December 31, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 116]

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At Hongo residence, Taizou, together with Maria, reports to bed-ridden Kintarou that the ship that Mei-ojousama is riding on has exploded for some unknown reason, and the damage is quite severe. Right now, the whereabouts of Mei-ojousama, together with Xiang, Fei, Rihito and Kento, are all unknown. Maria apologizes to Kintarou for they are obviously her children, and they were there together with Mei-ojousama. Kintarou tells her that it is okay, and she shouldn’t think too much at this time, but rather, she should be more worried about the safety of her own children, and that is what a so-called mother is. After a pause, Maria says no, this is something unforgiveable for the lineage of the Shibata family. Kintarou comments that it is such a painful lineage. He asks Taizou how this is reported to the media. Taizou says that they have already limited the media reports, and in exchange, they exposed some cabinet minister’s corruption and bribery [scandal]. Kintarou says that they can only do this kind of thing, what’s left is depends on the children’s luck. At the pier, Nezu looks at his binoculars at the burning ship. Then, he tells worried Fujiko that the Hongo still haven’t found them. Then, Tami and Kanzaki surfaced from diving in the water. Tami says that it is no good, they can’t find.. Fujiko wonders out loud if Mei and others are.. Fixing his eyeglasses, Kanzaki tells her that no way, with that degree of explosion, they generally won’t die because of it. Tami exclaims that Mei ought to be alive in some place, but who knows about those other guys. Fujiko says yes, but where is that some place. Nezu says that at this time, they can only take use the killer [ancient] weapon. Fujiko and Tami wonder what that is. Nezu says that they can only ask this country’, the world’s most flexible, most unrivaled intelligence organization to help them.

Thirty minutes later, some mothers with their babies and young women arrive and call out to Nezu that it has been such a long time. Tami asks if housewives is the killer weapon. Kanzaki says that it seems. Tami sweatdrops since Fujiko is in a bad mood over Nezu flirting with the women. The housewives’ leader says that since it is Nezu’s request, there’s no need to persuade them so just wait for a while. Soon, the housewives take out their cellphones and starts texting. Tami is puzzled by what they are doing. Nezu tells pouting Fujiko to remember it well, in this world, the most precise and effective intelligence doesn’t come from the police or the CIA, rather, it is housewives’ gossip. While Fujiko sweatdrops in disbelief, the housewife leader says that they know it already. “According to the ‘Those Who Gossip’ [group], there are some handsome guys who got washed into the shore of Murasaki [紫崎] port.” Nezu wonders out loud if the handsome guys are the Shibata brothers. Kanzaki says that from the flow of the sea, it ought to be correct. To their shock, Tami admits that he has seen those two guys washed away by the sea. Nezu exclaims why Tami didn’t say so earlier. Tami replied that it is because they are looking for Mei. With glittering eyes towards the housewives, Fujiko exclaims that after graduation, she also wants to become like everyone else, a great housewife, and housewives are really amazing. The housewives tell her that they’ll wait for her. Nezu interrupts by calling out to Fujiko that they are leaving. At Murasaki [fishing] port, the unconscious Shibata brothers are lying on the floor. Some women are saying that they are very cute and they look alike so they could be brothers. Someone asks if they should call the ambulance. Another replies that there is no need for they are breathing. One says that she likes the younger one, and the other says that she’ll take the older one.
Soon, at the car, Fujiko and others hear a loud scream coming from one of the port warehouses. They hear Kento shouting to wait and give that back. They enter the warehouse to find the half-naked Shibata brothers being towel dry and hair blow-dried by some blushing old ladies. Kento blushes when Fujiko hugs him tightly and exclaims that it is great that they are alright. Rihito asks them where Mei is. Nezu says that they were the only ones that they had found. Fujiko asks if they aren’t together. This surprises the speechless brothers. Then, someone calls out that there is another one. The brother exclaims if it is Mei but the fisherman is holding a guy..Fei. Rihito pushes Fei down into the corner and asks where they took Mei. Fei tells him to relax for Xiang will use his life to protect Mei. “We are not the same as you guys who can only talk [about protecting Mei].” Dark Rihito grabs Fei’s collar and says that didn’t he say it before, next time, it won’t simply just be a haircut. With a haughty look, Fei mocks Rihito by calling him a homeless dog. Rihito snaps and starts punching Fei. The others just stand by and let Rihito beat up Fei. Then, Kento tells him to stop hitting but Rihito won’t stop. So, Kento has to physically hold Rihito back and shouts for him to stop. While quiet Rihito is breathing hard, Kento tells him that what that guy said is true because at that time.. Flashback: After the explosion, the Shibata brothers are going towards Mei. “At that time, the one who protected Mei is.. not us..” Xiang used his coat to cover Mei to protect her. End flashback. Beaten up Fei starts to laugh really loud and the brothers couldn’t react. Rubbing his shoulder, Nezu tells Rihito to give it up, it is just a waste of physical strength because that guy won’t say anything even if they question him through torture. “They had undergo training.. as killers, right?” Fei quietly smiles. Tami exclaims that they won’t know if they didn’t try.
Afterwards, with a shopping bag, Fujiko returns to the warehouse and asks what happened, did they learn anything. Tami tells her that no matter how they tortured him, he won’t talk. Kento scolds Tami for how could he say that in front of an ojousama. Kanzaki is drinking something, Nezu is smoking, and Rihito is leaning on the wall with crossed arms. Blushing Fujiko says that if it is about torture to talk, then let her also try it. Kento is surprised when Fujiko goes in the room where Fei is. Then, while the other guys just stand by, speechless Kento is surprised by what Fei is saying out loud. “Huh? Wh..what.. what are.. What are you.. What are you doing.. Don’t.. What are you doing.. Ah.. Ah.. Ahahahah.. ♥♥♥♥” Then, Fujiko comes out of the room and says that Fei is going to honestly confess. Kento sweatdrops in disbelief. In the room, they find limp Fei blushing and breathing hard. His head is a pillow, and his shirt is partially unbuttoned. With a sparkle in his eye, Nezu comments that Fujiko has really matured. The other guys are wondering what is this situation, what is that pleasured expression, what did Fujiko do to him. Trying to stand up, blushing Fei asks what they want to know. Kento says that isn’t it obvious, where is Mei. Fei looks away and didn’t answer. Fujiko winks at him and asks where Mei is ♥. Tense Fei exclaims that he’ll say it, he’ll say it. “Xiang, he.. definitely brought her to the place that we’ve agreed on..” Kento asks where that place is. That is.. Somewhere else, in an open field, Xiang is sitting on the grassy ground, with unconscious Mei in her uniform, lying on his lap. Narration: “Finally.. This way, [I/we] can finally do our best and attain the goal of world’s number one ojousama, Mei-ojousama.”
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