December 8, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 31]

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While his friends’ expressions are frozen, Yamaken tells them not to casually decide on things on someone else’s behalf, for Shizuku won’t agree to that. Then, while Asako looks nervous-aghast, Haru glances at Shizuku who also looks frozen. Sweatdropping, Haru waves his hand in front of Shizuku but she isn’t reacting. Blurb: “Fi..finally, we come to reach upon Yamaken’s true confession--!!? This chapter deserves to be paid attention to, so at least, I’ll add a few more pages to convey this to everyone!!! The moment of determining the victor approaches.” Haru freaks out when Shizuku suddenly blushes over the confession. Yamaken looks surprised by it. Both guys couldn’t believe it. Title: Heaven’s Happiness Then, to everyone’s surprise, Yamaken stands up and takes blushing Shizuku with him. He tells her to come with him for a while. After a moment of turning into stone, Haru quickly runs after them. Mabo exclaims that Haru is also going. Tomio laughs and asks what is going on, did youthfulness died among them. [<- lost of innocence?] He asks if they are also going after them, but someone calls him stupid, for they will just wait and let them also go first. At the same time, Asako has also turned around to go after them but Sasayan grabs her arm. Nervous Asako asks him why he is stopping her for that mood, no matter how she sees it, it is a confession. Sasayan asks her what she will do if she went and the one who is going to decide on this is Shizuku herself. Asako looks at him. Sasayan says that anyway, Yamaken will be rejected and because he has that AWARENESS, he couldn’t help but want an outcome to decide on who is the victor [once and for all]. In the streets, breathing hard Haru is running around. He curses and wonders where they went. He remembers Yamaken saying that it isn’t a joke, and Shizuku is blushing. Then, Haru stops running. Behind a building of the busy street, Yamaken looks out and thinks that no one is chasing after them. He wonders if Mabo and Tomio hindered the others because this is interesting for them. Shizuku is catching her breath and wonders why she has to run so fast. “Wha..what the heck is going on!? *remembers Yamaken saying that it isn’t a joke* If it isn’t a joke, then it is..!?” Shizuku asks him from since when did he have that kind of motive towards her. She is puzzled when Yamaken seems to bow over. Aghast, he tells her to please do not be so blunt for it makes him want to deny it on instinct [/reflex]. Puzzled, Shizuku apologizes that she doesn’t understand what he is talking about. She wonders what should be done now.

Walking close to her, Yamaken says that she unexpectedly saying things as if he is some pervert. “For me, this kind of thing is also my first time. *Shizuku puzzled* So, this is a so-called confession. *corners Shizuku who blushes really red since he admitted that it is indeed a confession.* ..darn *blushes* super cute.” Shizuku blurts out, “I’m really sorry.” Yamaken freezes and thinks, “..compared to what I’ve imagined, compared to what I’ve imagined, it is more.. *imagination of cave girl Shizuku standing up a tall mount saying, I’m really sorry* To be rejected by a female and unexpectedly, given such an instant answer. Speaking of that, I’m still talking, the expressionless you rejected me. Such a serious setback. *ground (his dignity) underneath him has started to disintegrate* But.. *steps on the disintegrating ground with all his might to stop it* I going to give it up, at this extent!!” Leaning on the wall to support himself, Yamaken asks, “Ah-- unexpectedly rejecting me. Sorry about that but from how it looks to me, it doesn’t seem like you really hate me either.” This surprises blushing Shizuku who says, “No. That’s not it. That is because I’m just not that accustomed to this kind of thing. It doesn’t mean to say that Yamaken, you are comparatively special.” Yamaken thinks that she shouldn’t change direction here. [<- by suddenly saying that he isn’t special] He tells her, “ matter what was said just now, from today on, I’m confident that I can make you like me. Don’t you want to try it out by going steady with me, Mizutani-chan?” Shizuku looks at him and says, “..I’m really sorry, Yamaken-kun. The one I like is Haru.” Yamaken looks at her and Shizuku looks away. Looking up, Yamaken sighs and says, “I know. *lets go* Anyway, from the start, this is a thorny road. *kisses Shizuku’s cheek which surprises her* AT PRESENT TIME, I’ve decided to give up. Doing things up to this degree is also okay, right. Goodbye, Shizuku-chan. not regret it.” Walking away, Yamaken calls on the phone and says that he is coming back so don’t care too much about that, and just quickly come out. Still holding her cheek, Shizuku is blushing and in shock. Perspiring, Shizuku is still in disbelief that Yamaken likes her that she thought her heart is going to stop beating. Back at Master Donut, blushing Shizuku apologizes to the others for the midway interruption. Holding her book, she tells Asako and Sasayan that they are going to continue. Flustered Asako thinks, “1. What happened 2. What happened 3. What the heck happened. ..I really want to ask about it!!” Noticing something, Shizuku asks if Haru already went home. Sasayan is puzzled and asks if they weren’t together. “At that time, he immediately chase after you guys.” This surprises Shizuku.

