January 8, 2012

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Side Story Part 1 of 2]

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Cover page: “Even if we’re separated, these feelings will definitely also still--” The result of the hairstyle competition during the school festival is out. Tsubaki wins first place. A short haired girl exclaims that it is truly amazing and more kouhai-s had overwhelming took first place. The long haired girl asks what about the grades. In the bulletin board, it is shown that Tsubaki is in first place in both academics and skills[/hairstyling] at the school’s early term ranking. They ask, “Tsubaki, what kind of person are you?” Holding a mannequin, light colored haired Tsubaki hesitantly smiles and says, “Ah.. asking me what kind of person I am.. I’m only an ordinary student in a specialty school..” Her long haired friend exclaims that fundamentally, she isn’t ordinary. “You also even get to study under that graduate student Hananoi! It’s really nice. I also want to work at parfait.” Short haired friend tells the long haired girl that a person who made a mistake in the amount of dye, and dyed the customer’s hair into gold/blond, cannot be used. An arrow points that ‘customer’ is Tsubaki. Long haired girl holds Tsubaki’s shoulder and tearfully cries to apologize to Tsubaki. Then, someone calls out to Tsubaki. It is Hiro. While still holding her mannequin head, Tsubaki and friends approach him. Long haired friend is gushing that it is the person himself. She asks him why he is there. Hiro tells her that he is there to discuss the details of a special beauty symposium that he is in charge with. Long haired friend squeals if that is true, then it’s amazing, she eagerly anticipates it. Hiro clarifies that even if he said it is beauty, but it isn’t for the school in Tokyo but rather, the sister school in Kyoto. While long haired friend is disappointed to hear that, Hiro looks at Tsubaki and says that there is something that he would want to trouble her with. In her bedroom, Tsubaki happily calls up Kyouta about her working trip to Kyoto. Hiro will be going to their school’s branch in Kyoto, and she get to go there as his assistant. Kyouta says, Hananoi..huh.. Tsubaki exclaims yes, because it is a working trip the school will shoulder all of the expenses and it will be a two days and one night trip starting on Oct 31st so this way, she can go there directly to celebrate his birthday. Kyouta lets out a laugh that Tsubaki asks him what it is. Kyouta says no..it is just that for the first time since they were talking on the phone, she is this happy. “Are you very happy because you can see me?” This made Tsubaki blush but she exclaims her denial by saying that she is only happy because she doesn’t have to pay the transportation fees. Kyouta just smiles over it and says that he is very happy that they’ll get to see each other *Tsubaki blushes more* because this year, they have reached the ‘three year plan’ and it is a very special day. Tsubaki says, yes.

There is a short narration of Tsubaki that in her house there is a meteorological apparatus kit which consists of a projector and three films. Because she wants to continue on having a relation/connection with Kyouta, through a stange method, starting from October of their first year high school, she starts giving him one piece of the whole kit each year. At the end of third year high school, she has already given him all three films, and this year, it will be the projector. And thus, the ‘three year plan’ has finally ended. While Tsubaki looks at the projector on her dressing table, Kyouta says that he can’t wait to get the planetarium projector, and see bad [delinquent] girl hairstyle Tsubaki. He admits that after seeing her picture, he is really shock. Laughing, Kyouta teases her that he didn’t know that she fundamentally wants to become a bad girl. Tsubaki exclaims that it is a dyeing practice accident and tomorrow, she is going to dye it back. Kyouta asks why, how boring, just come that way. Kyouta is surprised when Tsubaki says that even if he said that, and she agrees, but Hiro said.. Flashback: Holding Tsubaki’s blond hair, Hiro angrily says that he wants to kill the person who made his beloved black hair into this color. “Relax, with my skill, there won’t even be any slight damage, as I turn your hair back into black!” Kyouta asks her if she has already decided where she will be staying upon arriving in Kyoto. Tsubaki says that she isn’t sure because she wasn’t told of the details yet. He tells her to refuse the arranged place where she’ll be staying, and when she arrives at his house, he won’t let her go until it is morning. Tsubaki blushes over that and says, “Okay, I understand.” Then, she hears a girl’s voice, “Kyouta~ the on-the-spot study 2 here..” Tsubaki freezes then tries to act normal by asking Kyouta if he is currently writing a school report with his college classmates. Kyouta says ya, and they are in his house but totally don’t mind them. The classmate angrily says what he just said. Then, another classmate calls out to Kyouta to tell them [the answer?] Tsubaki just says okay, and it is almost time for her to sleep. Kyouta says is that so, then bye-bye. Tsubaki bids him good night and hangs up the phone. Leaning on the dressing table, Tsubaki sadly looks at the cellphone of a picture of Kyouta’s classmates [two guys and a girl] happily holding out beer cans and a sake/wine bottle. She thinks, “This girl came to Kyouta’s house again, huh.. How irritating.. Tsubaki-kun has already went to Kyoto for half a year, and finally, we can see each other for a second time.. Each day is accompanied with a bit of uneasiness.”
