January 16, 2012

Chitose, Etc. [Chapters 35-37]

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In the clubroom, Amika gives Chitose the data that she has already gathered, and asks what else she is going to do. Chitose tells her that nothing much is done except for data gathering for the activity. Chitose tells her about the other stuff in the clubroom. She can’t help but admire Amika’s beauty, and how cute she is. She also can’t help but wonder how come she has a good relationship with that weird Subaru. Midoriko asks Amika if Subaru is coming. Amika didn’t know for he left the classroom, earlier than her. Chitose is very happy with herself because she has already told everything to Yuki so there’s no need for her to be afraid of Subaru. Then, she notices that Yuki is also late. Yuki arrives late and tells the others that he met Subaru who won’t be coming because he has work to do. Yuki looks at Saaya who is working on something with Shun. He calls out Saaya and the two went out for a while. This somewhat puzzle Chitose and Shun. Outside, Yuki tells Saaaya that Subaru is Natsume Takeru, Misaki’s younger brother. Flashback: An hour ago, at the roof, Yuki wanted Takeru to explain things clearly to him. Takeru said that he has nothing to tell him. Yuki commented that Takeru gives a different vibe that he totally didn’t recognize him. Takeru said that on contrary, Yuki and Saaya are still the same that he quickly recognized them, and he lost his Kansai accent because of work, but he uses it when at home. Yuki told him that his sister Yuka is going out with his brother. Takeru says that he knows and it is from his brother that he knew that they are studying in this school. Flashback 2: At home, Yutaka is talking with Takeru as to which high school he would want to go. When Takeru mentioned his interest with Haisawa High, Yutaka told him that Yuki and Saaya are studying there. Takeru asked him how he knew this and that is when Yutaka admitted that he is going steady with Yuka. Takeru remembers that Saaya is also an actress. To Takeru’s surprise, he learns that Saaya and Yuki are no longer going steady. They broke up and found their own respective new lovers. Takeru couldn’t believe that they hurt his brother Misaki and now, they found other lovers.

He asked Yutaka not to tell Yuka about him for it will be troublesome because as actors, they wouldn’t want the people they are familiar with before, to know about it. Yutaka believed Takeru and assured him that he won’t tell. End flashback 2. Takeru told Yuki that he wants to know their current situation, so he stealthily came in the school using a senpai’s uniform. Takeru said that upon seeing him lovey-dovey with his new girlfriend really puts him in a bad mood. Looking calm, Yuki asks if he has been doing those things to Chitose because she is his girlfriend. Takeru admitted that is true. Yuki asked if he hates them that much. Takeru said that it can’t be hate because Misaki didn’t die because of them, but still, he is very angry especially at Yuki, who is Misaki’s best friend, since he secretly went lovey-dovey with the girl that Misaki likes, behind his back. Looking guilty, Yuki apologized for that. Takeru exclaimed over his frustration that his brother died at age 10, and they are living a carefree happy life. Takeru shouted doesn’t he pitied him [Takeru] who lost his brother. Yuki tried to say that he did think of that but Takeru continue to shout that he wanted them to taste unhappiness. “Give Chitose to me! This way, I can forgive you for what you did to my brother.” End flashback. Walking home, Yuki tells Chitose that Subaru is Takeru, Misaki’s younger brother. He used to be cute then that Yuki wanted him to be his own younger brother. Chitose also find him cute from Yuki’s story, and she wondered how come that kid turned out like that. Yuki informs her that he already told Saaya but she doesn’t have much impression of Takeru since Takeru tends to leave whenever Saaya is near them before. Yuki tells Chitose that it seems that Takeru couldn’t forgive them[/him] for betraying Misaki and living a happy life, especially since he is having a good relationship with Chitose.
To her shock, Yuki tells her about Takeru’s proposal that he’ll forgive him if he gives Chitose to him. Yuki assures her that is something that he cannot do so he refused Takeru. Chitose tells him that Misaki himself has already forgiven him so even if Takeru couldn’t.. Yuki says that is right but he understands why Takeru is thinking that way. He apologizes to Chitose that she became Takeru’s target because of him. Chitose happily tells him that it is alright, she’s fine. Chitose asks about asking Yutaka’s advice on how to deal with this. Yuki says that Yutaka would definitely not understand Takeru’s feelings towards them, and he doesn’t want them [Yutaka and his sister] to be worried so, he decides to keep this a secret from the others. Chitose asks if Takeru hasn’t gotten over Misaki’s death. Yuki doesn’t think so but rather, the anger revived upon seeing them. He says that this is painful, and he doesn’t know how to ease it up for Takeru, but still, he couldn’t give Chitose to Takeru. Chitose looks flustered for Yuki. At school, in the library, Yuki is called by Amika. Yuki asks if she is going to borrow a book but she says that she came in because she saw him inside. After a pause, Yuki says that she has a good relationship with Takeru. Amika tells him that she has few friends because she is always absent because of work so she is quite close with Takeru. She says that even if Takeru is a guy, she thinks that he is her intimate friend. Yuki asks her if Takeru mentioned to her about knowing him [Yuki] early on. Amika says he did, that Yuki and Saaya are his hospitalized brother’s friends, and it seems Takeru is angry at them. Yuki comments that they are like brothers before, and right now, he is loathed by Takeru. Amika apologizes for the age between Takeru and Misaki is quite close so their feelings are very deep. Yuki tells her that there is no need to apologize for that. To his surprise, Amika holds his hand and says that she really likes him.
