December 13, 2011

The One [Chapter 84]

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Eros wonders why his mother didn’t just live on to make up for it, if she thinks that she had let him down. “How could you.. just let go of my hand like that? I cannot.. forgive your abandonment!” Eros continues to weep bitterly and says how his mother could betray him like that. Lele starts to cry too. Then, she goes to him. She comforts him by hugging. Lele thinks that with Eros’ tears, there is anger, regret [that they parted] and missing his mother. Everything, drop by drop, flowed out..soaking her shoulder and enters through her heart. After some time, they are now hugging each other on the bed. The two wake up at the same time. Lele realizes the position she is in that she quickly looks up to Eros who quickly pretends to sleep. =P Lele looks at his sleeping face and touches it. Then, she traces her finger on his nose to his lips. Suddenly Eros grabs her hand and looks at her. He asks her if she always do this kind of thing while he was sleeping. Lele is surprised at how clear his eyes are because the haze on his eyes has dispersed. Lele nods her head. He asks if she also used her cellphone to secretly take a picture. Lele says yes. Eros asks, “Do you like me that much?” Flustered Lele says yes. To her surprise, Eros kisses her forehead and kisses the tip of her nose. He then lovingly and gently pulls her head to him. They kiss, and kiss, and kiss deeply within each other’s embrace. Soon, they are removing their clothes and made love. Afterwards, Lele wakes up. She quickly sits up and turns away because she is embarrassed. Before she can leave, Eros is pulling the blanket around her. He asks where she is secretly going. When Lele turns around to him, he asks why her face is as red as a monkey’s bottom. “Are you shy?” In her mind, Lele is nosebleeding to death over how sexy Eros had become. =P Lele squeals that it is just that, everything progressed so suddenly. Looking at her, Eros says that didn’t she tell Joe that she is his fiancee and for an unmarried couple, this is a very normal ‘pace’. Lele exclaims that he is bad for she only said that so that Joe would stop accusing and saying those things about him and Angus. She then screams what he is doing.

Covering himself with a blanket, Eros says that he is hungry so go make some food for him. Covering her eyes, embarrassed Lele exclaims that he is a pervert and why didn’t he turn around to do that. Eros asks what she is being embarrassed about when she ought to have already seen it. Then, he asks if she is afraid of his scar. She turns to look at him and sees the bullet scar. She touches it and asks if it still hurts. Eros says it didn’t ever since before. She asks how it happened. Eros says that it is as Joe said about ‘pitiful Miranda’. When he was young, he go taken in by two foster families but it didn’t go smoothly. Miranda took him just because of the social welfare financial subsidy. She made him do a lot of work for one meal a day. [<- Not three but one meal a day] Her husband, Jimmy has a special craving on young guys. Jimmy threatened him to ‘attend to him’ or else, he might not even get to eat one meal a day. In order to live on, when he barely yielded, Miranda had seen that scene, and she couldn’t endure it. Thinking that Eros had seduced Jimmy, Miranda took a gun and opened fire at Eros who is trying to get out of the window. Touching his scar, Eros says that he escaped but he is left with a scar that cannot be removed. Holding Lele’s hands, he says, “I.. have a lot of disgraceful past.. does it make you afraid of me, who is like this?” Lele looks at him and shakes her head sideways. Eros thinks, “Thank you, my angel!” He muses out loud that he had already made her see him in difficult situations [/acting awfully] and yet, she wasn’t intimidated to run away from him. “It seems.. *putting his arms around her and pulls her to him* I don’t have any other choice, then, right?” Eros smiles and Lele holds his face. Lele replies, “That’s right! If there are any other unsightly things, let me see it, and only I’m allowed to see it! *leans closer* Because.. you are exclusively, my silver-eyed monster--!” Then, they kiss. Next chapter out in Taiwan on Jan 5th.
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