January 16, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 1]

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There is a male high school student looking out from Tokyo Tower. Narration: “Absolutely not wasting a single minute or a single second, I guarantee you that I will always watch over you [attentively].” Page 1 – 365 Days. Narration: “September 13 (Tuesday). I’ve decided to start writing a diary today. My name is Okamura Nino (16) first year high school student. *In section 1-5, a girl happily chats. Another quiet girl behind her is busy knitting.* I’m a cute and cheerful girl. Yeah right. *focus on quiet girl with long fringes that covers her eyes* I’m only someone who doesn’t seem to exist in the classroom. But..” Then, chatty girl tells the others that she felt uncomfortable with Bird Girl because of that thing, which is said to be a decoration, perched on her shoulder. “It looks too real, that is scary.” Narration: “It seems that I’m also being called as ‘Bird Girl’. And that is definitely, because there is a model bird on my shoulder. *suddenly stands up and takes her bento box* --I almost forgot. I also should go eat lunch. *walking out the classroom to the corridor* In school, there are all sorts of people. There are people who study the whole day. *students studying in the classroom* People who has someone they like that they talk about love and improve themselves. *girls fixing their hair in the toilet* There are people who would do some club activity in between classes. *students playing basketball* And also..” Nino hears someone falling down so she looks out the window. A student exclaims what he is doing [to his friend who is on the floor]. Another guy tells him to shut up for he only tripped him a bit, and who told him to say that they looked down on people. “Right, Kira” A curly haired handsome guy just says, ya. While some girls exclaim that it is Kira, Nino turns to walk away. Narration: “And also, people who doesn’t have any strong feelings for anything.” Behind the school building, Nino puts the model parrot on the stairs. She looks around and thinks that it is okay, no one is around. She smiles and says, “Sensei, it’s okay now.” The parrot spreads its wing and poses. It happily tells Nino that he is still quite good in pretending to be a model bird. Narration: “I won’t have to have a speaking relationship with anyone else. It is okay to only have the parrot (Sensei)” Nino poses and exclaims that Sensei is quite cool. Nino eats her lunch while chatting with Sensei about knitting a scarf for it, and Sensei anticipates it. Narration: “I’ve picked up Sensei, when I was still young. He is a genius for he can understand human language. He is a good guy who usually pretends to stop breathing, to always accompany me at my side. I only need this child and my family, and that is already enough.”

In her bedroom, Nino has just finished writing her diary. While Sensei is sleeping, Nino says, “‘Already enough.’ ... Ever since the time my mother gave me a diary, I’ve started writing it. But, it seems that there is nothing much to write about.. *sweatdrop* If I think about it carefully, there are very few things that I can write about anyone who has a relation with me..” She hears a sound outside so she pulls open the curtains. She looks out to see a woman kissing Kira at the house opposite to hers. Kira turns around to look that Nino quickly closes the curtains. Waking up, Sensei asks Nino what it is. Sweatdropping, Nino says that it is nothing. Narration: “That’s right. My classmate ‘Kira Yuuji’ is also my next door neighbor!! And our rooms are opposite to each other. *Sensei goes back to sleep* But..but, I have never talked with him. Generally, we are like ‘strangers’.” Later on, Nino is called out by her mother and says that she has something important to tell her. In the dining table, Nino looks at her mother in maid uniform, and her glasses father sitting. Nino’s mother is a 35 year old mixed blood who really loves Japan’s cosplay. Nino’s father is a 40 year old ordinary guy. A bit puzzled why they look serious, Nino tells Sensei that the cosplay is really cute. Sensei exclaims that it is beautiful. After Nino’s mother is happy over their compliment, she suddenly exclaims that isn’t what she is going to talk about. Suddenly, her mother starts to cry. While Nino is preparing to eat, Sensei exclaims what happened. Her mother says, “Next door’s Yuuji-kun is going to the grave next year.” After looking surprised, Nino and Sensei think that she is just joking. Nino’s father says that they are not joking. “Didn’t mama have a good relationship with his father? So, not long ago, she learned from his father, about his illness. Even if it is something hard to believe, Kira Yuuji-kun still has one year to live, before he’ll die.” Nino looks surprised and thinks, “Die?” Her crying mother says that she has always been hesitating whether to tell Nino about it or not. Nino’s father apologizes for saying it so sudden. Nino’s mother continues to say, “But, I want you to properly take care of him at school. I think other people also didn’t know about it.” While just muttering is that so, Nino wonders if that guy who regards people lightly, and has that kind of relationship with girls, is going to die.