At the clubroom, Midoriko suggests that they have a welcome party for the newcomers. She asks where they would want to go. Kanata happily approves of it. Takeru is a bit hesitant about it because he has work on school days off. Midoriko suggests that they do it during a club activity day. Takeru agrees on that. They discuss on what to do on that day like karaoke or bowling. Amika says that she wants to see a panda. Chitose, Midoriko and Kanata squeal about wanting to see a panda, too. Shun seems okay with it, and comments that they look very excited. Saaya is a bit okay with it. Midoriko asks him to go ask his manager when they are free. Takeru and Amika tell her that they are free today. So, the three happily squeals that they are going now, and Shun thinks that they are noisy. At the zoo, the three and Amika are really happy to see the panda. As they go out, Shun asks where Saaya is. Midoriko says that Subaru is also missing so maybe they took a walk. Somewhere in the zoo, Saaya tells Takeru that it is the first time for them to be alone. She says that before, he doesn’t want to go near her, and he must be shy that he always sticks with Misaki. Takeru calls her stupid for it isn’t like that. He says that he isn’t good at dealing with girls like her, and he doesn’t like her as some ojousama[/milady] who is cute, and sick that everyone ought to dote on her. Irritated, Saaya smiles and thanks him for still admitting that she is cute. Takeru thanks her because after seeing her on the television and learning that she is acting, and he has been discovered by Amika’s manager, he thought that if Saaya can do this kind of work, so can he, and he can be a better actor than her. Before, he only thinks of it as work, but now, he enjoys it. Saaya got irritated since Takeru is implying that her acting isn’t that good since she only treats it as work. Saaya changes the topic to ask him to stop tormenting Yuki. She tells him that she was the one who confessed and break the balance between them so why isn’t he after her instead. Takeru says that it doesn’t matter if she confessed or liked Yuki, the thing is Yuki consented to it thus he can’t forgive him for that. Saaya exclaims that even so, don’t do such a foolish thing of taking Chitose away from Yuki. Takeru shouts back that this has nothing to do with her, and it is something between him and Yuki.
Just when Saaya is about to protest, Midoriko and others had found them. Midoriko scolds them for walking on their own since they have to find them. Saaya apologizes and says that it is because there are many people inside the panda center. While Midoriko and Takeru are talking about the panda, Saaya tells Yuki that Takeru is stubborn for he won’t listen to what she’s saying. She was hoping that he’ll cool off by hating her. She advices Yuki not to always stay away from [/not mind] Takeru since that guy has chased after him to that school and Takeru is involving Chitose in it so he isn’t the cute Takeru from before. Yuki says that Takeru is still Takeru. Yuki becomes nervous when the others notice that Chitose and Subaru are no longer with them. Yuki tries to call Chitose on the phone but she isn’t answering. He decides to go and look for her. Kanata says that there is no need to be that nervous. Midoriko just says that Yuki is being overprotective since Chitose seems like a child compared to others. Shun asks Saaya what she and Yuki are talking about because it seems serious. To Shun’s displeasure, Saaya dismisses it as something about the hospital, and it is not important. Elsewhere in the zoo, Takeru has held Chitose’s hand and ran off with her. As Chitose catches her breath and frees herself from him, Chitose gets her cellphone to call Yuki. Takeru says that it is boring to walk as a group. When Chitose protests that it is his and Amika’s welcome party, Takeru says that he only wants to be alone with her. Chitose exclaims for him to quit doing that for she knows everything and he is doing this as revenge. Chitose is puzzled when Takeru says that it isn’t like that, maybe midway his revenge or something, but in the end, he came to like her. Takeru says that he was waiting for Yuki then, during V-day but he met Chitose instead. He felt good when she gave him that choco and thanks him for his help. He got furious at Yuki upon learning that Chitose is Yuki’s new girlfriend, and seeing them lovey-dovey outside the gymnasium. From his senpai who is in the student affairs, Takeru learns that Chitose transferred school from Okinawa and she is Mikami Yui’s younger sister. So, he auditioned for ‘level eleven’, and he thinks that it is fate for him to pass it. Thus, he decided to go to Haisawa High to take her away from Yuki. Chitose looks surprised over his lengthy confession.
