December 8, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 30]

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At a imagawayaki* store, Shizuku wonders which one to buy, the black bean filling or the white bean filling. [*Japanese dessert made of batter and filled with sweet azuki bean paste or other different kind of fillings. Source: wiki] In comparison, she likes the black bean one but the white filling has egg white added into it so it is half the price. Since a few days ago, she had spent money in celebrating Haru’s birthday, the price between the bean fillings is now a big difference for her. “At one side, choosing the one that I like. Or choosing the one that is comparatively more advantageous. Or giving up on both.” Then, Shizuku calls out to the store owner to buy one imagawayaki. At the side, Haru and Yamaken are looking at each other while waiting for Shizuku. Blurb: “Finally, it has arrived. Finally, it has happened. Finally..!? Almost time to make you guys knowledgeable of manly charm. *Cover page of Haru and Yamaken* Finally, it approaches--!!?” Title: Starting Point. Yamaken and Shizuku go inside the cram school. Yamaken exclaims in surprise about her fighting with Haru on his birthday. Shizuku says that is right for she obviously gave him a birthday cake and a gift, and yet he isn’t satisfied. “Haru is really a hard to understand person.” Shizuku thinks that if it was her, and someone said ‘Because I happen to be free’, then giving her the reference book for her birthday, she would have prefer that but then, this is something that she cannot say. [<- I think she couldn’t say it to Haru because it proves what Haru said, that she is thinking of herself]. Yamaken is irritated that Shizuku is talking about a birthday and it seems that their [S&H] progress is moving smoothly. But, in contrast to him, he couldn’t contact Shizuku on her cellphone and when he meets up with her, there is always that unwanted third guest [Haru] so there is totally no progress. And, lately, he doesn’t know whether he is calling her or calling her the end, it is still the father. [<- calling at the house and the father answered?] While eating her imagawayaki, Shizuku blushes and says that lately, there is really a change with Haru for he kissed her on her cheek. Infuritated Yamaken wonders if he can also do that. He blushes upon looking at Shizuku eating. Shizuku tells him that if she thinks about it in detail, there are times when Haru says some strange things and he would snoop around outside her classroom. Then, Yamaken pulls Shizuku to him as someone almost bumps into her. Yamaken tells her to look at her surroundings while walking. Surprised Shizuku apologizes. Yamaken is irritated for he is obviously at her side. Looking at the results of the mock exam, Shizuku asks if he doesn’t have any enthusiasm but then, he never once surpassed her. Yamaken says that he isn’t a bookworm like her who studies in the wee hours of 4-5 o’ clock. Narration: “I won’t admit. Even if I don’t want to admit it, could it be that I’ll never be looked at nor treated as a man by this girl..!?”

Yamaken goes out alone so Haru asks him what happened to Shizuku. Yamaken says that on the way, she went to the office. Haru giggles that Yamaken was dumped [/abandoned], so he is reaping what he sowed. Yamaken angrily calls him an idiot for wasn’t he also being snubbed by Shizuku the whole day, and it is all because he’s [Haru] so annoying. Yamaken is irritated that lately, Haru has learned to give others looks. [<- taunt] Haru says what of it. “Even if you have some shame [/uneasiness], but I have early on decided to convey my feelings for Shizuku. I like Shizuku. Afterwards.. that’s right, I only need to posses the courage to enter another classroom.” Yamaken thinks that no matter what is said, Haru is an idiot and that is a good thing. Haru says, “That’s right, I ought to tell you. Give it up, Yamaken. You should pull out already.” Yamaken glares at him and says, “Ha?” Then, Shizuku, who is reading something, passes by them. The two guys look at her then, they quickly follow her. =P Haru asks Shizuku what’s up that she’s ignoring him. Yamaken takes the booklet that Shizuku is reading and asks what it is. Shizuku says that it is about summer’s instruction workshop course and is he going to participate in it. While Haru continues to ask her why she is ignoring him, Shizuku says that she is going to check it out if Yamaken will also go. Yamaken blushes and Haru is displeased. Blushing Yamaken mentally curses that if this goes on, he cannot decline in joining that hot and unbearable summer cram class. Haru suddenly shouts that he also wants to go to the summer workshop. Shizuku says that he startled her and, he obviously doesn’t want the reference book that she gave him. <- really bothered about this [so she has been snubbing him]. Haru whines that he wants to go. Shizuku says that he is annoying, if he wants to go, then go. Yamaken looks irritated as they keep on with that ‘I want to go’ and ‘You are annoying to death’. Narration: “If this continues on, there won’t be no progress of any sort that is going to happen [for him and Shizuku]--..!!” Blurb: “Lately, editor-san has been poisoned by Twitter in the name of work.” In school, the girl with earphones quietly walks past the chattering students. After a game, Sasayan and others are having fun by playing around with water to cool down. Wet Shitayanagi complains why it is always him [who got sprayed with water]. Then, he accidentally bumps on the girl with earphones. Shitayanagi quickly apologizes. The girl removes one of her earphones and looks at him. Blushing Shitayanagi apologizes again. Terashima says that it is Iyo. Sasayan asks who she is. Terashima says that she is a first year student, and the cutest girl of all new students. As Iyo continues to walk, she thinks, “..a while ago, those guys are second year students, right.. when they saw Iyo, they were very excited.. *blush* Could they have fallen for Iyo.” [<- she refers to herself as a third person] Blurb: “A new character appears.”

