December 26, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 33]

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Cover page: “At a loss, and perplexed, even so, I will continue on moving forward to the birth of a glittering moment--” Blurb: “What’s the outcome of a tiring camping activity--!?” Iyo: “By the way, Shizuku-senpai. It’s obviously a rare color page but why is it that Iyo isn’t shown as a whole in one whole page?” Shizuku: “Because, right now, I’M the MAIN LEAD.” Title: On the Next Summer Vacation part 2 of 2 Shizuku thinks, “It has been long since we’ve been going steady. There is no worthy change worth mentioning between Haru and I, Mizutani Shizuku. Regardless of prolonging the extension line.. *pak* Grunt. On Haru’s side, what is he thinking--” Shizuku wakes upon after sleeping Ayane’s legs are on top of her. Haru is sleeping at her other side. =P Sleepy Shizuku calls out to Haru and asks why he is sleeping at this side [of the tent]. Someone thinks, “Ah, is that so. I came into the tent, huh..” Outside the tent, Sasayan and Tomio are smiling while holding fishing rods. At some waiting area where there are picnic tables, Sasayan asks Haru where he and the others went last night because since that time, they didn’t return. Scratching his head, Haru says that he didn’t know. “When I wanted to go back, I’m already down in an abyss. *points at Yamaken* It is all, that guy’s fault.” Sasayan sweatdrops and says, ‘ah’. With crossed arms, Yamaken angrily exclaims that they are meddlesome. While Tomio is yawning, Mabo puts his arm around George[/formerly Joji] and exclaims that yesterday is quite interesting since the start of the courage test-survival game last night. George flashes a v-sign because he got paired up with Asako. Blushing, Haru says that midway, in order to knock down the forest god [statue?] again, the two of them held hands. “And honestly speaking, my heart felt quite hot... Hihi and at the end, my relationship with the forest god had become quite good even if at our side, it is not that much.” Holding a croissant, Asako arrives with Iyo. Asako happily says that she bought some limited chocolate croissant which she read to be very delicious from the guidebook. Holding a tray with a couple of drinks, Iyo blushingly says that she bought vegetable juice that Haru likes. Mabo and Tomio whines to Iyo that they want to eat something too. Iyo arrogantly tells them that she’ll tear them apart, and they should shut up since they can just eat grass, so don’t order her around. Iyo starts to become nervous when Yamaken calls out her name and says that she is still here. Iyo thinks that look [of Yamaken] means ‘you are annoying, quickly go home’. Nervous teary-eyed Iyo protests that she was the one who invited these guests. While munching her croissant, Asako tells Yamaken not to bully Iyo because Iyo is her good friend, and today, they are going to have fun together. While Iyo looks touched by what Asako said, Asako points to herself and exclaims, “If you got any protests, then you’ll have to get through me, Natsume!” Yamaken looks at them and says, “Ha? ..” While drinking his juice, Haru says that is very good Natsume, and if she becomes more vicious, at the critical time, he will go and help her.

Holding a small card, Shizuku arrives and says that she got this street stamp seal card from the tour [information] place. She tells them that if they can complete the stamp seals in the card by going around the [shopping] street to get it stamped, they can get a local specialty jam. Haru and Yamaken freeze. Tomio exclaims that is enough, and they have been waiting for her, sensei-sama. Gesturing to a chair beside him, Mabo happily tells her to please sit down. Puzzled Shizuku asks if they are always like that since this morning. Yamaken comments that it is because they are idiots. Tomio and Mabo start whispering that Shizuku is boring because she didn’t wavered a bit. Asako and Iyo freak out when Yamaken stands up and says forget it. He tells Iyo not to cause any trouble. Shizuku asks Yamaken aren’t they going. Yamaken says that he isn’t interested in moving around the [shopping] street together. “Or are you saying that you are coming to my side?” Holding Shizuku’s arm, Haru tells him, “Sorry, Shizuku is mine.” As the three idiots walk away with plans to walk around and pick up some girls, Yamaken tells Haru that he’ll leave it up to him. At a specialty store, Asako and Sasayan are looking at the things inside. Asako says that it is quite easy to leave Yamaken so could it be that he had already given up on chasing after Mitti. Sasayan says, who knows, but then, Haru and Shizuku are still going steady so, Yamaken ought to be unhappy after he was dumped. While choosing something for a gift, Sasayan wonders out loud what Yamaken will decide from today on, if they can still be friends. “..ah, that younger sister, from that side, *Haru is sitting with Shizuku and