December 8, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 32]

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Cover page: Girls in Swimsuit. Ayako says, “Mitti, this is the first summer vacation for you guys as a couple. So let us enjoy it to the fullest.” Shizuku says, “This scene is Natsume’s own imagination so fundamentally, it has nothing to do with this chapter.” Surprised Asako exclaims, “Wait..Mitti!” Iyo thinks, “Iyo also wants to go steady with someone.” Title: On the Next Summer Vacation Part 1 of 2 Blurb: “In full swing, gradually warming up. It is high school’s second summer vacation. Using one year’s experience in all sorts of encounters the first time around, for certain, this won’t be ordinary, right!!?” With all sort of summer-type sounds, Asako stands in front of the game center. Then, she takes out her cellphone to call Haru that she has arrived. She tells him that she felt a bit hot so she is going to the nearby convenient store to wait for him. Later on, Haru and Asako are sitting on a bench in front of a baseball field. While they are happily eating their ice popsicles, Asako[?] says that Chizuru and Yuu are currently in Okinawa. “By the way, Haru, how is your summer vacation with Mitti?” Haru says that it didn’t even hit[/touch] the surface. Asako exclaims that there he goes again, and she knew that for during this time, the two of them definitely went on a date and she [Asako] is all alone. Haru mutters, “? Date? Date.. Ah ya.. Date..” Looking aghast, Asako glances at Haru and asks what’s up with him for that doesn’t seem like how he ought to respond [<- not Haru-type of response]. She also asks what’s up with that baffling hairstyle of his. [<- Haru has pulled up one side of his hair with gel] Haru says that Sasayan and others are coming out. Asako comments that she feels that everyone is going forward towards their each own respective path. Haru glances at her. Sasayan comes out and exclaims his disbelief that the two of them really came to watch him play in the practice competition. While Haru greets Sasayan, Asako says that of course, and they ought to cheer him on at least once. Sasayan apologizes that he lost in the first round. Thinking that Natsume is in casual clothes, Shitayanagi is waving at Haru from the baseball field. One of Sasayan’s friends calls out to Sasayan that it is time to assemble and line up. Sasayan asks the two where Shizuku is. Haru says that she is in cram school and today is the last day. Asako happily tells him that afterwards, she and Haru will eat kakigori [shaved ice dessert] and work on their summer vacation homework together. Sasayan asks is that so, then he’ll also join them. “Then-- just watch the competition as you please! *smiles* Watch me get a base!” Narration: “On the first day of summer vacation, Haru and I had a date.” Flashback: At the game center, Haru is playing a video game when Shizuku told him, “Because I feel that our going steady, doesn’t seem real, let’s go on a date, Haru.” Haru happily exclaimed, “That’s great--!!! I’ve always been waiting for that-!!” Micchan is looking aghast and nervous. Puzzled Shizuku says, “Is that so. Actually, you can also directly tell that to me.”

Later on, in the park, a blanket is spread on the ground, and there is a thermos and a huge bento box. Shizuku said that this place is not bad and there’s no one around. Happily looking left and right, Haru replied, “Ah-- in this place, huh!! You’ve found a good place!!” Puzzled Shizuku asked what he is talking about. While pouring a drink from the thermos, she is puzzled when happy Haru is leaning towards her. Then, she asks, “? What’s wrong, Haru--” Haru bends down to her neck and pushes her down. This shocks Shizuku. [Hehe..Haru is thinking of something else ^^;] After hitting Haru’s forehead, trembling and aghast Shizuku held the bento box and kept calling him an idiot. Haru said that he had properly waited for her signal. Shizuku exclaimed, “What kind of nonsense are you talking about!! *nervous and embarrassed* saying this ahead of time. That kind of thing, I absolutely won’t do it!!” This surprised Haru. After a pause, he replied, “ what?” Surprised, Shizuku exclaimed why he is asking back a question. “ short!! Later on, if you will do, what you just did, again, I’m going to thoroughly cut off our relationship!!” Surprised Haru went ‘!?’ End flashback. Blurb: “Japanese can now be used in Twitter tags.” Narration: “And, at the end of the first date, I ran away. *removing school shoes while reading* ..geez, unexpectedly, before feeling the true feeling of going steady, I first felt the feeling of breaking into a crisis. *puts on shoe* there’s something in my shoe. Why is it that we chose to go steady-- *looks at a Japanese Rhinoceros beetle [from her shoe]* ..did Haru come?” Soon, Shizuku meets up with the others. Haru greets her and asks if cram school is over. “Just now, I planned to go and see you.” In casual clothes, Sasayan exclaims that she came. Holding a booklet, Asako tells her that they are discussing about this year’s camping. Shizuku greets Sasayan a good job on baseball, and then, she asks what’s up with Haru’s baffling hairstyle. Blurb: “# Neighbor/Seatmate Strange Classmates” [<- the ‘#’ seems to mean as an angry popped vein and I don’t think Sasayan is included =P] Shizuku angrily shouts that she objects, for she doesn’t want to go to the beach. “It’s fine for both Haru and Natsume to go there!!” Haru angrily shouts that see, did they hear that, she is still holding a grudge about what happened last year. Asako exclaims that is why she is saying that they are going to stroll up the mountain. She tells them that they’ll go grape picking and afterwards, they go downstream and have a barbecue. While drinking his soda, Sasayan happily says that he also thinks that the beach is not bad. Shizuku shouts at Asako for fully arranging all of the days to the brim ,and where will they get the budget for all that. [Grape picking seems to be a tour-type of activity in summer = there is a fee.] Someone says that camping isn’t bad. It is Iyo who is carrying a parasol to protect herself from the sun. “Then, Iyo.. knows a pretty good place! *Asako calls out to her while the others look at Iyo* Hello, senpai sis and bro. Thank you for sending me an email, Asako-senpai. That place has a tennis court, swimming pool, onsen [hot spring] thing, and everything is for free. If it’s convenient, I’ll be your tour guide. But-- except for Shizuku-senpai.” Displeased Shizuku repeats, “Except me.” Asako becomes nervous. Timid Iyo then compliments Haru for his cute hairstyle. Haru thanks her.

Nervous Asako asks Iyo if she hasn’t given up on Haru. Iyo says that once it was confirmed that he is her brother’s friend, that fact has shrink away. “Shizuku-senpai, your complexion looks good. It seems that after having a boyfriend, you had become more conscious of it but IYO IS COMPARATIVELY CUTER.” Deadpan Shizuku says, “Really conscious? Me? From the day that I had gone steady with Haru, fundamentally, there has been no accumulated interested whatsoever, in wanting to change anything in my life.” Aghast Asako nervously calls out to Haru for it seems that he is being talked about in a bad light. Haru says that it is alright for he has no bit of chemistry[/interest] with Iyo. “Because, looking at her face, I know that she is Yamaken’s younger sister.” This shocks Iyo that she drops her parasol. Looking at downcast Iyo, Shizuku agrees with Haru. Sasayan asks Haru doesn’t he hate that girl. [<- earlier reaction at the library though ‘hate’ is more on ‘fear’ ^^; like the other girls who have a crush on him.] Haru explains that he is okay now because she is Yamaken’s younger sister. Iyo tearfully cries how can that be, it isn’t her fault for having an accursed bloodline, and today is the start of her summer vacation. Asako sweetly tells her not to be like that, for if she wants to be with them, she has to have a modest attitude. Iyo tearfully cries out Asako’s name. Asako tells her that right now, she ought to properly apologize to Mitti who will definitely forgive her. Shizuku looks surprised. Then, [I think it is] Iyo [who] says that Shizuku will also be free of charge. The scene changes to the mountain side. Iyo happily calls out to Haru. With one arm up, Haru, Asako and Sasayan happily exclaims, “Mountain! We’ve arrived-!!” Sasayan is holding a camera. [<- hehe, official photographer =P] Shizuku looks at Iyo who tells them that she had also just arrived and the car there is waiting for them so go in. Blurb: “It takes around two hours to ride trains in succession to arrive at that place. Summer trip starts!!” Glancing at emotionless Shizuku, Iyo comments that she also came and it is inevitable. While muttering about taking a lot of pictures, Sasayan asks if this place is a villa district and is there really a place for camping. Asako is shouting to Haru that there is river there. While walking to the campsite, Asako tells Shizuku that she is wearing the same clothes as last year. Shizuku says yes, and she didn’t bring her shorts. Sasayan asks why Haru brought a swim tube when they are up in the mountain. While Iyo is happy that she is walking beside him, Haru says that it is because it is hard to come by [/rarely used]. Soon, there are two tents set up in the clearing. Haru and Asako happily check it out. Iyo says that she got administrator Tanaka [田中; guesswork name] to help set it up. “It isn’t bad, right?” Shizuku sweatdrops that Iyo made an administrator do that. Sasayan is sweatdropping that unexpectedly, there is a villa at that side. Blurb: “Tent and villa. Among high school students, there is already an economic discrepancy society.”

