December 19, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 54]

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Cover page: “Witness Masaya buying something in the supermarket! His eyes are very strict when it comes to choosing girls, and he is equally picky in choosing vegetables.. Masaya looks at a bell pepper and thinks that it is too expensive.” In her room, Kotori puts a =P sticker on the 28th of the month, Friday, on the calendar of her organizer. On it, it is written that it is the first day of the cultural festival. Kotori remembers telling Yukito that she might be nervous during that time and she doesn’t know if she can do it, but she will do her best..and then, blushing Yukito says that he will also do his best. Blushing Kotori looks at the calendar = the second day of the festival which falls on a Saturday. “I.. even said.. I’ll do my best.. *falls over table* What was I saying! That’s embarrassing to death! *holds three festival tickets* ..after the school festival.. *points on the days on the calendar* Is it on the first day? Or this day? Or.. on this other day? I should ask him first about it.. Even if I can’t say it, but it really bothers me.. *holds cellphone* To ask him straightforwardly is too embarrassing, so I’ll send him an email. Ah.. to sudden ask about this, won’t it be too strange? But, he ought to have already prepared himself.. Ah.. so troublesome!” Sitting on the floor, Kenken quietly watches Kotori. On his Kaji Note [ala Death Note], Yukito has written: My and Kotori’s (future) Schedule. After cultural festival, when is the most suitable time for H? On the 28th..end of the second day. Isn’t it too early? Two days after.. End Notes. Lying on his bed with a goofy smile, Yukito also remembers the time when Kotori said that she might be nervous during that time and she doesn’t know if she can do it, but she will do her best, and he answered that he will also do his best. Grabbing a pillow and hitting it, Yukito thinks, “I.. even said I’ll do my best.. What’s up with that! I’m too embarrassing to death! *fans self with hand* Hu-- So hot- *looks at Kaji Note* If we are going to do it, it should be after the cultural festival.. *puts Kaji Note on his head* Even if lately, our progress is not bad at all, we can also do it before the cultural festival, but.. Kotori, that girl, would suddenly say that she doesn’t have self-confidence type of thing, it really makes me anxious. *looks at Kaji Note again* In the end, it is better to do it after the school festival. After it ends, and then, doing it immediately, will be a bit too rude. I also do not want her to have that kind of feeling.. *blushes* ..Kotori, what kind of underwear will she be wearing.. *buries head in pillow* Ah-- scoundrel! What am I thinking! But, whatever it is, I can accept it!” Downstairs, Masaya had finished making an ultra-cute bento box. Smiling with satisfaction, Masaya says that today, it is also quite perfect. “In the end, I’m really a genius! *calls upstairs* Yukito- I’m going to cram school, and I’m going to leave dinner’s bento here.” Masaya frowns when Yukito isn’t answering.

Back in the bedroom, Yukito is still talking to himself. “Should I ask her bluntly about it? Won’t it be too awkward? If I don’t do it immediately.. would it be better if it is a few days after? Two days after the cultural festival? *looks at Kaji Note* Isn’t this too sudden? How about five days after? Or a week? No, if it is like that, I think Kotori will.. Then, how about in between, three days after? *sigh* It’s really hard to seize an opportunity..” Then, Masaya whispers into his ear, “Things have not yet started and you’re already quite perplexed. It’s way too early for you to be, at a loss. *grabs Kaji Note* And, what’s this love plan thing?” Blushing Yukito shouts in surprise. He shouts for his brother not to conveniently just go in his room and don’t read that. Reading the Kaji Note, Masaya mutters, “Ah..going to H, huh?” Embarrassed Yukito exclaims again for him not to read that. Masaya returns the Kaji Note to Yukito. While Yukito is holding the Kaji Note, Masaya tells him that he already made the bento and put it in the kitchen, so remember to eat it, and he is going to cram school. A bit puzzled, Yukito just says yes. He wonders what’s going on because his brother will usually bully him during this time. “Before, he will thoroughly ridicule me whenever he can..” Masaya turns to Yukito and says, “For.. you to do this kind of thing is okay, but.. don’t force Kotori. If you really treasure her.. even if it fails, you also cannot suddenly leave, okay? You’ll be misunderstood.” Yukito timidly asks, “Brother.. had you failed at it.. You seem to be talking from experience..” Masaya exclaims, “That’s impossible! I’m talking about someone else. *lightly knocks Kaji Note* The longer the time of going steady, the more important, the first time is.” Yukito thinks that he seems to understand but he also doesn’t seem to quite understand. Masaya tells him that since Yukito is a novice, there is a high possibility for him to fail on the first time. “But! If you get to do it, then it’s quite good.” Masaya smiles at touched Yukito who calls out, “Brother..” Emitting dark chi, Masaya says, “Furthermore.. where are you guys going to do it? *Yukito asks huh* Here, at our house? You want to do it here, right? Beside my room, the room of an exam student, right? that it? Hey- you’re really gutsy. *Yukito surprised* Or, is it at the other side? At your girlfriend’s place? Her family might be in the house, is it alright? *Yukito stutters to say no..and about that..* Even if there is no one at home at that time, but at any time, there might be someone who would come in, and the house wouldn’t be empty anymore. Ah~~ But isn’t that quite irritating?” Soon, a pillow is thrown on the closed door with Yukito shouting, you wretched brother. Outside the door, Masaya is smiling.