Iyo facing off* it seems hasn’t been thinking that way..” Asako sweatdrops and says, about Iyo.. With folded arms, Shizuku says, “Iyo, Haru and I are currently going steady. It is useless even if you make a move [on him].” Also with folded arms, Iyo answers, “But, Iyo also wants to go steady with Haru-senpai, that kind of person! So, I’m just asking him to give it a try and go steady with me. *points at the couple* First of all, let me say first, there is totally no ‘lovers’ kind of mood between the two of you, when you guys are obviously going steady.” Shizuku and Haru look surprised. Shizuku exclaims is that so. Shizuku thinks that not right, but then, for a bit, she also.. [so] people looking at them would also think that way. She says out loud that it is quite troublesome so what should she do. Iyo says that is right, and in the end, she should first deal with her external appearance. Iyo suggests that Shizuku let her hair down since she thinks that it suits Shizuku. Haru tells her to please don’t do that since it will be hard for him to find Shizuku. Shizuku asks him if he is depending on that to recognize her. Blurb: “ the first to go to sleep last night.” After Sasayan and Asako come back to join them, they are talking about the huge shopping street where the clothes seems to be sold at factory prices. Shizuku says that for the time being, there won’t be any problem if she also collects the stamp seals. Then, they pass by an al fresco type of cafe. Yuuzan calls out and says if it isn’t Haru. Yuuzan is holding a bag of croissants. While holding some newspapers, Andou sips his cup of coffee. Haru looks totally aghast. Quickly grabbing Shizuku, Haru says that it is Yuuzan, let’s go. Stuffing his mouth with a croissant, Yuuzan says that Haru still takes Shizuku with him, and this old kind of reaction is really not bad at all. “Hahaha, go. Chase after them- Andou!”
Reading his newspapers, Andou says he doesn’t want to, it’s troublesome. Iyo has dropped her bag on the floor and looks surprised over Yuuzan. Asako calls out that it is Yuuzan. Sasayan says that Haru already left, so what is Yuuzan doing here. Yuuzan greets Asako and Sasayan, saying that it has been a long time, and he heard about Haru and Shizuku from Mitsuyoshi. This surprises Asako that she blushes a bit. Then, she quickly starts to look around. Sasayan greets Yuuzan back and asks if he specially came there for that. Yuuzan laughs and denies it by saying that is impossible, and it is only because it is summer vacation. He walks away with yawning Andou. At the playground, Haru and Shizuku are hiding behind an elephant slide. It seems that the three idiots are also there..well, two of them are talking with some girls. Shizuku is just quiet while Haru curses as to why Yuuzan is here, together with Andou. “Darn, it’s simply the worst type of combination..!! *notices that Shizuku is walking away* ..hey, where are you going?” Shizuku says why he is asking when she said that she is going to get stamp seals since she must give a local specialty jam for Takaya. Aghast Haru exclaims, “Jam!! You.. weren’t you just listening to what I’ve said just now? This street won’t do anymore because the shark has been let out.” Shizuku says that he is still talking about that, when they obviously going home today. Blurb: “Peaceful scenery..peaceful place that has a scenery.” With folded arms, Haru says, “That is because you don’t understand Yuuzan, and that is why you say that. Listen up. That person will do the things that I hate. And right now, he’ll definitely.. *looks at Shizuku who is looking at him; Shizuku is puzzled.* ..darn. Let’s go to the places that [you] have to go. Give that map to me. *takes the card that Shizuku is holding* Let me clearly tell you first, that I absolutely will not go to any places that has sweets! That guy would probably be licking sugar.” While Haru is walking ahead and talking on his cellphone, Shizuku follows him behind. Shizuku wonders what it is, because it always feels that something is off. “Ah, ah, is this it. The reason is because, Haru is walking in front and I’m always walking behind him.” She is surprised when Haru turns towards her and says that she is walking too slow. “It bothers me that you are walking behind, that I can’t walk on ahead. Give me your hand.” While walking Haru holds the stamp seal card in one hand and holding Shizuku’s hand on the other, Shizuku thinks, “Right now, doesn’t it look, more like that we are lovers? What to do.” Shizuku sweatdrops when Haru happily admits that he is excited over this stamp sealing thing because when he is still a small brat, he attained a perfect attendance broadcasting [/publicity] award. He comments that it is also okay to run to that place [to avoid Yuuzan?]. Shizuku says is that so, and what about Sasayan and the others. Haru says that they went to the business street, and after they finish, they’ll go and meet up with each other again.
