January 8, 2012

The One [Chapter 85]

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Cover page: “Happiness, conveniently here[/at hand]..” In the kitchen, Eros is cooking while Lele watches him. Lele exclaims that it turns out that he knows how to cook and it looks better than her own cooking. While spooning the congee into a bowl, Eros says that he had not cooked congee yet, and this is according to the instructions that she left Taylor. He asks her to taste it and if it pass. As Eros spoon feeds, Lele tastes it and smiles. He asks again if it pass. Then, a bag drops. Taylor and Leo had just come in and they were surprised to see the two in the middle of their lovey-dovey. Sweatdropping Leo exclaims that he was very worried about Lele because of his big mouth but it turns out that he has been thinking too much. Sweatdropping Taylor exclaims that it seems that Eros is feeling okay now. Leo tells Eros that it seems that Lele has taken good care of him so he can now go back home at ease. Taylor says that if he needs his help, just mention it. Leo says that they won’t disturb them so bye. After they quickly left, Lele and Eros look at each other and laugh. While kissing with Eros, Lele thinks that things are turning out wonderfully and happiness came without a warning. Is it a dream? If it is a dream, please don’t wake me up too fast. The scene changes to sleeping Angus. Ulysses kisses him at the back and wakes him up. Ulysses reminds him of their lunch together with his stupid son and new lover. Angus says that it is his son, so why not go there by himself. Ulysses exclaims no for it is necessary for him to confirm that his son already given up on him [Angus], for him [Ulysses] to be at ease. Angus asks what he meant by that. Ulysses asks if he didn’t know that actually, at that time, when Will and Feidna partnered up to compete against him [Angus] in that advertisement.

It is actually a gamble between him and his son. He and his son had fallen for Angus. To prevent Ulysses from chasing after Angus, Will asked him to have a gamble with him. That is if the performance of Will’s advertisement surpasses Angus’, Ulysses would give up on Angus. Angus speechless. And, in the end, Will lost and Ulysses smoothly got Angus, and it was a major blow for Will. Fortunately, Will has made a new friend lately but it is the first time for Will to tell him [Ulysses] to meeting someone. So, he cannot help but become suspicious if Will has really given up or he would just want an opportunity to see Angus. Angus speechless. So for Will to totally give up, they are going to show their ‘lovey-dovey/conjugal love’ in front of Will. Then, at a restaurant, Will came with Yang. Will calls out to Ulysses and says that it has been a long time, old man. Ulysses hit Will for calling him ‘old man’, and scolds him for having no manners. Ulysses says that even if he is his father but based on external appearance, they would look like brothers. “Right, Angus? darling~” Speechless Angus sweatdrops. Hitting him again, Ulysses tells his son to call him father. Will says okay, father, this is my good friend, Yang. Yang politely greets him. Ulysses greets him back and apologizes for the ‘funny thing with his son’ earlier. He thinks that he isn’t bad since Yang is a bishounen [beautiful young man]. He says that Angus doesn’t need any introductions. Holding up his wine glass, Angus greets Will and Yang, saying that it is the first time he met them. Soon Will and Ulysses are drunk, Angus and Yang are standing at the ship, looking towards the sea. Angus says that it is unexpectedly to see him there and it has been a long time. After a pause, Yang asks if Angus isn’t going to ask why he is with Will. Angus asks if this is something he ought to know. Yang thinks that Angus is still the same, he hasn’t change..no warmth in his eyes, the same Angus who doesn’t love anyone. Blushing Yang says that he has been thinking of him. Angus asks wasn’t he going steady with Will. Yang says that is the only way for him to see him [Angus], and he left New York for such a long time. Angus says that now that he has seen him, what now? This surprises Yang that he wonders why Angus has become colder than before.
Yang asks him what happened to him during all this time, even if he doesn’t have the right to ask[/get involved in], but he has thoroughly disappeared for such a long time and this hasn’t happened before. Angus asks isn’t he well and currently standing here. Yang cries that Angus asks why he is crying then says, oh, I see.. He kisses Yang. He says that is what Yang wants. Still crying, Yang asks him if he remembered that he said that he can die for him and that isn’t a lie. Surprised Angus pushes him away. Turning to leave, Angus tells him to leave for his world isn’t something that he [Yang] can mix up and go in. “I can give you only this much. Leave and be content with that! Otherwise, you’ll only become more unfortunate[/miserable].” Yang is surprised by this. Back to New York, Lele has been rummaging around the place that Eros asks what she is looking for. Lele holds out her hand and says that it is good that he came, give it to her. He asks what. She says the ‘Silver/Yin’ earring that she gave him. Later on, Lele happily looks at the earring. She jumps around the bed for he didn’t throw it away. Eros thinks that she is quite concerned about that. Eros tells her that he didn’t think of throwing it away but he put it away in order to exchange places with Angus. Then, Lele pulls his hair aside and puts the earring on his ear. Lele tells him that next time, he isn’t allowed to remove it without her consent because from now on, it symbolizes for ‘you belong to me’. “Wearing it and you’ll become my ‘thing’! And my ‘thing’ has to listen to me! Understand?” They kiss.
And the following days, they become like ordinary lovers. Shopping in the supermarket together, and bickering over small things together. And while walking in the streets, they will hold hands naturally. “Grandma~ It turns out..what you’ve told me in the dream is true! *It’s raining so Eros uses his coat as their cover and they happily run through the rain* Beside me.. there is really a silver-eyed angel protecting me! And I.. also want to protect this person, always until forever--” After taking a shower, Lele goes in the bedroom to say she is finished, and it is his turn. She finds Eros in bed that she wonders if he is sleeping. Sitting on the other bed, Lele wonders how could Eros sleep for shouldn’t the story be at its climax around this time. She hears Eros groaning that she quickly goes to him and asks him what’s wrong, is he feeling ill. Aghast Lele thinks that even if she has seen those flare-ups numerous times, she is helpless during those times. She asks if it hurts. Eros says that if she is scared, she can leave since he knows that she is scared every time this happens. He tells her to go out and he’ll be fine by himself. Lele shakes her head and says that she was never afraid of him. Starting to cry, Lele tells him that didn’t she tell him to only let her see his ugly appearance/side. “But..for me to be unable to help you, I hate this me who is powerless.” She is surprised when Eros touches her hand. He tells her to let him hug her. He somewhat forces himself to smile and tells her that before he won’t dare ask her to stay so he never dare say it but right now.. Narration: “Let me hug you! *Lele hugs Eros tight and he hugs her back* .As long as I hug you.. I’ll have the sufficient courage to withstand everything--!” Next chapter will be out on Feb 5th in Taiwan
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu

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