December 26, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 36]

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Cover page: “Let’s also happily pass through 2012-!!” Anna looks surprised after Mari asked her what she is doing there, together with Hinata. Terrified Anna thinks, “She’s here.. Phantom*-sensei Mari-chan!!!” [*means appearing in unexpected places and at unexpected moments; I don’t know if there is really a book/manga called Phantom Sensei, which Anna is referring to.] Hinata tells Mari that they are only chatting and why she is asking Anna about it. Flustered Mari pauses then says that it is because she felt that if she were to ask him, he won’t answer her. “Tokura-kun, you are angry, right?” Mari remembers Hinata’s angry glare. Hinata says that it is nothing, he isn’t angry. “Yesterday, I’m only having a tantrum, and I’m really sorry for that.” To Anna’s shock, Mari holds Hinata’s arm and exclaims if that is true. “It really startled me. Because you suddenly say, ‘please don’t touch me’..” Holding Mari’s hand off him, Hinata says, “But, please do not do this kind of thing again. *Mari and Anna surprised* I don’t want to make Anna unhappy again.” Anna is teary-eyed over what Hinata said. Mari is surprised that Hinata mentioned Anna so she asks Hinata, “Are the two of you going steady?” To Mari’s shock, Hinata answers, “Yes.” Looking devastated, Mari says, “Is.. that.. so.. It turns out that Tokura-kun also doesn’t like me..” Hinata felt guilty. Then, Mari quickly leaves. Anna is at a loss. She tensely wonders what happened just now.. Hinata looks at Anna and apologizes for it. Anna tells him that she totally doesn’t mind but Mari is a bit weird just now since she isn’t the same as before. Hinata says is that so, because for him, no matter when, that teacher is very weird. Anna agrees with him that Mari is indeed usually quite weird. Hinata suggests that they go back to the villa. Anna wonders if she is thinking too much for she felt that it seems Mari had just taken a huge blow. “But if I think of it deeply, sensei is already married. So, no matter how I and Hinata developed..” Then, Anna hears a clicking sound. She quickly turns around. Hinata asks what it is. Anna says that it seems that she heard some strange sound, and maybe she is just mistaken. Behind a tree, someone is taking pictures with a camera. Narration: “Wrong. I’ve already decided not to mind again, about stuff regarding sensei. Compared to that, I should gather up all my concentration for the Photo Koshien. And speaking of that, the competition continues tomorrow!!”