Walking at a street filled with stores, Yuuzan happily says that he is really happy and shopping is the best to keep oneself from being lonely on an ordinary gloomy day. He is holding some shopping bags while holding a drink. Also carrying some bags, Andou says is that so, then it is good. Blurb: “Yuuzan: buys things as if it is the peak season for shopping.” Andou says that they were supposed to come and see beautiful girls in swimsuits so without sleep and rest, they went on a ride to that beautiful mountain scenery. “But in the end, I’m shopping together with young master Yuuzan. I’m unconsciously immersing in the joy of hard work!” Yuuzan replies if he is saying ‘how cruel, young master, quickly stop’. Then, Yuuzan notices a store where he wants to shop. Inside the store, while picking and buying multiple pairs of shoes, Yuuzan says that for several days, he has been forced to accompany his father’s wife[/madame] to parties [/gatherings] by the sea, and it already quite annoying. “Why do women don’t have any resistance towards ‘memberships’. Ah, forget it, I came here to look at the situation. It’s establishing mutual argument[/explanation], right?” Andou tells him to let go of Haru, and can’t he just not care about that side [Haru]. Yuuzan calls Andou useless and tells him that he [Andou] knows that his father want their [brothers] relationship to become good. Then, Andou tries to flirt with the saleslady by saying that she is cute, so after work, would she want to go out together and have some fun. “See, there’s a good man here.” [<- referring to himself] Holding his credit card, Yuuzan blushes and tells Andou to please not be [/say it] like that. While walking again, Yuuzan is now eating an ice cream cone. He says that actually, he is also fed up with shopping (even if he said that, he still bought a lot of stuff) and it isn’t that really interesting so like this, how about going to Kyoto to eat Namagashi [sweets that contain fruit jellies or sweetened bean paste]. At the other corner of where Yuuzan is walking, Yamaken is talking on the phone and tells his friends that he is already at the fountain. Yamaken’s friend tells him if it is the fountain, then he’ll go there, so Yamaken should just stay put. “Please, you do not move again!” Yamaken calls him friend stupid. “There’s no need for you to come. I’ll be able to quickly reach..” Then, Yamaken sees Yuuzan. Yamaken quickly runs away while his friend is shouting on the phone if he [Yamaken is listening to him]. Yuuzan looks dark and says, “..this guy is, and that guy is the same.. running away after seeing my face. What is that.. It really infuriates me.” Then, Yamaken crawls out some bushes to see Shizuku just about to bite on her corndog [hot dog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and deep fried in oil]. Aghast Yamaken asks her what she is doing there as if she is hiding among the bushes. Shizuku asks what he is talking about, when he is doing the same thing. She tells him that they are going to meet up with Asako and others but because Yuuzan came out, Haru made her hide there. Yamaken angrily calls out Haru. Shizuku tells him that Haru went to get stamp seals. Blurb: “Shizuku..the flower at the chest [of her coat] is something she stick on herself because it is damaged by moths.” Yamaken totally freak out when Yuuzan arrives and calls out to Shizuku, after seeing her there. Somewhat going in front of Shizuku, irritated Yamaken asks Yuuzan what is it, that he specially came after him. Yamaken freaks out when Yuuzan maliciously smile.