In class, Nino is knitting again. She thinks that she still couldn’t believe what her parents told her and if she thinks of it carefully, her mother is the type who isn’t normal, and it could be a misunderstanding. Her mother would always go on a wild goose chase. Example 1: Her mother is going to have a duel against some bald guys, she studied kendo and told Nino that there is some monster in the northeast, and she is going to be strong to protect everyone. Looking at Kira laughing with his friend, Nino thinks, “And, what’s really obvious is.. he totally doesn’t look like someone who is going to die soon.” Behind the school building, Nino asks Sensei what he thinks about it. While eating some bird feed, Sensei says that if it about Kira, he doesn’t like him even if his hair is like Torisaki [鳥崎; Japanese comedian]. Since Nino doesn’t know who it was, Sensei puts on some leaf skirt and acts out a skit for her. Since Nino didn’t react to the joke, Sensei scolds her that he has been doing this enthusiastically and it is just weird[/not funny] because he is a bird. To their shock, Kira has seen them. Pointing at the parrot, Kira says that thing is actually alive. Nino quickly grabs Sensei and puts him on her shoulder. After a pause, another girl calls out to Kira and says that she doesn’t want to break up with him, and why is it so sudden. Kira says that it isn’t sudden, and they are basically just fooling/playing around. Then, Kira notices that Nino and Sensei trying to quietly leave. To Nino’s surprise, Kira grabs her shoulder and tells the girl that he is currently going steady with this girl. Then, Kira kisses Nino on the lips. While Nino is stunned, the girl exclaims why it is Bird Girl, and this is such a cruel way of wanting to part from her. Turning to leave, the girl exclaims that she has enough, stupid. After the girl left, Sensei suddenly flies and angrily pecks Kira for doing such a thing to Nino. To Sensei’s shock, Kira says that it turns out that he is really alive. Patting Nino’s shoulder, Kira says, “You don’t want others to know, right? As compensation for a while ago, I won’t tell anyone.” As Kira walks away, Nino’s knees weaken as she sits on the floor, wondering what had happened. Sensei asks if she is alright.

In her bedroom, Nino is still stunned over what happened. She thinks that her mother must have misunderstood about it, because that isn’t the behavior of someone who is going to die soon. Holding a toothpick, Sensei exclaims that he is going to avenge her, and use it to stab Kira by attacking him from the balcony. To Nino’s surprise, Sensei flies away to the next house. Going out her balcony, Nino exclaims for Sensei to wait, don’t, and quickly come back. There is silence so she wonders if Sensei is inside and what is he doing. She imagines devil Kira is happily strangling Sensei, and she must save Sensei. She climbs up the balcony but slightly loses her balance so she falls down on the balcony of Kira’s house. After complaining that hurts, Nino sees Sensei looking out the window door of the balcony. Nino exclaims that it is good, he hasn’t gone in. Sensei says that he couldn’t go in. To her surprise, Kira opens the window door and says that she can’t intrude in, and how she could just go in at will. Nino wonders what to do, and it is very scary. While Kira urges her to say something, Nino looks away and thinks that she is scared of talking with someone. She suddenly stands up and thinks of slipping away. Kira asks her what she is afraid of. Then, Nino looks inside the room to see on the table, some medicine pills in blister pack and a glass of water, slightly spilled on the rim. To Kira’s surprise, Nino blurts out, “Are you going to die?” Nino couldn’t believe what she just said. Kira denies it by saying who is going to die, what is she saying, those pills are just vitamins. While Nino thinks that her mother has really misunderstand it, Kira says that he thought that she came because she has an issue about what happened in the day, and by the way, she is a good girl who would normally wear lipstick, that her lips are cracked. Surprised Nino looks at him and asks if it is okay, someone like her, or, thanks to him, something like that was done to someone like her. Kira looks surprised and asks, “What? Are you thinking ‘it doesn’t matter if someone like me were to disappear’?” Nino says yes, there was a time when she thought that way.

