December 26, 2011

Vampire Knight [Chapter 78]

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Title - Pollution. Yuuki and Hanabusa has been returning the students who were drugged by using Yuuki’s blood. Then, Zero goes to the association. Touga mentions about not hindering Kaname which made Zero scowl. He talks with Kaien about Yuuki stopping some students from causing some problems. Zero senses Toma within the association whom Kaien mentions, almost got killed by Kaname. Kaien also mentions that he doesn’t want to kill humans or vampires. When Kaien mentions if he knows who created the new blood tablets, if it is someone within Night Class. Zero thinks of Sara but he says that there is none [from Night Class]. Then, he asks Kaien about knowing of Kaname’s ‘sin’. Kaien mentions to Zero about what he thought Kaname has been doing before but this time around, he doesn’t understand it. Then, Yuuki and Maria are talking about Zero’s thirst and getting Takuma away from Sara, when Hanadagi’s servant crashes out the window. She tells Yuuki that it was Sara who chained her like a dog and it was Sara who attacked Hanadagi by taking his heart. When Yuuki realizes that Kaname wasn’t the one who attacked Hanadagi’s coffin, Zero appears. Zero tells Yuuki if she plans on killing Sara. After the servant said that he was the one who came to Sara yesterday, Zero says, “..Yuuki, I won’t let you lay a hand on that woman.” Yuuki is surprised for he called her name but.. In some other room, Sara comments to Takuma that everything is moving according to plan. Even if Yuuki got the Night Class people back, she is already trapped in the confusion. Sara comments that it is enough for her to go to the academy and obtain the ‘weapon’. And, that ‘child’ will definitely fall [into the hands of the enemy/occupied] just like Takuma.

Takuma comments that she is a devil and a pitiful woman. He bites[?] on her neck. Sara seems to say that what she wants are servants who cannot oppose her and having cute birds [girls] around her. The whole world’s vampires to serve her, a doll who won’t hate her and a convenient weapon that can eliminate pureblood <- Zero. And that child can be said is the crystallization of Kaname’s ‘sin’. They were interrupted by a knock. Sara orders Takuma to get back that doll that escaped and it is useless to resist. Takuma opens the door to see Shiki who says that he drank the tablets because it is the easiest way to go to his [Takuma] side. While Yuuki is surprised by what Zero just said, Hanadagi’s servant tries to attack him for hindering her but Zero give her a karate chop at the back of the neck and she’s out. Maria takes Hanadagi’s servant away as Zero ordered. After Maria left, Yuuki tells Zero that she was told that the one who attacked Hanadagi wasn’t Kaname, but Sara. She apologizes for messing up the school and after dealing with it, she will definitely stop Kaname. Before she enters the building, Zero goes after her and pushes her on the wall. He tells her that Kuran Kaname, all of his cells and existence, utterly pollutes everything. “He is the one who destroyed my everything. Family.. Ichiru.. And also, me..” Yuuki is surprised by his outburst and asks what he is talking about. Then, Yuuki looks at the side after Zero lets her go. Kaname has arrived.
Scans by玖玖爱枢♀汉化

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