Behind the building, Asako had just rejected a guy. As she leaves, Asako thinks that guy just now, probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. “[Or,] he’ll have a happy dream, and then suddenly, wake up. His heart would be at a loss and feel a pain that one cannot free oneself from. *pause* Nononono *shakes head* Do not think like that. Do not think like that. No matter what, new school year is a devilish season. [<- increase number of confessions] If I were to think of each and every one of them, *passes by Iyo at the courtyard* my body won’t be able to support it. *goes back to look at Iyo* Huh? It is already mid-May and she is all alone by herself in the courtyard. Filled with the smell of loneliness... I’m absolutely not mistaken. That person is also.. the same [with me]!! But.. it seems that she is still in the first year.. *turns to leave but stops upon hearing Iyo sigh* Speaking of that, around this time last year, during noon break, I’m always all alone by myself at the gym’s storage room. At that time, what was I thinking?” Flashback: At the storage room, Asako had finished eating lunch and she is now, opening her laptop computer. She thought that she really want to talk with someone, no matter who it is, she wants someone to accompany her. “I really want someone to be able to find me..!!” End flashback. Asako suddenly rushes out and exclaims, “Ah-- That..” Iyo is surprised when Asako suddenly slides down. Blurb: “<- Stumbled on first step” ^^; Totally embarrassed, Asako thinks that she had lost the momentum. She ends up muttering, “Do..don’t mind that. Do you have any worries..” Iyo says, “..Oneesan, is a higher year, right?” Still sitting on the ground, Asako exclaims, “Eh!? Oneesan!?” Iyo says, “Ah, that’s right. Here, it should be senpai. *smiles* You are very kind, senpai.” This surprises Asako and it made her really happy. Standing up, Asako asks what happened that she sighed, and if it is about making friends, in an actual situation, first one should give a good impression to the other party. Iyo says that she isn’t concerned about making friends, just like what Asako did just now. “It is not easy to get in a coed [mixed gender] school, *blushes* but some of the guys that Iyo has met, not one suits Iyo. *sighs. Asako’s smile freezes and asks, huh* are very cute. It is the first time for Iyo to see a girl cuter than me.. *stare* I’m a little bit jealous of you.” Aghast and sweatdropping, Asako asks if she understood it right, she [Iyo] is worrying about not having a beautiful chance encounter yet. Iyo says that is right, she wants to have romance. “I want to have a romance with a super handsome guy.” Asako tells her that she thinks that it would be better for her to give up on that. “To be jilted can kill people.” She is puzzled when Iyo looks surprised. Iyo starts to compliment Asako that she is really cool. Blushing Asako asks if she was. Iyo exclaims, “That fine taste, sweet and sour shoujo [girl] line..! Iyo also wanted to say something like that. *trembling in happiness* Say it again! Please say it again.” With a sparkle, Asako says, “To be jilted can kill people.” Iyo exclaims that it seems to have a hinted appeal. Asako repeats the line.