Inside the villa, playing a console game, Mabo complains that it is noisy outside. There is someone is calling out ‘tent’ outside. He angrily complains where those noisy idiots came from. Tomio says that it isn’t bad so how about they check it out for anyway, they are not doing anything. Lying down on the sofa while reading a book, Yamaken says that they are the ones who are noisy for coming in on their own to someone else’s villa. “Quickly go home, you bums.” Mabo angrily shouts that he isn’t cute, not one bit. Tomio tells him not to provoke him for lately, he is heartbroken. With a smiling face, the two says, “Because world’s number one Yamaken-san has unexpectedly been rejected by the bookworm Hahaha” Aghast Yamaken says that he’ll slaughter them and until when are they going to keep on saying that. Going out, the two gets Joji with them and says forget it, they are going on a racket and flirt around, together with the baby deer[/dear] in the forest. “You just stay there and properly accept reality.” Sitting up Yamaken tells them to go and do not let the deer inside the house. While going to the veranda, Yamaken is irritated because he planned to be alone in a quiet place. His eyes turn into slits upon seeing Haru and Shizuku outside. Haru looks surprised and Shizuku is freaking out upon seeing him. The couple seems to be gathering sticks. Blurb: “It seems that compared to Asako, Sasayan had noticed it a lot earlier.” Yamaken overhears Mabo shouting that they found a baby deer. Aghast Asako screams and shouts why they are there. Iyo exclaims about Asako being [attacked] by bandits. Irritated Yamaken looks dark and thinks, “..that bastard sister--!!” [hehe, so much for peace and quiet =P] Looking at Yamaken, to Shizuku’s surprise, Haru tells him that they are going steady. Yamaken sighs and says he knows. Outside, Sasayan is suppressing his laughter while the trio glomps and clings on to Asako. Surprised Iyo says that if the bandits are there, that means.. Iyo freaks out when Yamaken calls out to her from behind. Teary-eyed Iyo gloomily apologizes to Yamaken for she didn’t know he is there. Yamaken tells her that in a while, she should properly thank administrator Tanaka for making him do unnecessary things. “Ah, since you’re here, properly have fun.” Iyo seems surprised by this, as well as Sasayan. Mabo happily tells Iyo that she did great. Trying to free herself from the three, Asako tells them to act properly. Soon, by the river, from a high rock, Mabo and Tomio jump down the river. They then call out to Joji to jump down to this side, and doing this occasionally is not bad at all. While Sasayan is taking a dip, Haru tells him that he can use the swim tube he brought. While carrying the swim tube, Sasayan overhears Mabo saying, ‘And then..’ Sasayan exclaims for him to stop but Mabo is already calling out to Asako that she isn’t fun at all, so come on and strip. Still wearing her coat under her bikini, Asako glares at them and says that she will only strip when they aren’t around. Shizuku is just dipping her feet in the water. While Mabo and Tomio are giving thumbs down sign and shouting boo, Asako shouts for them to shut up and be quiet. It seems that Haru is joining the thumbs down sign and boo-ing. ^^; Wading away, Sasayan mutters that it is as he said.

