January 8, 2012

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 92-93]

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After being locked out of their residence, Towako and others are surprised that their house has been mortgaged. Towako asks her mother how this happened. Her mother also didn’t know how things ended up that way. Tsubaki tells them that the one who sequestered their property is some unknown small company and it could be ordered by Yachiougi Kyousuke. Towako remembers Kyousuke telling her that he would let them be if she hands over [their family name to him]. Yuuga notices that Towako looks tense. Then, Setsuna, together with Utsugi, arrive. Towako says that they came. Setsuna says of course, because this is the place where he grew up. This made Towako feel more frustrated since she cannot accept that they are being forced to leave it. Tokiko asks couldn’t they buy it back. Tsubaki says that it will be a bit difficult. Yuuga suggests that they live elsewhere first. Towako says that is right, and fortunately, they still have money. To their surprise, Setsuna suggests that they live at Kanmitsuki residence, including the servants. Towako tries to protest because his parents look scary. Setsuna tells them that he already told them so it is alright. Because of the things that have been happening, he is also more vigilant. He says but right now, it is only within his powers to prepare a place for them to stay. “It’s alright, just leave it to me.” Yuuga sweatdrops over Setsuna’s radiance like a Buddha that Towako thinks is too bright. Yuuga gloomily thinks that he felt a bit frustrated over that. Tokiko happily says that Setsuna is quite reliable. Towako thanks him and says that if they were to stay there, won’t they involve the Kanmitsuki family. Setsuna just smiles and says that it is alright. Towako asks him why. Yuuga remembers Setsuna telling him that he is the one who’ll protect his sister. Yuuga quickly pulls Towako to him and asks him if that is the car that is going to take them to the Kanmitsuki residence. While Towako tries to protest, Yuuga says that isn’t this very good, they should go see them [Kanmitsuki] first. Setsuna is surprised when Yuuga tells Towako, “Since that guy says that it is alright, then it is alright.” Towako blushes and asks what’s with that confidence. Yuuga tells her to shut up. This made Setsuna blush a bit then, he teases that Yuuga will be staying in the basement or the purple room. Yuuga angrily shouts if a person can live there. And so, they went to Kanmitsuki residence.

In the Kanmitsuki residence, Tokiko and Nobu bow and say that they will be under their care. The Kanmitsuki couple says that they were also under their care before. Inside, Towako says that it is beautiful, the place where Setsuna is born. Setsuna says that if she wants, she can always stay there. Towako thanks him but says that they still should get the main residence (from that man’s hands). Setsuna tells her that actually, she can give up on that family. “Compared to the family, I would want you to live a carefree life.” As Setsuna leaves after being called by his father, Towako wonders about what Setuna told her. She thinks that Setsuna said that they will take the residence back so she’ll depend on him. Later on, Mitsuya goes to see Towako and asks if she will be staying at his house. Towako comments that he is so cute, and yes, she is, so she’ll be under his care. Mitsuya asks until when she will be staying, and will they always be staying there. Towako says that she doesn’t know for sure yet but how about they play together. Mitsuya tells her that it would be better if she doesn’t trust his brother too much because he [Setsuna] had been in touch with Nigami Ritsuki. This surprises Towako that she exclaims what is going on. Mitsuya says that that he had seen them together, talking about some funds. “Brother has given the properties of Kanmitsuki family to that guy--” Utsugi enters and calls out Mitsuya’s name. This made Mitsuya quickly leave the room. Towako confronts Utsugi if it is a lie about Setsuna giving money to Ritsuki. Utsugi admits that it is true, and in exchange, for supplying funds to them, they are not going to lay a hand on the Kanmitsuki family. Towako says is that so, then it can’t be helped if it is to protect the Kanmitsuki family. Utsugi protests that it isn’t so, this is for her and the Gokurakuin family. “It is to provide everyone a shelter, a safe place.” Towako is shock that Setsuna did it for them. She asks out loud if Setsuna has been planning for them to be taken in by the Kanmitsuki family. Then, she stops upon remembering Setsuna telling her that he would want her to live a carefree life. Towako starts to tremble because more and more people around her are getting involved in this, and from today on, what other things can happen because she is a Gokurakuin. She remembers Kyousuke asking her about handing it over and giving up. Then, Towako has decided on something.
