January 8, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 36]

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Cover page: “Which side of the future should I choose?” After Irasifu has been beheaded, the people in the square shout in jubilation for finally, the leader of the thieves is dead. Someone shouts that their children were killed by their snakes, and with this, the country can be at peace once again. At first, they shout, “Prince Baatar..” then changes it into “HIS MAJESTY Baatar--!!” Baatar proudly grabs Irasifu’s head and shows it off to the people. Still standing together with Loki among the people, Nakaba thinks, “Named as a goddess. A girl’s head is hoisted up high. A smiling man. *teary eyed* I’m going to kill him.” Nakaba has already grabbed her sword and ready to charge towards Baatar but Loki immediately holds her back. He covers her eyes and quickly drags her away towards an alley between some buildings. Nakaba is furious for Irasifu felt happy when Baatar called her, that she even had romantic feelings for that kind of man. Nakaba shouts for Loki to let her go, for that man cannot become king. “That person treated [that] Ajin like a chess piece, and he took advantage of her feelings of admiration [for him]! *Loki looks at her* That’s right.. He obviously knew of her feelings for him and still, he treated her as a chess piece!” Loki calmly tells her, “But that is the reality of this world.” Teary-eyed Nakaba trembles and loosens her grip on Loki. She bends down and grieves for Irasifu. She thinks that if that is so, then it is okay for this whole world to disappear.

Then, darkness envelops Nakaba. She looks up to see two long columns of door in both sides. Dressed up in her usual outfit, Nakaba stands up and realizes that she is within the Arcana of Time. She thinks that the doors there are this world’s memories. “Leading to the future, leading to the past.. in endless succession. Which one is best for me to look into..” She notices a light. She turns around to see a wolf looking at her. The light around the wolf vanishes and it quickly runs off. Running after it, Nakaba calls for it to wait. She wonders why it is there. The wolf goes in an open door. Nakaba looks in to see that there are two other doors inside. She goes in the door on the right first. Nakaba sees herself and others, together with the Lithvanel princes. They are at some place where there are ruined buildings. Ahkil tells his brother that it is Baatar’s private soldiers and those soldiers will soon chase after them. “Quickly, leave this place.” Some soldiers point at them and shouts, “There, chase after them!” Future Nakaba shouts for Ahkil to go hide behind those rocks. To their surprise, Azhar says that he is the one whom they are after so they should go first, as he lures them away as bait. To Future Nakaba’s surprise, Ahkil runs after his brother. The soldiers had caught Azhar. Just when the soldiers are about to kill Azhar, Ahkil goes in front of them and he was cut down by the soldier. Future Nakaba shouts his name. The soldier laughs and says that this really saves them a lot of effort because Baatar-sama also told them to definitely kill the fifth prince. Nakaba is stunned that Ahkil is going to be killed. “Lie.. It’s a lie.. I hate this kind of future..!”
Nakaba quickly runs out of the door and goes to the other door. It is the same scene wherein Ahkil tells his brother Azhar to quickly leave the place for the soldiers will soon chase after them. The soldiers see them and shout that they are there, chase after them. Future Nakaba shouted for Ahkil to hide. Azhar would use himself as bait since he is their goal. Ahkil wants to go after his brother but Future Nakaba grabs his arm tightly and shouts for him to stop[, don’t go]. And, Azhar has been cut down by the soldier. As Azhar lie down on the ground, the soldier exclaims that it is amazing that they got rid of Azhar, and they should quickly inform Baatar-sama. Teary-eyed Nakaba stands there in shock. “What is this? Is this like telling me to choose? Choosing between Prince Azhar or Ahkil, which one should live on. Is this to make me choose? It’s too mean. It’s too cruel. I can’t do it.” Nakaba returns to reality with Loki calling out to her. She snaps out of it and looks at Loki. He asks her if she is alright, and did she start up the Arcana of Time again. He worriedly tells her that if she uses it too many times, it is harmful to her body. He touches her eyes and says, “Tears..” Teary-eyed Nakaba looks at him and thinks, “Loki.. if someone can live, no matter how many times, I will use this power.. But, it isn’t that kind of power. It is making me choose which person I would want to be killed.”
Scans by Rei'S工作室

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