January 16, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 26]

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Looking at her posters, Riko ponders on saying something as ‘life-changing’ but what exactly has changed since after all, there is no life that doesn’t change. And, even if that is so, why does it feels that there’s no way out, as if something has changed. Meanwhile, Aki is playing with his toy helicopter by the esplanade. He thinks that he started dating Riko because he wants something that isn’t related to music, and he lied to her because he wants to have bonds with her that isn’t related to music. “..It’s truly strange for right now, what I had wished for had come true.. You will perform the music that Shinya composed.. But, I couldn’t put myself at ease..” At night, Shun and Shinya are doing some radio disc jockey job. Shun introduces himself as the host of ‘All Night Japan’. He notices that Shinya is looking uneasy that Shun laughs and introduces himself again. Shinya asks why he is laughing. Shun tells him that before they talk, he must introduce himself first since they are doing a radio broadcast, and the audience couldn’t see him, hence, they don’t know who he is. Then, Shinya introduces himself. Shun starts laughing again by saying that Shinya has been strangely nervous since he was in the lounge. Shinya denies it. Shun says that their honored guest today is Shinya whose first work garnered a lot of publicity. Shinya says that is right, this is a publicity tactic or else, he wouldn’t have been in a radio program with Shun. Shun asks if he is more enthusiastic about this than CPlay’s new song. Shinya says of course. Shun exclaims hat he [Shinya] better not suddenly leave CPlay. Shinya tells him not to say that or else, people would suddenly rush into that place, and it won’t be easy for him to become Shun’s rival. Shun asks him about how that bass part is performed. Shinya says that compared to that, he wants to know about the thing between Shun and Mari. Shun tells him that is quite a boring thing, and they just have a working senpai-kouhai relationship. Shinya says that if it is true, then it will be quite interesting but regretfully, it isn’t like that. CPlay’s manager nervously mutters that they shouldn’t recklessly say things.

Shinya asks Shun what type of girl does he like. Shun says that during high school, he likes a girl who wears glasses. Shinya asks if it is someone in the same year. Shun says that she is his class president, and he thinks that his classmates know about it. Then, Shun laments that he thinks that high school classmate could be listening to this program. Shinya says that from what he is saying, was it an unrequited love. Shun says yes, and at that time, he had a girlfriend. Shinya says that he is that kind of guy. Shun says no, it is because that girl really, really likes a guy who doesn’t have any future prospects. Realizing something, Shinya says is that so. Shun laments that he is now in a sad mood. Shinya comments that he didn’t expect Shun to be pure-hearted. Shun asks if this is what being pure-hearted is. The staff laughs over this. Then, Shun promotes Mush & Co.’s music since they are talking about pure-hearted. Shun asks if it is too sudden for he had prepared this ahead. Shinya says that he only forces the change of topic, and he [Shinya] intensely want to change the topic. Looking outside the booth, Shun says that actually, the lead singer of Mush & Co. also came here in the broadcasting room. Riko timidly waves at them. While Riko is bowing to them as an apology, the they say that Riko can’t participate in the program because she is still a minor, 16 years old. Minors cannot work from 10pm – 5am. Shun says so, Riko only came there to have fun [with them]. Shinya exclaims that no way, she is still 16, and what kind of fun will they do there at the middle of the night. Looking at blushing Riko, Shun asks won’t her boyfriend be angry. At a yakitori [barbecue] restaurant, Aki grumpily says will be angry, very angry. The radio program is being tuned in at the restaurant. Aki is eating with the other CPlay members. Kaoru asks Aki if that glasses class president Shun is referring to is Nagahama Miwako. Aki says it ought to be. Teppei asks Aki if it is Miwako who asked him [Aki] out during the school field trip. Aki says ya. Aki is surprised when Kaoru asks if Shun knew that Miwako of Hearst records, the one in charge of Mush & Co, so she ought to be currently at that radio station.

Back at the station, Shun says that they’ll continue to receive mails from the audience about Shinya. Watching outside the booth, Soichiro asks quiet Miwako if she used to be a class president. With crossed arms, Miwako says that Shun is like before, always saying something as if it is true but he’s only teasing people. Takagi laughs and says that Shun was at a loss at the discussion room. Flashback[?]: Miwako gave Shun her business card, and asked if Shun still remembered her as his classmate during second year high school. Shun asked her why she is speaking to him in a polite manner. Miwako told him that it is because he is her senpai. Shun said that he is now her senpai, and during high school, he used to be ordered around and driven around in circles by her. Miwako said that 7 years had passed, things changed so she isn’t some fool who is all giggly and happy because they are classmates. Shun replied is that so. Later on, while sitting on the chair, Shun held out a 100 yen bill and said, “Hey, Nagahama, go buy me a pack cigarettes.” Irritated Miwako stared back at him and didn’t react. Shun looked at her then burst into laughter that it is so funny. End flashback. Reading from a script which will introduce the reading of mails, Shun says that they’ll now listen and enjoy the music together. Shinya introduces ‘Tomorrow Still’, Mush & Co.’s debut single, that will be sold next month. Riko blushes as their single is being played. The staff enters the room and says that the number of mails coming in is quite astonishing. Shinya leans on his chair and looks at Riko. He tells Mushroom to come in. Riko is surprised and exclaimed that they are currently broadcasting. Shinya stands up and pulls Riko inside. Reading a paper, Shinya says that while broadcasting a song, they won’t be heard even if they talk. To Riko’s surprise, Shinya bends to the microphone and shouts, “Shit! *leans back in chair* See, whatever is being said, the audience won’t hear it.” Riko becomes nervous for it is CPlay’s Shun. Sweatdrops, Shinya says ya. After letting out a laugh, Shun asks Riko if the lyrics she wrote is about her boyfriend. Riko looks surprised.

Back at the yakitori restaurant, after Shun mentioned about listening to the music, Aki quickly stands up. He tells the others that he is going to buy a pack of cigarettes. After he left, Teppei asks if Aki has started smoking. Kaoru says that Aki is running away, for he doesn’t want to listen to this song. Standing outside, Aki looks flustered. Narration: “Seven years ago.. I’ve decided not to ride on this train, but you rode on it. Where that train goes, where it would reach, where it will stop, all of this, I clearly know. I clearly know that in case one sits on to ride that train, one won’t be able to get off it again. And, when one decided to get off, you’ll discover your original aspiration, course of events, right now[/present].. you have been confined here in this train. Hey! Mush, right now, you only still have not noticed it yet.” Scans by defer for jmydm

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