January 8, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 28]

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Cover page: “For you, the thing I can do now is--” At Hakuyou kingdom, the flowers had started to bloom, and it is almost time for the Spring Banquet. Happily watching the others in the government affairs building, Yuulin thinks that everyone is now on the last stage of preparations. “Or how should I say this, the two people in charge would quarrel at one side, and work together at the other side. *Houen and Suigetsu’s mutual hate each other made them many times efficient at work* Even if that thing still makes me feel uneasy. *suspicious letter circulating and the mysterious official’s prediction* But if only, everyone work together for the common goal, the Spring Banquet will definitely be a success! I really anticipate for that day to come!” Narration: “—but it is quite regretful for the difficulty that is confronting me is not only these things.” At the harem, with a blank look, Yuulin points to herself and says, “I’m to stay behind and take care of things?” Jun tells her that the correct way to say it, is ‘basically, always stay behind at the harem’. “As a low ranking Queen consort, you would show yourself at the end of the banquet. And, it is already night by the time the banquet ends. During daytime, you will always be staying at the building where people congregate [/meeting place]. Our banquet will start in the morning. *Yuulin looks blank* But, from here, you can also appreciate the flowers. So please properly appreciate the beauty of the flowers, all by yourself.” Narration: “..how can this be.” At the harem, Reishou apologizes to Yuulin and says that he also asked them to let her stay longer at the banquet but it can’t be done. Chibi Jun says, ‘No!’. Sitting on the chair, Yuulin gloomily says, “Is that so--” She thinks that she will appreciate the flowers all by herself, all alone. Nervous Reishou quickly says, “But, honestly speaking, I don’t want you to attend this banquet. The people surrounding me are all scary old geezer. And, you’ll have to socialize with them the whole day, that I think it is quite tiring for you, Yuulin. You would have no way of watching the performance properly. You can’t even yawn. So, this time around, just be patient [and bear with this]. If you want to see the performance, you can wait for it to end, then I’ll call them at the outer [/entrance] palace, to perform for you.”

Yuulin tells him that it is okay, for this is the duty of a temporary bride. “It is truly regrettable that I wasn’t able to participate in the banquet, but, if it was able to make Your Majesty happy, then I feel that everyone’s goal has been achieved. *smiles; Reishou looks really flustered-guilty* Please, Your Majesty, you should definitely enjoy it, together with my share. Ah! You cannot bring out the Wolf King, else they would be frightened! Because this is a festival.” Reishou just looks nervous. Narration: “Ah ah.. But, I’m still a bit frustrated.. According to my anticipation, at the end of the banquet, I still want to be with everyone from the government affairs building, in busy excitement... *Yuulin watching everyone at work* That way, there will definitely a blossoming friendship between those two. *Imagination: Houen tells Suigetsu that he’s not bad at all. Suigetsu replies, you too.* I really want to see it with my own eyes...” Suddenly, Houen has a bad chill and he mentions this out loud. Suigetsu asks him if he wants to leave early. Houen angrily tells him that he’s the one who wanted that. Narration: “Even if I’m not around, they are all quite talented, so it is alright. The thing that I can do is only up to this point. What’s left is, showing myself at the end of the banquet, and I have to do my best in practicing the walk.” Yuulin looks gloomy after remembering Jun telling her that her level [of walking] is no good. At some other room, Dai says that Yuulin is really pitiful, when she obviously had been striving hard and in the end, she has been left aside. “How can that be? Is it because of that strange document?” Reishou tells him that is just a nonsense practical joke with no direction relation to this but, according to Jun, the Queen consort possesses ‘political influence’ and it is good to avoid arousing suspicion. Dai laughs and says that Yuulin is really pitiful since that is the reason why she has been kept far away from the official activity, and she wasn’t even reward [for her efforts]. Reishou says that it is really pitiful but this is not some place where everyone had the mood of friendly relations, and that is a fact. “The rough idea of the banquet that she imagined, suits her more.” Dai just goes =3 and thinks ‘ho ho’. Narration: “--and things progressed smoothly, as time passes by.. The Spring Banquet, starts.” At the Hakui Garden’s En Pavilion, Yuulin blushes over Reishou’s gorgeous outfit. Touching her chin, Reishou tells her that he will be going ahead for the banquet. “I’ll wait for you and we’ll admire the flowers together.” Somewhat sad, Yuulin says, “—yes, Your Majesty.” She thinks that it can’t be helped for this is her duty. “—actually, I think that even if it is only a little while, I also want to admire the flowers with you..”