Soon, Tsubaki, together with Hiro, arrives in Kyoto. Tsubaki happily takes a picture of Kyoto station. Hiro asks her if she has been continuing that exchange picture thing with her boyfriend. While happy over her picture which isn’t blurry from shaking, Tsubaki says yes. Hiro comments that her boyfriend doesn’t seem the type who would continue this kind of thing for such a long time. While texting Kyouta that she has arrived, Tsubaki tells him that unexpectedly, Kyouta is more serious about it than her. Blushing, Tsubaki says that after sending this message, it truly feels that he is thinking of her right now. Hiro comments that just like before, they mutually love each other [bound by deep emotions]. Tsubaki says that is right, and compared to that, didn’t he [Hiro] had enough, and don’t keep on touching her hair. Hiro says that it is because it looks quite shiny, no strand of hair is damaged, and not only did it return back to its original color, it is totally protected. “It turns out that my skill is quite outstanding!!” Tsubaki tells him that he isn’t listening to her. Then, Tsubaki gets a message from Kyouta. Hiro notices that Tsubaki looks surprised. He asks her what was said. Tsubaki tells him that Kyouta and his classmates stayed overnight to work on their school report, and they had just finished so right now, he is going to sleep. Looking at a a picture of his classmates tired and sleeping on her cellphone, Tsubaki says that it seems that everyday, Kyouta and the others have to write a pile of troublesome reports and they will always stay overnight at Kyouta’s house. Hiro says that it is a bit worrisome for there is a girl among those classmates. To his surprise, Tsubaki says that she totally isn’t worried. Talking nonstop, Tsubaki explains, “It is only by coincidence that he is grouped together with a girl. I’m not a petty kind of girl who would worry over little things like this small thing. And, even if he did something that would make him feel guilty, he would also not specially take a picture and show it to me. *smiles* Don’t you think that way?” Hiro’s eyes somewhat slits [<- thinking of something bad =P]. He says, who knows, for based on different circumstances, there’s a need to exchange with that person, and that kind of person does exist. Tsubaki says that he is saying some ill intention stuff again. Hiro laughs and says that he isn’t. “Before, I really love and really trusted my girlfriend. Then during the time when we are apart, she fell in love with a male friend who is beside her. *Tsubaki looks surprised and says, oh..* Ah, this isn’t the time to be talking about this, let’s quickly go to the school.”
