December 26, 2011

Bara to Juudan [Chapter 1]

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[Free Talk: This is a new series by Kayoru for Shocomi. The title 薔薇と銃弾 means ‘Rose and Bullet(from a rifle)’. The story is a bit like Vampire Knight. Kuroki Mitsuki [guesswork name from 黑姫美月] has turned sixteen and there has been some strange things happening to her. She had a crush on her neighbor Shishizaki Ren [guesswork name from 篠崎煉] who is also her friend. By the end of the chapter, Mitsuki has awakened and became a vampire. Also, this will be continued if the Chinese scanlators continue it since they’ve mention in jmydm that they will stop after chapter 1..maybe to assess if they like it or not, later on? So, take that into consideration before reading this.]
Cover page: “Give your everything to me, until the last drop of your blood.” A rose pendant necklace is disintegrating. “Ah, Ren, I want to always be with you. *someone calling out, ‘Suki.. Mitsuki..’* Who.. who is calling me..? *Someone says, ‘Quickly.. Awaken..’*” Mitsuki wakes up from her sleep. She sits up on her bed and thinks that it must be a dream and it made her feel uncomfortable. Her mother calls out to her to hurry up else she’ll be late at school. Mitsuki quickly hurries to school because she is holding a zero record for tardiness. Then, she hears a motorcycle behind her. She looks back to see Ren, riding on a motorcycle. Ren smiles at her and says that it is quite rare to see her at this time. Mitsuki says that there are times when this happens. Ren comments that she obviously wanted to get an award [for no tardiness]. Mitsuki is startled for it is true. Patting the backseat, Ren tells her to ride on it. After Mitsuki sits behind him, Ren tells her to hold tight on him or else, she’ll fall. Blushing Mitsuki did as told and wonders if her heartbeat can be heard, for it might be revealed that she likes Ren. To her embarrassment, Ren comments that it will be nice if she has a bit more [bigger] chest. Mitsuki angrily calls him stupid and shouts for him to drop her off. Ren tells her not to talk nonsense. Narration: “I, Kuroki Mitsuki [黑姫美月], still didn’t know that on my 16th birthday, that day, my normal daily life has started to gradually be destroyed.”