Later on, Yuulin is surprised that she is wearing a servant’s outfit with glasses. Sweatdropping, Yuulin asks what this is about. While Gen is sighing, Dai happily asks what she is saying, what that is, of course, it is to disguise her as a lowly attendant. “It’s so fun-- Like that, you can look and walk around. *Yuulin exclaims, ha* It’s alright, it’s alright, I’ve already got Li Jun’s consent. *Chibi Jun tells Dai that they should quickly come back, and he already prepared the clothes and paperwork[/credentials]* The scale of the banquet is huge, there are so many people, and they will also be drinking, so you won’t be exposed, don’t worry-- *flustered Yuulin tries to protest* Didn’t you also want to attend that banquet? Don’t be too conscientious. By the way, you’ll always be idle until nightfall so it’s alright for you to walk around outside. Didn’t you want to see it? The Spring Banquet.” Outside, the flowers are in full bloom with Chinese lanterns hanging on the trees. There are musicians near the river where the officials sit and drink on a laid out carpet. Yuulin and Dai are carrying drinks in a tray. Looking around, blushing Yuulin says that it is so beautiful, and the courtyard has transformed to a gathering place. The officials are grouped together by status and deployment. Dai tells her that it is more gorgeous at the place where the higher officials are. “If we go here, we can secretly see it. Don’t you want to see His Majesty?” Yuulin thinks that she does want to see it but.. Yuulin asks Dai that didn’t they get Reishou’s permission. Dai tells her that Reishou is simply over protective with her [Queen Consort], and because he specially treasures her, she doesn’t know anything [that is going on]. Yuulin thinks that ‘my work is up to here’, she felt that she is being restricted up to that point. At a cliff overlooking the place, Dai says that Reishou said that he thinks that this kind of place doesn’t have any benefit for her, so he doesn’t want her to see something. “I’ve used a small trick so that you can survey the scene from this elevated position. I really love to meddle in other people’s business.” Yuulin wonders, “What is it that His Majesty doesn’t want me to see?” While looking out to where Reishou is, Dai thinks that anyway, this time around, even if it is a ‘Banquet’ in name, he’s afraid that those old geezers are locked in constant strife at His Majesty’s side. Dai exclaims, that he sees it. Dai thiks that he also understands the reason why Reishou doesn’t want Yuulin to see that kind of thing.. Then,Dai and Yuulin look surprised. At the center, Reishou is being served wine by beautiful ladies. Yuulin freaks out and shouts, “What-!? *trembles* What is that?” Dai looks nervous and mutters, what. Trembling Yuulin says, “Making the Consort stay at the palace and he, himself is doing..?” Dai says, “That’s right! What is going on- How baffling- (Your Majesty, no way!)” Yuulin gloomily mutters, “Is that what His Majesty doesn’t want to let me see? Ah, ha..so that’s it.” Really nervous and aghast Dai thinks, “I.. might be beheaded by His Majesty, because of this.. Bad timing..”
Below, Houen furiously calls out to Suigetsu and exclaims what is going on. “There’s a lot of those disgusting ladies at His Majesty’s side!” Suigetsu tells him that there is nothing strange with dancing ladies pouring wine for His Majesty, and how could he say that is disgusting. Houen angrily shouts that this is a solemn gathering and the heck he is doing. Suigetsu tells him that it is a banquet. “—but honestly, it is a bit strange. I don’t remember having this kind of arrangement. There’s really no taste [/style]. Ah ah, I really hate it.. His Majesty is really scary, quite scary than he usually is, I really want to go home.. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow..” Houen angrily shouts for him to quit talking nonsense and quickly handle this for that area is under his supervision. A couple of guys are quietly looking at them. Somewhere else, Dai apologizes to Yuulin for he didn’t thought that [is what she’ll see]. Yuulin sadly says that it is alright, she can really understand this. Dai replies, “No, even if you understand, I’m also at a pinch.. You stay there for a while, and I’ll go get you something to drink.” Gloomy Yuulin thinks, “So that’s how it is-- The Wolf King in the banquet is like that.. Making the temporary bride stay and take care of things at the palace, hmph- and even saying happily having fun-- Who would have thought! *agitated* What’s the meaning of that! Even appearing like he isn’t interested at all about the banquet! *Chibi Reishou tensely tells her that