At the school’s auditorium, Hiro is doing his demonstration in front of the students. Tsubaki is too awed by Hiro’s skill that he has to angrily call her attention to give him the hair curler. Soon, it is a job well done. At a conference room, Tsubaki happily tells Hiro that it is really amazing, unexpectedly that kind of hairstyle can be done. “Thank you for letting me come along with you!!” After packing his luggage, Hiro says is that so, for fundamentally, she doesn’t seem to be an assistant since she just stand there and ogle at his hand, thus she isn’t much help. This shocks Tsubaki. She apologizes and says that she is in a trance because it is too amazing. Hiro says, but, her gloomy expression during the day is now gone, and it is quite good to make oneself learn something, that one is quite passionate about. This surprises Tsubaki then she smiles and says, yes! Just when Tsubaki is about to take her leave, Hiro gives her a paper. Puzzled Tsubaki takes it. He tells her that he will be staying in that place, and if something happens, she can go and look for him. Tsubaki is puzzled that she asks him what would happen. Hiro says maybe like having a quarrel with her boyfriend-type of stuff. Tsubaki smiles and says that didn’t she tell him already. “There’s no need for you worry about something happening between us. I don’t need this thing.” Hiro replies, “I’m not worried about your relationship [with him]. Fundamentally, it isn’t allowed for you to stay at your boyfriend’s house on a working trip. If something happens between the two of you, then I would have to be responsible for allowing you to stay elsewhere. So, you need to know my address.” Holding the paper, Tsubaki apologizes to him. Waving goodbye, he tells her not to be late, and good work. She says yes, and leaves. After she left, Hiro smiles and says to himself that the opportunity to get between them [Tsubaki-s] ought to almost arrive. He looks out the window and sees that it is raining. Hiro says that it feels like a weather wherein something is going to happen.
Soon, Tsubaki reaches Kyouta’s apartment and she is drenched wet from the rain. She exclaims that weather report didn’t mention about raining. She looks at her cellphone and realizes that she read the Tokyo weather. Taking out her bag from her coat, Tsubaki wonders what she is to do for even if she arrived at Kyouta’s place, but she is early by an hour of the time they agreed to meet, and won’t she be troubling him. She thinks that she couldn’t let the projector stay wet and this is an emergency. She presses the door bell. Ding dong. She waits and the door opens. Tsubaki happily apologizes for coming early but because it rained.. A girl wearing only a hoodie, opens the door and says, “Who are you-?” Tsubaki is surprised. She asks if this isn’t Kyouta’s house. The girl says that if she is looking for Kyouta, he is currently taking a bath but he’ll be finished soon. Tsubaki is surprised that Kyouta is taking a bath. She recognizes the girl as the one she always sees in the pictures that Kyouta sent her. While the girl turns and tells Tsubaki that she’ll call Kyouta, Tsubaki thinks that this girl’s outfit is too much. “Huh..? That outfit.. Isn’t that Tsubaki-kun’s..?” Tsubaki bites her lip and trembles. The girl calls out to Kyouta to quickly come out, and it’s alright if he is naked. Kyouta opens the door and shouts at Komatsu [guesswork name from 小松] that she is too noisy. Wiping himself with a towel, Kyouta asks why she didn’t go home yet when he told her[/them] that they should quickly go because he has things to attend to. Grabbing Komatsu’s hoodie, Kyouta angrily says that she still wears other people’s clothes as she pleases. “Take it off!!” Pointing to the door, Komatsu tells him to wait, compared to this, he has a guest. He angrily asks where. Komatsu says, there..where is she? By the door, a bag is left on the floor. Kyouta looks surprised for he recognizes the bag.
While walking in the rain, Tsubaki answers her cellphone, and it is a call from Kyouta. Kyouta asks her what’s up with her that she quickly left. After a pause, she says, no.. Kyouta says that it seems that she has misunderstood something at his house. Tsubaki says that it is Komatsu, the one in his experiment group... “Earlier, I had seen the morning picture of the three in your house. Komatsu, she would occasionally be the last one to stay behind..right?” Breathing hard, standing behind her, Kyouta holds an umbrella to her. Closing his phone, Kyouta says, “If you know.. then how come you still?” Tsubaki replies, “I think.. that there is also.. times when you have to finish school work with a girl.. but what can I say when it is something inevitable that [she] stays in your house..? The me who thinks that way.. *trembling* would