Clad in a bikini, Iyo calls out to Haru to look at her. While Haru stares, Tomio tells her not to stuff too much padding on her chest since it will look unnatural and had she tried jumping. Mabo tells her not to be recklessly vain. Embarrassed, Iyo covers her chest and tells them that they are annoying to death, and it isn’t like she is showing it to them. Blurb: “Iyo..every year she matures, she is closely examined by the three idiots.” Haru tells Iyo that he has seen it, thank you. Iyo timidly tells him that he’s welcome. Then, Haru quietly looks at Shizuku. Blushing Iyo pouts and thinks that fundamentally, Haru isn’t looking at her. Asako muses that playing around like this in the river, reminds her of last year. Bending backwards to the limit, Asako calls out to Shizuku that she is playing a game of ‘almost wet but in the end, she isn’t wet’. Shizuku tells her not to repress herself anymore and just go play at that side. While Asako is playing by dipping her head in the water, Shizuku thinks, “..Geez. Coming here and unexpectedly, I still encounter Yamaken.. This is the so-called, awkwardness. I really do not know what I should say but then, the other party doesn’t seem to particularly mind it. Perhaps for him, it is nothing out of the ordinary.” Holding some apples, Haru calls out to Shizuku and asks if she isn’t going to swim. “And you are obviously wearing a swimsuit. From a while ago, you are having that gloomy face. What is it? Are you thinking of something? *Munch Munch* Want some apples?” While taking an apple from him, Shizuku says yes, she is thinking about Yamaken. Freaking out, Haru exclaims that she is already thinking of some other guy, such a preposterous girl. Wiping the apple, Shizuku says that actually, it is a waste for her relationship with Yamaken to become awkward. “Because he is the first friend, whom I think, I can communicate with. *Haru pouts* the end, there is no alternative that it had become like this. In short, as much as possible, it would be okay if I don’t directly face him.” Haru looks at her and says that she always quickly gives up. “Perhaps, in a distant future, regarding me, you’ll just say, ‘Ah, forget it’ and laugh it off [/not take it seriously]. *Shizuku looks surprised* Ah, regarding that thing with Yamaken, it is enough for it to be like that. *finishes eating the apple* If it is better to do that, then I’ll support you.” Shizuku says, ah, is that so. While munching her apple, she wonders if she is that kind of person. Haru stands up and says, “Ah, forget that, it isn’t easily for us to come here so let’s have fun together, Shizuku.” Holding his hand, Shizuku tells him that she doesn’t like their dangerous way of playing. Haru smiles and says that he won’t do things that Shizuku hates. Soon, with Tomio and Asako watching, Haru is throwing freaking out Shizuku down into the water. ^^; Asako ignores Mabo’s shouts [to remove the coat] while Sasayan offers to hoist up Tomio [for a high dive]. While Shizuku and Haru are eating onigiri, Iyo is flaunting her sexy body in front of them. Later on, Sasayan and Asako are having fun in the water with Haru’s swim tube.

Soon, it is night. They are cooking curry. Stirring the pot, Tomio says that it is almost time. Mabo calls out to Iyo to bring that thing to him. Holding a bottle, Iyo exclaims for them not to order her around. While Tomio is holding up his hand to get the bottle from Iyo, Mabo calls her an idiot for Yamaken’s younger sister is their maid. Sasayan tells them to wait and do not put in any strange things in it. Asako exclaims that is right, for that is their curry. Blurb: “This time around, the guys who lost in the snow ski trip contest are going to cook the curry.” Holding a small pot, Shizuku complains that it is annoying for she cannot supply this number of people with the size of the rice cooker that she has. Carrying a larger rice pot, Haru says that he brought this for her. The two, together with Joji are responsible for the rice. With twinkle in her eyes, Shizuku says that is amazing. Haru says that his bag is fully packed because of this thing so she ought to eat a lot. Mabo tells them not to do that strange way of flirting. “Ah, that’s right. The two of you are going steady. Then, do whatever you please! If you do it right, it will kill Yamaken in a second!!” While flashing thumbs up, Mabo and Tomio laugh loudly over this. Shizuku wonders if they will always be like that from today on, and it’s too annoying. Shizuku sighs and looks thoughtful. Iyo asks Sasayan what is going on, and what does it have to do with her brother. Sasayan laughs and says that it is a secret. In the veranda, Yamaken is lying down on the sofa and wonders what he is going to do next. “Every time she sees me, she would suddenly have that awkward expression. ..Darn. *hears laughter* Geez, starting from a while ago, it’s too noisy. *grinds teeth* Do you want to be taught a lesson?” He is surprised when Shizuku calls out to him. Yamaken sits up. Shizuku tells him that dinner will be ready so she came to call him. Yamaken says, ah ya. Then, he is puzzled by Shizuku’s silence. Looking away, Shizuku says, “In 1841, who was the one who held an international conference congress at Vienna, the capital of the Austro/Austria-Hungarian empire.” Yamaken is surprised then after a pause, he says that it is Metternich. Shizuku asks what the goal of the conference is. Yamaken answers that it is to establish international order after the Napoleonic wars. Shizuku asks what viewpoint did Talleyrand, representative of France, advocated in Vienna Congress as basic policies. Standing up, Yamaken says that it is fundamentalism. Shizuku asks what the other one is. Yamaken replies that it is balance of power, and is he right. Shizuku looks at him and says that he is correct. Yamaken asks what she is planning for this isn’t her style of striking a conversation. Shizuku glances at him and says that she thought of it for such a long time and she couldn’t come up with other questions to ask. Yamaken looks at her and sighs. He tells her that she doesn’t have any bit of reason to strive hard with all her effort. “In this situation, the one who should strive hard is me. *putting his chin on his hand* First of all, shouldn’t you think first of the possibility, that I do not want to talk with you?” Sweatdropping, Shizuku says about that, she has fallen short in thinking about that. Yamaken smiles and says that she is really such an insensitive girl. Shizuku looks at him then smiles back. Shizuku says if it is convenient for him, come and eat dinner together with them. Yamaken says, “..Ya. You called me and I’ll go, right? *glances at the side* You go ahead first, I’m going to change clothes before heading there.” Shizuku says okay. Then, she is a bit puzzled.