After a pause, Kira partly closes the window door and says, “I actually really detest.. someone like you who pretends to be a pitiful person.” Then, Kira closes the curtains. Nino looks surprised. Sensei flies to Nino and nudges her nose. He tells her that he really likes her. Nino says that she also really likes him. Nino tells herself not to mind what Kira just told her. In school, while erasing the blackboard, Nino notices a small sheet of stickers on the floor. She picks it up and wonders whose it is. Then, she heard her female classmate exclaiming over a missing sheet of stickers. Her friend says that maybe she dropped it. Just when Nino is about to go over and return it, she freezes when her classmate says that maybe it was stolen. The other girl says that sticker isn’t that cute but the girl says that she won’t know about that. Nino holds down the sticker as she remembers the time when a boy is holding a baseball bat, and younger Nino is down on the floor, telling everyone to please listen to her explanation. Then, the girl points at Nino and exclaims that is her sticker. Kira notices the girls shouting at Nino, why she is there, and give that sticker to her. Then, they mutter what’s wrong with Bird Girl who just stares at them while holding the sticker. Kira quietly watches as Nino quickly turns around and goes back to her seat. Then, the girl offers a sheet of stickers to Kira. Kira declines but the girl says that it can be used since if he puts it on his notebook, it will be quite meaningful. Holding some sheets of paper, Nino is bothered that Kira called her ‘someone who pretends to be pitiful’, and even if it is so, she still doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone. Later on, a male classmate asks where Kira is. They wonder if he went to the toilet and lately, when they turn around, Kira is gone. Then, behind the school building, Nino freaks out for Kira is sitting on the stairs where she usually eats her lunch, he has seized her territory. Kira is quietly smoking when he notices something. Then, Nino wonders what Kira is taking a picture of, using his cellphone. She is surprised when she sees him smile.

Then, Kira is surprised when his friend suddenly shouts that he has found him. Just when his friend is asking what he is doing, Kira immediately exclaims nothing and tosses his cellphone away. The cellphone lands on Nino’s head. When his friend asks what he just threw, Kira insists that it is nothing. His friend drops the topic and says that they are going to eat lunch, and it is his favorite food. Kira tells his friend to go ahead for he has to call someone first. While Nino holding the cellphone, Sensei says that maybe it has something that Kira doesn’t want others to see. Nino wonders if it is some indecent pictures. To her surprise, it is the picture of ants carrying off crumbs of a biscuit. The other pictures are: bicycle by the sea, cat and kitten, butterflies and flowers, some buildings, Tokyo Tower, starry sky, sunflowers, sunset, etc. Nino exclaims that they are beautiful. Sensei exclaims what these are, and the one that he just took are the ants. Kira goes to their side and is shock to see them there. Kira quickly turns around and says that it isn’t his. Nino chases after him and holds his cellphone up. She asks him why he is embarrassed about it, and she thinks that the glittering shine is very beautiful. Kira looks surprised. Nino asks him why there is a picture of Tokyo Tower when most of it is nature sceneries. Taking his cellphone back, Kira says that it is nothing, he just felt at ease when he stays there so he likes it. Turning away, Nino realizes that she spoke too much again. Holding up her face to him, Kira tells her that it would be okay if she just holds up her head and talk like this during normal times. Holding up her fringes, Kira exclaims what with those fringes because upon seeing it, it can infuriate him. Then, Kira is surprised to see a nasty scar on Nino’s forehead, near her right eyebrow. Remembering what happened before, Nino quickly covers her forehead and pulls away from Kira. She remembers some kids, looking down on her = a boy is holding up a baseball bat to hit her, another boy is holding a basketball, and some girls are carrying some rocks to throw at her. Kira asks her what’s up with that scar. In the verge of tears, Nino says that she thought that she was right, but everyone else didn’t think so, and left a mark[/proof that they didn’t believe her]. Kira says, “That also represents that you had fought with that kind of thing before, right? Then, you are truly quite amazing. *Nino is surprised* Ah, right. *takes something from his pocket* I have something good to give you. *sticks something on Nino’s forehead* And, I take back what I’ve told you before. *smiles* Sorry for saying that I detest you.” Nino is surprised.

She looks at the glass door to see what he put on her forehead. It is a sticker saying ‘what you did is very amazing’. Then, she asks Sensei what that guy just said. Sensei says ‘you are truly quite amazing’. She looks at Kira who is walking away. She blushes and thinks that is the first time someone told her that. Back in section 1-5, Kira is resting his head on the table. A girl nudges him and asks didn’t he say that he is going with her to the club. Kira’s friend says that is impossible for Kira is not feeling well today, so how about he goes with her. Continue to knit, Nino looks at Kira, but dismisses ‘not feeling well’ as no big deal. Then, she notices an ant on the floor. She goes to pick it up and move it out of the way, when Kira’s friend is about to step on it. Nino quickly pushes him away to save the ant. The friend angrily asks Nino what she is doing for that hurts. Nino is in a pinch as the friend shouts at her if she has some hatred towards him and quickly speak up. The girl beside Kira says that Yabe and Bird Girl are in a quarrel. Nino tries to apologize but Yabe angrily shouts, “Ha?! I can’t hear you. You are really disgusting. I really hope that you quickly just die!” Nino is somewhat surprised by this. They were all surprised when Kira tells Yabe not to casually tell others to go die. Yabe is taken aback upon seeing Kira sitting up and looks very serious. Yabe says that Kira used to always say that, too. Kira tells him to shut up, and don’t say ‘go die’, who does he think he is. Yabe asks if he is saying that Bird Girl is much better. Kira says better, and does Yabe know what other people call him, ‘Kira’s shit’. While Yabe looks surprised, the others ask Kira if that is a joke, and how could he say that. Kira says, “Anyway, this kind of thing.. you guys are also.. *looking thoughtful* I’m also..” Yabe suddenly punches Kira and continues to hit him as the girl tries to stop Yabe. Nino clenches her skirt and thinks that it is her fault.