In bed, Yukito clenches his fist on the blanket and thinks, “In the end, no wonder brother is brother.. Considering things up to that point.. I’ve always been pondering on when to do it, unexpectedly, I forgot the most crucial of all, the place.. That’s right, on that day of our birthday, when I and Kotori are in the middle of lovey-dovey, brother suddenly came back home.. That scoundrel.. From this, there is a very high probability that he will be staying in the house! My house won’t do! Speaking of that, Kotori’s house won’t do either, her brother is also a no good type.. *image of Kotori’s brother shouting, ‘get lost’* What’s left is school, right!? Any place that isn’t safe won’t do at all. *bites nail* Only kisses would do there. Then, borrowing a classmate’s house!? But, won’t Abe and others be some sort of third wheel.. *Abe asking what that meant for he isn’t going to peek on them or disturb them* I have to take advantage of when brother isn’t here. Without delay, I have to draw up a battle plan, and write down all the possibilities.. I should not be careless..” Masaya peeks inside the room and sees Yukito thinking over it. He mutters that Yukito really took it seriously. The next day[?] in school, Natsume sighs. Abe asks her what’s the matter for her mood to be heavy, and is she troubled by something. Natsume says that it is about the cosplay. Abe asks if it is about the cultural festival’s cosplay. “By the way, Ibuki, what are you planning to dress up into?” Natsume says that she has been thinking, she got her hair cut for the cosplay but right now, after thinking it thoroughly, she doesn’t have a clue. Abe asks if it is okay since the school festival is coming soon. Natsume says that she is doing her utmost best. She thinks, “Kaji is going to act as one of the male leads of ‘Doki Memo’, and there is no meaning for me to dress up the same as him but, I also cannot steal the limelight from him..” Natsume mutters that it is quite perplexing. She is surprised when Abe compliments her by saying that she is admirable since she is amazing to take the school activity very seriously. Natsume tries to tell him that no, it isn’t like that.
Harada suddenly interrupts and exclaims if Natsume has not yet decided on what to dress up into. “Could it be that after seeing me in a maid uniform, you had lost your confidence? Haha Ah, I know! You also want to dress up as a maid, don’t you?” Unfazed Natsume tells her, “Harada-chan, it seems that you have forgotten something very important. We are doing a Hell Cafe. Before cosplay, we have to dress up to look frightening. Have you forgotten? *Aghast Harada looks surprised.* It seems that you have forgotten..” Natsume sighs and looks out the window. She sees a ghostly figure at a room. Natsume is taken aback by it that Abe asks her what it is. Natsume tries to tell him about that time before, at the corridor.. When Abe asks again what it is, Natsume then says that it is nothing, maybe she is oversensitive. Abe is puzzled. At the supermarket, Masaya is holding a tray of eggs. He comments that chicken eggs, 10 pieces, costs 65 yen per tray. “I’m right about going to town to buy things. A 24 hour supermarket is also not that cheap.” An older lady calls out to him and says that if it isn’t Masaya, and he also came there. Masaya greets her as Mrs. Okamura [guesswork from 中村], their neighbor. Mrs. Okamura laughs and says that cheap[/bargain] things cannot escape from Masaya’s eyes. “You are really a model house-husband.” Masaya answers that didn’t she, also take the time to go there. “What house-husband? Every Wednesday night, at nine o’ clock, there is a special discount sales.” Mrs. Okamura says that’s true that she even drove the car to shop there. Masaya tells her that the olive oil is also being sold on a discount. Mrs. Okamura says is that so, then she’ll definitely buy it. Masaya looks at the side and sees someone familiar. At one of the stalls, Natsume takes a bag of squid, fish, shellfish snack with no additives. She thinks that it is the last bag. She smiles over it then looks surprised.
