January 16, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 64]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 14, 2012

Cover page: “Ah, look here. I’m always thinking. Always thinking [/concern] of you.” [<- I’m just curious who do you think is that in the cover? It looks like Ayane and Kent to me. ^^;] And, it is already December, and it is snowing. There is a bit awkwardness between Shouta and Chizuru. Chizuru thanks Shouta even if she isn’t quite normal yet. Chizuru says that in gratitude, she will listen to him if he has any problems. Shouta sweatdrops and says that he wouldn’t for she can’t keep it a secret. He tells her that he plans to find the suitable opportunity by himself. When Chizuru wonders if Shouta does have a problem, she meets up with Ryu. They just greet each other with a ‘hi’. Sawako looks at Chizuru and thinks that Chizuru seems a bit better now, from being gloomy before. She had told her friends what happened between her and Ryu before, wherein Ryu said to let it end. Then, Ryu ate the onigiri and they left. Chizuru was in tears before because they seemed like strangers. In class, they were talking to Chizuru about Ryu and that girl who confessed to Ryu. Since Chizuru is spacing out, they feed her food which she ate. Just when Ayane is going to doodle on her face with a marker, Chizuru quickly hits the marker away and it hits someone on the face. ^^; Then, Chizuru and Ayane talk about Christmas is coming soon. Ayane tells Chizuru to shut up when she mentioned about Ayane having no boyfriend this year again. Sawako is happy that Chizuru is cheerful again. Then, Shouta mentions to Sawako about studying after school for the exams. Ayane asks if it is a library date but Sawako exclaims that it is just studying. After Shouta left, Sawako’s friends ask her if she is going to spend Christmas with Shouta. Sawako exclaims that they haven’t talk about it yet. While Chizuru is spacing out again, Ayane tells Sawako that they should, and Sawako should do her best in persuading her father that rather than with her family, she will spend it with her boyfriend this year.

In the library, Sawako is thinking about this, and that the two of them haven’t talked about it. She thinks that they don’t have that mood of spending Christmas together. Then, she remembers Kent telling her to have self-confidence, and other stuff. She is looking at Shouta. When he looks at her, Sawako blushes. This made Shouta blush, too, then he looks flustered. At home, Sawako looks at her cellphone strap, when her father comes in to tell her about plans for Christmas. Just when Sawako is about to tell him, her father says it first that she can go to the Christmas party with the everyone/others, for he is now mature. Sawako’s mother comes in and says that even if he says ‘everyone’, but Shouta is there so, the two of them... Sawako’s father insists that with everyone, she can go. Sawako happily hugs her father and thanks him. Then, her father says that if she is 23 or 25 years old, she’s should spend it with family again. Sawako thinks of being together with Shouta, and would invite him out after exams. Soon, exams are finished. Sawako tells her friends that she’ll go complete her mission. They wish her good luck as Sawako rushes to find Shouta. Sawako calls out to Shouta and says that they go home together. This made Shouta smile. Then, he starts to mention about Christmas. He asks if she is free. Sawako exclaims that she is and she already told her parents that she can go out. “So--” To her surprise, Shouta says, that they spend this year’s Christmas together. “Together with everyone!” Sawako smiles over this and exclaims, “Yes!” Then, she thinks, “Spending Christmas-- together with Kazehaya-kun..!! *her smile freezes* --together with everyone?” Huh?
Scans by 君届同好会.

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