Later on, the students say that they [Kira & Yabe] weren’t suspended but it seems that they were made to go home first. Another student says that lately, Kira is quite cruel, and never before had he thought of Kira being a drag, and always treating them like a fool. Remembering Kira’s expression, Nino thinks that it totally isn’t like that, and why did he have that kind of expression. Sensei quietly watches her. Soon, the teacher arrives and tells everyone to sit down for class to start. Just when everyone is sitting properly, someone says, ‘I won’t want to die’. A student asks if the teacher heard something. The teacher asks if she heard him fart. Nino looks at Sensei who says, “Darn it~~~ ‘I don’t want to die.’” Nino is shock that she quickly hides Sensei using her notebook and asks how he could say that. Sensei tells her that when he flew to that guy’s balcony, he heard him say that, so he didn’t go in. “At that time, that guy is crying *in bed*” Nino felt teary-eyed as she remembers all those times she has seen, and with Kira. To Sensei’s surprise, Nino says that she is filled with enthusiasm. When the teacher calls out to Nino’s name for attendance, Nino suddenly stands up and exclaims, ‘Pah!’. While everyone is surprised as to what’s going on, Nino quickly runs out of the classroom and wonders what’s up with her. At the observation deck of Tokyo Tower, Kira is sitting on the floor. He is surprised to see Nino standing in front of him. Nino exclaims that is great that she found him. “It seems that you weren’t at home, so I thought of the pictures..” Kira asks her why she came. To his surprise, Nino says, “It is because you have only one year, before you’ll die.” Kira looks at her then, looks out the window. He tells her that he is at ease when he is there looking at the moving city, compared to staying all by himself at home. “But, people who look out from here, and my [imminent] death, totally have no relation to each other. –Upon learning from the doctor that I’m going to die soon, it seems that everything that I had done [/established] is all insignificant. At the same time, I also became aware of ‘loneliness’. *covers eyes* ..I don’t want to leave everyone and become all alone. But, being together with everyone, I became lonelier. *hands trembling, and starts to cry* What is the best thing for me to do? ..I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to become all alone..” Nino becomes teary-eyed. She thinks, “I know.. Being all alone by oneself is very lonely. Terrifying. *remembers past self* Something hopeless..” Sensei is puzzled when Nino suddenly turns around and walks towards a couple with a small child. The mother holds out a pair of scissors and says that she is now going to cut open the child’s favorite snack. Nino asks if she can disturb her a bit. Nino goes back to Kira and tells him to lift up his head.

As Kira looks at her, Nino says, “Ever since before, I’m afraid of looking straight at someone so I’ve obstruct my vision. But..” Kira is surprised when she cuts her fringes a bit so that her eyes can be seen. While Sensei freaks out, Nino holds out her hand to Kira and continues to say, “I will always be by your side. Always until you die. *teary-eyed* No matter what you say, I absolutely won’t let you be all alone. *Kira still looks surprised at her* Isn’t that so, Sensei, you also accompany and play with him, right?” Sensei exclaims why, he doesn’t like that guy. Standing up, Kira says that it seems like a marriage proposal. Nino blush over this. Furious Sensei calls him a brat, and not to move an inch. Nino is surprised when Kira holds her outreached hand then hugs her tight. He says, “Thank you.” While Sensei is screaming what he is doing, Nino somewhat hugs Kira back. Narration: “Although, right now, I still don’t understand what this feeling is. But, I want to be with him in passing through these 365 days. I want to keep on living together with him.” Blurb: “Upon learning Kira’s loneliness and pain, Nino, who doesn’t want to get involved with people, had broken out and committed herself. With fate guiding the way, these two will now start their 365 days!!” Scans by 離境漢化組.

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