December 31, 2011

Red Moon [One-Shot Chapter]

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[Free Talk: This is a one-shot story by Matsumoto Natsumi, probably serialized in Ribon magazine. The story is about Maria, descendant of witches, who encounters Hiiro, a vampire who wants to free himself from an accursed ring. As usual, names are guesswork from the kanji. Chinese scans are available here. ]

A grandmother tells her granddaughter, “A long time ago, at the Moon Valley, there is a witch who used magic to punish a wicked vampire. We are that witch’s descendants. Even until now, the vampire, who wants to attain his freedom, hovers around on nights where there is a red moon.. I will give you this amulet ring which you can wear on you at any time.” There is a scene of a girl running at a forest-type area. She exclaims no, don’t come near. “Save me..” Then, a shadowed figure bares its fang. A loud scream could be heard. The next scene is at a house. There are some overcast clouds so it is going to rain soon. On the news in the television, it is reported about a girl who was attacked. There are bite marks on the neck. Everyone thinks that it is related to some wild beast that has been attacking lately. Narration: I’m Tzumozuki [望月;full moon] Maria, a self-proclaimed witch descendant.” Pointing to the television which is surrounded by book shelves, Maria exclaims that it is the work of a vampire. While taking the dishes away, her mother says that until now, she is still saying those vampire stuff. Pointing to a book, Maria insists that it is the same as what is written on the book. She tells them how they could say that it is some wild beast, when it is a vampire so they should wear crosses. To Maria’s surprise, Alice, her younger sister, sighs and tells her how can such a thing exists. Alice tells her sister to quit doing those things for their house is already called ‘Witch’s house’. Maria retorts back by shouting for Alice to quickly finish eating and go to school. Narration: “My house has a lot of books that we’ve inherited. The story that grandma told me is continuously being passed on. Even if I also think that this is something that can’t be believed but I’m absolutely not mistaken. A vampire has resurrected in this town!!”

Soon, it is raining hard. In section 2-A, a lot of students including Maria is wet upon arriving in school. Maria calls out to her best friend, Saya [小夜;small night] and says that she is giving this bottle to her. Saya says that it is beautiful, and is it perfume. Maria tells her that it is holy water to ward off vampires, made from rose water. Maria advises her friend to dab it on her neck first because she [Saya] always come home late because of club activity. Narration: “My childhood friend, Saya is the manager of the soccer club. Because she is a bishoujo [beautiful girl], she would easily be targeted by a vampire.” Saya comments that Maria hasn’t change a bit. She thanks Maria and tells her that she will use it. As the thunder claps, Saya says that it is quite nostalgic because when they were young, they will play witches, and there are a lot of magic books in Maria’s house. “Practicing encantations, making some strange medicines. It’s so much fun. Yawn.. sorry, lately for some unknown reason, I always feel sleepy.” Maria asks if she is tired, she has some stimulating tea. Maria is worried for Saya’s complexion isn’t that well. Then, the teacher arrives and tells everyone to sit because the bell has rang. After everyone has sat in their seats, the teacher tells them that it is raining hard outside and they have a new transfer student. As the teacher calls the student in, Maria is puzzled over this student who is transferring at this time. “Could it be.. a vampire?” The teacher introduces the new student as Kujou Hiiro [九條緋色; Nine Scarlet], transferring from England. When the lightning strikes outside, Maria screams in shock when she sees Hiiro with a glowing eye and his shadow forms a bat wing. The teacher, who is writing Hiiro’s name on the board, asks Maria what it is. Maria nervously says that it is because of the lightning. Her heart is beating fast and loud. She wonders what’s up with that shadow she saw. “Didn’t anyone see it?” The teacher tells Hiiro to go to an empty seat. While the girls are commenting how handsome Hiiro is, Hiiro passes by Maria and greets her. As she greets him back, Maria stiffens and thinks, “Wah.. such sharp maxillary canine[/fangs]. Bat wings. Sharp teeth. Could it be that a vampire..had really came!?”