be quite petty, right..” Kyouta puts his arm around her and says that she’ll catch a cold so they should go back first.. Tsubaki suddenly grabs his hoodie and says, “Enough.. Don’t wear the clothes that some other girl just wore..! How vexing.. It isn’t easy for us to once again meet.. *crying and flustered* but the things that I’m saying can be quite detestable.. I’m really sorry.. Today, I don’t want to be with you, Tsubaki-kun. I’m sorry..” Tsubaki runs off, leaving surprised Kyouta. Soon, at room 308 of a hotel, Hiro says, “Is that so? Thankfully, you know where I live, right?” Tsubaki apologizes and asks if right now, he can book another room. To her shock, Hiro smiles and says that it is impossible for right now is the peak season for traveling to Kyoto and it is a weekend. He tells her that he managed to get this room because someone else had cancelled. Aghast, Tsubaki says is that so, then she’ll go to the first floor’s lounge.. After sneezing and turning to leave, Hiro grabs the straps of her bag and says, “But, I have good news! *pulling her inside* This is a two bedroom place[/room], and one of the rooms is empty! Hibino, today you∙can∙use it☆” Tsubaki exclaims that there’s no need to. Hiro asks, “Ha? You want to refuse?” Tsubaki says how she could give him trouble like this. Removing her coat, Hiro says, “..if you don’t want to give me trouble, strip.. *Tsubaki tensely calls his name* Let me tell you, Hibino.. *holding Tsubaki’s hair* Drenched thoroughly wet like this and running to a hotel to pass the night, if you catch a cold tomorrow and you are unable to do your assistant work, how are you going to take responsibility for that? *trembling while angrily holding Tsubaki’s hair* If you understand that, then quickly strip off those wet clothes. *takes her bag, pushes her in the bathroom and tosses a towel & bathrobe to her* Take a shower! Immediately take a shower!”
Inside the bathroom, Tsubaki nervously wonders what to do for she’ll be staying in the same room with Hiro. She suddenly sneezes. She decides to first use the bathroom to warm herself up or else, she will really catch a cold. While taking a hot shower, she starts to feel like crying for according to what she imagined, she will use her own hands to give Kyouta the projector. “And, together with Tsubaki-kun, we’ll celebrate together his birthday and the miracle of going steady for three years. And, spend the night together in mutual embrace. *‘Today, I don’t want to be with Tsubaki-kun’* But, I suddenly said that kind of thing.. *cries* I’ve ruined.. it all..” In Kyouta’s room, the hoodie is now in the trash can. Holding Tsubaki’s bag, Kyouta wonders where Tsubaki is going to spend the night. “Thoroughly drenched wet in an unfamiliar place. *puts bag on the table* Aside from me, the only one whom she can depend on is.. *remembers smiling Hiro -> angry pop vein* If I knew early, I should have gotten her to stay here..! *takes out cellphone and Tsubaki’s phone starts ringing* Quickly, pick it up..!” Hiro takes out Tsubaki’s cellphone from her coat. Seeing that it is Kyouta calling, Hiro smiles and answers it. Kyouta is surprised that it is a guy’s voice. Then, he asks if this is Hananoi. Hiro replies, “Isn’t it quite rude of you to directly call someone’s name, In-trouble boyfriend-kun?” Kyouta tells him to please get Tsubaki to answer the phone. Hiro says that unfortunately, right now, Hibino is taking a shower. Kyouta apologizes for giving him trouble because of their personal problem. “I’m going right now to get Tsubaki. Can you tell me the address?” Hiro answers, “How can I tell you? Right now, it is my greatest chance to make a move on Hibino. Until this morning, I will properly pacify her!” Kyouta says that fundamentally, it is impossible for him to make a move on Tsubaki. Hiro retorts that he is naive. “There has been a substantial change of situation. Next year, I will be going to Italy. Even if I make a move, Hibino will be far away from me. And it already doesn’t matter. Ah, Hibino is almost finished taking a shower. Thank you very much for giving me this chance. *Kyouta stands up and tells Hiro to wait* For me to show my gratitude towards you, I’ll give you a hint. Room 308, a room among numerous hotels in the tourist city of Kyoto. If you can find it, then how about try finding it?” Hiro hears the door opening so he quickly puts Tsubaki’s cellphone behind his back. Blushing, Tsubaki says, about that.. Hiro asks if she has warmed herself up. She says yes, and thank you. While turning Tsubaki’s cellphone off, Hiro tells her to slowly tell him what happened between her and her boyfriend. Blurb: “Kyoto’s night, will--!? Next chapter, finally..[the] ending!!”
Scans by 水银工作室.

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