At the city where the participants have gathered together, Anna is totally shock over Mari’s depressed expression. Anna nervously thinks that is obviously a total dejected look. “No, I’ve obviously decided not to mind her. But that will definitely make me unconsciously mind it ahhhh!!” Aghast Chiaki asks Anna that today she ought to be energetically concentrating, and is she listening to her. While Aya sweatdrops, Nanoka says that Anna isn’t listening. Anna overhears Hinata’s senpai talking. Senpai A [short hair] is grumbling about what’s with that ‘I’m sad’ look of Mari, and Mari is really such an annoying woman. Senpai B [long hair] says that Mari can also naturally do it, or she should say, Mari’s nature[/disposition] is really bad. “It’s because of that revolting behavior that her fiance ran away.” Anna screams, “Run away?!” Irritated senpai A asks what that is about when it is already enough that Anna created a fuss during the public examination meeting. Aghast Anna apologizes about yesterday and she isn’t talking about that, but rather about Kobayashi’s marriage. Senpai A says that apparently before the marriage, it fizzled out. “Actually, that guy is two timing. They kind of quarrel after San-chan [guesswork name from 小三], had a child. Fundamentally, she planned to quit being a teacher after getting married but because it ended in failure, she went to our school to suck up [to him]. *Chiaki looks aghast. Nanoka and Aya also heard it because senpai A is saying it out loud.* Because she came at the midway of the school term, so the rumors spread out quite intensely.” Sweatdropping Anna looks nervous and aghast. Senpai B says that the one who spread it is definitely Mari for this isn’t something a student can report to the others about. Senpai A calls out to Mari and asks if it is okay. Mari just lamely laughs and says that it is okay, no problem. Hinata just keeps silent about it. Anna looks at him and wonders if it is okay because Hinata is really worried since he is very kind. Later on, while Anna is saying that isn’t the side that she is worrying about, Senpai B calls out to Hinata to go to them. Senpai A tells Hinata to quickly hand over the flash card so that they won’t be late in the submission. Senpai B asks where Mari is. Hinata asks if Mari didn’t go there to them because he didn’t see her midway [on the way]. Anna looks surprised and two senpai-s are shock.
The two senpai-s scream their head off at Hinata as to what’s going on, and isn’t Mari conscious of being an adviser to suddenly just leave the students at one side..even if there is not much difference [that Mari is not there]. The two senpai-s argue about their points being deducted, if the adviser isn’t around, and whose points will be deducted. Hinata tries to pacify them by saying that he also took pictures by himself before going there, so there is no problem. Hinata stops talking when he notices Anna scowling at him. He asks her what it is. Anna asks him if he didn’t look for Mari, and is it okay not to look for her. “Time will be up soon.. Then, quickly go look for her now. I’ll also go with you!” Hinata tells her that [they] cannot go because that person is waiting for someone to look for her and she is that kind of person. “If I were to go, the same things will just repeatedly happen all over again.” Hinata is surprised when Anna tells him that he obviously wavered. “Even if you pretend to act calm, but since last night, it is already exposed!! *flustered and [angry] teary-eyed* Say the truth.. that today, this whole day, you have been thinking of sensei!! Even you said that ‘it doesn’t matter who that other person is, if I were able to like someone else aside from Anna,’. No matter who it is, that is a lie. *Flashback: Smiling Mari asking Hinata if aside from school, he has been painting at home because with just one look of his work, she knows.* It’s because you thought, ‘if it is sensei’ that is why you said that, right!? *Flashback: Mari told Hinata that she really likes the paintings he drew; Hinata looks nostalgic.* I am very happy that you straightforwardly said it to sensei. But, seeing this very distressed and very pained Hinata, I don’t like it.. *determined* Let’s go look for sensei!!” At a park-like area, Mari is sitting on the bench by herself. Flashback 1: Some students are saying that they don’t like Mari, and she doesn’t have common sense. Flashback 2: Her colleagues are giggling and say, ‘so you’re actually there [and overheard them]’. Flashback 3: Fiance says, “Sorry, Mari. About the marriage, just treat it as if I’ve never mentioned it.”
Then, breathing hard Hinata calls out to her. Teary-eyed Mari calls out to him and clings on to him. Using her hands to separate them[/get Mari to Mari that this will cause problems. Mari asks why, for didn’t he come because he likes her. Hinata tells her it isn’t that. Mari exclaims that if it is Anna, she is okay even if Hinata isn’t with her because Anna isn’t all alone. This surprises Anna. While teary-eyed Mari seems surprised by what she said, Hinata says, “..sensei, I like you, sensei. *Teary-eyed Mari looks at him* You are the one who widen my world. *Flashback: Pointing to a booklet, Mari told Hinata about there being this kind of school.* Before, I’ve always didn’t like school but right now, I find school to be very interesting, and I’m very happy. *Flashback: In art class, Hinata is talking with his classmates while they are drawing on their canvas.* Fortunately, there is you, sensei. Thank you very much. *slight bow* From here on, as your student, I’ll trouble you in continuing on teaching [/guiding] me.” Sad Mari just cries. Back at the convention center, the announcement says that the second public examination meeting has ended. Anna, together with Hinata, are talking with Aya and Nanoka. Aya says that it is really great that the two of them got to come back. Anna apologizes. Nanoka tells Anna not to make them flustered[/nervous] to death on the next, last stage of the competition. Then, Mari looks sad at the side, and she felt like crying. Chiaki notices her. Chiaki approaches her and says that she heard from the students that until spring, Mari has been Anna’s teacher in junior high school. Chiaki asks if she’ll come back to this side [to their hometown?]. “Next time, when we are together, let’s go and have a drink!! *happy with clenched fist* I can listen to your complaints, so just pour out all of your feelings!” Slightly blushing, Mari looks at Chiaki, and then she looks moved ♡ Chiaki is puzzled. Mari happily asks if Chiaki can tell her, her email address. Speechless Hinata and Anna sweatdrop. Anna asks him if that is okay. Hinata says ya. Somewhere else, senpai B asks if the picture is taken well. Senpai A says of course, give it to her. While senpai A is holding the camera, senpai B protests that in the end, Mari and Hinata didn’t go steady, so even if this picture is taken, if the people themselves deny it.. With a sly look, senpai A says, “Even if the people themselves say it, no one will also believe them because of this kind of picture.” On the camera’s lcd screen, there is a picture of Mari sobbing on Hinata’s chest.
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  1. What! He said he likes Mari-sensei?? Isn't Hinata going out with Anna? And she was standing right there when he said it! I'd be hurt and pissed!

    1. Ah..he didn't say it in the context of romantic 'like'. It is general 'like' that is why Mari is crying. He just wants her to remain as his teacher and that's it.

    2. Ohhh ok. I understand, thanks :)!!

  2. I was waiting for this chapter so goddamn long, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :') Can I hug you? QAQ