During a break, some girls ask Hiiro where in England did he live before. Hiiro tells them that it is in Wales. They ask him about the ring he is wearing, is it from his girlfriend. Showing them the ring that has a pentagram, Hiiro tells them that it is a toy but after wearing it, he couldn’t take it off. “I’m also very troubled by it. Would you like to try to remove it?” The girls happily say that they would try. Then, some water is splattered on Hiiro’s head. Maria apologizes for it and says that she forgot the close the bottle properly. She is thinking that Hiiro would burn a bit because of the holy water but to her surprise, Hiiro is fine. While Hiiro is wiping himself dry with a handkerchief, she decides to use other things to make Hiiro show his true self. Maria gives him some garlic bulbs and cross as an apology. Holding the items, Hiiro smiles and thanks her. Maria reads a book and wonders what a vampire’s weakness is. She is puzzled for there is no reaction. Saya sweatdrops and asks Maria what she is doing. The other girls apologize to Hiiro for Maria is a strange girl, who always talks about some vampires and witches stuff. Hiiro just looks thoughtful about it. In her house, Maria flips through the pages of a book and says that it is all the same in the books. Then, she finds an incantation which can be used by a witch to differentiate a vampire from humans. She decides to use it. During science laboratory class, Maria got Hiiro alone at one side. While teacher and the others are at the other sides of the room, Maria doesn’t know if she can pronounced it right but then, she would just have to gamble it. While Hiiro is looking at a test tube, Maria starts to read the incantation. Upon hearing it, Hiiro’s nail became longer. He covers his ears and says to stop it. Then, the window breaks.
While everyone panic and wonders if it is an explosion, the teacher is calming everyone down. Maria thinks that there is a reaction and it is confirmed that he is a vampire. Maria is aghast when Hiiro touches her shoulder. She looks into his eyes then she couldn’t move. Saya calls out to Maria but Hiiro, who is already carrying Maria, says that it seems Maria is injured so he is going to bring her to the clinic. Maria mentally thinks, “No. That’s not right. This guy is a vampire. *being carried away by Hiiro* Save me, I’m going to be killed. It wasn’t easy to reveal his true self.” In the sports gear storage room, Hiiro tosses her on the floor. He tells her that the truth is, vampires can move around during the day, and they aren’t afraid of crosses or holy water..but a witch’s incantation has an effect on them. Holding her face, Hiiro says that it is a witch’s descendant, where did she learn the incantation, and where is the ring. Puzzled over the mentioned ring, Maria says that she won’t tell him. Hiiro says is that so. He bares his fangs and tells her to die. Thinking that she doesn’t want to die, and someone save her, resisting Maria shouts for him to get away from her. Suddenly, Hiiro got tossed back and hit the wall. Maria is surprised for when she told him to get away, he did. Her chest feels hot. She takes out her necklace and notices that the amulet ring is glowing. It is the same ring as Hiiro’s. Hiiro says that the rings are a pair. He stands up and tries to pounce on her but stops midway when Maria shouts for him to not touch her. Then, Maria holds out her hand and says, “Hand.” Hiiro obeys and puts his hand on hers like a dog. While Hiiro curses, Maria laughs and says that she knows it already, her ring can be used to order him around. Maria says that it turns out that the vampire who was punished by the witch is him, and this ring is the proof. Hiiro says that the witch feared his power and he was made to wear that accursed ring. “Not only does it control me, it also weakened my vampire powers. I was always searching for someone who can release the seal. And finally, I’ve found you. *holding his hand with the ring, to Maria* It will do if it is the witch’s descendant. You only have to kiss the ring and say the releasing incantation.” Maria tells him to lie down [on one’s stomach]. Hiiro immediately lies down.
As he trembles in irritation, Maria shouts who would help him release it, when he is a cruel vampire who has been attacking innocent people. “In place of my ancestor, I’m going to put an end to you!!” Hiiro tells her that that he wasn’t the one who did that thing. He says that he doesn’t suck blood [and kill them] but that person enjoys the pleasure of killing people. “The culprit is a cruel sinister person. *Maria realizes that there is another vampire.* The ring is useless on that person. You can only depend on yourself to drive in a wooden stake in his heart. Help me release the ring’s seal, and I’ll help you deal with that vampire. *smiles* How about it, Maria?” Maria thinks that he is right for it is hard for her alone to deal with a vicious vampire. To his surprise, Maria tells him, “I understand. Stand up, Kujou.” Hiiro stands up and happily says that finally.. He stops when Maria says that she won’t release the seal. “This is an order. *points at him* Kujou! You are going to work with me in eliminating that sinister vampire!” Hiiro is surprised. Then, he trembles and says that he is going to kill her. Maria shouts for him not to oppose her for everyone in class are watching. Narration: “Watch, ancestor grandma. I’m going to protect this town!!” At the hallway, worried Saya goes to Maria and asks if her wound is okay. While telling Hiiro not to get near Saya, Maria says yes, she is fine. When Saya is saying that is nice, she feels dizzy then faints. Maria catches her and notices bite marks on her neck. Maria realizes that it is done by a vampire. Hiiro tells her that he didn’t do it because he just transferred. Maria tells Saya to get a hold of herself and who did it. Sleeping Saya says that she will also be waiting tonight. Hiiro smiles and tells Maria that this girl has been chosen to become a bride. “A vampire will choose someone who will become his companion forever. As a companion, she will be beautiful and young forever. For you people who dream of not becoming old or not dying, it is quite an honor!” Thinking that Hiiro is the same with those others, Maria tells him to quit talking nonsense for how can she bear Saya becoming into that kind of monster. She grabs his coat and asks him how she can stop that guy. Hiiro says that it is simple. Pointing to her, Hiiro tells her to release the ring’s seal so that his strength will return and he can kill that guy in an instant. Maria slaps his hand away and exclaims that there’s no need for that, she’ll protect Saya by herself, and she will absolutely not release that seal. Carrying away Saya on her back, Maria thinks that she has to get that despicable vampire’s weakness.
