January 8, 2012

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 54]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 6, 2012

Cover page: “Second time wearing a white wedding gown, and the wedding partner will be..” Soichiroh is shock that Nozomu is pointing the shotgun at him. He quickly covers his face and tells Nozomu to stop. A gunshot rings in the air. Soichiroh looks at Nozomu to see him pointing the smoking gun upwards. As a tear falls down his cheek, Nozomu asks why it is Soichiroh. Beard guy arrives and asks if they shot one. Looking normal Nozomu says that he missed. While Nozomu and the beard guy walk away talking about not being able to shot a deer, Soichiroh just looks glum. Soon, it is time to leave. Beard guy is happy about this delightful business discussion. Shaking Nozomu’s hand, he invites Nozomu and Sumi to England. As they talk, Soichiroh and Sumi exchange meaningful glances. Nozomu sees this, that he looks totally furious after Soichiroh and Beard guy had left. Upon returning home, Sumi mentions about wanting to go to shogi club tomorrow but Nozomu says that he is dissolving the club because a lot of people have to work overtime, and it isn’t a good influence on them to keep on indulging their time in the club. He says that there is an intense influenza going around so it is best for her to stay home. Nozomu hires two new butlers and fires Komai. Sumi tries to insist that Komai stays but Nozomu shouts that Komai should quickly pack his things and leave. Komai leaves. Two butlers stop Sumi from going after Komai, and Nozomu says that he is going to work. At the office, a man tells Nozomu that things had already been properly arranged. He says good job.

In the house, guarded by the two butlers, Sumi thinks that she has been staying in the room for three days. She wonders if Nozomu has found out about what happened between her and Soichiroh. She dismisses that thought as something impossible. She looks at the ring that Nozomu gave her and she sadly thinks that the ring Soichiroh gave her was thrown away by Nozomu. Then, a butler comes in and tells her to dress up for she is going to visit Nozumu’s father. At Ijuin main residence, Nozomu happily greets his father and asks if he is okay, he brought Sumi to see him. His father is lying on the bed. His wife is sitting on a chair beside the bed. Bringing kimono clad Sumi in, Nozomu comments that his father likes kimono. Sumi greets Nozomu’s father and says that is has been a long time. His father sits up and exclaims, “Masako [真紗子]..!!” Sumi is surprised and Nozomu nervously asks what he is saying, she is Sumi. Sumi asks who Masako is. Nozomu says that Masako is his mother. Nozomu’s father stands up and holds Sumi’s shoulder. He shouts that he isn’t mistaken, it is Masako. While his wife tries to stop him, Nozomu’s father keeps on insisting that it is Masako while Nozomu insists that she is Sumi, his fiancee. To Sumi and his father’s surprise, Nozomu tells his father to congratulate him for next week, he and Sumi are getting married.
Scans by 红莲汉化组

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