During lunch break, Mitsuki has bought a lot of food that her friends asked if she can eat all of that. Mitsuki says that lately, she has a large appetite. Then, her friend says that she has changed lately. Shocked Mitsuki asks if she had become fat. Her friend says no, but she become beautiful. Mitsuki exclaims in disbelief. Her friends tell her that lately, she makes their heart beat and they are very envious of her. While Mitsuki looks at the mirror, her friends look out the window and say that Ren is going to pass the ball. She looks down to see Ren playing basketball with his friends. After Ren shoots the ball in the basket, one of his friends tells him to teach him. Ren comments that he [friend] is in the basketball club. While Mitsuki starts to eat, her friends gushes that Ren is also quite handsome and compared to him, the other guys are too boring. Her friends suddenly grab Mitsuki and exclaim that they are very envious that Ren’s house is beside Mitsuki’s, so exchange with her, and is she going with Ren to the Autumn festival. Mitsuki tells them that they aren’t going together. Mitsuki narrates that Shishizuki Ren [篠崎煉] moved beside her house last two years ago. Flashback: He frivolously greets her. Her first impression of him is as some frivolous type of guy whom she isn’t an expert in dealing with but unexpectedly..he’s very sincere. Flashback: Ren told Mitsuki that he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is busy at work so he has no way of properly treating a girl. Flashback 2: At the gate, Ren called out to her for being late and good work with the [school] meeting, let’s go home. End flashback. He is also naturally kind that makes her very happy. And before she knew it, she had already fallen in love with him but because she is quite frustrated[/can’t admit it], she hasn’t told him yet.
When Mitsuki reaches her house, she suddenly felt ill when her heart beats loudly. Breathing hard, she wonders what’s going on, and she doesn’t feel well. Just when she is going to open the gate, she sees three girls in front of Ren’s house. They exclaims about finally finding Ren’s house. While one of the girls ask if it is cruel to ambush him like that, one of the girls says that it is Ren’s fault for telling them where he lives [<- got address from his workplace]. Just when one of the girls is about to take a picture of Ren’s nameplate on the door for Ren’s fangirls, Mitsuki stops her. After some struggle, the girl exclaims who she [Mitsuki] is, and then pushes her on the wall. The girls confront Mitsuki about sitting behind Ren’s motorcycle in the morning. When she is thinking that this is a bad situation, Mitsuki smells a fragrance. She becomes nervous when one of the girls says that the girl’s hand, the one who tries to take a picture, is bleeding. The girl grabs Mitsuki and says that it is her fault. Mitsuki glares at her and it made the girl quickly let Mitsuki go. When the girl is about to say that Mitsuki isn’t Ren’s type of girl, Ren grabs the girl’s hand and tells her not to decide things for him, on her own. “Compared to you girls, I absolutely like her more.” This made Mitsuki blush and the other girls quickly leave.
Ren invites Mitsuki inside his house. Looking inside, Mitsuki thinks that it is the first time that she came inside. Taking out his first aid kit, Ren tells Mitsuki to give her bruised hand to him so that he can treat it. Mitsuki wonders why Ren has to work, and lives alone by himself. She realizes that she doesn’t know anything about Ren. To her surprise, Ren touches her face and says that since this morning, her complexion doesn’t look good, and yet she doesn’t have a fever. Frantic Mitsuki tells him that it is just because she is hungry. Ren says that he is also hungry so how about they go to the festival together to get something to eat. Mitsuki exclaims that she wants to go. Ren tells her to get ready in 5 minutes. At the festival, Mitsuki thinks that for the two of them to go together to the festival, it seems like a date, and thankfully, they are neighbors. While watching Mitsuki happily eat, Ren sees a shooting gallery booth. Mitsuki giggles and asks if it will be awful if he didn’t get to shoot any. Holding the toy rifle, he tells her to shut up. He starts shooting and hits all of the targets. Mitsuki and other spectator girls blush over how cool Ren is. Then, Mitsuki sees a rose pendant among the prizes. She tries to point this out to Ren but he is already surrounded by girls who are asking which school he goes to and can they walk together. Mitsuki gets irritated that she starts to walk away. Ren notices her leaving. Mitsuki thinks that Ren is really too attractive[/playboy type]. Ren holds her arm and asks her where she is going by herself. Jealous Mitsuki tells him to just go and play with those other girls. Ren asks if she is jealous but Mitsuki tries to deny it. To her surprise, Ren puts the rose pendant necklace, which she saw earlier, on her neck. Ren tells her that she wants that, so he’ll give it to her as a birthday gift, even if it is very cheap. Mitsuki exclaims in surprise so Ren asks her if she forgot about her birthday. Ren laughs and calls her stupid. Blushing Mitsuki smiles and thinks what now, she is very happy. Ren says that he has work to do so he can’t walk her back home. Mitsuki says okay, and thank you. He teases her not to oversleep. Mitsuki exclaims that she knows already. Ren watches her leave.
In the street, Mitsuki looks at the rose pendant that Ren gave her. She thinks that this must be the happiest time in her 16 years of life. Suddenly, Mitsuki starts to feel ill again that she bends down on the floor. Mitsuki wonders what’s going on and she is in pain. Then, a man passes by. Upon seeing her, he touches her shoulder and asks if she is alright. Mitsuki turns to look him. Then, there is a scream. A policeman and a woman wonder what that scream is. The policeman sees Mitsuki biting the man’s neck with her fangs, and then she looks at the policeman. While the woman screams, the policeman shouts what she is doing, and calls her to stop. Mitsuki drops the unconscious man and uses the policeman’s head to vault herself up the roof of a house. With the full moon behind her, Mitsuki wipes her bloodied lips. The scared policeman wonders what she is. The next day, Mitsuki wakes up on her bed. She sits up and thinks that it is already morning and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. She wonders how she came home and the window [door to the balcony] is also open. After closing the window, she is surprised to see that she is missing a shoe and her feet are stained with blood. After dressing up, she goes to the living room where her mother is watching the television. On the television, there is news about at dawn yesterday, at XX city, a lot of men are attacked in the street and they were brought to the hospital. Her mother is nervous because it is nearby. Mitsuki looks tense when the news report mentions that at the scene, there is a shoe of a woman so the police think that the culprit is a woman. Her mother asks her what she is lost in thought. Mitsuki thinks that it is her. From the tree near her house, a dark haired boy says, “—finally, awakened, huh? QUEEN.”
Scans by 水银工作室.


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