January 8, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 117]

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Narration: “In this huge living mother planet, the world’s happiness has been entrusted to a chosen maiden. And as the star’s embodiment, the maiden becomes a goddess--” Four years ago: In an open valley where there is a lone tree, Xiang asks Fei if he feels that it is quite idiotic that at this time and age, to still believe in that superstition of their parents. Fei says that it doesn’t suit him to say that since he is the son of the village head. Narration: “Xiang and the other kids aren’t the same because he is very intelligent. The things that he always say would give the adults a headache.” Xiang answers that it is very strange [to believe] that in this information age, and this is why the village is poor because they treat people as fools. “Speaking of that, the current goddess is now some 80 year old grandma..” Then, water is splashed on him. Above the tree, there is a young girl holing a water gun. She says that is heaven’s punishment for even if it is Xiang, he cannot say bad things about the goddess. Fei apologizes to Xiang for his younger sister’s rudeness. Fei shouts at Rishu* to quickly apologize. [*invented name from リシュ; in Chinese it is 由 which is different.] Xiang says that it is alright for anyway, it is hot. Fei asks him why he is spoiling Rishu. Xiang asks if he is spoiling her. Fei exclaims that he is. Using a towel on Xiang, Rishu happily says that she’ll wipe him dry. Xiang thanks her. Rishu tells him that goddess is dreaming of ‘everyone living in happiness’ everyday so they were able to become healthy as they pass their days. “That is what grandma told me.” Looking a bit sad, Xiang asks if this world is really happy. “In this world, there is war, disasters, crimes, sickness.. there are a lot of people suffering.. Would just becoming this kind of dream goddess, will the world really become happy..”

Rishu exclaims, “There’s no problem! When I become the next goddess, no matter how, I will make the world happy! So, Xiang.. Don’t show that kind of expression.. You have to smile forever.” She is surprised when Xiang suddenly shouts no, he won’t allow that. Rishu asks him why. Turning away, Xiang says that is because.. He just tells her that anyway, she shouldn’t say such foolish things again. Somewhat scowling, Rishu mutters, “Then.. what should be done..? To make this world.. To make you, Xiang become happy.. *This somewhat surprises Xiang* I don’t care anymore- *running off* I want to become the goddess!” Fei shouts that she is stupid, for how can someone like her become a goddess, and she should have self-knowledge. Rishu shouts that she says she will, she will. Fei sweatdrops and wonders, where her self-confidence is coming from. A bit flustered, Xiang mutters that Rishu doesn’t know the meaning of ‘becoming a goddess’. Fei asks what it is. Xiang says that it is nothing. Later on, an old man tells some people that the goddess has passed away. Someone protest that according to the doctor, she ought to live on for half a year. The old man tells them not to be apprehensive for the next generation goddess has awakened. “The menarche has already arrived, and she has a healthy body. She also has the ‘stars dreaming of happiness’ healthy soul. Lodging there.. lodging within the body of the chosen maiden.” Dressed up in a glamorous outfit, Rishu sits on a throne. She calls out to her mother as to where her brother Fei, and Xiang are, since she hasn’t seen them. Her mother didn’t reply. While the firecrackers are exploding in the night sky, everyone in the village is celebrating. At the open valley, Fei says that it turns out that he is there. Xiang is sitting down beside the tree. Looking at the moon, Xiang says that, in this place, he won’t see nor hear the noisy festival. Fei asks isn’t it quite inappropriate for the son of the village head, to not join the festival.
Xiang just asks him how Rishu is doing. Fei tells him that his mother said that Rishu is the same energetic[/lively] like before, and even if he is Rishu’s brother, he cannot meet up with the goddess. Xiang says that is right, fundamentally, it is like that. Fei answers, “But, you are not the same. The village head’s son is the future goddess’ husband. ..please definitely take good care of her.” Xiang says, “I’m the seventh. *Fei didn’t reply.* I still have brothers, and I’m the youngest, the seventh husband. The goddess cannot belong to only one person. All of the village head’s sons are her husband, in order to give birth, and exists.. kill all my [older] brothers! *Fei exclaims Xiang’s name* Haha, I’m kidding! *slight smile* If I were to do that, then the goddess will be sad.. No matter what is said, her wish is, for the whole world to be sufficiently happy..” After some silence, Xiang asks if Fei also smells something burning. They quickly run back to the village to see it burning. Fei exclaims if there has been fire due to the festival. Looking around, Xiang says no, it isn’t. From the fires, he sees some slain people on the ground. Worried about Rishu, Xiang shouts to Fei that they should hurry and go to the shine. While Xiang hopes that Rishu would be fine, the two boys run through the burning buildings and dead people in the village. In the shrine, they see Rishu slumping on the throne with gunshot wounds on the forehead and the chest. Xiang tries to go to her but Fei stops him for his sister is already.. , and they have to quickly go out because the place is going to collapse. Soon, they are back at the lone tree in the open valley. Fei grieves over his parents and Rishu. Xiang just stands there without an emotion. Then, some men in military gear exclaim that there is still living people there. A man shouts that they had been ordered to kill everyone in the village including women and children, and let no one remain. “Kill them!” The boys have a cold look in their eyes as they fight back and starts slaughtering their attackers.
Narration: “At that time, there is something within my heart that fell apart. After killing one person, I possibly felt a bit guilty. After killing the fifth person, I had already forgotten about myself. After killing the eighth person, I already had the knack of doing it. Ah yes-- it's really good that I learned some fighting technique from the neighboring grandpa. At that time, I cast a glance at Xiang.. he is dancing. *Xiang is killing with a knife* Yes, Xiang is really good in dancing that no one in the village, whether man or woman, can win against him. He is so aesthetically agile and gorgeous-- And even, a trace of a smile..?” After some gun shots, one of the attackers tell them that is enough, playful youngsters, go die. Then, someone tells the man not to be impatient. While the man tries to protest, the other man says, “Give them a chance. If you kids, refuse to come under me.. you can just die right here.” Holding his bleeding arm, Fei asks who would do that. Fei is surprised when Xiang smiles and says, “If we can, then we will truly be honored.” Narration: “Later on, we learned that beneath the village, there is a huge amount of precious rare earth[/metal] buried within. The government had asked the village to hand it over multiple times, and there is also a lot of pressure to do so, but in order to protect the sacred land, the village won’t comply. So, the government hired some other organization to come and destroy the village, and decided to do it on the day when everyone will be celebrating the festival of the [arrival of a] new goddess.. It is only for that thing, they had.. their hometown, family..” In some storage place, the boys are now wearing suits. While in anguish, Fei asks Xiang why they are going to serve those guys when those guys had made their village.. He is surprised when Xiang says, “..Goddess.. It is necessary for us to find a new goddess.. She will definitely awaken in some other place..” Fei looks surprised and thinks, “..but that is only.. that is only a superstition, right? Xiang..” With cold blank eyes, Xiang smiles and says, “You will go with me, right, Fei..” Fei closes his eyes and stands up. He says, “Since you’ve said it that way, Xiang..” Fei follows Xiang. Narration: “Regardless if it is a superstition or not, anything is okay. What’s left for us is to believe the goddess, this kind of thing..”
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