Yuuzan says that looks delicious, can Shizuku tell him where to buy that. Shizuku stands up and gets ready to show Yuuzan the store. Yamaken grabs Shizuku’s hand and asks if she is stupid, when it is an obviously lie to bait her. Teary-eyed from smiling, Yuuzan tells Shizuku to go with him. “You’re making me feel bad from what you are saying, Yamaguchi-kun. YOU CANNOT. DON’T TOUCH SOMEONE ELSE’S GIRLFRIEND AT WILL.” Tense Yamaken says that if it is showing the way, then he’ll show him the way. “Haha.. and you should be the one who ought let go of your hand.” Holding the stamp seal card, Haru arrives and happily exclaims, “Shizuku- Only one left, only one left! This is bad, getting the stamp seals is so much fun!! *shocks to see Shizuku’s hands are being pulled by Yuuzan and Yamaken* Wha..what is this situation!!” Unfazed Shizuku asks Haru what time does the product exchange ends. Later on, by the fountain, Asako happily holds her brand new high heeled sandals. Asako exclaims to Iyo and Sasayan who are sitting beside the fountain that the sandals are 20% off and if she knew earlier, she would have brought all of her allowance. While Iyo just sighs, Sasayan wears one of his new shoes and giggles that he also bought sports shoes. Asako asks Iyo what’s up, because since a while ago, she is quite listless. Iyo is startled when Sasayan mentions that Haru and the others are also quite slow. Blushing and heart beating, Iyo mutters as to how she can meet up with Haru with a feeling like this. Blurb: “Sasayan and the others: It seems that they have separated as each of them went on their way to shop for things.” Carrying a lot of shopping bags and his cigarette, Andou says, “Hey-- young ladies, you are really cute— Do you want to have fun with a good guy here? *sees Sasayan* Oh.. what is this. There is a boy here. Sorry about that.” Annoyed Sasayan says, “..Ha? boy!?” Asako mutters that from a while ago.. Blushing Iyo goes to Andou and says, “The good guy you are talking about. Are you referring to the guy, who is with you there a while ago?” Puzzled Andou asks where they had seen each other before. Mabo, and friends have arrived. Mabo calls out to Andou and says, “Hey, ojisan, with whom are you talking with? You’ve said good guy, huh? I can’t imagine it to be someone else, what good things have you done? You dare lay a hand on Natsume-chan, well, you are 100 years early!?” Aghast Andou tries to tell the trio that, no, wait a minute. Grabbing Iyo’s head, Mabo calls her stupid, and tells her not to be fooled by a silly pick-up line. Iyo exclaims that it hurts. Going in between Andou and the trio, Sasayan tells them to stop for this guy is someone Haru knows. While Iyo cries for them not to touch her, Mabo is surprised that Haru knows this person. Andou sighs in relief and says that it turns out that young master Haru knows them. He thanks Sasayan for saving him. Sasayan tells him that they just met a while ago. While gripping her skirt, Asako timidly says, “Ah.. about that.. Mi..Micchan, didn’t come along together with you?” Andou apologizes for unfortunately, Mitsuyoshi didn’t come with them. Frowning Sasayan looks serious.
They are all surprised when Haru and Yamaken suddenly stand up from the fountain. Tomio asks what they are doing. Haru exclaims that it is Yamaken’s fault that they got thrown[/lost] in. Flustered Yamaken hits Haru’s head. Shaking his wet hair and grinding his teeth, Haru angrily shouts that Yuuzan is a scoundrel who took advantage of the time he is nagging with Yamaken, and took Shizuku away. Sweatdropping Sasayan wonders, “Then why did, you guys, come out of the fountain?” Andou exclaims that young master Haru, who is wet from head to foot, is also a good guy. Haru quickly grabs Andou’s collar and tells him to give him Yuuzan’s cellphone number. Andou is saying something if it is okay for he has 100 phone numbers but Haru angrily shouts for him to quickly give him the number. Soon, Haru curses and runs off. Yamaken quietly looks at Haru. Standing beside Yamaken, Sasayan asks if it is okay for him to not go, too. Somewhat glaring, Yamaken asks him why he must go. Sasayan frowns and looks serious again. Finally, Shizuku gets her last stamp seal on the card. She blushes over it, and then, she walks towards Yuuzan who is holding his cellphone. Yuuzan has just informed someone probably Andou/Haru where he is. After hanging up, Yuuzan wonders what to do next. Yuuzan calls out to Shizuku and says that she is back. He asks her if it is okay to just leave those two guys who are quarreling, without a care. Shizuku comments that it seems that the route is quite long and the deadline for exchanging the product is at 17 o’ clock. Yuuzan laughs and says that Haru did a good job, too. “No, but rather, I should say because he was able to go steady until now.” Putting the card around her neck, Shizuku asks him what he is thinking that he went with her. While eating a long churros, Yuuzan says no, forget it, he should be saying he is taking advantage but he wants to say that he only wants to see that loathing expression of Haru. Blurb: “Yuuzan..Churros (one kind of snack) of course, it is the best if it is 60 cm long.” Sparkling Yuuzan tells Shizuku, “By the way, it seems that Haru is going towards this place. I think that if you and I make this place as our affectionate place, won’t that be amazing. How about it!?” Looking at the card, Shizuku blushes and says that even if he says that, she won’t do anything that will hurt Haru. While biting on his churros, Yuuzan looks at her. He asks if they are really properly going steady. Shizuku says speaking of that, they are going steady. [<- informing Yuuzan] The two starts to bow to each other and exchange greetings of ‘I’ll be under your care’. Shizuku says that even if there is totally no romantic love feeling, and it seems that the people around them also felt that way. Yuuzan says, “No no no, it’s alright, it’s alright! *looks at the side and smiles* The two of you looks really suitable lovers.” Shizuku looks at him. She blushes and tells him to forget it, it is not good for it will only turn into a conversation about romantic love. Yuuzan tells her, “Wrong, Shizuku-chan. Life is made of continuous choices. It’s also okay for you to consciously do it. It is also okay for you to do it unconsciously. Whatever you choose, it has an implication. You must give up on something. *smiles* If you never regret your choice, it obviously proves that your choice is right.”