Later on, at night, Yuuga comments that he still can’t be at ease, staying at someone else’s house. Towako calls out his name and says that the thing about Rina, is something Kyousuke threaten her to do. Yuuga tells her to forget about that. Towako says that from then on, until now, they have now lost their house..and it must have been quite troublesome for him ever since they got married. “But, I.. I still want to be with you, Yuuga.. So..” Yuuga exclaims for her not to talk too much about that since they are already at this stage. “We will be together! *blushes* From now on, until forver!” Teary-eyed Towako is touched by what he said. She says, “Takatou.. Takatou Towako, what do you think of that? I’ll become Takatou Towako!” Yuuga looks surprised. [<- This means instead of Yuuga marrying into her family, she’ll marry into his family.] Narration: “Hey, Yuuga.. what I want to say is for us to be together forever. But, we are already at a point wherein that doesn’t need to be said.” The next day, Utsugi calls out to Setsuna and the others that Towako and Yuuga are nowhere to be found. He only found letters left behind. Setsuna sweatdrops upon seeing the table is filled with letters. He wonders out loud for how many people are those for. In the letter for Setsuna, she wrote, “I chose to do this thing. Sorry, Setsuna, and please take care of papa and mama. We are going to start a new life.” Somewhere else, Towako exclaims that this is a suitable rented apartment. Yuuga sweatdrops and asks really, they don’t have any furniture. Then, looking at a run down apartment, Towako exclaims that this will be their new home. Outside, the door is the name plate, ‘Takatou ♡’. Back at Kanmitsuki residence, Setsuna calmly reads the letter. Tokiko is freaking out that Towako left home even if she had been kidnapped, but then, strictly speaking this isn’t their house, so it isn’t like she is running away from home so what is she to do. Also holding a letter, Nobu couldn’t do anything about his wife’s hysterics. It seems that the parents have their own letters from Towako.
Utsugi apologizes to Setsuna and says that it is his fault for saying too much. Tokiko exclaims for Utsugi to quickly look for them since Tsubaki is also missing. Also holding a letter, Utsugi says yes, he’ll quickly look for them now. They were surprised when Setsuna says that there is no need to look for them. Tokiko asks Setsuna why. Setsuna explains that in his letter, Towako thinks that she is the reason for things had became like that, so she thought that it is better for her to leave them. Tokiko becomes tense and asks, how that can be. Setsuna says that of course, it isn’t Towako’s fault *smiles* but then, this is also good, as long as she can find happiness. Inside the run down apartment, Towako asks if they are really going to stay there. “Is this place where a person can stay!?” Aghast Yuuga quickly covers her mouth and tells her that other people staying there might hear her. “It can’t be helped! We are minors, without a guardian, we can only rent this run down place. That rental company is also very strange.” Towako says then, they go stay at a hotel. Yuuga calls her an idiot, they don’t have money to stay at a hotel so use her brain. Towako timidly relents and says that she’ll go take out her things from the luggage. Yuuga freaks out when he sees her taking out some dolls. He exclaims what the things she brought are. Towako says that they are Towako dolls, and doesn’t he need it with his bento box. [The dolls are put on top of the cloth wrapped bento box]. Yuuga exclaims who needs those. While Towako pouts if he doesn’t love her, Yuuga starts opening the other luggage and exclaims that she brought a lot but they are useless things. Yuuga sweatdrops at the side and wonders if it would really be okay for him to live together with this girl, he has to ‘hold on’. Towako happily says that she’ll go decorate the room. Narration: “We have left the Gokurakuin main residence. Of course, we won’t give it up but this is only for things not to get worse because Ritsu and Kyousuke-san are rushing towards ‘Gokurakuin Towako’. This way, mama and others won’t be put in any danger.. That’s right, so I shouldn’t be pessimistic. I will bravely face this current life[style].”
She calls out to Yuuga and happily exclaims for him to quickly look, the window curtains are bigger than the window. “How gorgeous! It’s like a castle!” Yuuga looks surprised then he smiles. He then asks where she got those curtains. Towako exclaims that she still has a lot of things. Yuuga wonders out loud if there is a fourth dimension in her luggage. Narration: “Leaving home is quite hard but I cannot just always sigh. Right now, this place, is my and Yuuga’s home.” After unpacking the things, Yuuga comments that it now looks like a house. Towako happily agrees. To Towako’s surprise, Yuuga prepares to go out by saying that he is going to work, and he thinks that he can still work at his old job. Yuuga explains that they don’t have money so they have to earn it, and they have to make the food themselves. “It can’t be just like before wherein we recklessly waste money.” Towako thinks that is right, money has to be earned. She exclaims, “I..I understand! I! I will also go to work!” Yuuga is speechless as he mutters, “You!? Really!?” Soon, Towako tries to look for work but she is refused either because she is a high school student or because it is strange that she is married. Then, she finds a florist who tells her that they are looking for a worker. As the florist tells her to follow him so that he can explain things to her, Towako notices a small boy looking at the flowers. She asks him what’s up. The boy says that it is his mother’s birthday but he doesn’t have money to buy her a gift. Pitying the boy, Towako takes a potted plant and gives it to the boy. As the boy happily thanks her and bid her goodbye, the angry florist fires Towako. Walking in the street, Towako feels tired. She thinks that it is quite hard to look for work, and the people who have work in this world are great. She wonders how Yuuga is doing. She reads his email that he is working at his former workplace and from today on, he might come home late. Watching inside the restaurant from a window, Towako pukes blood upon seeing how gorgeous Yuuga looks in his apron-waiter uniform as he serves some female customers with ice red tea and beef dish. While the female customers are raving about Yuuga, Towako thinks that it is bad for her heart to see him looking handsome like this, and she also wants to be his customer. She is furious at the female customers who has their eyes on Yuuga and thinks that Yuuga should definitely ‘hold on’. Then, Towako notices that before Yuuga is called again by the customer, he takes out his cellphone to see if there is a message from her.