Takeru also tells her that what he said before isn’t a lie, he got in the club because of her. He still doesn’t know if he truly likes her but he can’t get her out of his mind. Chitose asks if he is still acting. Takeru exclaims that he isn’t, and forget it if she doesn’t believe him. Suddenly, Yuki comes between them. He asks Takeru to please don’t involve Chitose in this for it has nothing to do with her that Takeru hates him. Takeru says why he has to listen to him. Then, Takeru just leaves. Yuki asks if Chitose is alright. Chitose says that they only talked. Chitose wonders if what Takeru said a while ago is true, and if it is, it might be because of her that Takeru would hate Yuki more. Then, at the clubroom again, Chitose and Yuki had finished eating the bento that Chitose made. Chitose wonders if she should tell Yuki what Takeru told her but then, she doesn’t want to increase the trouble between them. Then, Amika comes in and says that she is looking for Yuki, and she didn’t know that Chitose is also there. Since Amika has something to consult Yuki about, Chitose decides to leave. Just when she is already walking away, Chitose wonders if that consulting Yuki is actually a confession. Chitose quickly goes back and decides to eavesdrop. She mentally apologizes to Amika and if it isn’t a confession, she will quickly leave..but then, what if it is a confession. Chitose overhears Amika telling Yuki that she doesn’t want to go home because she couldn’t get along well with her stepmother. Her father married again, and she is mixed blood. Her mother is from Switzerland. They met each other when her father is still studying, and he went on a Scandinavian tour. Their age gap is huge but they fell in love and got married. They live in Japan but couldn’t overcome the culture gap so they divorced and her mother went back to Switzerland. This happened when she is still three years old, and she lived with her father and grandparents. Two years ago, her father married again and since they aren’t related, her stepmother couldn’t get along with her and she has no way of loving her. Their feelings for each other are mutual but lately, when her father isn’t around, the stepmother starts to hit her. Amika starts to cry over this. Yuki and eavesdropping Chitose are surprised. Amika starts to tell him about the physical abuse that has been inflicted on her and since her father left today, she would be alone with her stepmother again. After showing her injuries, She says that she is afraid and asks Yuki to save her.
To their surprise, Chitose dashes in the room. While Amika looks aghast, Chitose apologizes for eavesdropping and says that they should quickly do something. Chitose asks her if she has told her father or grandparents about it. Amika sweatdrops and says no, because it isn’t important. Chitose shouts what she is talking about, this is abuse and it is necessary to discuss it with an adult but then, who is the best person to talk this with, home room teacher, guidance counselor or police. To Amika’s shock, Chitose says that she is calling a youth consultation center hotline for help. Finally, embarrassed Amika confesses that she has been lying. She apologizes and quickly leaves, leaving stunned Chitose and surprised Yuki. To Chitose’s surprise, Yuki tells her that he felt that Amika has been lying. After thinking for a while, Chitose decides to chase after Amika. Chitose asks her if it was really a lie and there is really no problem with her stepmother. Amika apologizes for she doesn’t have a stepmother. It is true that her parents divorced but her father didn’t remarry, and the burnt marks are from an accident. Chitose is relieved over this and asks her why she lied. Amika didn’t answer so Chitose suggests that they go have a talk at her house which is nearby. She would also want to know more about Takeru. Touched by Chitose’s actions and words, Amika agrees. In her room, Chitose says that it seems that her brother went out. Amika apologizes for that strange lie and she thinks her acting isn’t that good since Yuki has seen through it, and people say that she is just a pretty face. Chitose nervously smiles and asks again why she lied. To Chitose’s shock, Yuki says that she plans to seduce Yuki, and after saying that she won’t go home, she’ll ask him to go to the hotel with her. Chitose asks if she really likes Yuki. Amika says no, she just wants Chitose to leave Yuki because Subaru likes Chitose. She apologizes for this, and says that she has always been striving hard in doing this.
To Chitose’s shock again, Amika tells her that she would go near Yuki, occasionally touch him and even confess at the library but Yuki just thanks her for the confession..and that felt like an idol touching a fan’s hand. Chitose asks her if Subaru asked her to do this. Amika says that she is doing this on her own free will, and whatever Subaru wishes, she will make it come true. Chitose asks her if she really likes Subaru. Amika says that he is her beloved friend. She doesn’t want a romantic love that will end someday just like what happened to her parents. She wants them to be together forever, not as lovers, but as friends. Blushing, Chitose comments that for Amika, Subaru is someone very important to her. Amika smiles and tells her that she was being bullied during junior high. Because of her showbiz work, she wasn’t able to blend in with the others and, there are students who don’t like her. But, Subaru who just transferred helped her out. Subaru scolded the girls that bullying is something a retard would do. It has nothing to do with him but seeing it puts him in a bad mood. If they got a problem with that, then they can go at him and fight. End flashback. Amika tells Chitose that Subaru used his Kansai accent to angrily rebuke those girls. It was very daring that it shocked those girls. And since then, Subaru is someone very important to her. Chitose asks her if it isn’t hard to watch with open eyes for Subaru be in love with someone else. Amika smiles and admits that it is true, even now. She would be lying if she says that it isn’t true but it doesn’t matter, she will strive hard and bear with it. Chitose tells her that even if they become lovers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will break up. Amika says that of course, it is impossible for it to be 100% chance of breaking up, but she doesn’t want to gamble on it. “No matter what, I want to stay at his side.” Chitose looks awed by Amika’s resolution.
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