And soon, in the library, Asako, together with Iyo, tells Shizuku and Sasayan that is the story. “This is my kouhai, Iyo♡” Looking left and right, Iyo says, “Asako-senpai, where is that person? The one whom you said to be very cold like a refrigerator.” While both Shizuku and Sasayan greet Iyo, they think that lately, it seems to be the ‘[I am] senpai mood’. Sasayan recognizes Iyo as the girl he saw this morning. Blurb: “Shizuku and Sasayan..has established a very good give and take relationship.” While Iyo is thinking that it is a guy [<- Sasayan], Sasayan asks Asako if she is okay for it will be midterm exam next week. Asako asks if it is that season again. Shizuku says that it would be bad if she fails the exam because it just happens that in the general assembly-- Sasayan tells Asako that he had already made a deal with Shizuku about buying three donuts [for Shizuku as payment for tutoring] on the way home. Iyo is already walking around the library. She had thought that it is only a newly established school but she didn’t think that it has a pretty good library. She goes out of an aisle and sees Haru looking out the window, while leaning at the side. The wind blows the leaves and Iyo’s eyes widen. “—wind of May. The sun penetrates through the leaves of the tree. And, it passes through the window’s side before staying on that person. One’s fixed forward gaze is a mature fruit bursting forth. Fate’s trial--” Haru notices Iyo that he looks at her. This made Iyo blush as her heart skips a beat. She blushes even more when Haru smiles. Then, Haru says, “Oubasalasa” [<- it is just some random syllables that has no meaning. I think it is like ‘abracadabra’ type.] While Iyo is puzzled by that, Haru tells Asako who is standing behind Iyo that thing yesterday, it was oubasalasa. Asako happily greets Haru and says so yesterday’s thing was oubasalasa, okay, is he comfortable now. While Haru approaches them, Asako happily tells Iyo that after school dismissal today, everyone is going to group study and if she is free, she can come along. Asako notices that Iyo isn’t listening to her, but instead Iyo is looking at Haru who is making a hasty, nervous retreat. Still looking at the direction where Haru left, blushing and glittering eyes Iyo asks if his name is Haru-senpai. This surprises Asako. She nervously says, “Ah.. that.. Iyo.. that.. Haru.. you cannot choose Haru.. Haru, he.. Haru, he is.. *Iyo is already walking to where Haru went.* Is a guy who only looks at egg-shaped faces...!!” Haru has joined Shizuku and Sasayan again. While Sasayan is telling Shizuku to slow down in explaining, Iyo leans towards Haru and says, “ you have a girlfriend?” Haru is totally freaking out while Shizuku and Sasayan look at their direction. Puzzled and sweatdropping, Haru says, “..? ..? No.” Iyo asks if there is someone who is in his heart right now. Tense Haru goes, “..? ..?!” Shizuku’s ponytails are flying up as she listens attentively. Sasayan tells Asako, who is hiding beside their table, if she isn’t going to control her kouhai. Timid Asako didn’t answer.

Aghast, Asako whispers to Shizuku to keep the peace because Iyo is still in first year. Blushing Shizuku looks away and says that she isn’t.. To Shizuku’s surprise, Haru holds her chair up, with her on it, to Iyo and tells Iyo, “I.. I like this girl.” Iyo looks surprised. Shizuku glares at timid Haru, and thinks, “..This guy..!! *slightly covers face with book* But!! What is this, I’m feeling really happy..!!” She recalls Haru saying, ‘I like this girl’. Iyo looks at Shizuku and says that she cannot see how that is. Shizuku and Sasayan look surprise. Asako’s hair is flaring up <- freaking out. With folded arms, Iyo says, “Iyo is much cuter!” Shizuku slams her history book on the table and sternly says, “ got a problem with me?” The two glare at each other. While freaking out Haru and Asako are hiding at the corner, Sasayan wonders out loud as to why Haru is also hiding. Aghast Asako mutters that Shizuku has taken up the challenge. Haru asks what’s with that girl. Iyo looks at his direction then smiles. She says, “I’m section 1-C’s Yamaguchi Iyo.” At Master Donut store, Yamaken glares at Iyo who looks away. While the two are silent, Haru and others are already putting their bags on the chair. Mabo, with two of Yamaken’s friends, exclaims that if it isn’t Iyo and it is true that she is going in Shouyou High. They also exclaim that Iyo can calmly wear a really short skirt and they can see someone wearing a short skirt. Aghast and nervous Iyo says, “Ah.. that.. Haru-senpai, Shizuku-senpai, that quite rude thing earlier.. no matter what, please forget about what happened today. I’m really sorry..” She turns around and tearfully leaves. Carrying her food that she just bought, Asako sees her leaving. She holds Iyo asks what is it, why all of a sudden, but then, of course, it is good if she gives up on Haru. Tearful Iyo says that Haru unexpectedly knows her older brother and she really couldn’t stand out [/be recognized because of it]. Asako says that even so, there is no need to suddenly go home. With an aghast expression, Iyo tells her that a so-called older brother is a living thing that fundamentally denies the existence of its younger sister. She looks at tense Haru and thinks, “Goodbye.. My love..” While Asako tries to call out to Iyo who is already leaving, Shizuku and Sasayan think that it turns out to be the younger sister. Sasayan comments that no wonder he always felt that Iyo seems to be familiar. Shizuku tells Yamaken that the arrogance is really modeled after him. Aghast Yamaken says that they shouldn’t mind that girl and he don’t remember having such a stupid younger sister. Nervous Haru asks Mabo and others if that girl is Yamaken’s younger sister, and it seems that he has seen her before when he was young. Laughing Mabo says yes, and now Iyo has changed a lot. Tomio is also laughing that Iyo had became interesting when she reached junior high.

