December 31, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 35]

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Cover page: “Snake Ajin – for whom does she exists..” It is morning in Lithvanel. The people are talking about how Baatar captured thieves, and at that time, that agile and shrewd Ajin got shot by an arrow though a gap. The others say that no wonder that it is Prince Baatar and they think that Baatar can do the same thing at a given time. This made it certain in everyone’s mind that Prince Baatar will be the next king. At a room in the palace, Nakaba and others are gathered around. Ahkil advises his brother Azhar to run away. When Azhar tries to protest, Ahkil tells him that once Baatar attains the right to become king, he will generally eliminate them, as political elements that can cause uneasiness, so before Azhar is eliminated, he should properly work on going into hiding. Tense Azhar couldn’t protest for there is truth in what Azhar is saying. Ahkil tells Nakaba that they are now powerless and the only thing left to do is for them run away and there is also no way for them to establish diplomatic ties with Senan. Nakaba exclaims her disbelief. Then, Leo blankly asks what about his mother, if they were not able to bring back the Retina ore.., won’t his mother be killed. Leo looks at the quiet and sad expressions of the people around him. Nakaba looks really flustered when Leo asks, “Are you [people] going.. to abandon her?” Leo starts to cry loudly in frustration. Nakaba tries to comfort him but Leo just says that is why he said that whether it is royalty or humans, he really hates them. Crying Leo exclaims that they all blindly use them, Ajin-s, as their chess pieces. Nakaba is also teary-eyed in frustration as Leo kept on shouting ‘Save us’.

Then, a servant arrives and apologizes for the interruption. Ahkil asks what it is. The servant informs him that the punishment for the band of thieves has been decided – it is beheading in front of an audience at the public square. Everyone looks surprised by it. At the public square, people are waiting for the beheading. Someone shouts that because the leader of the thieves had heartlessly caused a bloody havoc in the country. It is such a serious offense, that she will be executed through beheading. They take out the criminal. The chained Snake Ajin sits down in the middle of the square while Baatar stands at the side. Nakaba and Loki are watching the execution with the audience. Nakaba wonders why the Ajin is given that kind of punishment when she has been collaborating with Prince Baatar. Then, Baatar bends down to the Snake Ajin and whispers something. The Snake Ajin looks shock. Nakaba looks aghast upon seeing that. She wonders if in the end, the Ajin has only been used like a chess piece. “Tell me the truth..!” Her Arcana activates. Flashback: The Lithvanel king congratulated Baatar for his 14th birthday and gave him THAT as a present. It is a young collared Snake Ajin. Baatar commented that it is a Snake Ajin. His father said that it is a rare Snake Ajin from a clan that possesses the power of an Arcana, wherein she can control the power of snakes. From generation to generation, the royal family had always been raising Snake Ajin-s. Baatar asked if Azhar also has one. The father said no, only the one who is going to inherit the throne, personally owns one. “It is a necessity for you to become king. This is not knowledge nor benevolence, it is apathy[/indifference]. Baatar, sooner or later, there will be a day when you will use this snake. Do not attract other people’s attention and properly train it.”
In his bedroom, Baatar thought that he recalls when his father ascended the throne, he saved a village that is being engulfed by snakes, and from there, he attained the people’s support. Soon, Baatar laughed and exclaimed so that’s what had happened. The Snake Ajin asks him what is so funny. Baatar told her that compared to that, what her name is. She is puzzled so Baatar realized that she doesn’t have a name. Baatar looked inside her dress. While she just blankly looks at him, Baatar commented that she is a girl, so he’ll give her a name. Holding her face, Baatar said Irasifu* will be her name from today on. [guesswork name from 艾拉希芙 = ai-la-xi-fu; if you know a better sounding name, just tag me about it. Thanks ^^] He tells her that it means goddess. While Baatar put on his coat, Irasifu repeated the word goddess. Baatar said that is right. Holding out his hand to her, Baatar called her name and told her come [to him]. Irasifu smiled over this. After some time, Baatar told cloaked older Irasifu that woman is quite troublesome. Irasifu asked if he is referring to Lana [拉娜]. Baatar said yes, for if he just let her be and don’t care for her at the harem, Lana would use his name to enrich herself dishonestly..she is like a poisonous woman. Irasifu said then now how about fighting poison with poison. “Just leave it to me.” Baatar let out a laugh and said that he didn’t say anything. While a snake slithers on the floor, Irasifu replied that she knows. Then, in her room, Lana screamed as a snake encircled her neck. Irasifu told scared Lana that she [Lana] doesn’t suit that guy. While the snake slithers, Irasifu giggled over Lana’s ugly face, and told her to die. The snake bared its fangs.
Back in Baatar’s room, Baatar told her that fundamentally, she is only to let the snake bite Lana to quietly resolve it but in the end, it seemed to have left a mark of [Lana] being strangled. Irasifu said that it is because upon seeing Lana, it put her in a bad mood. Approaching Irasifu, Baatar held her face and said, “Geez.. But, you were such a big help. Thank you, Irasifu.” This made her smile. Later on, by the outer hallway, Baatar told Irasifu that he’ll leave it to her. Irasifu said okay, she will act as a leader of a band of thieves then get captured by him. Baatar replied that is right, and afterwards, he can become king. “I will safely let you escape so relax and just do it. *held Irasifu’s face* I’m telling you the truth. I truly do not want to make you do this kind of thing. Sorry, Irasifu.” Irasifu smiled. Then, at the public square, after Irasifu had been taken out for beheading, Baatar bent down to her and whispered, “I’m sorry. If I let you run away here, it would be hard for the people to believe me. So for me, can you grandly meet your death?” Irasifu’s eyes widen in surprise. End flashback. Nakaba’s eyes returns to normal. Then, Nakaba has a really aghast expression upon learning the truth. Blushing a bit, Irasifu smiles back at stoic Baatar. Then, Irasifu notices Nakaba’s stricken expression among the people watching the execution. She thinks, “That girl.. how come she has that kind of expression. I remember. She is the one who posses the Arcana of reading Time.. Is that so. Has she already read[/seen] it? *flustered and teary-eyed* Don’t read it anymore. Don’t use those eyes to pry into my past. *Soldier holds up the sword to behead her* Don’t make me look miserable and pitiful. *black page with splattered blood* It isn’t what you think. I’m not going to die as a chess piece. I am going to grandly meet my death for the person I love.”
Scans Rei'S工作室 and 深雪汉化组.

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