Then, in Saya’s house, Saya is sleeping in bed. Her mother tells Maria and the others that Saya had severe anemia that half of her blood is gone. Maria looks at Saya and thinks that she has become like this because her blood is sucked up every night. Remembering Saya saying about waiting tonight, Maria asks Saya’s mother if she can stay there for the night to accompany Saya. The teacher tells Maria not to say such rude things but Maria insists to let her stay. Saya’s mother agrees. That night, Hiiro is watching the house from a tree. He comments that Maria said some amazing things but in the end, she can only watch with her eyes open. “A vampire cannot just be defeated with persistence. How about properly asking me [to help]?” He is surprised when Maria opens the window and tells him that she will be watching with her eyes open. She order him to first collect some logs, and inform her when that guy appears. Just when Hiiro is going to protest, Maria locks the window with a handkerchief. She says that the window is locked and she has already prepared the wooden stakes. She looks at Saya, then sits beside the bed. Holding a wooden stake, Maria tells Saya to gambatte, and she will absolutely protect her. Hiiro just quietly watches from the tree. Soon, Maria has fallen asleep. She hears some moaning. She wakes up to see a shadowed vampire sucking Saya’s blood. While wondering where he suddenly came in, Maria trembles while holding the wooden stake. She shouts for the vampire to get away from Saya. The vampire suddenly covers Maria’s mouth with his hand and prepares to bite her. Hiiro enters the room and grabs the vampire’s shoulder. He tells the vampire that he isn’t allowed to lay his hand on that girl. The vampire uses his claws to rip Hiiro’s coat, and then he quickly runs away through the window. Hiiro realizes that the vampire used a different window to get in, so no wonder they didn’t notice him. As Hiiro licks the blood on his hand, he looks at Maria sitting near the bed. Hiiro says that if she was a bit late and it is because she doesn’t want to release him from the seal. Maria stares at him. She goes to him and starts to hit him. Maria shouts that Saya is still alive, and he is useless for she told him to properly watch and guard. Hiiro holds her wrist and tells her that if it weren’t for him, she would have been gotten rid of. Thinking that her feet won’t stop trembling, Maria asks what she is going to do if Saya is taken away. She starts to cry that Saya is her best friend. To her surprise, Hiiro suddenly carries her. She shouts for him where he is taking her, and Saya is.. Hiiro tells her to shut up. He brings her to the tree to watch Saya sleeping soundly. He asks if she has calmed down. She says yes. She wonders if he brought her there to calm her. Hiiro says that he didn’t think that after 100 years, the witch is just a stupid brat. Maria glares at him and thinks, “Stupid.. and who is the one being ordered around the whole day by this stupid brat?”
Looking at the moon, Hiiro says, “As time goes by, people and streets change. The strong witch is also no more. Only the moon in the sky, doesn’t change from beginning to end as it quietly looking on the ground. I like the moon. Compared to any other vampire, that guy is quite lonely and free.” Maria thinks that a vampire who doesn’t grow old, did he pass the long time all by himself, just watching life passes by, at one side. Maria thanks him for saving her a while ago. Holding up his hand with the ring, Hiiro says that it is nothing, if she dies then no one can release the seal. Maria sweatdrops and says is that so. Hiiro says that compared to that, it seems that guy knows that there will be people keeping watch, so who told him. Maria says that at that time, the people there are Saya’s mother, Kogure-sensei [小暮;small evening] and the soccer club members. Then, Maria remembers the smell of the vampire’s hand when he covered her mouth. In school, at the chemistry laboratory, Kogure is busy mixing some chemicals. He sings that tomorrow is his favorite chemistry experiment, sulfur into magnesium, and hydrogen fluoride into magnesium. He stops when Maria appears behind him and says that his body smells of chemical drugs. As he turns around to her, Maria starts to chant an incantation. Kogure covers his ears and tells her to stop. Then, the window breaks. Maria says that he is the vampire who is attacking people, and the one who wants to make Saya as a companion. Baring his fangs, Kogure admits that she is right, he really likes Saya and she is the bride whom he, who had lived for 150 years, wants. Maria says that he also sacrificed some other girls. “Aren’t you also eating? That is one kind of argument. You obviously can suck blood and not let them die *hands trembling as she held a wooden stake* but why did you choose such a cruel method?”
