January 16, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 55]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 9, 2012

Narration: “Girlfriend’s house.. or my house.. This is a problem.” During PE class, Yukito is sitting at the side with Abe and Friend [I don’t know his name ^^;]. While the others are playing various sports, Abe says, “Hey-- Kaji Yukito-kun, your expression looks so serious. This is a rare PE class that has become a free activity— Don’t you want to play basketball?” Looking at Kotori playing volleyball, Yukito just says, “Ah- if there is no place [to do it], what should I do?” His friend asks him what he is talking about, and what place. Blushing, Yukito says, “Ah.. That.. H..” Scribbling on his small notebook, Abe mutters, “Yukito’s brain is filled with H stuff, that he won’t even play basketball.. record..record..” Embarrassed Yukito exclaims for him to please don’t record that. Laughing, Friend says, what, he [Yukito] still hasn’t done it, and what he is worrying about. Yukito tells his friends that his brother has been staying in their house a lot lately, and it is problematic since his brother might come home at any time. Abe says that won’t it be a problem if he just locks the door. Yukito tells them that they don’t know how scary his brother is. Friend says that Yukito’s brother would definitely bother them, since he has a wicked interest [of teasing Yukito]. Yukito comments that he [Friend] also thought that. Abe asks him about doing it at his girlfriend’s house. Yukito says that Kotori also has an older brother. Writing in his notebook, Abe mutters that the two Kaji-s’ older brothers are troublesome, record, record. Abe asks him about going to a love hotel. Embarrassed Yukito exclaims that he doesn’t have money for that, and Kotori would definitely run away. Abe and Friend happily offer to lend Yukito their rooms. Leaning back, Yukito asks if there is no other way. Abe protests if he will do it. Friend exclaims that he hasn’t even said that he is going to peep on them. Then, Yukito notices that Kotori is looking at him. She happily waves at him. Yukito blushes. He quickly exclaims for his friends to quickly look something up there. As they look and asks what it is, Yukito happily waves back at Kotori. =P Using his arm to hit Yukito’s neck, Abe exclaims what Yukito is plotting, and with whom is he waving at. Friend exclaims that Yukito is a cunning guy. Puzzled Kotori wonders what that is about.

Friend says that no matter what is said, their [Kaji-s] progress is quite good. Blushing Yukito says that he can say that. Putting his arm around Yukito, Abe says that looking at his [Yukito] face, he has that vulgar smile. Friend comments that Kotori looks quite cute lately and it turns out that it has something to do with Yukito. Embarrassed Yukito tells him not to say it in a perverted way. Abe agrees that Kotori has indeed become more and more cuter. Embarassed Yukito exclaims that is not true, not one bit cuter, and it’s just ordinary. After a pause, Abe attacks Yukito again and exclaims for him to quit pretending and being shy about it. Friend then says that is quite praise-worthy. Yukito asks what it is. Friend says that Harada is wearing black underwear. Harada is cheering after a good hit of the ball. Someone exclaims that Harada is actually that kind of person and her bra is seen through [her shirt]. Another says that it is quite unexpected. Yukito says that it’s quite flirty since it is black. Friend says that since it is Harada, it might be deliberate..to make it see-through. Abe agrees with that. Abe says that even if it suppose to turn them on, but it still depends on the person. Yukito and friend agree. Yukito starts to wonder what color of underwear Kotori wears. He thinks that it would be pink, which pretty much suits her. Then, he imagines Kotori naked but her hair and arms covering her chest. Blushing, Yukito thinks that he never once seen it so there is no way of concretely imagining it. “But, perhaps it is colored white? It ought to be similar with her feelings.. generally.” Friend calls Yukito’s attention and tells him that other girl is also quite impressive. Yukito asks what it is this time. Friend says that girl, her chest is quite big. Abe agrees with him. Friend asks if it is Nakabayashi [中林]. Abe says that it is. He asks which girl in their class has the biggest chest. Yukito says, who knows. While Friend is exclaiming that other girl is also quite big, Abe says that Yukito isn’t going along with them. Yukito glumly thinks that whether near or far, he can also see them but he isn’t interested about big or small, he is only interested in Kotori.