Soon, it is night and Shizuku is walking home. She thinks that right now, this situation seems like her chastity has been snatched away. “Kissed on the face.. it’s really not a good decision. Ah, forget it, it is also nothing at all since it isn’t like we are already going steady.” Someone calls out her name. Shizuku looks towards the stairs towards her house, and sees Haru waiting for her. This made Shizuku blush as she wonders what she is wavering [/rattled] for. Then, Haru says, “Shizuku, go steady with me. *Shizuku looks at him in surprise* ..but let me clear something first. I’m not saying this because I want to compete with Yamaken.” Blushing in surprise, Shizuku exclaims how come he knew about that thing regarding Yamaken. Muttering Haru angrily curses for in the end, Yamaken did confess to her. He tells her, “I know because we are always watching attentively towards the same person. you like Yamaken?” Looking at him, Shizuku says, “..I’ve told Yamaken that I like Haru.” This slightly surprises Haru. After standing up, Haru starts walking towards Shizuku and says, “..The first one who accepted [me], the person who acknowledged me is you, Shizuku. After I’ve met you, Shizuku, I also gradually understand the importance of having social interaction with others. *standing in front of Shizuku* Admittedly, up to now, I always have not thoroughly understand what ‘like’[/love] is. *slight smile* But, being with you, it is the first time for me to feel warmth. *suddenly hugging surprised Shizuku tight and carrying her up* I like you, Shizuku. Please, go steady with me.” Shizuku smiles and says, “I’d love to.” Haru happily smiles over this then they look at each other. Shizuku smiles and says that she’s very happy. Smiling Haru says, “Me, too.” While laughing, Haru suddenly swings her around that she exclaims that is dangerous. Narration: “At that moment, I heard it. Gears are coinciding to make a ‘ka ta’ sound. Ah, ah..up to now, why are we heedlessly scurrying around for such a long time--” Sitting together at the staircase, Shizuku tells Haru that on the first day when he told her that he likes her, she has been trying to [re]search this feeling called love. “It gives the brain a pleasurable feeling and that is the true appearance of romantic love. After 2, 3 months, it will disappear as if it is like an illusion. ..if it is an illusion, why do people specially still want to go and fall in love. It is obviously quite troublesome. *looks at Haru* ..I’m already tired from pondering over it for such a long time by myself. This is something between the two of us, you and me. So, Haru, from today onwards, let’s ponder on this together.” While smiling and looking at each other, Haru says, “Okay.” Narration: “What is this--” The next day, at the school’s shoe lockers, Haru and Shizuku announce, “We’ve decided to go steady.” This surprises Sasayan and Asako who dropped her shoes. Sasayan asks if it is true, was it yesterday, congratulations. Shizuku thanks him. Pointing to Shizuku, Haru is happily calling out to Shitayanagi to come and look at his girlfriend. Trembling Asako suddenly rushes to Shizuku and hugs her tight. Teary-eyed Asako happily congratulates them. Sasayan sweatdrops and mutters about the exaggerated reaction. Happy Haru is calling out to everyone, who is passing, and shouts, “Hey!! Quickly come look!! My girlfriend!!” Blurb: “There is a gift plan to commemorate the two, in becoming a couple, a bookmark on the first page is given to the first 10 people [who buys the magazine?].”