While closing her eyes, Maria holds the stake up and thinks that this is the only thing she can do. Kogure tells her that it is because doing that is quite fun. Looking like a vampire, Kogure turns around and hits Maria away. Hiiro catches her and tells her how she can drive in the stake with her eyes closed. Hiiro calls out to the lolicon [Lolita complex] and tells him to go at him. Suddenly, Kogure strangles Hiiro and lift him up the air with one hand. Kogure exclaims that a wingless amateur is no match for him. Realizing that Hiiro is no match for Kogure, Maria quickly takes a bottle of chemical. She throws it on the floor and shouts for Kogure to let Hiiro go. While smoke is emitted and Kogure let Hiiro go, Maria coughs and wonders if it is because of the seal that Hiiro’s power is weak. Hiiro quickly grabs Maria and says that this time around, he will make her release the seal. As Hiiro brings her out of the school, Maria wonders what to do because if she releases the seal, his powers would come back but then, next time, he might attack humans. Just as Maria tells him to let her go, she is surprised when someone else grabs her. It is Kogure with bat wings, pulling her up. Hiiro immediately grabs Maria’s hand. Maria shouts for him to stop, where he is taking her. Kogure says that he will make it appear as if Maria jumped down the building and committed suicide. Also, that guy who can’t fly will also drop down along with her from that height. Maria screams when Kogure lets her go. Maria shouts why Hiiro can’t fly. Hiiro says that of course, it is because his power is sealed, so quickly release the seal. Maria shouts that she doesn’t want to. Hiiro calls her an idiot. Maria thinks that this guy is also a blood sucking vampire. To her surprise, Hiiro says that he can’t do a thing with her [since she is stubborn]. Hiiro pulls her into his embrace and tells her to hold tight on him. “If your luck is good, I can become your cushion. *Maria looks at him.* Only your blood can release the seal. If you were to die, I’ll be very troubled!” Maria looks determined. She says, “Me, too. I’m already fed up with being always rescued by a weakling like you.” Hiiro says, huh. Then, to his surprise, Maria kisses the ring and says, “Witch ring, release this person!”
Maria pulls out the ring from Hiiro’s ring finger. Maria is surprised when Hiiro’s eyes changed. She thinks, “Fierce blood red eyes looks like.. the red moon.” Hiiro laughs and exclaims that this way, he is free. With wings, Hiiro carries Maria. Standing up the building’s roof, Kogure exclaims that he suddenly has wings, and it is unfair that he has been hiding them. After putting Maria to safety, Hiiro goes to Kogure and shouts for him to go to hell. He uses his claws to exterminate Kogure. Maria thinks that it only took Hiiro a second do finish Kogure off. “Did.. I really do the right thing and release him from the seal..?” Hiiro licks his bloody fingers and says that Kogure is 100 years too early to bare his fangs on him. He goes to Maria and calls her name. Holding her head, he says, “As reward for saving you, use your witch blood to compensate for it. *Maria thinks that those red moon type eyes..and that vampire smile..* Relax, I won’t kill you. *opens mouth to bite her neck*” Before Hiiro knew it, the ring is already on his pointing finger. ^^; After looking surprise over it, Hiiro exclaims, “Maria, you..” Maria shouts for him not to move. While Hiiro freezes midway of attacking her, Maria exclaims that she would not let him take advantage of a situation and in the end, for him, that ring is a necessity. Hiiro angrily calls her a stupid witch and shouts for her to quit joking. Maria shouts for him to kneel down, and Hiiro kneels down. While Hiiro has a frozen smile, Maria says, “But, thank you for saving me. You’re 100% cool. I’m sorry, you can stand up now. Let me say, be like that, and bring me back to Saya’s house.” Hiiro spreads out his wings and carries her off. He tells her to remember this, one day, he is going to suck her blood. Narration: “If the moon is red and you are outside, please look up. In the moonlight, you’ll see a witch and a vampire dancing.” The end. Scans by 離境漢化組.

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