To Yukito’s surprise, Friend says what about his girlfriend. Friend looks at the court to look for Kotori. Blushing Yukito quickly covers the eyes of his friend and exclaims that he can’t look, don’t look at her with such vulgar eyes. Friend says that they are just going to look, and Yukito doesn’t have to be too extreme like this. Yukito insists that he can’t. Abe asks him how it is. Yukito is puzzled so Abe says whether it is big or small, what it was like touching it. Friend asks if Yukito has touched it, so tell them about it. Blushing and speechless, Yukito thinks that he hasn’t touched it yet. “When that girl had a fever, the time when I took care of her, during the birthday [celebration], wearing comparatively loose clothes, I.. only.. caught a glance! But, I never thought, about whether her chest is small or big. I’m also not sure what it is like! Is.. is it truly very big? But, still, it could be comparatively small. Even if it is only a glance..” To Yukito’s embarrassment, Abe exclaims for people to look at Yukito showing a ‘changed face’. Friend says what that is, he thought Yukito is acting cool, but fundamentally, his desires are unsatisfied. “Since it is like this, for you, Yukito, I’m going to lend to you my secret book. Look--♪” Yukito and Abe are surprised for friend is holding a porn magazine called Style♥. Yukito exclaims how he could bring such a book in PE class. Friend says isn’t this good. Holding the magazine, Abe blushes and exclaims that it is the rumored big boobs album collection. Just then, Kotori misses the volleyball and it falls at the side. Looking at the magazine, Abe says that this is quite lewd. Friend says that even if it isn’t the real thing, but this is quite awesome, and he can lend it to them. Abe says to lend it to him first. Friend says okay, Abe will be first. “Yukito, do you also want to see it?” Yukito is a bit hesitant that Friend says okay, if he doesn’t want to, it’s okay. Yukito suddenly exclaims that he wants to see it. Friend happily says that the correct reaction ♪ Abe is calling Yukito’s attention and tells him to wait and stop. Yukito turns around and asks what it is. He sees Kotori holding the volleyball. Looking dark, she mutters, ‘huge..breasts..’ Yukito looks aghast.
Back in the classroom, everyone is busy preparing for their horror cafe. Yukito glances at Kotori. Then, he goes to her to tell her that he isn’t really that into that stuff a while ago. With a frozen expression, Kotori turns to face him and denies that she minds it, and it is really alright. Yukito becomes nervous. He sheepishly tries to explain that it is simply a curiosity and there is no other meaning to it. Aghast, Kotori says that even so, he really likes those stuff. Yukito laughs and admits that he does..a bit. His smile freezes when Kotori smiles at him. Yukito immediately exclaims for her to wait, it isn’t.. Running away, Kotori exclaims for him to go die [buried] within big boobs throughout his life (you, honest fool~~). Yukito wonders out loud what’s up with this. Later on, at Natsume’s house, Kotori looks at her cellphone. Yukito is calling her but she doesn’t want to answer it. Removing her coat, Natsume asks if she isn’t going to answer it. Kotori just happily says, yes, it is alright, it is just some lewd guy, and compared to that, she is really sorry for suddenly coming to her house. “I want to see your cosplay outfit for the school festival.” Natsume tells her that it is totally okay. “Are you guys quarrelling? *dark* Do you want me to teach him a lesson?” Feeling Natsume’s murderous intent, Kotori quickly assures her that they didn’t quarrel but rather, she is making a fuss over nothing. “Upon seeing Yukito looking at that kind of book, I was really shock.. (I don’t have that kind of chest.. and I feel that I’ve lost..) Of course, my [older] brother also has a girlfriend, and his room also has those kind of books hidden inside, and I clearly know that it isn’t a big deal, but.. (Even if I clearly know, but..) within my heart, there are all sorts of mixed feelings.. thinking that Yukito should be like that.. *Natsume quietly listens* It would be nice if my chest is a bit bigger.” Natsume asks if it is really that small. To Kotori’s surprise, Natsume gropes her chest. Quickly turning aside and covering her chest, Kotori exclaims Natsume’s name and says what she is doing all of a sudden. Natsume tells her that it would do. Wiggling her fingers, Natsume smiles and says that Kotori’s chest felt good and it feels okay, so don’t worry. Embarrassed Kotori says that her [Natsume] hands pose is quite vicious.