Holding the bag, she looks around and thinks that it is the same feeling in school. “It seems that someone is looking at me.. So, it turns out to be a ghost..” Her hair raises up. <- she believes in ghosts. Someone tells her not to hold the product like that while looking around, because it would make the store people suspicious. Natsume is surprised to see Masaya who greets her, “Good evening, Miss Thank you!” Scowling Natsume asks what’s up with him, and don’t scare her. “I didn’t expect for you to unexpectedly follow me around [/like a stalker]..” Masaya comments that she is still the same as before, overly self-conscious. “I’m here today for an expedition.” After Natsume asks what expedition, Masaya says that this supermarket always have discount sales. Natsume comments that he is a house-husband. With a frozen smile, Masaya says that she is a bit like an ojisan [old man], for buying a huge pack of nibbles [to be accompanied with wine]. Natsume tells him that it is only at that place where she can buy it. Smiling Masaya says that she cut off her hair. “It feels a bit different, but it suits you very much.” Natsume looks darkly at him. Irked, Natsume retorts back, “Brother, you also didn’t change a bit. You still talk quite frivolously.” Masaya answers back that if she isn’t sharply in opposition, she would have been very cute. “Huh? *realizes something* Why do you call me, brother?” Natsume asks him if he didn’t hear it from his younger brother. Masaya asks if she knows his younger brother. Natsume says that they are classmates. Masaya says is that so. “Ah- what’s up with that? I asked him before, and he said that he doesn’t know you.” Natsume looks at him and mutters, “It seems that he didn’t help me in passing the message. Tsk! Useless guy.” Masaya asks what it is. Natsume tells him that she is just talking to herself. She looks at the clock and is surprised that it is already 11 o’clock. To her surprise, Masaya takes her bag of snack and tells her that since she is going home already, he’ll pay the bill together, and then, she can settle the amount later on. Natsume couldn’t answer back.
Later on, smiling Masaya holds the groceries and a card on the other hand. He thanks her for helping him earn credit points. Natsume mutters that it is all for his benefit. After Masaya gives her the bag of snack, Natsume wants to pay him but he refuses to accept it by saying that it is thanks for the credit points. Natsume protests that she doesn’t want that for she doesn’t want him to say something like she owed him. Looking away, Masaya says that it is just a small amount of money, a huge difference. Natsume replies that she doesn’t want to be told that by him who specially went to some other town’s supermarket to buy things, just to economize. While walking, Masaya says that it is already quite late, how come she is in the supermarket. Natsume says that it is because she has work today. Masaya asks what kind of work is it, that she is coming home so late. With a forced smile, Natsume asks back what he is doing so late at night, and don’t tell her that he specially came there just to buy things. Masaya tells her not to mock him for he just got out of cram school, and he isn’t just hanging around outside. Natsume says that for him to have time to go to a neighboring town to buy things, he seems to be very good in studying. Masaya replies yes, and everyone always says that. Natsume is speechless. Natsume says that something has been bothering her, and that is, why is he walking at the same direction as she is. To her surprise, Masaya tells her that it is because it is very late so he simply wants to walk her home. Natsume protests that she can walk herself home and could it be that, he is scouting out where she lives. Masaya answers that it doesn’t matter to him what she thinks. “But, it’s very late, and I’m not a pathetic guy who would let a girl walk home alone so late at night! *Natsume flustered* Understand? *looks proud* By the way, a while ago, weren’t you afraid of something? *surprised Natsume looks at him and he smiles* nice and let me walk you home.” Masaya pats Natsume’s back hard. A bit flustered, Natsume thinks that she will absolutely not tell him that it is because she is afraid of ghosts because he will definitely laugh at her. Holding out his hand to her, Masaya says, “If you are afraid, how about you hold my hand?” Aghast Natsume looks at sparkling Masaya who is smiling. Natsume slaps his hand away. Masaya comments that she is really not cute, not one bit. Nasume replies, “Sorry, I am not cute.” The two puts on their best fake sparkling smile towards each other. Then, looking away, they both angrily think, “This person really puts me in a bad mood..!”
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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