Towako leaves the window and sits at a bench-type thing near the street. She gloomily wonders what she has been doing. Her husband has been striving hard, and she, who hasn’t found a job yet, is busy getting jealous. After looking flustered, Towako starts to flip through her ‘job opening’ Citywork magazine and tells herself to gambatte, this is for her to be able to be with Yuuga and she definitely must find a job. She thinks that it is no problem even if she is a high school student with no experience. Then, a plump guy approaches her and asks if she is looking for a job. After getting off work, Yuuga’s employer[/co-worker] asks him why he suddenly returned, and he felt that compared before, Yuuga is more enthusiastic with his work. “What had happened?” Yuuga smiles and says that he has to do his best. His employer says that he looks quite happy. Then, Yuuga gets an email from Towako who happily tells her that she got a job at a cafe. Upon arriving at the cafe, Yuuga freaks out to learn that it is a cosplay cat maid cafe. Towako and the other cat waitress exclaim, “Welcome home, master-♡ Please take your time~~ Nyan~~” Towako happily greets Yuuga and tells him to come in, she’ll show him his seat. Yuuga asks what..what is this. Towako happily exclaims that this is work, and everyone is quite intimate, and even the uniform is quite cute. Yuuga blushes over how cute Towako is in her cat uniform with her cleavage and her legs a bit exposed. Then, a nerdy guy calls out to her to come. Towako happily exclaims, “Yes, master!” <- store’s rules on how to answer. Yuuga is totally shock. The nerdy guy tells her that they play a jakenpon game and if he wins, Towako is going to strip her clothes off. Towako says okay, nyan. Yuuga is furious. Just when they are about to begin the game of jakenpon, Yuuga holds Towako’s hand and exclaims like a lion, “You’re going home!” Freaking out Towako timidly says yes. At a pedestrian overpass, Towako asks him why he is angry when she is properly working. Yuuga exclaims that of course he’ll be angry and why is she working in that kind of place. Towako protests that it is just a bit of special hobby cafe. Yuuga exclaims, a bit, only a bit, smiling hihi towards guys, and going nyan here & nyan there. Towako shouts that it isn’t smiling hihi, it is how a maid suppose to serve the customer. Flustered Yuuga answers back, “You cannot do such things with other guys! It is fine for you to just serve only me!”
He then goes into shock since blushing Towako and other passer-bys are looking at him. They wonder if it is some sort of performance. Sweatdropping Yuuga frantically tries to tell them that no, it isn’t like that. Towako happily says, “Yes, nyan~ master~” Yuuga tells her to shut up. Taking off his coat, blushing Yuuga puts it around her. Towako tells him that she doesn’t want him to be angry. “It is because you are very striving hard, so I also thought.. that you left home is also because of me, I won’t want to increase your burden..” Yuuga calls her stupid, for he is fundamentally penniless, and right now, he is just returning to his original state. “I also didn’t feel that you are a burden. *holds Towako’s waist* Let me say it, I can still provide for you. ..you.. only have to say the words, ‘welcome home’ when I return home, and that is enough.” They quietly look at each other. Then, embarrassed Yuuga looks away and tells her to say something. Towako smiles and says, “..thank you, I’m very happy.. *holds Yuuga’s hand* Let us go home! My husband-sama!” He asks her if she is treating her like a fool. She tells him that he is just serving him. He couldn’t answer back. She then asks if he doesn’t like this short skirt. Yuuga replies that no, and it is quite good..and if this is like this today, then tonight is.. Towako asks, huh, and he says that it is nothing. The door to their house is prettily decorated with a heart-shaped decor and the words, ‘Yuuga & Towako’. Narration: “But, Yuuga, please, if I only wait, then I would be very lonely. I would want us to say ‘I’m home’ together.” On the second day, to Yuuga’s shock, Towako happily says that she will be working in that place from today on, and she is Takatou Towako ♡ Someone wonders, Takatou?
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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