Yamaken looks surprised when blushing Shizuku mutters that it is thanks to Iyo that she knows Haru’s feelings. Irritated and tense, Yamaken thinks that in this kind of situation, it has gotten worse for him. He notices that Shizuku has gotten close with Haru. “What the heck did that stupid younger sister do..!!” Shizuku offers to give one of her donuts to Haru but Haru declines that there is no need because he isn’t hungry. Later on, Sasayan asks if there are no exams in Kaimei High. Gesturing money with his fingers [= it is like ok sign], Tomio says that there is but then, they won’t take the exam because their monetary value is different so it is really too bad for ordinary people. [<- they just pay money so no exams] Sasayan says that is really cunning. While Joji and Haru are talking, Mabo happily says that Asako is really pitiful so come, and go up to his knee. Half-ignoring him, Asako says no thanks. Shizuku tells the others not to disturb Asako and Sasayan for she has the obligation to be responsible for their studies since she already received the donuts. While they were fussing about with Shizuku by calling her bookworm, irritated Asako tells Sasayan to at least do something. Sasayan says that it is okay for those guys aren’t bad. “By the way, Natsume, why is it that you always say these things to me during this kind of times?” Asako says there is nothing to it, but if it is him, no matter what, he is definitely able to do it. This surprises Sasayan then he looks away and smiles to say, “..oh-ya?” Standing up to buy some drinks, Asako sighs and says that in short, actually, in comparison [to other guys], she is more relaxed in talking seriously with him for lately, she has been rejecting guys and it is making it difficult for her to talk. [<- I think she doesn’t want to talk with other guys because they might end up confessing to her.] And, it seems that she cannot help but think of herself. [<- feeling of being rejected] This surprises Sasayan as he watches her leave. While Shizuku is telling the trio to be quiet, Asako passes by Yamaken who is looking at Shizuku’s direction. Asako angrily tells him where he is looking, and he isn’t allowed to hinder Haru and Shizuku for today is study meeting. Yamaken says that he isn’t looking and do not murmur around at him. With a sorrowful look, Asako thinks, “..but..if this person really likes Mizuchan, he will definitely be rejected.. When he obviously look very arrogant. How pitiful..” Yamaken angrily grabs Asako’s face and holds it tight. While Asako screams that it hurts, he tells her what’s up with that pitiful look on her face. Asako shouts that he is an idiot and she is a fool to sympathize with him. Wondering why the people all around him are hindrances, Yamaken says that he doesn’t need her sympathy. He looks away and sighs. While Shizuku is eating a donut, Mabo asks if she really had a fight with Iyo. Shizuku says that it seems that Iyo has a bias against her. Mabo says that Shizuku is quite capable even if she is only a bookworm, and did she have a self-introspection[/soul searching]. Shizuku asks if he also has an objection with her. Sasayan is talking with Tomio about a bus being good but then, he won’t be free until the end of convention. [<- I think they are talking about a trip and during summer, there are always baseball competitions, so Sasayan can go after that.]

Mabo wonders out loud as to what grade Iyo started to understand [<- about love relationships?], but why are Haru and Yamaken popular. Haru says that he isn’t popular. Someone says whether it is a boy or a girl. [<- they are popular?] Another one shouts, stupid, do not talk about such sad things and what about Iyo. Then, Haru looks at Shizuku. Biting on her donut, Shizuku looks away and thinks that there is still Chizuru, what’s the status of that. Shizuku notices that Haru is looking at her. Haru asks, “..are you jealous?” This surprises Shizuku that she blushes and drops her donut. Haru giggles and smiles at speechless Shizuku. Aghast Mabo tells them not to go lovey-dovey in front of him since it infuriates him. “Speaking of that, I had always been noticing it ever since before, what’s up between the two of you, even if it doesn’t really matter to me!! *Sasayan welcomes Asako back and Tomio asks Mabo, what are they talking about* Is that it? I know, Haru, the bookworm is yours!! So, you are not to allowed to lay your hands on any other girls in this world! Okay!?” Haru says okay, he accepts that. Blushing Shizuku is surprised that Haru had decided on that. Everyone is surprised when Yamaken says, “That’s no good. Do not casually decide on that. It isn’t good, not one bit. I won’t let Shizuku be taken away.” Trio is totally shock and blushing over this. Asako is looking really nervous. Mabo[?] exclaims, “What is this situation-!? This can’t be true, wait a minute—!! What-- Yamaken, in the end, you turn out to be chasing the bookworm? Whahahaha, gather together, gather together!! Popular guys are all gather together!!” Shizuku says, “No, no, that, didn’t you say it clearly before? Not to reckless assume things-type of stuff.” Mabo shouts, “Amazing. It’s very interesting, this kind of joke!!” Shizuku wonders if this is some sort of joke. Serious Yamaken looks at them and says, “I’m not joking around. *Shizuku looks surprise and the trio freezes* This isn’t a joke.” Everyone just stands there then they look at Shizuku’s expression. Surprised Shizuku is blushing really red. Blurb: “This isn’t a joke = finally seriously confess..right!? With this, will Yamaken win or lose..!? Absolutely do not miss the next chapter!!”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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