During lunch break, Shizuku, and Haru, who is holding Nagoya, are sitting at an outdoor table. Shizuku gives Haru a cup of tea from her thermos. She says, “..Then, from today onwards, the two of us are lovers. Today, we are going to discuss dealing[/contact] policy-type of stuff.” Haru says, “Okay, I understand. Then, first of all, matsuri[/festival], camping, and barbecue.” Shizuku sweatdrops for Haru is mentioning the things that they didn’t do last year. Blushing a bit Shizuku tells him that she thinks that the first basic question is about this so-called ‘going steady’, it ought to be about mutually enhancing their agreement [/improving their getting along with each other]. Shizuku isn’t too happy when Haru says that he doesn’t quite understand that and she totally doesn’t know [about it]. “What I think of as ‘going steady’ is.. *confident look* I support Shizuku, and at the same time, Shizuku supports me. That is what the lady owner of the takoyaki store told me yesterday.” TOTALLY CORRECT. Aghast, Shizuku admits that Haru is generally correct about that. Surprised, Haru asks if that is so, then bring it on, for whether it is only Shizuku or two people, he can.. [support/carry them]. Shizuku tells him that no, it isn’t like that, it definitely doesn’t mean that. Asako, together with Sasayan, watches them from the school building. While drinking her juice, Asako laments that even if it wasn’t easy for those two to go steady, nothing has changed between them. Reading a book, Sasayan says that it is already midterm exams tomorrow and yet those two are really easy going. Below, Shizuku is telling Haru about something that he has to make sure to put into practice. Haru says that perhaps she might be astonished so this must be talked about with Micchan first. Puzzled Shizuku says is that so, then later on, the two of them should do self-criticism/examination. Above, Sasayan comments that Asako is unexpectedly calm. Asako is puzzled. He says that she told him before, something like she will be lonely if Shizuku and Haru have gone steady. Pouting Asako says that it isn’t so. “Am I an always sighing sad type of person? Don’t treat me like an idiot. There is no happiness compared to the thing wherein the two people that I like most, have gone steady!” Eating a snack, Sasayan looks thoughtful. Then, he smiles and says, is that so, is that how it is. Then, Asako backtracks by saying, “..But, I also hope that I can always maintain this kind of attitude.” Holding his book again, Sasayan laughs and says that in the end, she is showing off a bit. Soon, it is summer. Holding a long molted skin, Shizuku angrily stomps into 2-A and shouts, “Haru! I’ve told you before. Do not casually put strange things inside someone else’s bag.” Holding a beaker with a stirrer, Haru greets her and asks doesn’t she like a snake’s molted skin. Shitayanagi greets Shizuku who greets back while talking with Haru. Shitayanagi’s friends are commenting that it is Haru’s girlfriend. Blurb: “Baseball club members are sunburned.”

Haru tells her that he heard that it can bring her money. “It is better than nothing so don’t mind it.” [It is a Japanese superstition that if you put a piece of snake skin into your wallet, you are going to become rich or find money. Source:] Shizuku angrily tells him that she minds it, that is why she is telling him about it. Narration: “It is already July. *Sun blazing hot* There is no particular big change in my relationship with Haru. Ah, during the first year, the two of us repeatedly go one step forward, and one step backward. Right now, I can also comprehend this kind of situation. Let me say, the things that have changed. *Shizuku is walking at the exterior hallway and everyone is muttering that she is Haru’s girlfriend.* Because Haru loudly announced throughout the whole school, calling me as ‘his girlfriend’, I’m now being called as third person. [<- not her name or ‘she’.] And also, at the same time, occasionally, I will get an attack from some unknown girl. %But Haru also has his own situation.” Shizuku finds a note and a live eel in her shoe locker. Displeased Shizuku reads the note, ‘Break up [with him], ugly girl’. Asako nervously tells Shizuku to calm down. Shizuku just crumples the note and throws it in the trash can. She says that it is thoroughly boring but she will be taking the eel. Blurb: “Takaya is also very happy that he got to eat an eel.” Asako thinks that Shizuku is amazing [that she is unfazed by that]. Narration: “And, people who have a problem with Haru would also come and look for me.” A pleading guy, together with a couple of girls, says, “I had broken Haru-kun’s classroom beautification vase. Please-- you are his girlfriend, right? Put in a good word for me.” Still reading, Shizuku darkly tells them that she doesn’t know [about that]. Narration: “Unexpectedly, what is the meaning of going steady? Even now, I’m starting to seriously think over it. It has already become annoying to death.” Chizuru greets Shizuku, together with Haru. Shizuku and Haru greet her back. A freckle girl asks Chizuru what she is going to do on summer break. Chizuru says that she is going on a trip with her friend, to her [Yuu’s] boyfriend’s place. Narration: “Not long after going steady with Haru, I talked with Chizuru about Haru once. *After PE class, Chizuru told Shizuku that she heard from Haru that they are going steady, so congratulations.* At that time, what kind of feelings she had then?” Shizuku looks at Haru who is happily filling the aquarium with some water. “This guy.. doesn’t know anything.” At Kodansha cram school, Shizuku is surprised when she sees Yamaken who says that it is a coincidence. While Shizuku is freaking out, Yamaken tells her to calm down for he isn’t going to eat her. Looking at his watch and muttering that it is bad, for it is almost time [to go]. Yamaken asks her if she and Haru are okay. Nervous Shizuku says that it is thanks to him, they are now going steady. Blurb: “Summer uniform... Shoyo..t-shirt. Kaimei..shirt with the school’s insignia.” Yamaken says, “Is that so? But, I can roughly think what had happen. *Shizuku puzzled* In that kind of situation, because I’ve confessed, super idiot Haru would also have a response. Then-- until we meet again, Mizutani-chan. *smiles* Get along properly, the two of you.” Shizuku watches him leave. Shizuku thinks that compared to what she imagined, it is simply calm [/indifferent], and it is the first time she dreaded talking with someone. While walking, Yamaken thinks, “..ah-ah. In the end, there is no change, right? If I can give up like this, I’ll probably be more relaxed.

