December 26, 2011

Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei... [Part 2 of 2]

Originally posted @ on December 25, 2011

The two look at each other in shock as Ai realizes that Izumi is a teacher. She wonders if this is all a dream. Then, a couple of female students come in and call Izumi, sensei..and there is something they want to ask him. This made it sink in to Ai that he is indeed a teacher. Then, one of the students sees Ai. She quickly pulls Izumi a bit and tells him about Ai’s past about going steady with a teacher. Ai can only look flustered for now, Izumi knows. At the bus stop, the two gloomily say that he/she is unexpectedly a teacher/student. Izumi says that it is because he didn’t thought that a student will be out during work days. Ai says that not long ago, she noticed that he is older than her. Izumi asks if what was mentioned in the morning is true. Ai confesses that it is true. She went steady with her former teacher at the end of the closing ceremony of the first year. They would send text[/sms] and call each other on the phone, and at times, secretly hold each other’s hands. That is their relationship but for the people around, it is unacceptable and then soon rumors start to recklessly spread around, until, Saitou-sensei told her that they are breaking up and then, he disappeared. She smiles and says, so.. but stops upon looking at Izumi. She wonders if she should say that they can no longer be together but..together with him, she thought that they can continue on being like that..and if they are to part, she is afraid and it is very painful. She couldn’t say that they break up. To her surprise, Izumi smiles at her and says that they are going.

Soon, Izumi brought her to an amusement park. Ai hesitates for she is still wearing her uniform. Izumi puts his coat on her. He asks if this is okay or does she hate it. She says no. Soon, Ai is gloomy after riding a roller coaster while Izumi is quite pleased with himself for riding it at night. He is surprised by her reaction that he asks if she is angry. She says that she doesn’t hate amusement parks but she really hates rides that make one scream. Izumi giggles over this. She is embarrassed but to her surprise, Izumi hugs her and says that it is only because it is a bit unexpected, and she is very cute. Ai tries to protest that someone might see them but he tells her that everyone else [/couples] are already immerse in their own worlds. Ai wonders if she also go there..her world with him is still not mature. When they have half an hour left before the park closes, Ai thinks that her time with him will end soon. Izumi suggests that they ride a Ferris wheel. As they watch the beautiful night scene. Ai notices a note that says about couples kissing inside will attain happiness. Izumi comments his amusement of that kind of legend but Ai says that is strange, because to be with the person one likes, already makes one really happy. Izumi hugs her and asks if she is happy. Ai says, yes. They kiss. She thinks that her body warmth and heart interweaved with Izumi’s but if everything cannot be done, she doesn’t want that. She wished that there is a way for time to stop.
Izumi is surprised that she is crying. He pulls away from her and asks what she plans to do afterwards. Ai says that he is a teacher and he knows his own position so what is he saying. He asks her if she remembered what he promised her, ‘I definitely will properly cherish you’, compared to anything, he will prioritize her as number one, forever. While he holds her hand, Ai thinks that she thought that everything will end on that day but for him to think of her. Ai tells him this will be it for them, she cannot keep this kind of relationship with him. Crying, she thinks that her feelings for him would one day pour all out. She tells him that they are breaking up. Izumi says that if that is what she truly wants, then they’ll break up today. The two hug each other. Ai thinks that it is for the future of her beloved and hoping that everything will all be quiet [/no rumors]. Then, the next day, Izumi is talking with some guys to not run on the corridor. Then, Ai with a short haircut passes by and greets him a good morning. She removes her shoes to put in the shoe locker and says that if he didn’t go to the office, he will be late. She calls him, Okamura-sensei. As he smiles at her, she thinks that with him, she unexpectedly can still naturally smile. He also says, you, too, Ooba-chan. Ai thinks that it is great that she fell in love with him for it enabled her to move forward. He was the one who changed her and guided her in walking one step forward. He is her treasure for life. Soon, it is spring again. At the bus stop, long haired Ai sits on the bench and she already got her diploma. She thinks that the closing ceremony ended quite late and it has been a long time since she went to this bus stop at this time. She reminisces the time how she met with Izumi when her hair got stuck on the zipper, and it has been one year since then. Someone says that her hair is now long. She turns around to see Izumi carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. He tells her that he has always been waiting for the day to give these flowers to her. She is a bit nervous since it has been a long time since they’ve talked. Ai asks is it to celebrate her graduation. He tells her that she guessed wrong. “Do you know what the color red meant in the language of flowers? *Ai is surprised* It is ‘love’s confession’. Ai-chan, congratulates on your high school graduation. Please, once again.. *Ai teary-eyed* go steady with me.” They hug each other. Narration: “I also really look forward to.. walking the future together with you..”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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