really amazing. Then, Setsuka takes out her cellphone and starts taking his picture. She says that it is a rare opportunity to see him like that. ^^; Cain asks if she is a policeman taking identity/mug shots, please don’t take these bad taste pictures. Setsuka tells him to be good, and don’t move. While they continue on like that, the others wonder what’s up with those two, since they are at ease, at a situation like this. They wonder out loud if Setsuka is oblivious over how serious the mood was in the set, and she only looks at her brother. It makes the others think that the two aren’t earthlings/people from this world. Soon, Murasame has recovered and tells the others that he is fine. He apologizes for acting in random again. They tell him that he isn’t to blame, for the root of the matter, is to blame the other side so he didn’t do anything wrong. Murasame didn’t reply back. He thinks that before, there are times when he felt that guy’s ‘vicious chi/aura’ but he always didn’t take it seriously and just dismiss it as ‘playing around’ or a kind of ‘enjoying at ease’ [<- when BJ smiled] but right now, he [Murasame] clearly knows--

Murasame tells the others that he thinks that he generally had stepped on... They are puzzled by what he said as Murasame looks at the Heel siblings. Mursame continues to say, ‘that guy’s landmine’. Murasame thinks that Kain’s ‘vicious chi’ today is a ‘violent killing intent’. In the dressing room, Setsuka pours a drink. Cain asks her if she isn’t going to ask him. They look at each other and Setsuka asks, ask what. Cain says about how come he would do that to Murasame. Setsuka says that she isn’t interested to know, and she knows even without guessing. Setsuka says that Murasame definitely did something again that pissed him off. Putting a straw in the drink, Setsuka tells him to drink that way since there is make-up on his lips. He just looks at her that she tells him to just suck it and it would be okay. Cain apologizes and takes the drink. While pouring another drink, Setsuka admits that she had a cold sweat for a second when Murasame pulled him down. She says that even if she knows of his capability and he’ll live by using Murasame as a cushion, but she unconsciously called out to him. After thinking of that moment, Cain says that he heard that voice. She asks, really. He says that it is a voice coming from the nose. ^^; She comments that his hearing is still quite sharp. Cain tells her that because of her voice, a life is saved [/it is a lifesaver?]. He looks at Setsuka and says, “Thank you.” Setsuka looks surprised and smiles. Ren thinks that once again, this girl’s voice has saved him. Before, she exclaimed “Don’t kill someone/him”, when he is about to punch those guys who tried to hit on Setsuka. And this time around, she shouted, “Brother!!!”

This from baidu’s 无尽空寂 translation and scans by 歌留多_影.

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