Walking towards a body of water, Yamaken says that geez, unexpectedly, he is peeping on him from the corner of his vision. “I can totally see you, Id-iot.” Haru looks at him then looks at the water. He says that it is nothing, he only came there because he heard that there is a lake there, oh a frog. Yamaken tells him to lessen his worry for he isn’t interested in laying his hands on someone else’s things. Haru looks at him in surprise. Yamaken thinks that at least, in this current situation, he cannot do it. Haru asks what’s up with him, did he give up. With a sly teasing smile, Haru asks, “Because you were rejected? *Yamaken surprised-annoyed* That’s-right. That’s-right It’s- like that. It’s- like that. Hahaha” Irked Yamaken retorts back that if the girl takes the initiative to come, then, it is another way of saying it. [<- referring to Shizuku going to him?] Haru’s smile disappears and looks annoyed. Back at the campsite, Sasayan exclaims what that red stuff is, is it tomato curry. Stirring the pot, Tomio says that it is red wine, and if cooked with beef, it is absolutely sweet and delicious. He asks how about pouring the bottle again. Mabo says that with the boiling, the wine taste will disperse and come out. Holding the bottle of wine, Asako is trembling that it is a [Chateau] Margaux and a bottle costs a hundred thousand yen. While Joji is busy fanning the rice, Iyo tells Asako that she got it from her father’s winery. Shizuku arrives and asks what’s up. Asako tells Shizuku to listen for tonight, the curry being cooked has become a high class Western meal. Shizuku freaks out that the bottle of wine costs a hundred thousand yen. Mabo calls out to sportswear girl as to where Yamaken is. Shizuku says that Yamaken said that he is going to change his clothes. Then, the others whisper if they heard that, that brat got bookworm’s invitation and this is a big scoop[/gossip]. Blurb: “The super high class curry that the Kaimei guys are cooking will soon be finished!!” Aghast Iyo exclaims if Shizuku unexpectedly called her brother while dressed like that. “Immediately adopt measures! This is really bad! Too sloppy!” Shizuku just looks at her. Pointing to Iyo, Mabo asks Tomio if they ought to tell that girl the truth. Tomio says no for keeping silent would make things more interesting. =P Shizuku looks around and notices that Haru isn’t there. Narration: “Fundamentally, there are still some things that I want to say to him.” Sasayan calls out to Asako that they go get some water. While walking, Asako looks exhausted and says that really, she doesn’t understand those guys’ taste. Sasayan asks isn’t this good, and doesn’t she want to taste it, a hundred thousand red wine curry. While a bell is ring [probably it is time to eat], Asako smiles and says that camping is really fun and it is wonderful that last year is also like this. Sasayan looks at her then asks, “ the way, Natsume-chan, do you still like tenchou [store owner/Micchan]?” Asako curiously looks at him/the side. Narration: “Ah, forget it, for there is still tomorrow, and day after day after tomorrow [three days from now]. There is still plenty of time.” Meanwhile, Haru had stripped to his sleeveless shirt and glares at Yamaken. Yamaken also glares back at him. While the two are in the middle of their ‘tit for tat’, Sasayan and Asako pass by at the side. Sasayan sweatdrops and wonders out loud what those two are doing. Back at the game center, Yuuzan is knocking at the car’s window to wake up Andou, who is sleeping on the steering wheel. Yuuzan tells him not to lazy around out in the open. “From that good place, I heard some interesting news. As an older brother, I cannot just, not attend to this!” Andou groggily wakes up and asks where they are going. Yuuzan smiles and says, “That place where there are a lot of high school girls wearing swimsuits!” Brooom..broom..the car is ready to go. With a perverted grin, Andou is now wearing a summer outfit. Carrying what seems to be a swim tube, Yuuzan exclaims, “Ah- feels that this is not bad at all-- Summer vacation! Let’s go!!” Blurb: “Summer vacation is becoming more splendid..!!”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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