he doesn’t want her to attend it* Simply, treated me like a fool-- Speaking of that, I don’t have the right to be angry! *looks up and sees the mysterious official* --huh? Just now.. Is that the guy with an ominous prediction..? *starts to follow him* After knowing that prediction, I had been in a complete mess. He is under whom? I also don’t know.. But, if I don’t quickly return, Kou Dai will be worried. *place where there are a lot of carriages and containers* I’m at a place where they left the things. *looks around* This is bad! I’m lost.” Suddenly someone grabs her hand and pulls her to the side. With her mouth being covered, Yuulin looks up to see that it is Reishou who asks, “Do you exist just to give me a fright?” Yuulin blushes and asks him why he is there, what about the banquet. Reishou tells her that there is a program intermission [while Houen and Suigetsu are discussing/fixing things]. “Why are you here? Is this Kou Dai’s idea? *Chibi Dai looks nervous.* --you’ve dressed up quite cute..” Yuulin blushes and thinks what he is saying, when just now, he is surrounded by beautiful ladies. Trying to free herself from Reishou’s grasp, Yuulin thanks him for noticing that. “Please let me go, I’m going back.” To her shock, Reishou pulls her to him and asks why she is angry. Yuulin thinks, what’s up with this guy. Reishou tells her that even if he knows that it isn’t quite good to leave her at the palace but..
Yuulin exclaims, “No! I’m not angry! Please let me go! *teary-eyed* I.. If I’m at your side, you can’t be happy! (let me go~~) Later on, I’ll just be good and stay at the palace, so you can relax!” Puzzled Reishou asks her how can he be happy without her by his side. Yuulin thinks that he is lying, when he is obviously a womanizer. Reishou is puzzled when Yuulin struggles to free herself and exclaims for him not to say such things anymore, and she knows that he also have a lot of difficulties. Reishou holds her face to him and says, “If you don’t tell me why you are this angry, then I’ll always keep on asking. For me, this is more important than attending the banquet.” Yuulin blushes and thinks, this person.. She says, “—Wolf Majesty, you are such a—pervert[/lecher]..! *Reishou asks, what?* You’ve said those lines to many women, right..! *Reishou says, huh* --but, unluckily for you! Even if I’m aiming to become a professional Queen Consort! I won’t be deceived by your words! Let me tell you, I totally don’t take offense by it! Or perhaps, I should say I really thoroughly understand it! ~~Okay! Quickly go back! The beautiful ladies are waiting for you! I’ll just wait at the palace, and Your Majesty can just go and freely enjoy without a care! Wolf Majesty, you scoundrel! *Sweatdropping Reishou says, about that, Yuulin* Ah! *backs away* Anyway, I’m just a ‘sad reminder’ woman--! *runs off* I’m really fed up--” Reishou is midway on calling her back but he says, “—Kou Dai.” Trembling while suppressing his laughter, Dai says here, he’s here half-way ago, and he will chase after Yuulin. Reishou says that it seems that Yuulin is misunderstanding something and he [Dai] should first calm her down for talking with her right now will all just be in vain. “In addition, I’ll keep this matter in mind.” Thinking that Yuulin is strange, Dai says ye..yes. Somewhere else at the banquet, Keitaku comments that it is a boring banquet. Someone asks is that so, when everyone has been praising His Majesty[/it] to high heavens unceasingly. Keitaku says that if he said that it is boring, it is boring. The others bow and say yes, it is as he said. Keitaku scoffs off this Ryu-Han cooperation, and it is all because of that ‘whereabouts unknown’ silly woman which is making him feel gloomy. “Is the banquet progressing in accordance to what we anticipated?” Someone says, yes, and it has already been confirmed with the spy within the government affairs building. “The Queen Consort’s visit ceremony will be at the end of the banquet..” Keitaku smiles and says, “That stupid and shallow person, appearing as one wishes. This way, it’s almost time for you to know your own place. *scene of suspicious document* That..unlucky Queen Consort who incurs disaster. *scene of mysterious official*” Somewhere else, Yuulin exclaims, “What are you saying!? I’m not misunderstanding anything, nor am I shaken [by it]. I understand everything!” Dai says, “Ya, ya-- but first, Your Highness, you should calm down, no matter how I said it, this has something to do with my life. Do you know that meaningful glare in His Majesty’s eyes is fairly serious.”
Scans by 17kkmh.com and ベーリ猫.


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