Finally arriving, Haru angrily calls out to his brother. He only finds Shizuku. Puzzled, Haru asks where Yuuzan is. Pointing down, Shizuku says that Yuuzan is there, and why is Haru all wet. While angry Haru looks down to Yuuzan who is waving at them, Shizuku tells Haru that Yuuzan said that he doesn’t want to get beaten up by Haru so he’s leaving. Yuuzan is surprised when Haru calls up his cellphone. Haru says, “Yuuzan, next time, if you have any business with me, come directly at me.” Yuuzan laughs and says that what Haru saying is quite meaningful, for who is the one, who is running around all over the place. Haru seriously replies to smiling Yuuzan, “E-nough. Just come at me, and that’s it.” While Haru hangs up the phone, Shizuku tells him that there is obviously nothing to be worried about. She is surprised when Haru angrily glares at her. While kneading her head, Haru tells her that she hasn’t been listening to what he is saying that she isn’t allowed to see Yuuzan. Shizuku exclaims that it is because it has nothing to do with her. While the couple is arguing about this, Yuuzan is walking towards Andou. Yuuzan has a blank eyes-sad expression. Waiting for Yuuzan at the corner of a building, Yamaken calls out to him and tells him not to meddle too much in other people’s [H&S] business for it is very annoying. With a serious look, Yuuzan says, “..You really like her. So pitiful.” Before leaving, Yamaken answers, “..I have already been rejected.” Then, Yamaken freaks out to see his younger sister blushing and looking at Yuuzan, from the corner of the women’s toilet and bag store. She says, “..finally met him, destiny’s Möbius..!!” [Möbius is a German astronomer and mathematician. So Iyo is probably saying some nonsense things. Of course, it is more like ‘man of her dreams’.] Aghast and nervous Yamaken quickly grabs Iyo’s head and mutters, “Stupid [younger] sister.. let’s go back.” Yamaken drags Iyo away. =P Blurb: “Apple jam (costs 450 yen) attained in one’s hand.” Asako is happy for Shizuku who finally got her jam. Soon, Shizuku and others bid goodbye to Yamaken and others. At the train, sitting beside Haru, Shizuku has fallen asleep. Haru notices this so he gently pulls her head so that it would rest on his shoulder. He smiles and kisses sleeping Shizuku’s forehead. Then, Asako tells Sasayan that regarding what was talked about yesterday. “When we return, I want to once again go to Micchan’s place.” With somewhat expressionless eyes, Sasayan answers, “..ya, isn’t that very nice.” Later on, in the cram school, the instructor is talking about turning the grammar booklet for a question that would appear in the entrance mock exam. Shizuku asks Yamaken what it is now. Yamaken tells her that it is Japanese translation. Shizuku comments that it turns out that it is necessary to put in a lengthy reading as a test question. Later on, after class, Shizuku bids Yamaken goodbye. Just as she is going the opposite way, Yamaken calls out to her and says, “Mizutani-chan, I don’t intend on becoming friends with you. *Shizuku looks at him; he smiles* ..I’m sorry.” After a pause, Shizuku says, “Is that so. Then, goodbye and be well[/take care].” Shizuku looks at Yamaken who walks away. Then, she looks away from him and proceeds to walk at the opposite direction. She remembers what Yuuzan told her that if she doesn’t regret her choice, that proves that her choice is correct. In front of Micchan’s game center, Asako stands outside, and she is wearing her brand new sandal shoes.
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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