In school, while the cicadas are chirping, Iyo is carrying some school lecture materials. She calls out to Oga-sensei in the geography prep room, and says that she had brought the things he wanted. There is no answer. Iyo goes in and starts to put the materials inside. She thinks that in the end, there is no beautiful chance encounter, and it is already summer break. “Geez. Why does Iyo have to do this kind of thing. If [I] knew early on, [I] wouldn’t have report for extra classes. *cleaning* Iyo is also not Oga-sensei’s class representative. *surprised* Although he is a teacher but then, Oga-sensei is still a guy. *blushes* Could it be that he likes Iyo..?” Iyo hears a chicken clucking. She turns around and wonders why there is a chicken there. Then, she sees Haru sound asleep on the sofa. While her heart is beating, Iyo blushes for it is Haru-senpai. Blurb: “I think that definitely anyone would have experienced this, when someone casts a meaningful glance and you’ll think, ‘Could it be that he/she is interested in me’. Iyo 15 years old..when she is in junior high, she still has long hair. Long bouncy hair.” Sitting in front of sleeping Haru, Iyo thinks, “He’s going steady with Shizuku-senpai. I have also heard that rumor. *blush* In the end, he is still my favorite type. Even if [I] say that [I] heard it as a rumor but [I] heard Haru-senpai’s loud shouts. *Flashback: Haru happily shouted, “This! This!! Is my girlfriend!!” Iyo is shock and heartbroken.* Ah would have been a lot better if Haru-senpai isn’t brother’s friend!! Perhaps, if Iyo isn’t brother’s younger sister, it would have been a lot better..! Blood. Because of the bloodline that is flowing in this body..! Ah, ‘receiving the accursed bloodline’ isn’t really bad. *looks at Haru* ..such a beautiful sleeping face.” She blushes. With her heart beating loudly, Iyo leans towards Haru [to probably kiss him]. She is startled when someone calls out who is there. Quickly and subconsciously, Iyo hides behind the table. Oga calls out to Haru to wake up for this isn’t his bedroom. Haru groggily sits up and calls out Oga’s name. Oga tells Haru he doesn’t know why he is sleeping there since right now, he is on summer break. Haru says that Shizuku said that she wants to take extra classes and he wanted to feed Nagoya. Oga asks if Shizuku is his girlfriend. “Making Mizutani-chan your girlfriend isn’t bad at all. She concentrates on her studies and she is a very good student.” Oga asks him if he wants some tea. Haru happily exclaims, “That’s right! That’s right! She’s amazing, right-- She's really pretty good!! You cannot lay a hand on her, sensei!” Iyo blushes and thinks that romantic love is really good for Haru-senpai really looks happy.

Holding out a small plastic bag, Haru says that he’ll show it to him, he bought a pretty good thing [inflatable swim tube]. While preparing the tea, Oga tells him to be a bit respectful with elders and use respectful words. [<- do not talk too casually to older people] “Speaking of that, you are Kyouko’s nephew. She is an outstanding biologist but as a person in society, she has a lot of what can be considered as deficiencies. How nostalgic. By the way, aren’t you and your girlfriend, Mizutani-chan studying together?” While blowing the swim tube, Haru says that right now, he is very busy because he is going to have a meaningful summer break. “There is a difference in opinion with Natsume on whether to going to the beach or hiking up the mountain. There is a need to revise it again.” Blurb: “Oga-sensei..model -> Beethoven” Oga says that he really can’t do anything with him. “If only you have that kind of heart, you also would have grown into limitless possibilities. *Haru is puzzled* Ah..wasting time is also one kind of privilege for youngsters. Have as much fun as you want, this summer vacation.” So, as the cicadas continue to chirp. Shizuku is studying in class. Asako is on her computer. Sasayan is playing baseball. Yamaken joins his three friends who were waiting for him. Iyo is blushing behind the table. Blurb: “It’s not yet over. Later on, it will become HOTTER. Summer break, true love is starting. In the future, will there be a storm!?”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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