Changing the topic, Natsume asks about Kotori’s outfit for the school festival, and what is she going to wear. Kotori exclaims that she wants to hear her opinion about it so she brought it with her. Natsume says that since it is like that, then go change her clothes so that she can see it. Kotori tells her to wait as she go and change. Meanwhile, back in school, at the shoe lockers, Yukito pouts since Kotori won’t answer his phone call. Looking at the shoe locker, Kotori’s shoes are gone so she must have left. Looking at his cellphone, Yukito wonders if Kotori didn’t answer his phone and just went home. “—could it be.. that something has happened? Before, on the way home after work, she was also being stalked by some guy.. Even if that is Matsushima’s mischief.. but, that girl lately is quite cute.. Ah! No way that will happen! That girl? No way, no way, no way, but..” He pauses and remembers Abe & Friend saying that Kotori looks cuter lately. Yukito looks dark. Then he quickly gets ready to leave when he gets a message on his cellphone. He exclaims, “Kotori!?” Back at Natsume’s house, Kotori says that she has finished changing, so what does she think. Natsume’s expression is speechlessly surprised. Kotori exclaims, “Ka-ching♪ I temporarily call it, ‘Hell’s Angel’.” Holding a large whip, Kotori is wearing a short yukata, black wings, alien antenna hairband, and a skull necklace around her neck. Kotori happily tells Natsume that it will be quite scary if she put on some scary make-up. “I want to put in some cute feeling into it so I cut the yukata and doesn’t this seem like a cute little devil style? What do you think?” Natsume keeps smiling but she is aghast. She says, “Ah.. this-- What can I say? It.. Sorry. *holds Kotori’s shoulder* I feel that so many things are wrong! *Kotori is surprised* Right.. For you..isn’t it more important to emphasize the sense of beauty? Ah! Let me see! How about maid outfit? Didn’t you say that you wanted a maid outfit?” Kotori looks aghast for Natsume is saying these things as if her life depended on it. Kotori sadly says that she can no longer lend a maid outfit.. “It is also quite hard to manage, so I altered the borrowed yukata.. It seems that I still have to add a cloak, and how about drawing some skull symbols on the yukata?”
Natsume exclaims no. “Don’t--! That won’t also do! I’ll help you prepare! The outfit for the school festival, I’ll design it, okay? Leave it to me! Okay!?” Nervous Kotori says okay. Looking aghast + frozen smile, Natsume thinks that she doesn’t know what’s going on but she couldn’t tell Kotori that her sense of aesthetics is very, very different. Aghast Kotori calls out to Natsume. She wonders if it is really bad because it is her first time to see Natsume like that. Natsume smiles and says, “Relax! I’m make you super cute, that it will shock that Kaji guy! I think that compared to sexy, it is better for you to look cute, Kotori. And that way, it will make people feel that you are more sexy.” Kotori blushes over being sexy. Then, the door bell rings. Natsume exclaims that she’s coming. She tells Kotori that she is going to answer the door so go change her clothes first. Kotori says okay. As Kotori starts to change her clothes, she wonders if compared to being sexy, it is more suitable for her to be cute. “Does Yukito also think that way? It seems that he doesn’t hate big boobs, so I thought it is quite better to be a bit sexy.. *removes antenna hairband* Ah, right now, he is angry, right.. I had been snubbing his phone calls and emails. *removing the yukata* But, talking with him right now, my speaking tone would still be quite pungent[/strong]..” Suddenly, someone calls out, “Kotori?!” Kotori turns around to see Yukito. They look at each other and scream since Kotori is midway removing her yukata, and her underwear is seen. Hiding at the side, Kotori exclaims why he is there. Looking away, blushing Yukito says why..didn’t she fell down the stairs and became unconscious. Kotori exclaims in disbelief about this. Just when Yukito is telling her that Natsume told him that Kotori’s head is bleeding, he stops midway and realizes that he has been tricked. There is scene of Natsume smiling and flashing a v-sign. Scratching his head, Yukito exclaims that girl frightened him to death. “But, *smiles* it’s great that you are okay. I didn’t know when you went home, and no one is answering the phone, that I thought that something must have happened to you.”
Kotori timidly asks if he isn’t angry. Yukito asks why he would be angry. Kotori says that it is because she recklessly had a tantrum, and deliberately didn’t answer his phone call. “Are you really not angry..” Yukito says, “Ah, is that so-- that's right! But, compared to that, the first thing that I thought about is whether something happened to you.. *smiles* Haha, I totally didn’t think about that! *Kotori blushes* What’s going on? I might be a person who loves to worry? Ah! It shouldn’t be that.. *thinking* Possibly, it is that.. I.. *blush* like you more.. compared to what I’ve imagined” Kotori quickly runs out and hugs Yukito tight. Yukito blushes and exclaims in surprise. Kotori says, “I also really like you.. extremely like.. *Yukito blushes* Even if you like big boobs, I also like you!” Yukito says that it seems that she still minds that very much. Then, he looks surprised. He looks away and exclaims for her to quickly wear clothes. After being puzzled, Kotori quickly lets out a scream and covers her chest. She exclaims if Yukito has seen it, he has seen it, right. Yukito denies that he has seen it. While putting on her blouse, Kotori says that compared to that, where did Natsume go, just now, she hasn’t seen her around.. Yukito looks surprised and points to a note on the door and says, that.. Kotori turns to look at the note. The note on the door says: “I have something to do so I went out. You guys take your time ♡ Natsume.” Blushing Kotori thinks, “What..!?” Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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